Days of Our Lives Spoilers For July 5-9.

A secret is uncovered and someone has a change of heart.

Since Elvis has swung back into mope overdrive, Stefano starts to worry that his son’s desperate moves could be dooming him for failure. Although neither of them think that Rafe has the brains to get to the bottom of the Sydnapping, their nonchalance could come at a price. Nicole continues to demonstrate her talent as an investigator by discovering that EJ was behind the kidnapping all along.

Sami may be too distracted to realize what’s going on right under her nose. Her wandering eyes catch sight of Gabi singing Rafe’s lullaby to Sydney. Meanwhile, Chad gets some romantic advice from Thad, otherwise known as the ‘T Man’. Thad tells his frustrated friend that he picked the wrong girl to get involved with. And Abe and Lexi may be one of Salem’s most (relatively) stable couples, but, even with their heavy workloads, they are still left wondering if there is more for them to give.

Carly has been so distracted by what’s been going on in Chloe’s private life that she’s barely noticed that things have been changing in her own. After seeing how things have slightly melted between Bo and Hope following the funeral, the doctor starts to wonder if Bo has had a change of heart. This seems to cause her to have something of a change of heart herself. Carly tells Chloe that she will keep her secret until a paternity test determines who the real father of the baby is.

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  1. From K

    I think Carly should have minded her own business since she split up a marriage herself…..I hope that Nicole can get the proof she needs and Elvis ends up in jail where he belongs….

  2. From rajha

    If the writers do another \rig the paternity test\ story line I think that will be then end of my watching Days. How many times can they write the same story over and over? Boring!

  3. From cindy

    hopefully, the test will show daniel to be the father. he’s a good guy, and deserves to be happy. i used to think carly and daniel would be good together (anyone but bo) and i really tried to see carly’s redeeming qualities, but she sure makes it hard!!!i just can’t see her telling anyone else what is morally right or wrong. the priest telling chloe to fess up was one thing, but carly??? i mean she keeps melanie a secret for 20 years, supposidly kills her husband (no matter what her reasons), then moves in with bo while he’s still married (regardless of who’s fault bo/hopes break up was, carly could have had her own place and just dated bo not move in with him) at least put up some kind of proper front….. i don’t know, she seems to commit the same kind of betrayal she’s accusing chloe of, and doing it over and over. love having jennifer back. i’ve really missed her and wish she’d come back permanently. also liked carrie back on the bad she left so soon. i read kimberly and shane are going to get back together!

  4. From Barbara

    Tell Carly to get a life. Leave Chloe alone and Bo too.

  5. From Leah

    When I read these up and coming spoilers I almost burst out laughing real loud…. Come on this is ridiculous! EJ sings to Ally/Johnnie & Sydney now all of a sudden Rafe from out of know where supposedly does too! Laughable honestly. It’s like the writers are taking the things we love about EJ as a father and trying to copy them to say Rafe does them too! Let’s be real Rafe has known Sydney as Sami’s daughter for a week or two before she went missing and now he has this connection and loves her so much. Ha, ha, ha – I’m still laughing. EJ raised Ally as his for the first 2 years of her life and Johnnie & Sydney since day one. Writers Rafe’s relationship with
    these kids don’t even compare. Laughable…. ha, ha, ha! Can’t the writers use their imaginations
    a little more and not be so repeative! Honestly this weeks Days spoiler news I found funny! Thanks for the laugh.

  6. From Clear

    I loved it when Johnny had to have his FBI jacket on. I think Rafe on his return should have told Sami that if she wants him to gather up her kids and get out of the Dimera Mansion.

    I hope she chooses Rafe and makes the break with EJ.

  7. From missy


  8. From tammy

    I agree with #4, funny that Rafe has such a connection with the kids when he has never been with them. His character is such a joke. Now EJ has to be the best father on DOOL in my opinion. And I am still hoping for an EJ and Sami reunion! Love those two together!

  9. From MsBoulder-CO

    So the writers will have Chloe and Carly planning cat and mouse game. I agree rigging the test is the same story line but that’s all they know – LOL.

    I’m so sick of Nicole always coming out ahead. If she gets her info while in the DiMera mansion what the hell is she doing there? Where’s the high tech security to alert intruder. Oh, don’t tell me they never changed the codes thinking Nicole would be locked up-LOL.

    Bo/Carly/Hope, Sami/Rafe/EJ – blah,blah,blah………but we still love it and stay tuned hoping our matchups work out.

  10. From becky

    i hate carly and chloe and nichole and sami i like arianna she my fit good with daniel but days of our lives should be called samis days of our lives

  11. From SL

    Carly needs to zero in on someone else’s man for a change – she def. needs to cool it with Bo, and as far as Carly & Daniel, tho I used to think maybe, now, with Chloe preggers, I think not. Surely there is someone else she can hone in on. She comes across as predatory – stalk someone else’s husband, boyfriend or fiance….

  12. From Kino

    I wished that Bo and Hope would just reunite so they can return some stability on the show. Carly needs to just focus on her job and leave everyone alone.

    I would like to see Chloe have her classy and elegant personality return soon. Writers please help her out and stop whoring her down.

    Nicole needs to expose Elvis soon and let Sami see him for the fraud he really is. That way she finally snaps out of it and makes him pay dearly for the fraud Sydnapping. She takes her children and leaves with Rafe.

  13. From dinky

    The Chole Preg story very boring. Tired of switched preg stories. Don’t break up Mel and Phil. and please make Mel and Phil’s connection stronger. Please make them a power couple.

  14. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not another paternity test caper. Who’s the daddy? OMG didn’t we have enough of this with Sydney and all the other characters. Enough is enough. Carly needs to mind her business. I do, however, have a question. When Carly got pregnant with Daniel, was she still married to Lawrence? If so, I wonder whether or not she was forthcoming to him about that affair and pregnancy? How would she have felt if someone was going to tell Lawrence about it and constantly stuck their nose in her business like she’s doing with Chloe. I really do hate Carly. She’s the worst doctor ALIVE.

  15. From Angela

    Ugh! Another “Who’s the Daddy” storyline?! Really?! Is this the ONLY storyline the Days writers know? Sometimes I don’t think they even rewrite the scripts….they just use the exact same dialogue from the most recent “Who’s the Daddy” storyline and just change the names. I think I’m going to stop watching, because this is getting ridiculous!

  16. From Gerry

    Please, please, please let the baby be Daniel’s. Get Carly out of the picture and preferably off the show.

