Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For August 2-6.

Figuring things out.

Since they are now trying to have a relationship, Brady wants to do things right. He offers Nicole the chance to come clean about her many misdemeanors so she won’t ruin things like she usually does. While she contemplates how much she can actually tell him without scaring him away, her mother is back in town and busy flapping her gums. She talks to Rafe all about her daughter’s dirty dealings.

Regardless of who the daddy of Chloe’s baby really is, Carly realizes that there’s another problem with the situation. If the truth comes out now it means her role in hiding it for so long also will and Daniel and Melanie will never forgive her for that. Since she’s not exactly overwhelmed in the friends and family department, she does all that she can to keep Daniel from discovering the truth. Meanwhile, their daughter is offered a job at St. Mary’s Hospital.

With Carly distracted by family problems, Bo spends some time dealing with his. Once Ciara has spelled out most of what’s been going on for him, the top cop does some more digging. He soon discovers that Hope’s wacky behavior is simply the side effect of the experimental medication she’s been taking. He may have a hard time cracking the nut though since Baker does all that he can to prevent the woman of his dreams from confessing to her crimes.

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  1. From Grandma Judy

    Disappointed to read here that the Chloe cheated storyline will probably drag out even further, since Carly will decide not to tell anything, – for her own protection after keeping the secret for so long. I resad somewhere that Bo will arrest Hope Fri., Aug. 6th.

  2. From Precious

    Brady should NEVER try to have a relationship with Nicole…she’s bad news for any guy! She’s always got something going on behind their backs or blackmailing people. Brady is out of her league. I hope the writers don’t set him up with her, as I will be very disappointed. After everything she’s done to HIS sibling, Sami, he should never want anything to do with her. He should have stayed with Arianna.

  3. From dc

    yea, #1, this thing with chloe and daniel needs to be over with.. chloe and philip need to tell the truth and let the story go on..
    i’m glad bo believes ciara (finally).. maybe they can get hope some help with her medication. but you know, she has abused the medication.
    can’t wait to see kayla again.
    how are they gonna write ari off the show?? i read where she was fired..

  4. From Grandma Judy

    The spoiler I read said they haven’t revealed yet how Ari will leave Salem. It really will be great to have Kayla back. I just love her! Wonder how they are going to explain her coming back to Salem without Steve, since that actor is currently on Y & R? That little Ciara is a doll, isn’t she? Even though it’s only a soap, it was rather pitiful that nobody believed her “stories”. They will now!

  5. From Janet

    So, I’m on the west coast and I
    just finished watching Days. I’m
    I to assume Stephano is going to
    have Chad killed and will get away
    with yet another murder. I guess
    I’m in the minority, but I’m not
    looking forward to Kayla coming
    back. All she’ll do is get into
    everybody’s business just like her
    mother does. I can’t believe the
    person they turned Caroline into,
    yelling and screaming at Maggie.
    She would never have done that in
    the early days.

  6. From Asia

    Kayla’s coming back?? UGH. I wish she’d stay away and take her boring little daughter with her.

    I LOVE Nicole and Brady and have loved them since they first appeared on the show together. Nicole deserves to be happy. She can find that with Brady. I wish she would stop sabotaging herself, though I doubt that will happen. I am glad she’s not drinking anymore though. Brady loves her for who she is, even if that means sometimes she’s a little evil.

  7. From Dolly

    Brady does know a lot about Nicole, and still likes her, amazing. I might like Nicole with Rafe, or even better, with Dr. Baker.

  8. From Patti H.

    did any one catch the birth year for Chad 1990 that puts him at 20 years almost 21 just finished high school? think Mia was only 15 when she had Grace Want too bet Kates big secret is Stephano is Chads Daddy? oh no another Demeira

  9. From Angela

    I am hoping that Hope’s split personality isn’t totally explained by the sleeping pills. That would be too easy and too lame. Sleeping pills can have side-effects, but they don’t create murderous split-personalities! I know this is a soap, but even for a soap opera that would be too LAME! I am hoping it’s somethings else more involved and the sleeping pills are just what “triggered” it. For example, I’m hoping that it’s revealed that the Princess Gina personality Stefano created in Hope never completely went away, but became dormant. Then, when Zach was killed by Chelsea, the resentment began to build in Hope’s subconcience (Gina). Then, with Carly coming to town and getting together with Bo, it got worse and the sleeping pills are what finally gave the “Gina Personality” the power to become dominant. I’m hoping that’s what happens! Just blaming the entire thing on sleeping pills would be stupid!

