Days of Our Lives Video Promo: Three’s A Crowd.

Will Sami have to make a choice?

EJ thought that things were finally going his way with Samanther, but now that Rafe is back in town, things are about to get a lot harder.

Check out this video sneak peek for this week’s episodes and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From myrna

    go for it RAFE – its about time – EJ get lost!!!!!

  2. From Missy

    bring more ej & sami go for it go for it ej as hard as U, can rafe get lost.PLEASE???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. From nancy

    I think Sami deserves to be with a decent man after all these years. She and Rafe should be together. I hope Days doesn’t have to do the same worn out thing and not know if Chloe’s baby belongs to Daniel or Phillip. I have watched Days since the very beginning missing very few episodes. I would like to see Days move on to some new stories instead of draging old ones out so long.

  4. From Aliza

    Nothing can compare to the ejami magic. It’s like a diamond it shines more brightly each time.

  5. From Clear

    I vote for Rafe! Sami, pack up your children and go home to Rafe!

  6. From Kino

    Motion carried, Clear. Let Rafe win and expose Elvis’ fraud to Sami so they can walk out on him. Let him lose for once.

  7. From Dolly

    EJ has been there for Sami for 4 years. They both love each other. They have a real family together. Rafe is just, easy come, easy go.
    Everyone else knows EJ loves Sami, it is time for a bit of a happy ending for them.

  8. From Carol

    Get lost Rafe! You’ll never accept Sami for who she is, save her from all your complaints. GO FOR her LOVE EJ, YOU’RE WHO SHE REALLY WANTS AND NEEDS!

  9. From SharCares

    EJ hasn’t been there for Sami most of their time together in Salem, and he’s been a dog (no offense to the poochies) a lot! BUT Rafe is too hard to figure out and never seems to really love Sami, and now EJ is beginning to discover he does love her and wants her. Go EJ! This is your time to move in and take command!

  10. From EJami

    EJ is hot, hot hot….and a great actor…Sami & EJ would make for some interesting stories (finally) for this show to stay alive—–come on, the whole Sydnapping could have some Stefano-Mind-Control-twist or better……the best part of the Sydnapping was EJ’s involvement–first DOOL surprise in a LONG time…don’t let this show go with the rest of daytime :( Rafe, Carly & Chole please go NOW!

  11. From come on ej and sami

    i say bring on ej and sami all the way!!!!! its wayyyy over do!!! and the kidnapping well she should of told him up front about the baby so one is just like the other!

  12. From Dolly

    Give us a good Summer please. EJ has been so there for Sami, much of the time. He really lost it over Grace, he has gotten her back now. A little more boat rocking, and lets get them together.

  13. From Bridget

    OMG Rafe would you just get lost once and for all. Fine Sami can find out about the kidnapping but she wanted to keep that baby a secret from EJ. I guess they are even. I would just love to see Ejami together for a long time. the sparks are there. You can’t deny it. Rafe is just one time use and get rid of it.

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