Days Of Our Lives Poll: Hope’s Last Chance.

It looks like Hope’s crime spree is coming to an end.

The detective/criminal has done her best to terrorize the men of Salem and the women who love them, but her big finish, the Bo barbecue, fell short and merely left the bearded one groggy in the hospital. Before Hope runs out of time and Theo and Ciara finally explain what’s been going on to the cops, who do you wish she would torch while she has the chance?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the choice you would have made? Why not let us know what you think should have been included in the comments section below.

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  1. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever

    I would LOVE to see Hope BBQ Carly and get it RIGHT this time!! Of course, since I LOVE Hope, I would want her to get away with it. Hey, Carly got away with killing her husband.

  2. From Doris JJ

    I’m still thinking that Lawrence is alive. And I don’t blame her for killing him since he was getting ready to go after her daughter and he made her give up Melanie when she was born. He was a bad man. I don’t have a problem with Carly, Stephanie is the one that drives me nuts. Not a fan of Vivian either.

  3. From ry

    Fried Carly would rock

  4. From dc

    i wonder, since they are bringing back Kayla this fall, if they will also bring steve back too.. that would be great!!!…
    and the chlor pregnancy thing needs to come to a head (she needs to tell daniel the truth and get it over with).. then we ca see how he will react and if he will stay with her anyway..

  5. From DeeTampa

    I thought that they said, Steve was coming to talk to his daughter.
    I have watched Day’s for 45 years and I also think they needed one stable marriage. I thought it would be Bo and Hope as they grew older but it is not to be.

  6. From Sandy

    I wish we all could remember Dools is a soap opera. I know we get vary involved in the story lines, but it is very disturbing to see the fans wish for someone to be killed. It troubles me when I hear the words kill, hate, stupid, etc. describing one character or the other, wondering how similar situations in our own lives would be handled. Where does all this anger come from? It’s just a soap.

  7. From cynthia

    Carly – does she ever wash her hair or comb it? for a professional she sure is dumpy. she needs to get a new hair style.

  8. From Lisa

    To Dee Tampa,

    Stephanie’s aunt said that Steve is going to talk to Nathan but he changed his mind since Stephen is playing a character on YR…

    I am GLAD one of the truths are out…Theo and Ciara SHOULD be cops in the future ages..

  9. From Lisa

    Also, I wonder if Bo is proud of his daughter that her mommy is an evil by night…and Abe and Lexie with their son!?

  10. From Clear

    It’s a soap! It’s fictional, so it’s okay to hate the way a character is and think another is stupid. We can have our pet peeves and our favorites because it’s fan fun. I don’t want any killed off, and I enjoy the evil ones sniping at each other. I didn’t like seeing Maddy killed off at all.

  11. From bettyg

    I would love to see Chloe “disappear”! I can’t stand the whining for another minute! You’ve got a man who adores you–live with it or get the heck out!

  12. From Marisa

    I’m surprised everyone wants to see Carly killed off. I actually like her and Bo together. In the past year to year and a half, the writers made it really difficult to sympathize with Hope. So far, I think she has gotten everything she deserves. Having said that, since this is Days and since things are always cyclical in nature, it will be inevitable that Bo and Hope get back together. It is just a matter of time.

  13. From dinky

    Chloe and Daniel stoyline very boring. Stefano/ Kate and Victor/ Maggie are the best couples so far. It would be great to have Steve and Kayla back. I have always liked the idea of Carly having one last secret… Mel is actually Lawrence’s daughter not daniels. And it would be interesting to have Lawerence be alive ( that will be the only way to get bo to go back to Hope)

  14. From Babs

    Chloe is driving me nuts. I just FF right past her whimpering dialog. Why on earth would a nice guy like DR. Dan…. wait. nevermind. I forgot the boob factor.

  15. From Casey

    Chloe has always been a drama queen going back to her “ghoul girl” days. That is her personality. She is one of my favorites, so beautiful and talented and screwed up.
    I too hope Lawrence is still alive, would make the Carly story way more interesting.

  16. From dinky

    Hope looks great today. I love her soft look. Curly hair, soft makeup. Her hard look was too obvious. It looked very evil witch from sleeping beauty. I wish they would have gone with a differnt look. Remember the princess gina look. It was bad girl but not old witch bad girl. More like James Bond bad girl.

  17. From ticky

    Hope should BBQ herself. She’s soooo stupid.

  18. From stallion

    I also can’t stand Carly. The story line is silly. She killed Lawrence and now she is all up in Chloe’s business. The story line for Hope is unbelievable, she takes these pills and turns into someone else. It’s not the actors so much as it is the writers. Bo’s session with Carly and Hope was nonsense. Carly was trying to make him relax to see if he would remember anything and Bo’s was response was that he spoke as if he were under hypnosis.

    Other thoughts, Phillip is a billionaire and he lives like a normal middle class person. Where is the lifestyle that goes with the money?

    I have loved this soap for so long but I am soooooooo bored.

  19. From Helen

    I don’t want to see Carly fried but I prefer to see Bo & Hope together but then again I am a long time watcher and I think most people who’ve watched Bo & Hope from the beginning want them to stay together. I actually think the writing for Crystal Chappell has been crappy, she’s a great actress just needs better material and a much more stimulating guy.

  20. From Mary Anne

    I have watched Days of Our Lives intermittently over the past 35 years. In the past few years, the stories have become boring and unbelievable. There are some great actors on the show, but the writing has been absolutely terrible!

  21. From Deb

    Writers, are you listening? We HATE Carly!!

  22. From Darlene

    Speak for yourself, I really like Carly! It’s Stephanie & Hope that drive me nuts! And, I agree with everything that Doris JJ said above!

  23. From Debbie

    Bo and Hope should be together!
    Hate Carly! She doesn’t fit with Bo.
    Hope is beautiful and Bo and Hope
    always look like they belong together. Ciara needs her parents together. Get rid of Carly. Get rid of Vivian, and that Nicole, can’t stand her and what she did to
    Brady and Ari.

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