  10. From Sandy

    So Melanie is going to work at St. Mary’s Hospital! If for no other reason she won’t have to keep running into Nathan & Stephanie playing kiss face at the nurses station. But where is this leading us..Daniel & Melanie will see Chloe & Carly at St. Mary’s when they go for the paternity test, and if they are able to explain their way out of why they are there what could be in store for us? I wonder if the new doctor coming to town will have any part in this story line, maybe Melanie and the new Doc will become friends and he will become her new sounding board for her problems (especially after Philip’s secret is out), or maybe even more, so many possibilities.

  11. From jo

    I think that Nathan and Melanie should get together, they are good together. Nicole and Brady need to get together. I think that Stephano is Chads dad. Why else would Kate be acting the way that she is all of a sudden around them. It would be fun to have Princess Gina back.I dont like the story line with Carly.She has no business nosing in Chloes life. Chloe needs to go to a sex therapist,lol. Chloe and Philip need to get back together. I think the writers of days forgot that Philip has a fake leg, because he sure gets around really good on it. There i solved all of days problems. lol

  12. From fan

    I’m in the minority, but I think Kayla, Steve, and Stephanie are boring characters. I didn’t think they were interesting in the 80s let alone now. I’d love it if the character of Melissa returned.

  13. From KF

    I love EJ and Sami..I wish they would have made the storyline work for them…Rafe is boring and EJ and Sami have a much better chemistry…

  14. From Canadian Gal

    If Kayla comes back what about her little boy??

  15. From Canadian Gal

    Oh and Chole talking about not even telling her sister shes pregos How old is her sister (Joy) now!!!!

  16. From JCC

    I actually heard that the actress who plays Kayla is going to another show.

    I’m beginning to think Chad belongs to Lucas.

  17. From Katie Avner

    I am so tired of these loose ends just dragging on and on, I realize most of the actors must be on vacation?? and you are just killing time…I may check back in a few months and see if anything has moved! I hate to see EJ and Sami together, Rafe was the only ‘real’ story line in a while that moved, but now it is slowing doen

  18. From Jessica

    Angela, I totally agree with you. Sleeping pills giving Hope split personalities is lame, but if the sleeping pills were to trigger the deeply buried Princess Gina personality that would make the story more believable.

  19. From Vivian

    Question of the Day. Where are the papers that were in Madeline’s Safety Deposit Box? Chad’s original birth certificate is in there. 1990? He would be 20 yrs old now. He, Will, Gabby, etc are still in high school. I think it will come out that Maddie and the DA adopted Chad….but DA doesn’t know Maddie gave birth to Chad. Him being two years older would involve her time with Stefano. May explain DA’s rejection of Chad the night Maddie died. {{{Old time viewers will remember that Will and Philip used to be playmates at the mansion…Lucas was living there and when Will came to visit..the Nanny would take them both up to the nursery to play. Will didn’t get the same growth hormones in his bottle that Philip got.}}} So they can do anything when it comes to age, etc…

  20. From Dolly

    Rafe is dull, he needs someone new to fall in love with. He offers nothing to Sami, never ever asked her to marry him. He has no place for her and the kids to live, he lives in a box, and had to move in with her. Let him share the motel room with Nicole.

  21. From Grandma Judy

    I don’t get Chad being 20 years old, either, but he isn’t still in high school. Remember he and his mother and DA Woods argued for several weeks about where Chad would go to college this fall. Salem or that place away that they talked about.

  22. From Grandma Judy

    Also, if Chad was adopted, his actual age could be part of the secret. It has been interesting to see Melanie’s character evolve from when she first came on the show. She’s a doll! And I want her with Nathan.

  23. From Lee

    I LOVE Brady and Nicole. They belong together. Why is Kayla coming back? Next time she leaves she should take Stephanie. BORING!

  24. From Cecily

    Nicole’s “misdemeanors”? Try “felonies.”

  25. From patsy

    I like Sami and Rafe together they,er cute but Sami and E J are HOT. I think Nicole and Rafe would be HOT Now that would be a story .Thebad girl and the FBI.They could be even hoter and biger than EJami if played right

  26. From dinky

    I would like to see Princess Gina come out in hope. I would like to see Bo try to get Hope back. He could do this first for their children’s sake and then because he loves her. carly could see this and BACK OFF! Even better, stefano could help Hope/ Princess Gina escape and hide her on an island somewhere/ or a secret catacomb under Salem!!! Something FUN, and crazy. This could start a new adveture. Please do this! we need action, adventure and secret islands!!!

