Days of Our Lives Video Clip: Poisonous In a Courtroom.

“If she will have me…”

While EJ offers his services to Ari, Nathan tells Stephanie about his offer in Baltimore.

Check out this sneak peek at Monday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From dc

    well, i just wonder what ej’s motive is in helping ari, maybe something to do with rafe..
    and i wonder what brady will do..
    i read where he is gonna tell nicole to hit the road.. i sure hope he does not get back on drugs. and will chloe lister to vivian about getting carly out of the picture, this probably not happen..
    i hope bo believes in ciara and not hope.. i think ciara may have the wallets and the box is empty.

  2. From dc

    i just wanna know why ej is wanting to help ari, could it have something to do with rafe??
    and what will brady do, go back on drugs.. i read where he’s gonna tell nicole to hit the road..

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