The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For May 24 – 28!

New details about Adam surfaced, Cane went the extra mile, Jana defended Ryder and Abby came across a video…

While Heather was reinstated as Assistant DA Victor admitted to Nick he was behind Frank’s attack in order to get him released. After some digging Victor, Nick, Phyllis and Sharon found out Richard Hightower had been at the ball, had also been spotted at the diner wearing the same costume as Adam’s and had credited Adam with saving his life. Adam donated his bone marrow to him and everyone wondered if that made Richard’s DNA the same as the body found in the fire. Sharon received information that Adam closed out his bank account. Little did they know Adam was alive and soaking up the sun on a secluded beach!

Abby infuriated Victor when she charged an $85,000 necklace to his account. She used it as payment toward the reality show then served Victor and Ashley with papers to release her trustfunds. Billy enlisted Rafe’s help with an annulment and later admitted to Vikki that he saw JT on her laptop after he walked into her house. Vikki warned Billy not to be so careless and suggested they find lawyers who no one knew. Billy and Vikki were distracted from deleting an email containing their wedding video, which Abby found. When Billy and Vikki refused to invest in the reality show Abby played the wedding video in front of JT and many others at Mac’s Bar! All the while, Tucker informed Ashley they were taking over Beauty of Nature.

Kay tried to sway Daniel to raise Eric with Amber but he couldn’t commit. Abby kissed Daniel and though he pulled away they ended up kissing again. Daniel felt as though he’d cheated on Amber and tried to convince her to return home. In the end, the couple had no regrets but agreed to divorce.

Jana emotionlessly defended Ryder, which crazed Lauren. One lost soul to the other, Jana visited Ryder. She returned again, asked if she could continue visiting him and admitted she may never feel anything for Kevin again.

Emily went in front of the medical board with Jack for support. The board called her relationship with him unethical and put her on probation for twelve months. However, she was later arrested for selling a controlled substance!

Lily left for Paris and Cane sought legal advice in regards to suing Mac for the stem cells in the amniotic fluid. In case the optional procedure didn’t work for Lily.

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  4 responses so far...

  1. From Charlene

    What ever happen the day Niki and Victor where taking the body of Adam to his home for burial. The weather turned bad, couldn’t land the plane so Victor shoved the casket out the door. So how did a body end up in a grave with a headstone? how are they going to deal with it> just forget?

  2. From Missy

    let adam,go free fm victor. & the others as well. let him go free into the sunset, no return.

  3. From sharon

    Ive always thought that is not the real Adam. This character is way too evil to stay in the show longterm. They stashed the real Adam Newman somewhere. This Adam is way to money hungry and malicious.

  4. From Missy

    let adam & skye gor free, PLEASE. let them go this wk & all next wk for thier adventure on the run together under the sunset. let skye, do the major wk here love to see her to her wits & adam’s as well, let victor’s chase go on ice & stop cold & also bring him bk to nikki. bring jack & phyllis together as a couple as for emily to go bk to saint paul. for her to help her brother & find a new love intrest thanks,

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