  27. From renee

    I Think they should listen to some of you viewers because you all have some good ideas if I say so for my self.

  28. From Sandy

    Chloe is somewhere around 26 so Joy has to be about 6 years old. So I’m not sure what kind of conversation she would be having with her. Unless the writers are planning on aging her and have her appear on Chloe’s door step.

  29. From Michelle

    With the spoiler about a female prison warden coming to the show, everyone has been wondering if it’s going to be Hope, Ari, or Nicole that ends up in prison. It would make sense to me that since we all know Ari has been let go from the show, maybe that’s the way she’ll be going. But then again, just cause the warden is female doesn’t necessarily mean the prisoner will be – could be EJ!
    Chloe makes me sick and I used to like Carly before all her “I’m going to tell!” and “No, now I’m not going to tell!”
    Love Mel and do not like Philip one bit!

  30. From renee

    I really liked it when Bo said he was on the fancy face with Hope.I wonder if Carly realize that Bo really cares for Hope. The scene with Victor and Maggie was good.

  31. From Grandma Judy

    Oh, that was so great today when Bo’s relaxing and happy vision was being on the Fancy Face with Hope. That should tell Carly right there where his heart really is. Felt a little sorry for Justin when Hope didn’t remember what he was talking about. He really cares for her but she belongs with Bo. Brady is a ditz over Nicole. But I read he will find out about her. Only thing is that then he changes for the worse over it.

  32. From cherie

    I loved Bo’s memory today of the fancy face and being there with Hope…I just wish that Carly would take a hike…I never have really liked her…I don’t think Rafe is boring, but I still would love to see Sami with Lucas…but never ever with Ej…I don’t really care if Kayla comes back…it won’t be the same anyway…they need to bring back John and Marlena or Lucas…also I would not care if Stephanie left the show either…she bores me to death and from what I read here, she bores most everyone the same way! I can’t imagine how long it’s going to take to figure this Phil/Melanie/Chloe/Daniel thing out…given the fact the baby thing of Ej’s still isn’t solved…it could take years..and the show will be gone by then!

  33. From Dolly

    Bo and Hope just seems so right. Maybe Carly and Dr. Baker, age is right. SO Nicole with Rafe, needs a guy like him to controle her, keep her in bounds, and that leaves EJ and Sami. I just can not get interested in the Dr. Dan/Chloe deal. I just have never liked her, or steph either.

  34. From Vonne

    We all know that Bo and Hope will eventually find their way back together! I think that Days should let Hope have a relationship with someone new like James Hyde (Sam Bennet from Passions)not Justin or Baker! They need someone both ATTRACTIVE and smart who’s gonna really give Bo a run 4 his money, making him jealous and opening his eyes at the same time. It has always made me furious when Bo just QUICKLY move on with other women whenever theres a problem ( Hope missing, pressumed dead, out of her mind or just marital problems). I would like to see Hyde on the show as a good guy and not a shady character but we know Days everyone good becomes shady at some point or does something shady!

  35. From wanda

    Dolly i really like your thinking i agree with you on all ….way to go

  36. From maryl

    Me too, Dolly!! EJ and Sami–destined to be together in the future!! Their love for one another won’t be denied! Sami will wake up one day and realize who she really belongs with, and she will finally have to acknowledge that it isn’t Rafe.

  37. From Vivian

    The writers have way too many storylines going right now and they are going to lose some opportunities to pull of some really good stuff. Oh well, after 45 years, I guess I should be used to it…..a lot of storylines have faded into the background over the years…

  38. From Vivian

    What did you think of the scene today at the Dimera Mansion when Nicole heard Sydney crying? Did you see the expression on EJ’s face? He actually felt sorry for her. On the other hand, I like the new Nicole…I like how she stands up to EJ and makes him squirm. Does Stefano know that Nicole’s has the tape? I don’t remember him saying anything to Stefano…who I think if he knew would have done something by now….

  39. From candi

    I think Chad will be Stefano’s kid. —Ej and Sami have chemistry regardless of him being who he is. Rafe is boring. —-
    I HATE Stephanie with a passion. Sick of her better than u attitude. She needs to race cars again and crash!—This Hope situation needs to END cos I’m sick of her alter ego. If I see her twirl that twig of hair on her head one more time, I’m gonna scream~!

