The Young and The Restless Spoilers For May 28 – 31!

A video is revealed to all and Adam resurfaces…

Things have been strained with Jack and Emily doesn’t think they are going to get better. Will this be the end of this couple or does Jack have a few tricks up his sleeve? He arrives in front of the medical board to support Emily, who is relieved to only get reprimanded with twelve months probation. But things aren’t going to be all sunshine and roses. Emily gets arrested for selling a controlled substance!

Mac’s been making it really clear to JT that she still has feelings for him. However, what will JT think when he overhears Mac telling Victoria that her feelings for him are all in the past? Victoria knows Mac’s giving her a line of bull but will JT call Mac on her remarks or simply pull back from her altogether? That’s the least of their problems… Abby and her camera crew get kicked out of Mac’s Bar, where a party to celebrate Rafe’s new law practice is in full swing. She’s a Newman so it’s no surprise that Abby has a backup plan. She reenters the party with a hidden camera and vows to get even with Billy and Victoria for not investing in her reality show. Abby calls for a toast to the newlyweds and shows the wedding video to everyone!

Now that Adam’s bone marrow donation to Richard Hightower is no longer a secret many are wondering why he would do something so generous for someone he didn’t know. Nick has a theory… Could it be that Hightower now has Adam’s DNA? Let’s go a bit further… Could the man in question be the one who died in the fire the night everyone thought Adam had been whisked from their lives for good? You bet! The Newmans and Abbotts have no idea that Adam has been secluding himself on a sunny beach following every bit of news surrounding his murder!

Come Monday… The newlyweds are questioned by those closest to them and Chloe slaps Billy! Victor demands that the DA listen to his theory. Will they get proof that Adam is still alive?

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