General Hospital Spoilers For June 30-July 1.

Franco is back in Port Charles and wearing his old costume again.

The homicidal artist skulks around the Harbor View Towers dressed as a homeless man while he’s searching for Jason. Stone Cold is released into Dante’s custody at a press conference, but will Franco leap at the bait that easily? And Sam and Spinelli are both desperate for some quality time with the mob enforcer.

Luke tries to save Ethan’s life by sending him off on an errand Friday night. He then attempts to sway Tracy by packing a bag and acting like he is leaving for good. His children join together to give him a send-off but Tracy doesn’t seem to be responding to his gesture. She explodes, however, after she discovers that Luke has stolen ten million dollars from her. Lulu attempts to talk Tracy down but that’s not likely to work.

Over at the hospital, Steve lifts Patrick’s suspension so that he can perform Shirley’s surgery. Lisa helps Patrick through the dangerous operation and they manage to successfully remove all of the cancer. Meanwhile, Maxie meets with Matt with the plan to let him go but soon discovers that is harder than she thought it would be. When she heads off to visit Jason and Spinelli, she spots a familiar homeless man nearby.

Undeterred by any arguments, Sonny pushes ahead with his plan to blow Johnny up. He reviews the car bomb plans with Max and Milo and later finds Johnny in his restaurant, ready to fight. As Sonny’s fury builds, Kristina tells her little sister that she’ll be spending tonight with Johnny. After Olivia makes it clear to Sonny that Kristina and Johnny’s relationship is a fraud, he heads off for dinner with his daughter but she quickly slips away to meet Johnny as he goes to his car.

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