  40. From maryl

    They need to bring back Patrick Lockhart for Hope. They were really hot together and he sure gave Bo a reason to worry about losing Hope, although HE was shacking up with Billie at the time. But that’s Bo–its ok for him to seek another woman when things with Hope are not going well, but she better not dare get interested in anyone else. He is one egotistical guy! He rants about this great love he has for Hope but he can turn around on a dime when things don’t go his way.

  41. From DaysFan40+Years

    The way EJ keeps reminding Nicole that Sydney is HIS child and SAMI’s child, I am beginning to wonder if Sydney actually will turn out to be Nicole’s. We are constantly reminded that Nicole really does love Sydney. To me, that is a foreshadowing that a twist is about to come.

    I love that Bo’s happy place is him and Hope on the FancyFace. Carly should realize that Hope will always be the love of his life. I can’t wait for them to start working their way back to each other. You can still see the love and connection between them even when they are arguing.

    I love the spoiler about EJami being done by Labor Day and the next round of Safe starts. CAN’T WAIT. Sami & Rafe are both stubborn. If Rafe would admit to Sami that he is working for her and jealous, she would be back in his arms in a heartbeat. I have to admit though that if EJ & Sami’s wedding is interrupted – then that will be worth dealing with their sick relationship. Can’t wait for it to end and Sami to move on from EJ :)

  42. From renee

    I wonder if Nicole’s baby could be Sydney but I thought they did blood work. But it would be good if they found out that her baby was really alive. I wonder what EJ and Nicole would do then. And then what about Dr Baker When EJ and Stefano gets done with him over that.

  43. From Grandma Judy

    Mmmm, I don’t think Sydney will ever turn out to be Nicole’s but that sure would be a great storyline. And it would break at least one connection between Sami and EJ. I can’t stand the scenes between those 2! Can’t wait until Labor Day, when apparently they will be done! I’m glad the evil Hope thing is close to being over. Although she has been great in that role. Kristen Alfonso (spelling?) is such a beautiful woman.

  44. From sara

    I cant wait till this mess with Sammi is over I cant believe shell forgive the man who stole her daughter and let her believe she was dead, as well as the fact he planned on taking Johnny as well. Everytime he tells her how wonderful she is I wanna gag! If he truly loved her he would come clean and let the chips fall where they may since hes to lilly livered its not love as far as im concerned Also what kind of man has to stoop so low to obtain the woman they want? Not one worth keeping, thats for sure.
    On Bo/hope I hope they work it out Carly ends up with Daniel, Chloe ends up with Phillip, Melanie with Nathan and steph please just write her off or replace her with Ex Kay from passions(maybe then I could find a use for her).

  45. From Clear

    I said before that I wished they would find out Dr. Baker sold Nicole’s baby for his gambling debts and knows where she is.

    Rafe has basically spelled out how he feels, and Sami is still taking the easy way with EJ. Rafe must have money stacked up since he doesn’t have a house, etc. Maybe he should offer Sami the down payment on a house and a wedding date with him in the fall!

  46. From Jackie

    I agree with JCC….Chad could be Lucas’ son.

  47. From Clear

    If he were Lucas’ son, that would make him Will’s half brother, and Kate’s grandson. Wouldn’t Kate tell if he was, and wouldn’t she be calling Lucas with the news since she knows who the daddy is?

  48. From renee

    Today was good when Stefano was talking about erase the blonde out of the picture. Sometimes I think Hope know and then other I don’t. Like today she yelled out no and then she didn’t know Dr Baker at all. It just don’t make sense. She will be get off because of the medicind we all know. I thought it once Bo rememeber when he looked at Hope today. Carolina has changed also she seem rude evertime they show her it seem like to me.

  49. From Babs

    Am I the only one that thinks Hope’s a jackA$$? Bo was right to move on. She’s a whinning, demanding, lunatic. Never understood why Bo was with her in the first place. Let her rot in prison.

    Part of the reason I say that is I may not like “Hope” but I like the actress even less. Don’t know why. I just think she’s not that great. Like Chloe. It’s the actress I don’t really care for.

  50. From renee

    i meant she will being gettin off because of the medicine.

  51. From PamPam

    Get rid of Stephanie. Dan and Chole are unbelieveable as a couple. He need to be with Carly, although I don’t think Lawrence is dead. There was never a blood test to see if Melanie is realy Carly’s. Or to see if Sydney is really EJ and Sami’s. I think Sydney is Nicole’s. Her baby supposedly was premature and died. By the time Sami had her baby, Nicole’s would be about that big. All we know for sure is that Grace was Mia’s because Nicole delivered her and took her to Dr. Baker. I don’t think Johnny is EJ’s either. Also, I think the pills could cause all of Hope’s problems because of the things she is going thru with Bo.

