General Hospital Spoilers For May 26 & 27.

Locked up.

The blinkers go off when Olivia spots Carly and Brook enjoying breakfast together. She’s right to be paranoid about the pairing as well since they are busy conspiring their next move in the plot to destroy Lulu and Dante. Brook exploits the friction between Olivia and her mobster boyfriend to get herself back into Dante’s good graces. While she sends out signals to make Lulu jealous, Patrick is falling for the signals that Lisa sends his way as she openly flirts with Dr. Steve.

In an unusual move, Sonny brokers a deal with Claire that will get Johnny off of his back for good and prevent an unwanted mob war. However, the deal might not be as good as he thinks it is since Claire admits to Lucky that she plans to successfully double-cross Sonny and take him down right along with Johnny.

In Pentonville, Jason teaches Michael self-defense techniques to get his confidence back up while he digs around for who has been beating him. Meanwhile, Luke finds himself incarcerated in a rather different place. When he busts into the Cassadine residence searching for Tracy, Thor clobbers him and dumps him in the dungeon.

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  1. From Missy

    let brooklym go bk to bensonhurst, where she belongs. let the rest finally get caught what they done to dante & lulu.

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