  17. From maryl

    No wonder Ejami fans can’t accept Safe! The writers can’t think of a thing to write for Rafe (except his supposed sainthood), so they have to borrow off of EJ now? That is absolutely sickening! Rafe was with Sami rolling in the sheets when little Grace was burning up with fever in the next room, but it didn’t seem to register with either of them that she was seriously ill. He certainly wasn’t singing a lullaby to little Grace or trying to comfort her–no he was seeking his own comfort! That’s a wonderful example of a good father?? EJ would have called a doctor immediately like he recently did for Johnnie. He knows more about kids than Rafe will ever know or want to know. I’m sure Sami will marry Rafe. Her life will be like Kimberly’s with Shane–always taking the back seat to his FBI work and his disappearing for long periods of time without contact. You could see the two, Shane and Rafe, are a lot alike. Of course after years of this kind of life, Shane is willing to hang up ISA and Kimberly is stupid enough to take him back in her old age. What else can the writers do with Rafe once he is married? Will he just sit on the couch holding hands with Sami or doing the bed scene constantly? Personally, no matter what they do with his character he still won’t belong! He is a total misfit to the storyline. I predict that once all the truth comes out about the kidnapping and all the smoke clears, Sami will be in bed with Rafe thinking about EJ and picturing herself making love to him. And if the writers have a lick of sense in their heads, that is the way they will write it whether Corday wants it that way or not. Corday needs to worry about his ratings, not the storylines favoring one fanbase or another, because from what I have researched through blogs, etc, the fanbase is almost split with a stronger leaning to EJami. Polls do not count because not everyone knows about them or votes, and some cheat on voting more than once,etc. Check out UTube and blogs on various sites for more accurate fan responses.

  18. From holi

    Did anyone notice that on Mondays show when Dr. Baker held up article of Alices death they said she was 91 years old Last time I checked 1911 to 2010 would be 99 years old.

  19. From Precious

    Personally, I’m tired of Carly constantly hounding Chloe to tell Daniel the truth. She should keep her yap shut, because she is NO ANGEL in that department, and mind her own business. She’s so busy trying for saint-hood, that her own life is going south with Bo. I’ve never liked her since she came back to stir the coals in all these relationships. Find a man that’s single, preferably in ANOTHER TOWN.

    I did want to comment on one thing the writers have finally done right, and that is to put closure to a few of the storylines while Alice Horton was dying….it was nice to see Shane and Kimberly make up, for Sami and her sister to get friendly again, and for Kayla to finally tell Phillip what she thought about giving his son to total strangers….I am sure Victor would NEVER approve of this.

  20. From Clear

    I agree with Kino, #11. I also appreciate that they have tied up a couple loose story lines. There are more out there they could tie up that would be nice too.

    Today, Chloe was her usual naive and clueless character saying for about the 20th time out loud exactly what she did! I’m sick of Carley’s angst about the situation and want her to go on to something else. Chloe’s character has been made so stupid that it’s predictable and scenes with her are fast forward now again much of the time.

    Worst of all, boring tennis at Wimbleton preempting Days? If I wanted to see it, I could watch it on another channel. I do not want to watch it, and will not no matter how many channels they foist it on.

  21. From Babs

    I’m on Carly’s side on this one. chole is a liar and she’s happy to be one. If the baby is phillips he has a right to know. I hope it is his. Just to watch the Chole meltdown. can’t stand her.

  22. From farhi

    i want Mel and Phil break up and mel to be with nathan.i hope the baby is phil. what is Danie going to do when he founds out that chole cheating on him.

  23. From Grandma Judy

    For a while I have felt Carly should stay out of Chloe and Dan’s business. But now that Chloe is pregnant and Carly knows it might not be Dan’s baby, I definitely think Carly should get involved.

  24. From Laura

    It was horrible how EJ had Sydney kidnapped to get back at Sami, but if you look at it objectively, Sami kinda did the same thing when she ran off to witness protection and never told EJ about Sydney. I know they won’t have Sami be objective, but I think they need to just put all the horrible things behind them because you can’t deny their chemistry!

  25. From Sandy

    #17 Precious – Kayla convinced Philip to give up Tyler/Pocket to the Foster Parents.

    Here’s the best website I have found with the story of Tyler/Pocket:…BabyPocket.htm

    There has been many questions asked about Tyler this article explains he was born with Methlmalonic Adicemia (MMA) a genetic disorder (there is a link to this disorder in the article); he is Philip’s son proven when they tested DNA on Tyler’s bib; and after Kyla convinced Philip that a baby couldn’t fill the hole in his heart (I think this is from loosing Bell & Clair), he decided to let his son go especially after He saw how well Tyler was doing with the Foster Parents & he knew he was in a loving family.

  26. From Michelle

    How much more stupid can they make Chloe!? I am so sick of all the scenes where Dan or Mel almost overhear Chloe ranting on to someone about how she cheated. I don’t even get my hopes up anymore that the truth will come out, and I wish Carly would stop all the wishy-washy bs and just tell Dan already, and quit trying to drop hints to him that something isn’t right. She’s starting to talk in circles like Chloe does to get herself out of things. Poor Dan, it’s a wonder he keeps it together between those two!
    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the scene between EJ and Sami today. Him backing her into the corner, talking in that low seductive tone to her, Sami almost as breathless as if they’d just done the nasty… it was great and only proved the chemistry that Safe fans try to deny.

  27. From patsy

    I love Rafe/GALEN AND Sami/Alison they are soooo cute together But lets face it they don,t have ”IT” LIKE EJ/James and Sami/Alison does. They are so great together EVEN THO YOU MAY NOT WANT TO YOU FIND YOUSELF ROOTING FOR THEM.

  28. From koolandgang

    I am so sick of this long drawn out EJ/Sami deal…let Sami be with Rafe and End the stupid story line of Chloe/Carly..let Daniel find out just exactly how Chloe is!!! Come on Days is beginning to suck!!

  29. From Leah

    How hot, hot, hot were EJ & Sami today on Days (6/30/10)! Man this is why I like soaps. I wanna get away from it all for an hour and watch hot desire, passion, romance and love. Red hot love, the one you can’t deny or live without. Ejami have it… as EJ said today he tried to fight it but in the end he just gave up and it’s time for Sami to do the same. EJAMI CAN MAKE LOVE WITHOUT MAKING LOVE! All
    this up close & personal, touching, heavy breathing,
    panting, walking backwards (notice she didn’t run, she was spellbound, her man taking control and calling her bluff LOL), the leaning over Sami with his manliness keeps you glued to your screen saying “More, more, more please!” That damn phone, how many more times will this supercouple
    be interupted. Loved the way the scene ended with EJ declaring “Your saved by the bell BUT I’d like to continue this conversation when I get home later.” Then the kiss…. Ejami just keep building and building. I
    can’t wait until they finally give into their feelings again and cave in. The Ejami & Rafe storyline is really starting to remind me of the Marlena/John & Roman love triangle. As much as Marlena tried with Roman once her candle had been lit with John she couldn’t go back to Roman and be 100% happy. EJ is Sami’s “John” and I think this will be the case for Sami too. Sami may choose Rafe because she thinks she he is the one she loves him AND he’s safe AND she has her family approval with him (something she has longed for) BUT I think Sami will soon discover by picking him that she is settling. I think the fire of desire will burn inside of her for EJ. Sami is a passionate girl who has needs that I believe only EJ will FULLY SATISFY! It’s Ejami’s destiny, fate…. and they can’t fight it coz it will hurt too much. Ejami like John & Marlena are continually drawn to each other like bees to a honey pot. I hope Sami will be like her mother and follow in her mothers footsteps – GO EJAMI & EJAMI FAMILY!

    safe AND her family all approve of him BUT I

  30. From Leah

    PS: Totally agree with you #16 & #21!
    On a different note with Chloe… I don’t mind her but not sure about her and Daniel together. I kinda liked her and Philip. Can anyone tell me has Chloe EVER been 100% faithful to any of the men she has been with or supposedly loved?