  52. From renee

    I agree with you PamPam. But what happen to Sami’s baby.

  53. From Canadian Gal

    Awh the proposal was sooo sweet. Sooo wrong but sooo sweet. You could tell it was going to happen. I’m thinking Sami said no because of scenes from tomorrow. I can’t believe Hope had one more pill!!!! Argh!!!

  54. From Darlene

    Sami belongs with EJ and Bo belongs with Carly!!

  55. From fan

    Caroline is acting so out of character. Could there be an alzheimer’s storyline coming up?

  56. From Michelle

    I agree about Caroline acting so out of character. Especially today her telling Sami to marry EJ – that is NOT something she would ever condone!
    In regards to Sydney being Sami’s – I thought it was all figured out when Rafe did a DNA test on Syd and Sami. She isn’t Nicole’s, she IS Sami’s baby. However, was there ever a (legitimate, unrigged) PAternity test done on Syd? Is it not totally possible she is Lucas’s?

  57. From Grandma Judy

    I think maybe Caroline is just plain jealous of Victor’s relationship with Maggie, and that he is married to Vivian. With Shawn dead, Caroline may have some regrets about not snagging Victor years ago when they had their affair. Kind of a – I didn’t want him so you shouldn’t have him, either – sort of thinking. She may have been telling Sami to grab a man who loves her (EJ) while she has the chance. This could all be eating away at Caroline so she is taking it out on everybody around her.

  58. From cindy

    i sooooo agree with most of the posts about bo/hope. i always figured they would get back together sooner or later, but his flashback pretty much confirmed it. hope will always be the love of his life, and from the look on carly’s face i think she realizes that now. melanie is so nice, i hate to see her hurt when whe finds out about phillip, although maybe there’s room for forgiveness there. but if the baby is phillips that would be hard to see that reminder of infidelity all the time. i originally didn’t like those two together, but have changed my mind. melanie has really changed phillip. seems to have softened him, and made him not so much like his parents (and i mean both of them kate and victor). like that kayla’s coming back but sick to death of stephanie. i figure ari is gg off to prison, that’s how they’re writing her off…..but hate to see nicole get away with yet another crime. she’s as bad as ej.

  59. From Nightmare

    yes I think Caroline does love Victor but she knows she couldn’t live in his world and she also knows he doesn’t love her enough to leave his world. So I think she can tell Sami she would be making a huge mistake to go with EJ. He may love her but then so does Rafe. He’s a little more boring than EJ but She could get lost in those eyes and never want to be found..and at least she could live with his lie style.

  60. From Nightmare

    oooppss life sytle…

  61. From Clear

    I think Grandma Judy was right, and Caroline is feeling out of the loop because no one called when Bo was in hospital, as well as jealous about Maggie.

    Sami’s hair when they were talking looked like it had a “Bumpit” in it. She doesn’t need her hair that high to look good. I was glad to see she really does still love Rafe, but htink she is stupid not to know she needs to get out of the mansion. She isn’t helping her children by being there–especially the Dimera Enterprises Apprentice, Will.
    I will be glad when they arrest Hope, but hate to see Dr. Baker go down with her for the muggings, since he kept her from committing murder. He is so funny with his one liners. I was laughing at him and victor this week, as well as Stefano and his wit–villainous all!
    Brady is so eager to take Baker down, but he cannot see how evil Nicole has been and still is. When he finds out, the spoilers say he almost falls off the wagon. I hope Ari pulls him back, or a new love interest if she’s gone.

  62. From Vivian

    Well, as anyone noticed that Abe is beginning to have memory problems from his “sleeping pill”. Maybe Caroline is on the same pill..LOL…or maybe after all of these years she had decided she has had enough of everyone’s #@*%# and she is letting loose on all of them. The only time she ever sees them is when they need a babysitter, free food or advice they don’t take! GO CAROLINE !

  63. From jennifer

    I love love love sami and ej..yes on anything other then a soap what he did would be unforgivable. but look at all the unforgivable things sami has done? those two are hot TOGETHER and it would be nice to see them be a family..ha sami a dimera? now see, that would make for unnumberable storylines!!! :)

  64. From jennifer

    also..i absolutely HATE CARLY..she is so dumb and I hate BO being with her..he jumped into bed so fast with her no wonder hope wants to kill him :)…the only other girl i liked him with was Billie..pleasseeee kill the relationship and put her with boring hairy Daniel ..or better yet get her off the show!!

