The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For June 21 – 25!

Lily arrived in court, Kevin got an eyeful, Chance got a new partner, and Adam faced Sharon…

Ashley wanted to be there for Neil and ended things with Tucker. He vowed to wait for Ashley to sort things out but warned he wouldn’t wait forever.

Cane and Mac went to court where the judge was ready to rule in favor of Cane. Jill called Lily who arrived in time and begged the judge to rule for her babies. After Cane dropped the lawsuit Lily insisted on spending her remaining days with him at home. Mac admitted to Kay that she may have made a mistake since Lily was dying and the risk to the babies was low. She ended up going into labor, had an emergency c-section and delivered Charlie and Matilda Ashby!

Kevin walked in on Ryder and Jana in bed. After he punched Ryder Jana made it clear Ryder was the one she wanted. Ryder promised to take care of Jana. Fed up, Kevin shared a drink with the girl Gloria tried hooking him up with in the past.

Abby denied leaking the video to the internet. Daniel found out she’d been tracking the video hits and called her pathetic. Abby claimed she was going after what she wanted out of life. Daniel wasn’t!

Jill revealed to Lauren that she was her half-sister. They shared the same father. However, Jill’s mother committed suicide. Lauren couldn’t believe her father would keep such a secret but agreed to a DNA test.

Frank warned Chance and Heather there was a dirty cop on the force. Riggs was going to tell Chance about a drug deal before he was killed. Frank didn’t want to end up the same way and clamed up. After Heather’s room had been ransacked the DA didn’t think Chance could handle the job. He assigned Detective Ronan Malloy as Chance’s partner and to watch over Heather.

Phyllis and Nick fought over his need to protect Sharon. Nick landed back in jail after the DA revoked his bail. Vikki visited him to talk about the Japan meeting. When Nick heard Billy had been with her he warned Vikki should’ve never went through with the meeting!

Skye was shocked to see Victor at the high stakes card game. She was backed into a corner when Victor changed the wager from millions to flesh. Winner takes all, Adam! Meanwhile after taking the bait Adam arrived at Sharon’s hotel room in Brazil. Sharon claimed she loved Adam and offered to leave with him. However Adam received a call from Skye then snuck away. Victor and Sharon met up with Skye and Adam before they could escape. Victor demanded the truth from his son!

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