  31. From kathy

    Rafe sang to Grace. Gabi knows it since it was a family thing.

  32. From Scooter

    They need to put Bo & Hope back together again and leave Sami & EJ together ….nuff said

  33. From jmsgrama

    Can Carly go away and please take kate with her? maybe they need to take that annoying Stephanie with them.
    I am waiting for Stefano to go all “STEFANO” again. That was so cool and loved when he did that. Seems marriage to her boringness has mellowed him. How sad. I loved when he was mean and nasty.

  34. From KAS1008

    Wow if Chole’s baby is Daniel’s then Melany would have a bouncing baby bro or sis, “”HOWEVERRR”" if its Phillip’s she would be a step mom to her stepmoms baby, freaking twisted I love Days they never fail to suprise me, NEVERRR!

  35. From Pinky Cat

    Ok lets get rid of Chloe, Nicole, and Stephanie……

    And Ej and Sami belong together and ALWAYS have…they are “fated” to be together…what Arianna told Rafe today was true they (Sami and rafe) are not meant for each other.
    So I hope the writers leave the sydnapping alone and FINALLY let EJ and Sami be happy and in love. The viewers deserve this!!!

  36. From Jackie

    Will someone please tell Daniel what is going on!! Enough already. I love Sami and EJ together. Also love Kate and Stephano together.

  37. From Mercy

    I think many of us have forgotten that there is no good in a Dimera. Did we forget that EJ raped Sami?? That just one year ago she was willing to leave her other children behind for the sake of keeping her pregnancy a secret from EJ? what the heck happened to that. He masterminded the kidnapping for crying out loud. How long are we going to witness her drooling like a school girl over handsome EJ. Grow up Girl! It is all happening under your eyes. How could you not realize it…at least a little bit. More than the truth coming out would be that Sami herself start putting all the pieces together herself. Then, hit EJ with it!!! Alisson’s acting ability is beyond amazing. Now, she just needs a storyline that does not make her look like a school girl hit with cupid’s arrow; naive, childish, and desperate. And I wish I could stip hearing everyone call EJ a good father. Good father is not someone who kidnapps his own daughter and keeps her from her mother for revenge. A good father is not one who manipulates. And that is all he does. Sami is his puppet. Have we forgotten they almost had phillip killed (not that he is any good either). What about going after Anna (not that she doesn’t deserve to be in jail.)
    No one has figured it out, but now Nicole will…love her character too, but now it just makes the rest of salem looking dumb…and please oh please, no more paternity schemes. Make the kid Phillips and have her end up with Phillip somewhere. Mel with Nathan. Stephanie needs to get a life. Just my opinion. 28 years watching.

  38. From Susie

    C’mon everyone — EJ put blood on Sydney’s clothes & made Sami think her daughter was dead. I really doubt that Sami will dream of EJ when she is finally back with Rafe.

  39. From Grandma Judy

    I agree with Susie #29 and think EJ will be history with Sami once the whole Sydnapping comes out. Sami not telling EJ she had his baby was one thing but the lengths he went to in the Sydnapping are quite another. Actually pretty evil when you think about it! My husband waches with me and got hooked on the show while Nichole was faking pregnancy. He says a
    woman like Sami would drive him nuts!

  40. From Nelli

    Come on guys, if Carly didn’t come back to Day’s, Day’s would have ended. I love Carly and I hate this stupid storyline that she is in with Chloe. Chloe needs to leave and who cares who her baby daddy is. We need more good Carly storylines that make sense not this stupid story that seems to never END!!

  41. From RealisticMom

    There was part of an interview with Bo & Vivian during the Emmys listed on Here is part of it from one of the blogs:

    “Emmy interviews/Reckell & Sorel

    Saw some interesting red carpet interviews from the Emmys…..

    Peter & Louise were together in one…and as they talked about storylines on Days, Louise said she just realized that Vivian is psychotic…Peter asks if it was at the wedding where she realized that about vivian, but Louise says no…….just a few days ago. I can’t say any more, can’t give anything away, is nuts, truly nuts. (how’s that for intriguing, lol)

    And then they talked a bit about Frances Reid, with Peter saying his fav memory was down in New Orleans, when Hope & Bo hopped into a carriage, and found out Alice was their driver. lol. He says they had a lot of dialogue, and they were all rushed and everything, and he just looked at Hope, and out came the nickname “FancyFace”…and that is how it came to be. He also said that he thinks Bo & Hope will be finding their way back to each other, he knows the fans want that, and he thinks the writers are heading that way.”

    Looks like Bo and Hope are headed back together.

    I was also reading part of an James Scott interview with Michael Fairman recently…. James comes off as arrogant in the interview. He is pro-EJami. He dismissed the rape. He also dismisses Lucas as ever being a true competitor for Sami’s attention. Some of what James states has not come true. Ali (Sami) herself in interviews has stated this, as well as, he tries to add things in the script (whether verbal or action). Looking at all of this and the other blogs, I think Days is slowly heading away from EJami and back to Safe. I think it will all come to a head soon. There is a rumor that Nicole is found out by Rafe. By this time, Nicole knows about EJ’s hand in the kidnapping. We all know that she will “deal” to stay out of prison. EJ will be exposed. That will be the death of EJami.

    And as one person stated, one a Dimera, always a Dimera. He is incapable of love, being honest or faithful. Sami is just a possession/obsession to him. No different from Phillip/Belle or Stefano with Marlena.

  42. From Leah

    Well then you will be happy to know that even the actor himself (James Scott) thought putting blood on Sydneys clothes before putting them in the river WAS GOING TOO FAR AND A BAD IDEA! He didn’t agree with it but he is an actor and is paid to do what the producers & writers want. After James had expressed his opinion to TPTB they still went ahead with it anyway so if you wanna get mad at anyone get mad at them. I honestly think they don’t care how much they SABOTAGE EJ’s character. Corday has made it clear he wants Safe so these are the extreme measures he will go to to get fans offside. If you ask me it’s a shame really…. I personally like EJ’s character (which I think is a perfect match for Sami as they are two of a kind) but I do think the writers were taking EJ’s character a bit too far and too dark so am glad to see him back to a more neutral place. Days needs characters & a couple like EJ and Sami coz to be honest the reason are pretty boring!
    On another note about the rapist bit #37 Mercy… yes EJ is guilt of making Sami decide whether she would have sex with him in exchange for him helping Sami with Lucas BUT Sami is guilty of rape herself. She has admitted to it and if you wanna be sure just ask Austin. At least EJ let her choose which is more than she did for Austin who she drugged to have her way with. Told ya… they are two of a kind! And do you really think a straight up FBI agent would have anything to do with someone who has done what Sami has over the years…. kidnapped her sister, rape, lied, stole, switched paternity tests, faked tests, lied to the father’s of her children, lied to get custody of Will by saying Lucas was on the grogg etc etc etc. Sami is everything Rafe despices and has vowed to fight. Safe’s relationship is a joke. It is shallow and not really a relationship. Rafe thinks sex is the answer to lifes problems and hasn’t opened up to her ONE BIT ABOUT HIS PAST. Rafe has walked out on her and the kids a number of times already. The last time coz she told him a lie…. oh boo hoo! See shallow, no substance, they’re not even compatiable really.
    So yes this viewer would rather stick to EJAMI & EJAMI FAMILY. As Sami herself said to EJ recently “Neither of us is innocent.” With Ejami they both know what they are getting and while to Sami EJ is a obnoxious
    bas***d and to EJ Sami is a big pain in his a** they simply can’t live without each other. As EJ said “Yes things have happened but we always get back together.” MUST BE LOVE!