  65. From jennifer

    one more thing..I love melanie and nathan..stephanie is a rude stupid cow..and the truth about the baby should come out so the divorce can take place and melanie can be with a nice guy not that stupid phillip with his dumb hair..ugh I hate his greasy looking

  66. From Clear

    Right on, Vivian. Go Caroline! I don’t need any memory loss stories–too realistic after seeing older loved ones lose short term memories and dwell on the past. It’s painful and not at all entertaining when it happens. I watch the Soap for entertainment and still hope for a few happy endings for the good guys. The evil ones sniping at each other and getting jail time, and their just desserts are entertaining!

  67. From Guest

    I think Mel and Philip could be great together if they can get past this infidelity thing. I can’t wait for the truth about EJ to come out. I can only imagine the range of emotions he’ll have to show on his face to convey all the trouble he’ll be in and how much is at stake for him.

  68. From Guest

    I don’t know how long Dr. Baker is supposed to be around but I think it would be great to introduce the idea of Nicole’s child surviving while he is still in the picture. Nicole is most interesting when she wrestles between good and deceitful. EJ would also be caught between a rock and a hard place, lots of fun.

  69. From DaysFan40+Years

    I did notice that Abe is having memory problems. And Caroline does seem to have rage problems. Sami is having reality problems.

    I just read that Melissa Reeves – Jennifer Horton has signed a contract to return to Days. Bet she comes home to help Hope.

  70. From Doris JJ

    Days Cafe gave spoilers for two weeks. Dr. Baker is going to be arrested but for illegal gambling and Nicole is going to bail him out. Didn’t say if he would be named for the muggings. Hope will take the blame for the muggings and Bo will have to arrest her. I would assume that would make Ari innocent and not go to jail. She will probably leave town. I think her sister Gaby is leaving as well. Brady and Nicole will sleep together and he finds out about the 5M and wants her to go to the police and then he tells her they are through. Nicole give up money? Never! I will be happy when Brady gets away from her. If she does lose Brady, will she leave town? Will she be questioned and arrested for what she has done? Can’t they give Ari a lie detector test to prove she didn’t do the muggings? So many questions!
    I think Days is preempted August 6.

  71. From Grandma Judy

    I’m so glad to read comment #63 about Melissa Reeves coming back as Jennifer. I agree with you, Clear, about watching Days for entertainment and to get my mind off what’s going on in real life. Fortunately, we aren’t dealing with any memory losses, although we did with a loved one several years ago, but there are other issues that I’m glad to get my mind off of for an hour a day. To those who think Ari might leave Salem to go to jail, I think she will be free of charges for the muggings, won’t she, after Hope is found out.

  72. From Grandma Judy

    Oops, I just read comment #64 that must have popped up while I was writing. Yes, I think Ari will be innocent. Kind of sorry that Gaby will leave the show, too.

  73. From Grandma Judy

    Hi, me again! I read and then posted here that Bo would arrest Hope Fri., Aug. 6th. But now I read that Days is pre-empted that Fri. so guess it will happen Mon., the 9th. The show sure has been pre-empted a lot lately. Anyone know why this time?

  74. From renee

    It was very funny seeing EJ with that cap on is head. I hope she don’t marry him.

  75. From Guest

    EJ needs to learn to take no for an answer. He is a glutton for punishment when he just keeps asking and asking when Sami has already said she still has feelings for someone else. Duh, take the hint EJ. Shame on him for informing his son before he has affirmation from Sami that she will marry him. Good parents don’t put their kids in that position. Talk about back firing!

  76. From renee

    that cap on his head. And also with Hope having one more pill that is so strange.

  77. From judy

    well what a way to make me want to hurl all weekend hey I want to marry you but I won’t ask until I think you’ll say yes 15 minutes later here I am asking Why ? Sami please get a job Lucas is also selling his house maybe he’ll cut you a deal and let you buy it then all of your children could live with some respect I sure hope Faye likes Rafe;s looks and shares some of Nicole’s secret stuff like hiding places

  78. From patsy

    As far as I,m concerned the Carley and Nicole show doesenot hold my enterance for long so i start changeing chanels unless I tap e then I FF .Days had better do something fast .Enstead of getting rid of acotrs they should get rid of the writers

  79. From cherie

    I felt today’s show was uneventful…EJ in that hat looked ridiculous…and why is everyone always at the pier…weird…Ciara is adorable..I love her and she is a good little actress…I am glad that Gaby and Ari are both leaving…they are boring…Days should have kept the old arianna…she was beautiful and a better actress IMO..

