Days of Our Lives Poll: Your Verdict On The Alice Tribute.

Flashbacks, flowers and plenty of memories.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a beloved character. Especially one who touched so many characters but has been around so little for quite some time. The Alice Horton tribute spanned two weeks and brought back plenty of old characters to town. But was it everything that you expected, or were you let down after so much build-up?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the choice you would have made? Why not let us know what you think should have been included in the comments section below.

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  1. From Al

    i was disappointed with the way they handled Alice’s passing.. I am glad they brought the family together. I kind of felt bad for Mike, although they couldn’t get him on air earlier and then rip off the chance for him to say bye. How dare Lexie keep him at the hospital. I know I am just one of many viewers, but I felt more could have been done with this. And why was Justin at the funeral? He has no business being there. The writers left out something that Hope should have said as part of her goodbye speech… and that was the part where back in the days when Hope first came back to the show and everyone including Bo thought she was a look-a-like…? The only person that believed in her was… guess who? Grandma Alice.. Hope could have thrown that into Bo’s face.. that he doubted her for so long…and I can’t even believe that they are separated.. I know that writers do things to marriages like break them up cuz a happy couple is a boring show.. But i cannot believe how fast they brought Carly in to wreck their marriage.. and then Carly gets offended when Hope is around??? If vivian / chloe doesn’t shoot her.. I will…I used to really like Carly back in the days, but she’s become so hypocritical and i can’t even find the words to explain… Another thing, this whole EJ or Rafe thing has got to stop please.. i mean.. it was bad enough they did that to Lucas and EJ… and Mike and Carrie and Austin.. I still preferred Carrie and Mike together..but sheesh, I can’t believe anyone would marry her period.. after all , it just seems all she’s good for is popping out babies.. get a grip.. I cannot believe she has the audacity to defend EJ.. not knowing what he really did to her…

  2. From Clear

    Some else said that they liked the ones done inside a chapel where people came up and spoke. The family all gathered around the gravesite seemed contrived–especially without the ceremonial trappings–no minister, priest, etc. It was still nice, and I was glad to see Shane made it at least to the graveside. I like watching him and Kimberly.

  3. From dc

    the funeral was a real tear jerker..
    loved seeing some of the characters that use to be on the show, i just hate it that all of them are going home..
    shane and kimberly, really good to see them, hope they can on for awhile..
    i just hope they get rafe back with sami and her out of the dimera mansion with her kids..
    i bet anna has been kidnapped by stefano and will never be seen again..
    i would like to see maggie maybe getting with bill..
    is mike staying on for awhile??

  4. From Doris JJ

    I did expect more since they gave such a big build-up. It was great seeing everyone and I did like the way they talked about Alice at the grave site but I would have preferred the service in the church. I know I said it on the spoilers section not sure if anyone else did but I remember the ceremonies always being in a church and it was great. I think Alice would have liked that. I do think the writers could have done a better job and shown more of her clips and the funny things she did. Mike could only get one day to shoot so that is why his scenes were only at the hospital. Shane was suppose to be in 10 episodes, not sure if he has used them up but Days Cafe said him and Kim were leaving this week to go back to LA.

  5. From SharCares

    It was nice enough, but it would have been great to have lots more flashbacks. Days did a pretty good job, though, since they took several days to do it all and keep the other s/ls going a bit.

  6. From bettyg

    I was disappointed in the whole thing. And, yes, Doris JJ, I was waiting to see some of the funny things that Alice did. Just dangling all these characters in front of me made me remember the great storylines they had. What happened to DOOL storylines?! And I still hoped to see Marlena & John.

  7. From bonita

    it’s funny because patsy pease face is pulled back to heaven child– those ‘emotional’ scenes at bo’s were a riot. walking botox ad

  8. From Doris JJ

    Maybe if they would have phone calls arrive from different places would have been nice. Maybe John and Marlena called Sami to have her pass along condolences or Shawn it would have been better then not mentioning them at all.

  9. From Sandra

    I’m thinking something is up with Mike’s health. Wouldn”t surprise me if something showed up in some routine tests that Lexie is concerned about. Why else would she not let Mike go? It would have to be something pretty serious…at least in the real world!! :)

  10. From ry

    Did they even mention Shawn Douglas at all? He was pretty tight w/ Mrs H. How about Tom Jr? He’s alive still right? No mention of John or Marlena. Julie’s son Scott (That was his name right? lol), lots of Horton/Brady’s who should have been there.

  11. From alice

    i didnt get the Mike Horton thing and why he even came back! It shows him in the hospital and so what… why even show this and where is this going

  12. From melinda

    John and Marlena should definitely have been mentioned; in fact, the show owed it to Frances Reed’s memory to acknowledge two characters who were so much a part of the central storylines for so many years. I kept watching for them to show up; very disappointed with DOOL that they were not asked to be a part of Alice’s memorial. The soaps used to play up the death of such a pivotal character more; I’m remembering several deaths on Another World–Mac Corey, Ada, Wallingford, etc. All received meaningful tributes, and something was just lacking about the show’s goodbye to Alice. Perhaps the writers did not know the history of the show as well as many of the fans do!

  13. From Arlene

    With Alice always referring to her bible when giving advice, she should have had a church service where people paid tribute to her. Everyone else had a church service on Days when they died. It was really in bad taste that they didn’t do it for her, especially since she was such a good Christian woman on the show. Mr. Corday missed it, bigtime, by not having her funeral at church. We all know that this is where she would have wanted it.

  14. From ME

    It was OKAY but not really in a timely manor….I know taping is 2 or 3 weeks ahead…BUT SHE(the actress) passed away in FEBRUARY!!!! It took 4 months to make a memorial???? Gosh,I guess it just shows that an actress who has played a part for over 40 YEARS has to time their dying with vacation and rating times….

  15. From janet

    Alice deserved better–much better. In the chapel for heavens sake. Mike came in crashed a car, missed the service, and left. Jeez.Well, actually, he didn’t miss much. Alice deserved better; Francis deserved better.

  16. From Dia&Pat

    I did enjoy the tribute mainly because it was great to see the old cast members. I hope that the writers pay attention to how great the old days were and how good the storylines were. I would like to know what happened to Tom Jr.? Julie never mentions her son and family. Shawn D. should have definitely been there. I agree what was the purpose of Mike being there and what happened to Jeremy. I agree with the other comments a church setting would have been best. Alice would have wanted that. I just hope they bring some of these characters on a regular basis because I am not happy with the current cast. I am not interested in seeing Sami with another man. She can’t be in love with all of these different men. Enough already.

  17. From JOAN

    I thought that it was a great tribute to Frances Reid, I will truly miss her and enjoyed the flashbacks, Wish that they could keep all of the cast so enjoyed seeing all of them, have been watching since day’s started, lovetweeds Shane and Kimberly and Kalya and all the rest. Where was Marlena she should have been there. Good job for a change hope that the writers make more use of them. Good Bye Mrs H we will miss you. And please get Hope and Bo back together and get rid a Carly and Vivine

  18. From Kathleen Aull

    It was nice to see some of the old characters from the past and I did enjoy it. Since Alice was one of the originals from the beginning, I did not understand why they could not devote one whole hour, (she deserved at least that for all the years she’s been on) to all flashbacks of her and her shenanigans. The rest of it could have been how it was with the characters remembering and sharing stories.

  19. From Steff

    I think they could have done a much better job of it! Nice to see some of the old cast again. Just was more chaotic than I had hoped. No organization to it. She will be dearly missed.

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