The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For June 21-25.

Revelations and confrontations.

Bill, Katie and Brooke arrived at the cabin just as Stephanie shot Stephen in the arm. Stephanie ranted at the Logans and said that Stephen brought this all on himself and would pay. Pam was heartbroken.

Back in town, Nick confronted Bridget with Aggie’s accusations. She couldn’t deny that she did the deed with Owen, but it was a one time thing. He flipped his wig, and some furniture, and decided that Owen was to blame. He stalked over to Jackie’s and sucker punched the dude. Nick was shocked to learn that Jackie already knew about the whole rigmarole. She urged him to calm down, but he thought they were all whacked and declared his relationship with Bridget at an end.

Oliver remained on edge. This wasn’t helped when Hope regaled him with stories of her mother’s affairs. He confronted Brooke about this, wondering how she couldn’t figure out he wasn’t her husband and suggesting she had a thing for her daughter’s men. Meanwhile, Marcus urged Steffy to get over Oliver now that he and Hope were having sex. She refused to believe that was true.

Oliver continued to freak out, in spite of Brooke ordering him to keep cool. While Hope was left wondering why Oli was acting so weird, Stephanie told Steffy that the war against the Logans was back on. Steffy went straight after Oliver and followed him to Hope’s. As everyone watched video of the party, it quickly became apparent to Steff that, since Brooke was wearing the necklace, it must have been Oliver and Brooke who Marcus saw going at it like a pair of drunken teenagers. Marcus urged her to forget it but she knew she could blow Brooke out of the water with this and immediately ran off to confront Oliver about it.

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