  80. From renee

    Cherie#72 I agree Ciara is a good little actress and she is so adorable. Everyone have a good weekend.

  81. From Dolly

    Patsy, You sure have the right idea. When will Ken Corday realize that the reason viership is declining is; the labor day promice of Safe. We Ejami fans are backing off. The writers could have/or still can fix the Ejami story line. Thurs. and Fri. both EJ and Sami looked like they were dead. We loved them when they were loving or fighting, Happy or mad.
    Rafe could never hold the real Sami. Yes, she has changed, but the writers are taking all the fun out of her. EJ needs to bring back that fun.
    Mel had some fun about her, writers seem to have taken all of that away too.

  82. From wanda

    yea ari is leaving so is gabby now all that is left is RAFE please get him GONE

  83. From Sandy

    Robin Mattson will be arriving in Salem in October. Lee her character will be involved with Stacy Haiduk the new warden. Interesting, the current Salemits that have committed crimes have yet to be sent to prison, but a new warden plus a new character Lee will be involved some way in the prison. To bring in new characxters for the prison the story line must be going to last many months.

  84. From maryl

    Although EJ’s hat may have looked a little goofy to some, it looked fine to me, because both my husband and I wear similar head gear when we fish! Salt water fishing is our thing and here on the Gulf Coast of Texas, it gets pretty hot out in your boat so you may look a little goofy, but you would be plain stupid if you didn’t wear some sort of head gear. Poor ole EJ, he had the right idea. Besides, he had all those lures on it for convenience sake.(HA)! The writers are going to make sure he doesn’t catch his prize fish, though, because she will slip away, according to Corday. Dolly, I will watch up to Labor Day and if they totally destroy EJ by then, I will give up on Days too. Not interested in watching Rafe (woolly bully) and Sami rolling in the sheets. Ugh! He needs to clean up and trim his big sinister looking eyebrows! You can hardly see his eyes. Not sexy at all!!!

  85. From elaine

    How can Adrianne be so upset about Justin? How old are their children? Not that long ago, she was married to Micky Horton. How is this possible?

  86. From missy


  87. From Lema

    I think EJ and Sami should be together. I know he’s a Dimera but I also know that he really loves Sami and they belong together; not just because of the kids, but because of their chemistry with each other. People do change you know? Even in Soap Operas.

  88. From Clear

    I don’t like to see Gabi’s character go. Who is going to hang out with Chad, Will, T and Kinsey?

  89. From Holly

    I love the way Ej proposed to Sami

  90. From carol a.

    I think when they go to st. mary’s, that they will all just miss each other. But then when Mel gets the job there, she will accidently see in the records that Chloe had a paterenty test. Maybe tell her dad, or not. Maybe tell Phil. Or maybe blackmail chloe to leave town.

  91. From janiebell

    I like very little about E.J., and yes, while fishing , E.J. should have had on jeans and a tee shirt to go with that hat, but he wasn’t “rilly fishing”, justanother “set up”. I don’t even like the way he proposied and I hope Sami’s answer is, “no, no heck no”. Sani belongs with Lucas.

    Hope and Baker together???? Now that is strange, and vary unmatched. Get Backer out of Salem and Hope back wiuth Bo.

    A man can “reproduce” longer than a woman can. I once knew a man, in his late 80′s or early 90′s, marred a woman in her 30′s, and they had 1 son,{for rill}. So Stefano, if marred to a younger woman, could be daddy again, and the same holds true about Victor, but why should either want to, “go through all that again”, the golden years should be just that “golden”. One should be able to go where they want, when they want, and do what they want, {as long as that is not illeguel or immorial} Why start another family at that age and be “tied down again”?

  92. From Nightmare

    Sorry Maryl I think Rafe’s character is boring but the actor is soooo sexy, mmmmm you can get lost in those eyes..
    The show does need some more story lines happening and move them through a lot faster instead of dragging them on forever. Other shows move a lot faster why can’t DOOL.

  93. From maryl

    Sorry, Nightmare, but you have to dig your way through the black bushy eyebrows to get to the eyes!Way too distracting –thats what you zero in first when you look at him. (Ha!) Isn’t this fun! I’ll be waiting for you to come back at that comment!(Ha!)
    Oh, #8l, janiebell–a lot of guys “set up” a situation before they propose marriage! That’s a very romantic approach! Give EJ a little break! Not everything he does is calculated and evil. HE LOVES THE GIRL!

