General Hospital Spoilers For May 31-June 4.

Revenge and betrayal.

In Pentonville, Jason continues to feel guilty about Michael. Sam shows up to explain that he won’t be getting any conjugal relief because they aren’t married. Michael continues to be distracted. Dante goes to visit him but Jason won’t allow it unless he is coming with a release form. Returning to town, Dante and Brook hang out and get nostalgic and then he has sex with Lulu again. Carly orders Brook to use Johnny to make Lulu feel insecure. Lulu is already starting to feel insecure as she watches how comfortable Dante and Brook are around each other.

Claire hears Sonny uttering more death threats about Johnny. As Diane warns him that he is too vulnerable to fight at the moment, Claire attempts to make a deal with Johnny. Kristina invites her father to therapy with her and then probes Johnny about whether Sonny actually abused Claudia. The mobster tells her how Sonny treated the dead woman and it makes him sound eerily similar to Kiefer. When she mentions this in therapy, Sonny can hardly control himself.

Lucky controls himself when he gets into another battle with Nikolas and Elizabeth asks the Cassadine to respect the boundaries she has set up. In captivity, Tracy gets sick and Luke worries. And back in Port Charles, Maxie admits to Robin that she can’t stop thinking about Matt. She uses this to make Spinelli jealous. Meanwhile, Robin signs up to take a trip to Africa to help fight AIDS.

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  1. From Mirtha Duque

    The best story line would be that Brooklyn turns on Carly and lets Dante and Lulu know what is going on. And in the end not needing the money that Carly is going to give her becasue the Quartermains will end up helping. Like everyong of Carlies sceam it should blow up in her face leave Dante and Lulu alone they are great. And its time for a romantic couple who are great an are great in camara.

  2. From Ольга


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  3. From General hospital spoilers | HipHuff

    [...] General Hospital Spoilers For May 31-June 4. | [...]

  4. From Missy

    bring brooklyn & also carly & spinelli, go down for what they are doing to dante & lulu, they belong together. love for johnny & also brooklyn be together cute couple. go joklyn ?

  5. From Missy

    bring the revenge to be a dead end for carly & brooklyn esp spinelli, let them get caught hopefully jason or dante, or lulu this wk. please, love for them bk together, love for lulu to know that franco is bk in town, & dante, to save his lulu, not brooklyn.

  6. From БУК


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