General Hospital Weekly Summary For May 24-28.

Old friends, old feuds and new cell mates.

Jason arrived in Pentonville but he was too late. Michael had already been badly beaten but refused to talk about it. Sonny returned home and found Johnny waiting for him. Johnny pushed his buttons until Sonny pulled a gun. Claire and Ethan ran in on cue. Sonny left in a fit and went to visit his son in jail. After seeing his injuries, he was furious. He ordered Jason to take better care of him and announced he was going to kill Johnny.

Lulu continued to worry about telling Dante of her abortion. Meanwhile, Carly recruited Brook Lynn to come to town and seduce Dante. She serenaded him at Jake’s and made quite an impression. Lulu took the detective home and decided to ignore Carly’s advice. She came clean with him about the abortion and he said that it only made him love and admire her more. Unfortunately for her, Brook Lyn was sticking around and quickly began ingratiating herself into their lives.

Maxie’s plan to use Matt to make Spinelli jealous went awry when the doctor figured out that’s what she was up to. Lisa used Dr. Steve to make Patrick jealous. It worked. He spassed and Robin furrowed her brow.

Claire began rounding up Dante and Lucky to help her take down Sonny. Meanwhile, hoping to avoid a mob war and bad publicity, Sonny decided to try and hand Johnny to Claire on a silver platter. She agreed to his offer, though she immediately turned to Lucky to let him know she would be double crossing the mobster. The cop had his doubts, but he was also distracted by Helena. He went over to Wyndemere to argue with his brother over the possibility that his kids might move to the castle with Elizabeth. While they fought, the nurse was bust mulling over whether she should be so hasty to turn down the prince’s offer. And Luke showed up at the secluded Cassadine estate in search of Tracy. He found her too, but only after a guard conked him on the head and dumped him in the dungeon with her.

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  1. From car lease calculator

    thanks for the summary!

  2. From Missy

    let dante & lulu bk together. bring down brooklyn & carly for want they are doing to break them apart,they are soulmates def. let dante, finds out what they are really after & what they really up too. let jason & miacheal go free fm prison. thanks,

  3. From Missy

    love for carly & brooklyn, stop this revenge for them they are soulmates, love for dante & lulu, really know what they are up too this wk & next wk, bring them down. love for jason & micheal go free, bring them out of prison, let johnny & sonny bk in. Um, I, do want mac & alexis be a supercouple & spinelli & maxie, bk together. jax & carly, bk together, bring down helena,def let lucky find out that he is the father of liz’s baby. love for jason & brenda, together. also for steve & also lisa together, love for patrick & emma, to help robin to stop the people getting aids. Um, also love for all secrets to come to light in p. charles also not bringing franco, bk in. let jason, help micheal to protect him & get them out by this wk or next wk. love for nicholas & emily bk together. Anyway, help kristina, on her mission of couciling. let olivia, find a new love intrest. thanks.

  4. From Missy

    bring down spinelli & carly & as for brooklyn def bring dante & lulu, bl together they are soulmates bring some 1 else w/ brooklyn, maybe johnny or some 1 else not even dante, he belongs to lulu, def. maybe some 1 like johnny or some 1 fresh. maybe ethan. thanks,

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