General Hospital Weekly Summary For June 21-25.

Out of jail and into danger.

Maxie went to see Jason in Pentonville with a photo that was sent to her by Franco. He told her to take it to Claire. With Spinelli’s help, Sam managed to finagle a conjugal visit with Jason in prison. Stone Cold had some other good news as well. Michael was released into Dante’s custody. Michael broke the news to his mom while Dante broke the news to Sonny, begging him to keep his distance. Of course, Sonny didn’t. He showed up and argued with Dante until both of his sons told him to leave. The next day, Claire showed up to question Michael about Franco and Carter, Michael was jumpy but Dante tried to be helpful by suggesting that they use Jason as bait for the serial killer. She was reluctant to go along with this. After Carly received a picture from Franco for Josslyn, she called Claire and the attorney talked to her superiors. They agreed to release the killer into Dante’s custody on the condition that the cop would go to jail if Jason ran. Dante refused to risk himself, but quickly realized he was being a hypocrite and agreed to put himself on the line.

Olivia turned to Lulu and begged her to talk Johnny out of getting involved with Kristina. Lulu refused to get involved so Brook decided to. After listening to her advice, he attempted to back Kristina off again, but as he did so, Sam overheard them and got the wrong idea. As she confronted them, Sonny wandered by and leaped into the fray before dragging his daughter off. She later went to Johnny in tears to tell him she wanted her father to pay. He begged her to back off and even enlisted Ethan to try and talk her out of it. Once he was left alone, Olivia showed up and they had sex on the couch so she could remind him of what he was about to lose. Meanwhile, Sonny ordered Max and Milo to kill Johnny and then he ordered Jason to kill Anthony before he could seek revenge.

Patrick continued to miss Robin and become jealous of Lisa and Steve. When Steve took a patient Patrick thought should be his, Patrick gave him a punch and ended up suspended. He went to Jake’s and drowned his sorrows with Luke.

Luke proposed to Tracy again but she pushed him away and took control of the Haunted Star. He went and crashed on Lucky’s couch, much to his son’s dismay. Ethan popped up and the three of them discussed the issue. Lucky tried to keep a straight face, after getting the new security codes from Maya, Luke went to the Quartermaine’s to plead his case again and Tracy called the cops to have him arrested.

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