Camila Banus Is Cast As Nu-Gabi On Days Of Our Lives.

It looks like more than one woman in the Hernandez family is getting overhauled.

After the recent firing of Lindsay Hartley (Arianna), it’s also the end of the line for Gabriella Rodriguez (Gabi). Soap Opera Digest has reported that the part is being recast with former One Life to Live actress Camila Banus (ex-Lola Montez). This also means that the character will be rapidly aged a bit and that could impact on her storylines.

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  1. From Arlene

    Personally, I’m glad to see the switch in the Gaby role. The other girl I felt was not that great an actress and I was bored everytime she was on. I also felt the same way about Lindsay Hartley. I’m curious why they fired her. Haven’t seen any stories on why. Have any of you?

  2. From Dolly

    I was pleased when I thought both actresses were gone.

  3. From Lisa

    To Dolly–Lindsay and Gabi ( Ex-Ari and Gabi ) are leaving in September/October…

    Welcome, newcomer, Camila..we’ll have to get use to her yet again..I hope this is not like Passions…

  4. From Patty

    The recast was necessary if the character were to remain on the show. Gabriella Rodriquez had an immaturity about her. I’m just disappointed that the character was not permanently gone.

    Oh well, I’ll give Camila and the writers a chance to see if keeping the character was a good idea.

  5. From Kristen

    Im dissapointed I loved Gabi. I mean she is annoying yes partly I did not like her but I started really liking her when she was in scenes with will as a Potiental Bf. I hope Mia comes back as Taylor Spretiler.

  6. From helen

    How can Chad be 20 when he just graduated from high school?

  7. From Shirley

    He could have stayed back 2 years.

  8. From Clear

    I liked the actress that played Gabi and hate to see her go. I’m glad they are at least keeping the character, so maybe Ariana will be recast too at some point?

  9. From Doris JJ

    I don’t really like it when they do a recast. Normally it means they intend to change the characters personality, i.e. Stephanie, Belle, Phillip (twice), etc. I liked Arianna, both of them, it was the writers that could have done a better job with her lines. They made her over act with not getting married and now this not wanting to be with Brady but still loving him. If they did a better s/l should would have been okay.

  10. From Nikki

    I’m upset that Ariana is being taken off the cast and I too liked both actresses that portrayed Ariana. I would have loved to seen her get with EJ so Sami could get back with Rafe. Plus that would be another s/l about how much the relationship would bother Rafe, since he hates EJ.

  11. From zoey

    Ariana was awesome and her and EJ had chemistry. She was great on Passions and is great on Days. I think its a big mistake letting her go. There isn’t any other hot chicks her age to fill her void and to KILL her off is absurd.

  12. From Lisa

    To Clear–They are going to kill Arianna H in the show but Lindsay is taking by AMC in the winter time…December 8th I think..I like this Gabi but need more on screen…:)

  13. From MJ

    I know it is very old news, but can someone tell me why the part of Arianna Hernandez was recast in the first place around September of 2009?

  14. From Allan

    I like the new older Gabi…she’s cute and hope her & Will get close like he did with Mia…I miss Mia too…she was a cutie

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