  43. From Karen

    I am SOOOOOO tired of this Carly/Chloe/Daniel fiasco I could scream!!!!!!!! The writers need to end this stupidity and move on to something else; it’s getting ridiculous and boring. I’m glad I tape the shows because I fast forward through all this crap!!!!
    Carly needs to go away and let Chloe and Danial deal with things as they come up and Bo and Hope definitely need to get back together! I can’t take another of Hope taking those stupid pills and her getting all dressed up and going out with Dr. Baker and accusing Ciara of lying and making up stories. Another stupid storyline from those idiot writers!

  44. From maryl

    #31 When did Rafe sing to Grace and what was the lullaby supposed to be? I can’t remember seeing him sing to her or Sydney. EJ’s rape scenario is played over and over by Safe fans, shouldn’t they be playing Sami’s rape of Austin over & over also just to be fair?? Its really funny how that is always smoothed over. And as #40 Leah states, at least Sami was given a choice and after the deed was done, he could have reneged on the agreement but he didn’t and instead did save Lucas. The way James Scott played out the kidnapping should have made everyone who is not biased (to Rafe)see that EJ was over the edge because of all the pain, lies and shattered trust that was handed him by people who he loved. He was totally out of it and when he finally awoke to see what he had done, he was remorseful. I only wished the writers would have had the good sense to let him come clean to Sami and ask for forgiveness but of course they had to let Stefano in to mess things up by handling the cover up. Sure EJ is going along with it, because he loves Sami & his children and the thought of losing them terrifies him. Someone said in a blog that Sami in reality kidnapped EJ’s child when she tried to hide her pregnancy from him and then when Grace was switched and was thought to be EJ’s child she kept the truth from him until after Grace died, which was just as terrible as the blood on the clothes. He was dealt a very painful blow–never even getting to hold her while she was alive and acknowledging her as his child. Now to me thats pretty terrible too, and the excuse that she was protecting the baby from the Dimera family just doesn’t hold water!! Afterall, she is the first to admit that EJ is a great father and now low and behold, she moved in with the whole DiMera family and even Kate! She even admits it is nice living there! So figure that one! Oh, Yeah, she is doing it to protect her family! That’s a big joke too! She melts everytime EJ gets personal with her. EJ and Sami are definitely star-crossed they are two of a kind and need to quite fighting it!
    But Corday, Safe fans, and the writers can’t see that for lack of imagination or whatever, instead they prefer a “good guy” for Sami who will be boring as all get out unless they turn his character around to be a sinister split personality or someting –he might be interesting then. Hey maybe a vampire would be good, they’re real popular now and with his black bushy eyebrows he would look great! I’d better stop being bad and sign off!

  45. From maryl

    Sorry star-crossed was a wrong choice of word should have said destined to be. My mistake!

  46. From Arlene

    Some asked about Nichol being able to get inside the DiMera Mansion without getting caught. Soap Opera Digest said that because she used to live there when she was married to EJ, she knew where all the cameras were and how to get around them without being caught.

  47. From Brenda

    it already happened about test being riged no more please thats lame

  48. From Clear

    I feel bad for Rafe, and I don’t think he’s boring. I hate seeing him frustrated by the Dimera money and power when he gets close to finding out what EJ and now Stefano have both done. Just as he gets close Stefano has Anna poisoned, and where is she now? Let’s have some justice here!

  49. From Grandma Judy

    I like Rafe and that’s all there is to it! Don’t feel a bit sorry for EJ, – no way no how, – about anything! He and Nichole are the ones who deserve each other. I thought so back when he and Nichole got together. But then she messed things up.

  50. From RealisticMom

    The difference between the rape of Austin by Sami is NO ONE wants Sami with Austin. No one said that Sami wasn’t guilty of rape, but we find it disgusting that people want Sami with her rapist. When Sami was after Austin and raped him – we all were siding with Carrie. No one is excusing Sami for any of her crimes, either, but she is still not suited to be with EJ. He has done a lot of things directly to her and her family.

  51. From BopeSuperCouple4Ever

    Maryl, Sami keeping her own child is not even close to being considered kidnapping. Sami is the mother and she is not/was not married to EJ. EJ can use all of the excuses he wants to “condone” his behavior, but it does not hold water. He has been cruel and manipulative with Sami and her family from day one in Salem. He comes off as charming, but his soul is dark and I do not believe that will ever change. Remember all of the good is just an “act” to win over Sami. Look at all the corruption that EJ has been involved with – or even involved in the murders in some fashion or another. He tried to kill Max, Lucas, etc. I just don’t understand how anyone can see the “good” in him….it’s just not there. I’m glad that Days is finally going to end EJami. I think the reveal..when it happens will be the final for the two of them. Hopefully, Days can come up with something else as a “conflict” for Safe or whoever else she ends up with.

  52. From Rita

    It’s funny how people hate Carly, yet love EJ. EJ is a downright horrible human being, but because he’s hot, women will forgive him for anything. Carly is a good person who has been through h*ll, but because Bo decided to get with Carly after Hope walked out on him, everyone hates Carly. I just don’t understand.

  53. From claudia

    Nicole discovers the truth about the kidnapping and Rafe can’t?! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! WHYWHYWHY IS RAFE SO STUPID!! Didn’t we have enough of that crap with Luis on Passions! If there are ANY writers from Passions on this show, PLEASE GO AWAY AND STOP THIS MADNESS NOW!

    Carly, Chloe and Hope – so sick of them. Doesn’t anyone believe in strong women who fight for their men! Come on – time for a good catfight and end the stupidity!

    And I must say – I so much enjoyed the heat between Sami and EJ. WOW!!!

    Does anyone think a romance between Maggie and Victor would happen? Would love to see that, and you know Maggie will give Vivian a run for her money. Maggie is no fool – unless the writers turn HER into a dip, too.

    Finally (for now) – It’s time for this mugging thing with Hope to end. SO TIRED OF THIS BORING STORYLINE.

  54. From Score Board

    Nets and Knicks make pitch to James (AP)…

    I found your entry interesting to I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  55. From patsy

    Wheres Sami next week >All I see in the threads is Nicole and Carley on every day .Makes me not want to watch.They HAVE OTHER ACTORS ON THE SHOW except just them .

