Wilson Bethel Let Go As The Young and The Restless’ Ryder Callahan.

What will this mean for the current storyline?

Soap Opera Fan Blog has learned that The Young and the Restless actor Wilson Bethel has been let go as Ryder Callahan. Though there is no word on whether or not the show plans to recast the role or how Ryder will leave Genoa City we will let our readers know when to expect Wilson’s final airdate.

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Soap Opera Fan Blog wishes Wilson the best and we hope to see him again in Daytime soon!

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  3. From Marge Massey

    I never liked the too much breaking up of couples,too unbelievable sometimes,but still one of myfavorites:)

  4. From Marge Massey

    Too many needy women in the soaps,these days,need more independent women:)

  5. From Marla Bozarth

    It serves him right! He shouldn’t have been going to bed with Jana~~~LOL

  6. From William West

    Typical panic move by Soap execs. Wilson Bethel was one of the few decent things about Y&R. Was he too good an actor, is that why he got dropped? I hear he’s a good guy and easy to work with. No wonder the Soaps are losing audiences.

  7. From Emily O B

    R u serious. I heard he was a ____________. I wonder why he got fired? ________________

    Edited for actor bashing. SOF Admin

  8. From Emily O B

    I heard the opposite that he was a real jerk. Who are you his mother? Seriously. He’s not attractive and is a big bore to watch. A snoozefest. Must have done something really bad to get fired from a soap opera.

  9. From Elaine Moore

    Willson is a talented actor who was given a crappy storyline…I hope he is picked up on GH.

  10. From Linda

    I like Ryder

  11. From Lakey

    Wilson Bethel was a gorgeous hunk, who give Rob Pattinson a run for his money.. too bad he left..he was a wonderful actor.. Best of Luck…!

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