The Young and The Restless: nuAbby Poll!

Added freshness or same old, same old?

We’ve seen enough of the newest recast to be able to make a judgment on Miss Abby Carlton. Has the recast added some much needed freshness to the character? Are you excited for what’s to come? Or are you already sick of Abby’s same old bratty demeanor?

Please take a moment to vote in our soap opera nuAbby Poll today, and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know your thoughts!

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  1. From Symphanie

    i liked the old Abby. the character is a bratt, and if it was the old sweet Abby who we are used to being so bratty, i don’t think i would hate it so much… butu sweet abby was replaced and all of a sudden her whole character is different. Hate when they change characters.

  2. From Alisa

    I think they needed someone with spunk. However, she is tooooo much of a brat.

  3. From Charle Smith

    She is TOO OLD!!! The line is crazy, she has no loyalty not even to her sister!!! If she stays let her have an affair with Daniel, she went from hi-school, skipped COLLEGE and just to grown-up!!! Where is Noah and Eden they left for College and now she has passed them up in AGE!! Loving Victoria with Billy!!

  4. From Asia

    I wish they’d never aged Abby to at all. Darcy Rose Byrne was an amazing little actress. Y&R ruined Abby by aging her to a teen. What a spoiled little brat. What do you expect from snobbish Ashley and millionaire Victor though? I loved when Daniel spanked her and said someone had to do it. That was great!! I am however enjoying her aging to early 20s. Still a brat, but this actress is great!

  5. From Joyce

    why do we need this character? Cant stand her, come on Y @ R, give us something more substantial!

  6. From Mary

    Time to recast or re story, she is a flash in the pan.

  7. From kamal toews

    Groan – not another spoiled little rich girl grows up too fast (literally in this case!)Hate the character. Wish they would have kept her as the little girl -she was the best actress of the three,
    And what is it with the voice? Yuck. Sounds like she & Eden have the same voice coach…are they trying to sound like valley girls or something. . it sounds awful.
    Hate that they’ve made her an adult already, like others have said- how old will Eden & Noah be when they come back? In their 40′s?

  8. From amanda

    I love the new Abbey, portrayed by the adorable Marcy Rylan, who I adored on Guiding Light.
    I do not like the idea of her being paired with the Daniel character. In my opinion, he is no match for her at all. I see nothing appealing about this man. He always looks so dirty and not well groomed. She is too beautiful to be with him. I would love to see her with tall, handsome Chance. They were a duo on Guiding Light. Looked great together and what chemistry!

  9. From JD

    Can’t STAND that brat! She is way too old now compared to before the character was re-cast, and, as kamal toews said, how old will Eden and Noah be when they return from Paris? The children now are almost as old as their parents.

  10. From Ally

    i hate her i liked the old one better i dont like her and daniel together i hope amber comes back and soon!

  11. From NikNak73

    how long can she keep this bratty character up and can Ashley grow a backbone? what happened to fiesty Ashley? now she’s so fragile. what a twist in chararcters. i want the diva vixen to come back, the old Phyllis.

  12. From huggy bear

    I hate Abby now more than before!! she is a spoiled brat!!!
    Did not care for any of these girls playing Abby Newman.especially this new one sucks!!!

  13. From Roz and So

    I have watched Y&R since I was a lil girl and I really have seen alot. But this new Abby I don’t really like her. She that same spoiled brat but the way she is acting is totally not cute. I think she is going over board with what she is trying to accomplish. It reeks of someone who is clearly dying for attention. And for her to be Ashley daughter is a big embarrassment

  14. From chrissy

    i love the new abby

  15. From chrissy

    love the new abby

  16. From Tia

    Love to hate this new character, she’s adding some zest with her crazy stunts. But please don’t let Daniel be ruined by her. How about Decon Sharp, a nice older man that will really piss off daddy.

  17. From Tia

    Love to hate this new character; she’s added some zest to the show. But please don’t let Daniel be ruined by her, how about Decon Sharp? An older man like him will really piss off Daddy. Ashley will not get any say in Abby’s life now that she has discredited herself by sleeping with Tucker while Neil is worrying about Lily, bad mom.

  18. From leanne

    I think she looks way too old to play Abby. And she is so annoying to watch…I want the old Abby back or at least someone younger. The new Abby looks like a 26 year old.

  19. From Sharon

    I think Marcy is a great fit. Didn’t like her character before, the last Aby was dull and couldn’t really act. I think Aby and Kevin could have something going for them. I really like Kevin since his reform.

  20. From von

    I don’t like this person…she is a ______,,,kind of stupid,and immature.

    Edited for actor bashing. SOF Admin

  21. From Nini

    Love the New Abby! Hated the Old Abby. Been waiting for them to change her. Now if they just change Heather, then it will be O.K. Hate the new Heather!

  22. From lea

    Can’t stand her

  23. From Trish

    The character is just not believable – she’s just too different from the old Abby, and what did they do – age her by about 5 years! Personally, I think they got the roles reversed. I think the new Heather would have made a better Abby and the new Abby would have made a better Heather.

  24. From Leslie

    I don’t like the character. I thought she did a MUCH better job on The Guiding Light.

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