  56. From maryl

    #51 Perhaps Sami would have more legal rights to her child since EJ and her were not married at the time, but morally, don’t try to convince anyone that a father has no right to his own child. I don’t think too many fathers would agree to being denied their right to know their own child exists. I believe people can change for the better, even the most wretched, if they can find hope and love. That’s the way I want to believe–more forgiveness and less condemnation and judgment. #50 Sami never clearly harbored true hatred for EJ after the rape. She had feelings for him even then, thats why she was able to forgive him. Even Momma Marlena told her to forgive him. Austin also forgave Sami for raping him and he even married her. All of this kind of stuff is soap material that normally is filed away in the past whether we want it that way or not. Jack was also a rapist. He raped Kayla and then married Jennifer Horton. Jack was forgiven by all the Bradys and Hortons and accepted as a great guy. He was also a manipulator and dishonest until his personality change was written in. So if it can happen for one character why not another?

  57. From judy

    I guess while Nicole lived in the mansion she used her time wisely and knows all the good secret info hiding places and of course Stephano wouldn’t dream of changing camera locations or change any locks not too long ago whenever Stephano sneezed some goon would pop up out of the bushes to look around intimidatingly now people enter the grounds at will Rafe did it now Nicole is coming to visit how stupid are we supposed to be ?

  58. From Clear

    The security thing seems to be an un thought out thing, but I haven’t seen the soap episode yet since this is a spoiler. Several characters tell on themselves by blabbing everything where other people can hear. It’s a Days epidemic!

    When we get Safe back, I’m wondering if Emily’s sister will get out of the nuthouse and come after Rafe again. The Emily storyline still has loose ends that may be tied up in Ari as well as Rafe.

    I’m looking forward to finding out more about the Madelaine secret that Kate knows too.

  59. From Melissa

    Rita. EJ can be conflicting good, Bad,good!!! But the whole Sydnapping I honestly can’t blame him Sami & Nicole put him through the ringer!! As for Carly I like her but do you remember her very bad choices in the 90′s she’s a little fickle!! & for Hope she should learn from her mistakes!! I’m a bope fan but sometimes I just don’t understand her Hope makes things hard!! I thought the flashback with Alice& Hope was classic!!!!! You can b right or happy!! I believe that too!!

  60. From Clear

    Hope, or actress that played her, was the most beautiful bride that I ever saw on Days back when she first married Bo.

    I never liked Bo much in those days because I thought he looked seedy with the long hair and beard, and that he was irresponsible–not sexy and charming. He’s grown on me over the years, and now I feel sorry for him being henpecked and flattened on Days by Hope so many times. He seems also to have lost his smooth silver tongue.

  61. From Leah

    Let’s get one thing straight before I start I LIKE Sami but I find it ridiculous how viewers ignore or make excuses for her, her past and the dirty deeds she has committed of many, many years. I REALLY DO HAVE TO WONDER IF IT IS BECAUSE SHE IS A FEMALE. I however am not gender bias. Regardless of gender and my who my favourite character is I like to look at lines, scenes, the acting and storylines.
    #31 I don’t recall Rafe ever singing to Grace. The spoiler says the song Rafe use to sing to Sydney. What in the week that he knew her? Come on…. if you ask me the writers are grabbing at straws stealing things we viewers like about EJ’s parenting.
    #50 Your right rape is rape. Sex without consent. You may not be excusing Sami for her rape of Austin but many do. In fact I’ve had a few discussions with posters regarding and they defend Sami. Sorry but you can’t convict one without the other in my books.
    In fact a poster recently bought up that Jack had actually raped Kayla in his early days on Days but look the Hortons accepted him. They looked upon him as a good guy in the end and he married Jennifer. If this is indeed true (I wasn’t watching then) I find it very interesting. Seems like characters can be redeemed on Days!

  62. From Clear

    Jack was never my favorite character either. My favorite was John Black, and I wish they could bring him back again–minus the Marlena and her all purpose grimace. His indiscretions were at least Stefano’s fault, or for love, and he rose above them and often redeemed himself I believe.

  63. From janiebell

    A lots of people tell other people,”to get a life”, what do they mean by that.I mean surley one does not walk up to a casket, look down at the corps and say, “get a life”, so the person being spoken to must already “have a life”, after all that person is breathing. Another statement that gets made a lots is, “you could have knocked me over with a feather”. How big and heavy is a feather that one could be knocked over with? A true statement that sometimes gets made is,”God only knows and time will tell.” God knows all things and in time everything is made known.

    I wish Bo and Hope would have gotten back together, and with Ciera have moved into the Horton house. The three could be happy there, with past memories and make new memories to go with the old ones. Ciera could grow up in the house her grand-mother Addie, and her mom Hope, grew-up in.

  64. From Melissa

    I’ve always loved Bo! But I know his long hair & motorcycle look always threw everyone off! But that was his premise ‘ don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ that’s why Alice loved Bo she saw what a good guy he was & loved him for himself! I was watching an old episode on YouTube of Bo walking into Dougs place & he looks like a total scumbag! But he was helping his brother prove his innocence!! I can’t think of one time Bo did not do the right thing or just care about the truth!!

  65. From Melissa

    leah I think they redemption is hard! But rape is a strong word apposed to trickery, manipulation, or simply just in a bad place at the time!! Personally I think Sami wanted EJ anyway he only threatened to not help Lucas if Sami didn’t sleep with her not kill anyone! I thought Austin was drunk when he slept with Sami & Jack did rape Kayla there’s no way around it!! On general hospital Luke raped Laura & they bcame the biggest supercouple maybe that’s were Days got the idea!! Cuz it seem to b popalur

  66. From Melissa

    Janiebelle. I always think that with the term ‘low in fat’ what’s it lower in fat than a big cup of fat? LOL

  67. From Selly

    1. The heat between Sami and EJ far surpasses anything between Sami and Rafe. EJami is HOT, Safe is NOT.
    2. Get Bo and Hope back together already.
    3. The tired “who’s the Daddy” story is so ridiculous. These days, they can do DNA testing in utero; but even if Chloe waits, there’s no way she can fake the paternity. In the old days there were no DNA tests, so soaps could milk these plots forever. But those days are OVER. Paternity tests are simple. So make the baby Daniel’s and get rid of this nonsense.
    4. What is with the product placement “commercial within the soap” garbage? Who are they kidding? This is disgusting and if I see it one more time I’ll be an ex-fan. Seriously, this is an insult to the fans, who have to sit through enough commercials as it is. I know, there’s Tivo and DVR, but most people don’t do these. Find another way to up the revenue, but STOP this.
    6. Not a word from Marlena about Alice’s death? Ridiculous.
    7. Victor and Maggie would be great together. Let’s see some sexy seniors!

  68. From Selly

    P.S. Skipped number 5: I agree with fans who want the old Chloe back. She was a “brainiac” in high school; what the heck did the writers do to her? It’s like she had a lobotomy. In the old days she could have *been* a doctor, not just married one. Fix her up and either get her back on stage or send her back to school. And stop making her such a whining ninny. That’s the last thing she was before.

  69. From reagan

    i like sami and ej together, i hope that if nicole does figure out that ej was behind the kidnapping that, stefeno kills her. i tired of nicole.

  70. From Paula

    #60 Clear: You wrote – “Hope, or actress that played her, was the most beautiful bride that I ever saw on Days back when she first married Bo”.

    They are one in the same. Kristen Alfonso has played Hope since she became an adult on the show.

