Days of Our Lives Daily Recap For June 28.

This Isn’t Over.

Sami is shocked when Rafe shows up at Casa DiMera. After an awkward moment, they hug. He tells her all about his misadventures and how Anna escaped again. Rafe says he won’t give up. Sami rants about his sister and he says he will figure out who has set her up. When he makes a joke about EJ getting bashed in the head, she jumps at him. He wonders what has been going on between them and why she is still there since the townhouse has been repaired. She says everyone is happy in the mansion and she was lonely. Sami insists that nothing is happening between she and EJ but he doesn’t believe her. She’s offended and says that he has no say in her life. He refuses to let EJ hurt her again. They start making out.

In the middle of the street, Madeline is talking to an envelope, thanking God that Stefano didn’t find it. Chad startles her and says he’s discovered something he’s not happy about. They go into the pub and he moans that Mia has left and only sent him a text message. His mom tells him not to look into it. He’s not in the mood to listen to this and leaves. She continues talking to her envelope, telling it that she had to do what she did.

By the graveside, Bo and Hope’s hands join as they pick up one of Alice’s flowers. She leaves for Alice’s and he gets distracted by a flashback about donuts. He wishes he could ask Alice for advice now. Meanwhile, over at Alice’s, the family sit around and look at old photo albums, remembering Alice playing Groucho. Hope arrives and talks about when Alice saved her relationship with Bo. Kayla commiserates with Hope and urges her to get back with Bo. Hope says it’s complicated by Kayla keeps prodding. Nate and Steph rush in with a video tape. Everyone gathers around to watch Alice’s wedding to Tom. Bo and Hope tear up and look at each other.

Carrie corners Lucas in the kitchen and tells him she’s leaving. He tells her to give Austin his best. She’s sorry for how things turned out. When she leaves, Bo and Roman walk her out, leaving Theo and Ciara alone to talk. They discuss the missing wallets and the strange man her mom was hugging until Hope stops them and orders her to stop making up stories. Ciara leaps away when her father walks back in. After he furrows his brow, he talks to Roman about the case against Ari and then Hope bursts into their conversation, declaring they can’t take the case away from her. He points out that there hasn’t been any progress in the case so she obviously needs some help. She blows up at him but he’s sure she’s too stressed out to handle things. Ciara comes in to say goodbye to her dad. Bo leaves and Doug and Julie offer to take the little girl home so Hope can have some time alone. She sadly walks around the house and blows a kiss to Alice’s portrait.

Kate wonders what to do with the secret she’s discovered about Madeline. She goes to the graveyard and puts a flower by Alice’s grave. She wishes that she hadn’t stopped her from playing a bigger role in Lucas’ life. “I came to say I’m sorry and to say goodbye sweet lady,” she weeps. Bill interrupts and asks her if she needs to talk. She doesn’t think anyone can help her and walks away. Kate goes to meet with Madeline in the park and tells her that she and Stefano aren’t happy about what’s happened. “All of what’s happened,” she says.

Kimberly goes over to Bo’s mumbling about Shane and telling herself she doesn’t care about him. He shows up. She’s pissed but he wants to see her. She rants about how he’s been running all over the world while she was dying in a hospital. He insists he would have come home if he’d known but he didn’t because he was locked up. He wishes he could have been there to help her. When he begs her for another chance, she tells him to go to Hell and orders him out. “This isn’t over,” he says as he leaves. Meanwhile, a nurse goes to check on Mike at the hospital, but he’s gone. He left to have a plaque made for his grandma. “You haven’t left us, you never will,” he says.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

“I have something I need to say to you,” Chloe tells Daniel.

“I know everything,” Kate tells Madeline.

“If that’s not good enough for you, then go to hell,” Rafe tells EJ.

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  1. From Jolie

    So are we being lead down the path that Bo and Hope are still in the running to get back together? Will she not get to conk him senseless? He seems to be waffling on his feelings for Hope and their marriage when Dr Manic Depressing is not around. Hope may be ready for another round of snappy lipstick appliation and even snappier gun whipping. She is very stressed and we know she doesn’t deal with that very well. Plus she accused Ciara of lying again so we must be getting back to that storyline. Maybe Rafe will get clobbered. He needs his noggin checked for going around Sami and while she is living with EJ-for the love of love in the afternoon! Kate seems to have gotten in touch with her softer side lately. Not sure if I like it. Kate is a woman of action even if some of those actions are illegal, immoral and just illtimed. Stephano might tire of this side of her quickly and throw her over for well, not many choices since Mags is now being roped in by Victor and Caroline is miffed about it and Viv is now married but does Stephano have a past with Judge Maddie? Something is going on here. And she might need some noggin theraphy if she continues to talk to the envelope. OK, so Shane has worked as a secret agent for how long and Kimberly thinks he ought to be home more?? Surely the agency he works for would have let her know he was out of pocket or maybe not. With all the family here, there is too much going on. I am ready to get back to wrapping up some story lines. This will be a short week for DOOL but surely we’ll get something out of it.

  2. From dc

    i hate it that hope is accusing ciara of lying.. ciara tells the truth and her mom (hope) has become a mental case..
    i am real anxious to find out what kate found out about madeline..
    and from what i have read ej and chloe’s secrets are gonna come out but i don’t know when..
    chloe needs to tell daniel. i don’t think the baby is philip’s because they said chloe is 2 months pregnant.

  3. From Pat

    I missed it; who gave Hope the forgetful pills? Was it Dr Dick or who?

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  5. From femroc

    I lost my dear mom a year ago and the episodes regarding Alice’s passing have been hard to watch but also comforting too – seeing that I’m not the only person who grieves for those they love and seeing how they console each other and how much they loved Alice – she was a lot like my mom, dearly loved – it’s all been helpful, comforting, difficult too but I’m so glad the show is handling Alice’s/Francis’ passing with dignity and style.

    She will definitely be missed – Rest in Peace Francis Reid – we loved you like our own grandmother. She was wonderful and a stabilizing presence on the show.

    I hope they’ll give Caroline more screen time now – someone has to be the voice of what is normal and decent. Love the comeback of Maggie – very nice.

    On a wierd note – whats
    ‘s up with the navy blue streak of hair one Kate??? Super odd.

  6. From femroc

    Oh yeah, have LOVED seeing all the old characters come back – that is so so so awesome – Kayla, Mike, Carrie, Laura, Bill, Jennifer, Doug and Julie, and more.
    So great to see them all be a part of this fond goodbye to Francis/Alice.

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