Former True Blood Actor Kanin Howell Cast On The Young and The Restless!

Getting some new blood in Genoa City.

He won’t be playing a vampire but actor Kanin Howell will be appearing on The Young and the Restless as the smoothing talking conman Frank. There’s no word if the role is the same as Frank Ellis the forger, previously played by Larry Bagby. Though the role was only supposed to be for an episode guest spot fans will be able to see Kanin in a full episode arc!

Kanin can be recognized for his roles in “CSI: NY” as Charlie Cooper, “True Blood” as Chuck and “The Forgotten” as Frank Breen. Prior to acting he followed in his famous father’s, Emmy-nominated stunt coordinator Kanin Howell, footsteps and was involved in such features as “Dances With Wolves,” “Wyatt Erp,” “Live Wire,” “Pearl Harbor,” and “American Wedding.”

Soap Opera Fan Blog welcomes Kanin to the show! Look for him to appear on Monday May 17.

Photo Credit: Kanin Howell

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  1. From westwood

    The new guy looks cute , but the title of you article “Getting some new blood in Genoa City” is a hoot! You must not watch the show, seems like there is someone new in GC every week. They are re-cast crazy! The Y&R actor could be around 1 month or 20 years, doesn’t matter, they are changing everyone so much I must look at the controls to find out what channel I’m on. control

  2. From Former True Blood Actor Kanin Howell Cast On The Young and The Restless!

    [...] ostensible to be for an part guest mark fans will be means to see Kanin in the full part ar … Go to full contents DAUGHTER BORN TO AHARON KAROV, ‘CAST LEAD’ MIRACLE CASE Arutz Sheva : News : [...]

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