  71. From Melissa

    Paula yes it is the same actress! That’s 20 something years ago!! & probally 30 pounds! I still think she is beautifull!! But Carly looks different doesn’t she?

  72. From Leah

    #65 Melissa… yes I agree redeeming someone can be hard BUT in soap world anything is possible. As for that dreaded “R” word…. it is sex without consent. If that is the definition in all reality EJ would have got off coz Sami agreed to it and said she would do it so EJ would help her with Lucas. She said “Your only getting my body.” And EJ said “That’s all I want.” I really think the writers of Days stuffed it up and I’m sure if they had their time again they wouldn’t do
    that to Ejami. BUT both Sami & EJ
    have worked through that but some viewers conveniently seem to
    wanna forget Sami forgave EJ of it
    just as Austin forgave her. I have to say I agree Sami has wanted EJ for a very, very long time. She chose to marry Lucas again for Will’s sake and once she made her decision stuck to her guns but we’ve seen her struggle in fighting her love for EJ. Before she married Lucas, the shotting of EJ, EJ & her with the twins at the cabin, while living in the Dimera house and yet again as seen in the last few months. I want Ejami and think they both will never be truly 100% happy with anyone else. I believe it is their fate and destiny. A Brady (Colleen) & A Dimera (Santo) started it many years ago be nice to see a Brady (Sami) and a Dimera (EJ) end it all and raise young family together.
    Interesting point though you confirming Jack did indeed rape Kayla. How many times has this occured on soaps? Sami, Austin – Luke, Laura. Once is too many in my opinion! On a daytime soap I expect love, romance, mischief, adventures, misunderstandings, plots, schemes, enemies, fights etc etc but I don’t turn on my TV to see that…..

    as Austin forgave
    her. Ejami have moved on, way, way on from that.

  73. From Clear

    Yes, exactly about not turning the TV on to see violence that is unacceptable. No murder, maiming, mutilation, or rape please! All of the above with some comic relief too please for the romance and adventures. I look forward to the happy endings! What happy endings have we been given lately–None that I see, and it’s been a bit too long in between.

  74. From janiebell

    Can we prove Ari did not commit the crime she is now in lock-up for? Have \the goods on E.J.’S Sydnaping\, reviled? Get Sami, Will, Sydney, Johnny and Ali all moved back to Marlena’s penthouse? Put Bo and Hope together again and moved into the Horton house?{thus saving the \Horton house\.}? Are these things to much to ask?

    Put E.J. in prision. For once have a DeMear pay for their crime, instead of \pinning on an inniocent person\, or simpley letting things slide. Get rid of Nicole. For land sakes! get Phillip a hair cut, head washed hair combed.,and he will look better, at least.

  75. From patsy

    People PLEASE get over the rape thing !It was due toa poor writeing crew at the time .I don,t think they thought EJ would become so popalur at the time.Just think of it as a bad dream and get over it . It,s just a TV show.

  76. From dinky

    TV imitates reality or reality imitates TV. If a soap wants to take on “serious” subject matter than it needs to be somewhat responsible. Otherwise, stick to adventure, romance, love and mischief. As someone stated above. anyway, all these things I have listed are more fun to watch. A person can turn on the news and get an ear full of depressing reality. We watch Soaps for the fantasy, beauty, clothes, hair, scenes, wild adventures. Remember the cruise they all went on along time ago. I think it was called the cruise of deception? That was cool. Do more storylines like that! Or as I have said all long, nobody’s been locked in a dungeon in awhile. it seems Days usually lovks someone away every couple of years. chow!

  77. From Melissa

    janiebelle I read somewhere that Alices livingroom is going in the smithsonium ( I don’t know how to spell that )so I don’t think anyone is moving into Alices house!!

  78. From Missy

    let chloe do this so love for her & daniel, together love daniel, be the father not philip, love for him to have a baby w/ melanie, not chloe. bring them to fianlly wed bring down carly, let her be w/ rafe. bo w/ hope they are soulmates asap. let this storyline short & bring romance in for daniel & chloe. they been through enough to be together love to see this happen this wk & next wk asap thanks,

  79. From Linda

    It’s obvious that nicole and ej will keep each other’s secrets as ej will find out about nicole and baker’s setting arianna up.
    chad is a dimera, too. That is madeline and kate’s secret.
    bill horton and victor will mix it up over maggie.

  80. From Clear

    Sorry Missy, but I’m hoping for the opposite on most all of your characters. For once though, I do hope all of it happens that Janiebell wrote about.

    I want to see EJ remember Dr. Baker, and see what happens after that. Also, what is the big secret for sure that Kate knows? Is it about Chad’s birth records or not? I hope these things happen soon to see where the chips may fall.

  81. From Clear

    PS They could always get a new set for Alice’s house and say it was redecorated.

  82. From Wendy

    Did I miss something? Did Kim and that Philip guy divorce? I think Shane mentioned his name once.

  83. From Samantha

    I hope Chloe is pregnant with Philip’s baby. I would love them to get back together again. SUPERCOUPLE!! Can’t stand Melanie get rid of her.

  84. From janiebell

    I was glad to see Kimberley and Shane leave together. I hope they can work things out and be even closer than before. Second chances seldom happen, and Shane and Kim got a much deserved second chance and I hope they are very happy together.

  85. From Jack Kanov

    I’m convince Sami will never ever make up her mind about guys. It used to be a back and forth thing with Austin and Lucas. Today it’s EJ and Rafe.
    How about Chloe? Is that story line going to drag on forever?
    I thought last week was a very, very nice tribute to Mrs. Horton. She was a very impressionable lady who could act well.

  86. From Clear

    Jack is back! Yes, it was a nice tribute, and I like seeing all the characters they brought back–hate to see most of them leave. About the other characters, no pithy comebacks, no wisecracking? I missed you, Jack!

    With Chloe, now she’s PG, you know it has to go on for at least nine months! Who’s the Daddy is the theme again. Will she and Daniel get married is the question?
    I read somewhere that she finally finds out from Vivian that she set her up and caused her to believe Daniel was unfaithful when he was actually in surgery. I would love to see her get even with Vivian!!

  87. From janiebell

    Yesterday was my son’s birthday. I offered to take him out to supper, but he said no. So hubby and I bought birthday cards placed cash in them, bought oneof those “two people” cakes, a large chocolate cookie, and a supper plate, showed up at our son’s apartment and he said “Oh no!! All I wanted to do was sleep the day away and have the day pass unnoticed. I handed him the cards with cash in the envelopes, he took the cards and shut the door in our faces. Then opened the door again only to tell us to “take all that stuff home with you. I don’t want any of that.” Meaning the large cookie, cake, and meal, and shut the door in our faces again. I wounder what Alice Horton would have said about this one? I think Alice would have come up with something very wise.

  88. From victoriamona

    Ari made bail, but it was a nastake for her to allow E.J. to pay the bail. She can be very sure that will cost her more than,had Ari have allowed Brady to post bail, and Brady was at court ready to do whatever Ari wanted.

    I hope that E.J.’S Sydnaping gets wramped up and E.J. ends up in prision, doing hard time, not one of those “cushie ” places we sometimes hear about. Send Nicole packing, right along with Vivian, and Carly.

