Days of Our Lives Video Promo: Stop Using That Word!

“Just hear me out.”

Sami is defensive when Elvis opens up to her about his feelings and what he thinks she is feeling.

Check out this preview for Wednesday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Missy

    keep up the wk ej & sami, go for it, ej, go get her now.

  2. From Dolly

    Great! That clip showed that Sami is still so in love with EJ, as much as he is with her. I hope there is another kiss. Sami runs away too much, she is afraid of how real and strong the emotions are. She really can not fight them so she runs, and goes for men she can control.

  3. From Kino

    It won’t last long.

    I can’t wait until Nicole ruins Elvis by exposing him to the public. I also can’t wait until Sami sees what a fraud he really is and realise that he was behind the fraud kidnapping. She’ll also realise that she was wrong to have mistrusted Rafe from the start because he really cared about her. Sami will gather her kids and leave the Dimera Mansion. I can’t wait for that meltdown to occur and when it does, Elvis will be at the receiving end of her anger.

  4. From M.S

    Love EJ & Sami together!!!

    They belong together…..even though Sami & EJ did mistakes in the past. THEY ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER!

  5. From M. S.



  6. From Susan

    Sorry #3 but in IMHO Rafe and Sami are BORING!! Yeah EJ lied but so did Sami she kept it from EJ that they had a child together and let him got hrought the whole grieving of losing a child by himself, THAT is pretty cruel. Besides Rafe and Sami IMHO are very forced kisses while EJ and Sami have had chemistry for 4 years!! Pleasae at least bring them together like Bo and Hope in he early days, they fought they made up, they fought, they made up. It’s the chemistry that makes the couple and I personally just don’t see it with Rafe and Sami!!

  7. From dc

    there was definitely something between sami and ej, a fire within that sami would not give into.. she still has feelings for him.. i just wonder what she will do when she finds out ej had kidnapped sydney just to get back at her for hiding her pregnancy from him..
    ej will eventually be exposed and so will chloe, just hope it does not hurt the marriage of philip and melanie..

  8. From mj

    I hope EJ and Nicole blackmail each other and wind up marrying again to save themselves. I hope Rafe exposes both of them and he and Sami reunite.

  9. From SharCares

    Sami definitely seems to love EJ but can’t admit it yet. I wonder if she’ll finally say those 3 little words to him and then find out about him being the culprit behind Sydney’s ‘napping – and immediately wish she could take those words back. As she kicks him in his man parts. Or will they both make love and be a happy couple until the truth finally comes out?

  10. From Clear

    The truth is going to come out, and I hope the deal EJ finally has to make with Nicole will free Arianna too. I think it would be great if EJ had to take Nicole back. They are both rotten like Kate and Stefano, so let them be together. I’m still for the good guys, Rafe with Sami too, and even for the bungling Salem Police Department. Sooner or later, they have to find out about Hope!

    All the Ejami fans don’t seem to mind that Sami would be with criminals, thieves, and murderers if she stays in the Dimera mansion–never mind if EJ raped Sami or it was consentual to save Lucas when she conceived Johnny! The Dimeras are still villains, and I’d like to see Sami and her children get away from them.

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