The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For May 24-28.

Going back and moving ahead.

After getting plowed down by a car, Stephen got up, gathered his family around him, and vowed revenge on Stephanie again. He called Pam out for what she did to Donna and then traded barbs with both Pam and Stephanie, deciding that the former may become key in his plan. He probed Brooke for details about the local nutcase and then paid her a visit, commiserating with her over a plate of lemon bars and stealing a photo. He enticed her when he asked her to give him cooking lessons and then planted a kiss on her.

Oliver and Hope made out and gabbed about being in love. Then she gabbed to Brooke about it, then hung out with Oliver to kiss again and talk about being in love some more. Across town, Owen confessed to Jackie that the baby Bridget is carrying is his. She confessed that she already knew. They forgave each other and kissed and gabbed about being in love.

Bill pushed Donna to sign off on her divorce agreement, arguing that this would finally allow her and the Logans to stand up to the Forresters. Justin stuck around to comfort her while Eric mulled over the divorce deal with a little loving support from Stephanie. He called the family together to celebrate Stephanie and asked her to come back to him. She agreed, saying he makes her feel like a queen. Ridge toasted, declaring, “We’re Forresters, all of us, and no one is ever going to take us down again.”

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