  89. From Melissa

    janiebelle has your son behaved like this bfore or is there something else going on in his life?I asked that cuz you posted ‘he wanted to sleep the day away’! Anyway my advice to you is don’t expect more than what people can give’ just don’t! If he doesn’t want anything from you than so be it!! Men espeicially men can b hopeless!! Have a better day just with yourself

  90. From Allie

    Lets get these stories moving along… I understand that the funeral for Alice needed to happen but not one thing happend in between. Carly needs to eather say something or shut the hell up and get on with her life, Chloe is anoying, and so is Phillip and the stupid Dr, Brady is being a jerk and so is Ari, Sami, Rafe, Hope, Bo,Justin, Chad, Will and their boring friends at the beach…the whole story with Kate and the Judge lady….nothing is happening. They’re not even moving at a turtle’s pace.
    The whole Nickole thing finding out things that other people have been searching for forever…How anoying–

  91. From Allie

    OMG- janiebelle- my heart breaks for you…I feel that Alice would wait for a few days and then call to see what is wrong- you are the mother and no matter what our boys do we will will love them always. I don’t think that you should ignore this- he may not think that he needs you but he does! I hope you reach out to him and don’t give up. Good luck and God Bless:)

  92. From Jackie

    I still say it wasn’t rape. EJ and Sami made a deal. He helped her remove the beam off Lucas’s leg and she had sex with him.

  93. From patsy

    Alli you know they have to make Nicole the hero because she the writers pet.As you can tell because shes on every single day and its so sicking .

  94. From Rose

    I read you all comments everyday, and I just want to say their are some sinster people on her, for the ones that think ej and sami should be togehter and that rafe is the bad guy that don’t even sound right. We women are all ways talking about having a good man in Our lives, but that not the same when it comes to a soap opera. Don.t you all know that men read these comments as well and if they read about you women loving ej because he is certain way then men start to act like these soap. Believe it or not you all make the comment its only a soap but you all would not believe how many people mimic things they look at on tv. Sami need a stabled man in her life like Rafe not ej. And everybody is mad with Carly becasue she wants Chloe to be honest with Daniel. And she do because the truth always comes out, chloe did that to herself that is the 2nd time Chloe have been unfaithful to her mate, she did the same thing to Lucas with Daniel. I like Daniel but Daniel himself have not been a saint. So you reap what you sow. I know we all have Our own opinions, but think about the circumstances, Ladies would you really and truly want a man like ej that as soon as you do something he doesn’t like he get even with you like he did with Sami. or a man like Rafe that even thought he knows that you have feeling for another man, but he’s till there for you. passionate kisses and hottness isn’t everything.

  95. From maria

    want some more smoking ej and sami scenes. i rewind it 3 times when he said i love u

  96. From Grandma Judy

    Clear #62 – My husband and I have been away for a few days and I’m just catching up on reading the comments on this site. Like you, John Black was always my favorite guy hottie on the show. Mmmm, be still my heart!! Wish they would bring him back, and I agree, too, without Marlena. I loved the love story between John and Isabella but then the writers had her die while Brady was an infant. It was so sad!

  97. From voictoriamona

    The story lines just seem to go on forever. How many years does it seem like sence E.J. kidnaped Sydney? We know it has been months, but it seems like years.

    What “secret” is Maddie asking Kate to keep from Stefano? Don’t they know it is a dangerious thing to with-hold information from Stefano, especilly something he might be interested in knowing?

  98. From Melissa

    Grandma judy do you see any likeness too John I do?

  99. From Grandma Judy

    No, Melissa, I really don’t. Didn’t see any likeness to John in the other young man who played Brady, either. But maybe that’s because, to me, there was only one John and no other like him. I don’t care for the Brady character right now and the way he is able to be so sucked-in by Nichole.

  100. From Nightmare

    No Way Jackie(92) Sorry call it what you like but don’t call it making love or even having sex.It was against her wishes,he forced her to feel dirty and sickened by it.Don’t you remember the tears running down her cheeks, how she was only thinking of Lucas, the one she Loved. No-one should be made feel like that. Of course it didn’t worry EJ, a slimey low life Dimera.

  101. From Allie

    Well- even if it was rape- Sami is over it!!! Most likely because she has feelings for him.
    I too love Sami and EJ together- I just wish that he wasn’t the one that took Sudney- that makes it more unforgivable.

  102. From Grandma Judy

    I think we are going to see EJ take another turn when he finds out Nichole has the Sydnapping goods on him. He is a slimy Dimera at heart! Thought Hope looked so pretty yesterday in her magenta top and jeans. That actress really is beautiful! Loved how Jennifer told Vivian off!

  103. From Dee

    For the love of Pete, is everybody in Salem completely stupid?? I mean has it not occured to anyone that Nicole is the one who framed Arianna??? Im getting really sick of Brady and his stupidity..I at first wanted him and Ari together, but now im thinking that she deserves somebody smarter than him.

  104. From janiebell

    A person neverM”gets over being raped”, I don’t care how many years sence ,”the crime of hatred/revenge”,for rape is NEVER a crime of passion. I use to think men do not get raped they do the raping, but as strange as this might sound to some people, men can get raped and as we all know, so can a woman. For this reason I said NO PERSON, ever gets over being raped no matter how long sence the crime.

  105. From judy

    janiebell I agree rape is not an act of love ,lust or even revenge its just an act of domination being able to hurt someone who is innocent and weaker and its something one NEVER gets over you may not think of it every day but it can come back to you full force when you least expect it you can forgive but you never forget look at Jennifers reaction to Vivian that was much longer ago than Sami’s it sure didn’t look like she forgot

  106. From Laura

    I get what all the Safe fans are saying about the horrible things that EJ has done to Sami, but let’s also not forget that Sami was going to kill him back in the day when she conspired with Lexi’s mom. Remember the whole poisoned lipstick and setting that cabin on fire. Yeah, she couldn’t go through with it, but the intent was there. All I am saying is that EJ and Sami have done horrible things to EACH OTHER!, but still can’t be apart. I think that says something about them, my opinion.

  107. From voictoriamona

    Were Kate and Madeline friends or were they sisters? Maddie said that Kate brought her into “the business”. Madeline and Chad were taiking and Chad said that Madline’s parents were dead. From what, when, and how did Maddie’s parents die? Kate has never mentioned her own parents or any family, for that matter, except for her x-husband , I belive his name was Curtis, and her children. Could Stefano be Chad naturaldad? I said “natural dad”, because “a deal dad”, would have raised his son. Blood line does not make one a “real parent”, love does.

  108. From maryl

    #107 Bloodlines do not necessarily make you a parent, if you don’t take part in raising a child. In Stefano’s case or anyone else for that matter, if a father is denied the truth about his child’s exsistence then how could one become a “real parent” or have the opportunity to express his love? Not to mention what lies and denial can do to the child when they backfire. #106 I agree with you, Sami and EJ are cut from the same cloth and that is why there is always that connection drawing them to one another, especially since they share children.

