The Young and The Restless: Jeff Branson as Ronan Malloy Poll!

What to make of Ronan?

Last week we got our first look at Jeff Branson’s new character Ronan Malloy. Whether you are a fan of Jeff’s from his previous Daytime roles or have never seen the actor in action what is your take on this new character?

Please take a moment to vote in our soap opera Jeff Branson as Ronan Malloy Poll today, and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think…

If you have any other thoughts about the actor or character Soap Opera Fan Blog would love to hear them!

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  2. From amanda

    Ronan is after Chance and Heather, because he is related to both of them.

    It is my understanding, this is the secret Christine has for Paul and Nina, when she comes back to town.

    Apparently, Nina had twins, which she was not aware of. There was not only a son taken from her, their was a daughter also taken, Heather.

  3. From Kathy

    I think the charcter Ronan and his boss is in with Pomerance(DA), who are just dirty cops. As for Pomerance and his vengence against the Newman family, he could be a long lost son of Victor’s.

  4. From lea

    oh, come on, Chance and Ronan are brothers.

  5. From sandy

    I’ll tell you what I think of Ronan – he is hot, hot, hot!

  6. From michelle

    please let sharon be with nick, they should be together.not that phyllis..she got nerve…she was sleeping with him when he was married.

  7. From divineangel

    I love his character…and I am so sick of everyone wanting Nick and Sharon back together…can’t stand her holier, I’m so innocent attitude, I wish she had married Brad…now that was a hot scene…Sharon is a nut case and needs to be with Adam.

  8. From Trish

    Ronan is INCREDIBLY hot, and I have to say I’m a huge fan of a Chloe and Ronan match. He’s an appealing character and I have to say I like Jeff’s acting. Oh…and go Chlonan!

  9. From krisztike

    He’s super hot. Love him!!!

  10. From nkd

    Don’t write this character out. He is about the most interesting new one that has showen up in a long time.

  11. From carolyn white

    can you please have chole and ronan together. not kevin. Please let chole be happy with nonan at least three months. Also, why did you have ronan and heather together. That was not sexy at all. Let chole and ronan be together. Let chole and ronan be together. Let chole and ronan be together. I said it four times. I wish I could say it more times.

  12. From carolyn white

    I wouldn’t mind if Adam and Sharon were to be together. I think maybe Nick need a new interest. Perhaps Diane. Let this new Heather do something else or just go out of the picture all together. She is not good at all.

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