  109. From Tinab

    Have been watching DOOL since day one. The worst character ever was Patch who was a killer and a thug when he came to town, but everyone loves Patch today and thinks he’s the greatest. He was redeemed. I’m sick of the virtues of Rafe and the horrors of EJ. Rafe is a liar and a consistent one at that. We still don’t know about his wife and her crazy sister. What was the deal there? He never tells Sami the truth and then demands it from her. He treats Sami like she has no brain and that any decision she makes is a wrong one, it’s always about him and how he feels. Going off to find Sydney was about him being ‘macho’ in Sami’s eyes, not about him caring about Sami. He is just like Roman – boring, dumb and always making women doubt themselves because he has all the answers. He needs to hook up with Carley, they would be great together, being holier than thou and getting into everyone’s business. I agree with the person who said that if there are any ‘Passion” writers on the show they need to get a clue or leave. They do not know how to write and have no imagination. Now as for Sami, she has done it all, from kidnapping Belle, then Will, lying to everyone and anyone, especially those who loved her,raping Austin, name it, she’s done it, and yet everyone still roots for Sami. She belongs with EJ because he’s the only one who can call her on her short comings because he understands them. He treats her as an adult. If the writers would get a clue the two of them could wreak havoc in the Dimera household and shake up a few of the Salemites too. Also Rafe and Sami have sex – EJ and Sami make LOVE. They have desire and respect and passion, that’s what John showed Marlena and that is what EJ shows Sami and they are the only reason I still watch.

  110. From KAS1008

    Leah my love … your words are like music to my ears. To me there’s never been a more perfect fitting couple than Ejami. They have passion, chemistry, history, and a family. They are two people who are fated together, and two of a kind. They are two of the best actors on Days. We have seen Sami’s character make beautiful transformations for rebellious teenager, to deceiving lover, to a mom who’s trying to get her life on track. She has had so many parts to play and each part she has mastered so gracefully. She is a very talented actor. As for EJ’s character (James Scott) he has done a fantastic roll. His performances are very convincing; he has the knack for making viewers feel his performance. If you were to Google James’ name and read what Wikipedia says he is referred to as “The Human Camel” for his method acting, by which actors try to create in themselves the thoughts and emotions of their characters in an effort to develop lifelike performances. Together Sami and EJ explode, they unlike Safe , actually have chemistry. While I don’t agree with everything that EJ, I also haven’t forgotten everything that Sami’s character has done. They have done similar things to hurt people that they love, and neither is innocent. Even though Ejami belongs together, the writers are not going to make it that easy and realistically that’s not what the fans want either. When characters become settled down and happy then they become boring (like Shawn/Belle/Claire and Bo/Hope) and so many other couples. Then they no longer have a strong story line. Then the writers have to come up with something to spice the story line up, or they leave. EJAMI Belongs together!

  111. From maryl

    #ll0 You are so right! I agree with everything you said. All I’m hoping for is that when and if Days gets its “walking papers”, they have enough time to write in Ejami married to each other and happy together with their children. I don’t care how many rivers they have to cross before they get to each other, I just want it to be forever when they do! Everything that happens between now and then is just another delay or stumbling block in what needs to happen in the end.

  112. From Janiebell

    Lucas should be brought back to Sami, for Sami and Lucas belong together. E.J. belongs in prison for having his own daughter kidnapted from her mother, and the torcher E.J. put the whole family through. He should be alone.

    Nothing on this earth lasts forever. Everything on earth, has a beginning, middle, and an end.

  113. From Janiebell

    Nothing on earth last forever. Everything on earth, has a beggining, middle, and an end.

  114. From maryl

    113 Janiebell, until we die things such as love and a marriage can last for what we call forever on this earth. True love can even transcend death. So the most important thing in our lives, love, can be forever. You’re right about some things of the earth–they don’t last forever, not even us, but our faith, love and hope can last forever.

  115. From Grandma Judy

    Very well said, maryl!

  116. From Leah

    #112 Janiebell if ya wanna be honest here then lets be real. If everybody in Salem got what they deserved there would be no one in town! Stefano, EJ, Victor, Philip, Sami, Kate, Lucas, Nicole, Vivian, Rafe, Arianna, Hope, Jack, (and the list could probably go on) WOULD ALL BE IN PRISON for deeds they’ve done on this show. Marlena, John & Brady would be in a hospital somewhere getting treatment. As I said hardly anyone would be in Salem if they ALL paid for their crimes. Why should one character pay when the rest don’t?

  117. From Tammy

    Ok EJ messed up again, but how would yu react if every woman in the world lied to you about your child. Maybe to not such great extent, but you would be revengeful too. He truly loves Sami and the kids. Not to mention, Sami is completely taken with him whether she choses to admit it or not. The chemistry between them two, is one all us women long for.
    As far as the mess with Philip, Chloe, and Carly go, Chloe deserves every bit she gets. Everytime you turn around she is marrying someone else, and then all Hell breaks loose. Who hears a rumor and automatically goes out and does the deed with someone else?
    I love Stepano with Kate, they both kinda even each other out.

    Bo, Hope, and Carly. What a shame. Even thoughHope left, that is no reason to move another woman into their home. Bo must have lost his mind when he was having the ESP flashes. The 2 of them are what marriages should be made of and Carly should step back. Stop making Hope evil, been there, done that.
    Lastly someone should throw Stephaie off the pier, she makes me nuts, her parents are great people and she is a sneaky, little you know what. The only thing is when she gets caught in her lies, noone seems to care, its like she automatically gets a get out of jail free card, really?

  118. From Janiebell

    I always thought Bo&Hope would be amother Tom&Alice, but as sad as it makes everyone, even Tom&Alice met their end. They were Salem’s \golden couple\, the \love of a life time\, kinda love. If love were rilly real, and one could get what they wished for, if they wished upon a star, I would go out and find a dozen stars, and wish for a love like that. I once thought I had found that magical, everlasting kinda love, but I learned that love like that is in soap opras, movies and in storybooks, but it is good to pretend for 1 hour a day that, somewhere in makeb -belive world there is that magical love.

  119. From KAS1008

    I see Bo and Hope getting back together and beccoming a power couple, and Sami and E.J. hopefully, because like I have already said the chemistry between them both of them is explosive and intense… even when they fight or disagree its hot.

  120. From victoriamona

    Bo had no right to move Carly into his and Hope’s house, the minute “the dust settled”, from Hope’s departure. What woman wants to live in the house a man shared with his wife, and how would a woman fill knowing another woman was laying on her sheets, in her bed , with her husband? Had the scene been reversed, and a man was in Carly’s stead, there might be an old fashioned fist fight betwee the two men.
    , but that would do no good.

    Sami does not belong with E.J.. The son of a ganster and crime Lord/ to the daughter of a long time law abiding police officer? THis is mismatched. Sami does not belong with Rafe, though Rafe is the better man. Sami does belong with Lucas.

  121. From Kim

    I just think that this whole NT Hope thing is really making poor Hope look sooo lame and weak minded. Going around whacking so-called powerful men on the heads because she hates men? Branding them? And next, she is going to douse Bo with gasoline, and then try to set him on fire!? Really, writers? She would really be like this, and do all this crap, because of stress and some sleeping pills!!? WTF? How in hell is she going to live this down? How in the hell is she going to get past this lame ass story? Poor Hope. Writers, you suck.

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