  94. From Sandy

    We’re seeing a lot of new characters coming onto Days soon. With what appears to be aging of Chad to age 20 since his birth certificate says he was born in 1990 and the recast of Gabi to be older, I wonder if the writers will up Will’s age a couple of years? It’s interesting though when the kids get older the parents stay the same age.

  95. From Canadian Gal

    Chad is older than Will. Chad is suppose to be off to college next year while Will is still in High School. But I don’t think Chad is suppose to be 20. Who knows…

  96. From barbara

    i still LOVE ej. he’s the reason for hanging on to the withering show. sami is way too much, nicole is ok but i’m tired of so much of them. i think a new woman should come into the show and wow us all with ej. maggie, melanie and vivian are all good, the rest are pretty tired.

  97. From maryl

    You know, barbara, I have reached that same conclusion! I want EJ to be allowed to be a father to his children more than him being Sami’s husband. It’s gotten to the point where it doesn’t matter how she fits in the storyline as far as the romance department goes. The writers have once again annihilated a story that could have been so good. Thanks to Corday’s leak, we know it will not be a good ending for EJ. Let’s hope as you say, they will come up with someone special, who will outshine anything and everything he has had with Sami! Then Sami can go into her “bad girl” mode and burn with jealousy! Like Caroline is burning over Victor right now! (Ha)! She didn’t have the courage to follow her heart either, instead she let common sense rule her. That may be wise but only as long as you can completely forget the past love.

  98. From Melissa

    Sandy LEE WHO!!! There was a Lee Demonde years ago & she was the love of Stefinos life!!!!! Not to mention the mother of Renee Stefino’s beloved daughter!!

  99. From judy

    same tired story lines when Lucas turned Sami away and told her their was no hope for them she turned to EJ oops here comes Lucas out of prison unannounced and cathes them in the act Rafe says stay away there is no hope and here goes Sami falling into EJ’s web true love I don’t think so Sami can’t stand being alone and EJ just wants to dominate someone anyone that’s what made Nicole turn into a cow eyed fool that lost all of her edge where have the positive strong women gone on Days it is indeed a sad town when Vivian is the strongest woman in town

  100. From Guest

    Melissa, I have never heard of this Lee Demonde Stefano’s love of his life. I thought I had watched for a long time but I guess not. Lexie’s mom was a cool character, perhaps they could bring her back. Is there any connection between Renee and Lexie? How would they compare in age?

  101. From Catherine

    SAMI! wake up and get with reality!EJ is the love of your life.He is so SEXY,ROMANTIC & is the best father ever to your children.Rafe needs to be with someone like Nicole to make him less boring.I could watch Sami & EJ 24 hrs. a day.

  102. From Janet

    Chad’s Middle Name is Michael. That makes me say he is Tony’s son.

  103. From Sandy

    #88 Melissa
    Lee is the name of the new character to be played by Robin Mattson who will be engaged with the new prison warden.

  104. From twinny

    I think Dr. Baker and Carly belong together!

  105. From Clear

    In this soap, would EJ actually give Nicole the services of Marco without knowing what he was doing? Surely Marco will tell EJ what she asked him to do and show him Dr. Baker’s picture. Then EJ should remember seeing Dr. Baker when he was mugged!
    Now, the Nicole is flush with EJ’s money, I’m surprised she didn’t pay Dr. Baker to get lost. She really is evil!

  106. From janiebell

    What does Chad’s middle name have to do with him being Tony’s son?

    E.J. does not love Sami or anyone else, except E.J., he just wants to control Sami, and then when E.J. becomes tired of all that, E.J. will toss Samiand all of her kids out on the street, the same way he did Nichole.

  107. From judy

    oh Janiebell I so agree with you EJ came to Salem to create havoc and is still doing so no one would ever have given any Dimara as much chance to ruin their lives as they have given EJ only Lexie was given any leeway because she was not raised knowing that she was a Dimara however she has shown in the past that the apple doesn’t fall so far from the tree (affairs with Abe’s brother and son and don’t forget the Zack/ JT story line only after becoming somewhat normal for Salem she was imprisoned by her own family in the infamous Salem tunnels

  108. From Grandma Judy

    I read on another website earlier this week that Days is pre-empted this coming Fri. and won’t be on. However, I have read this week’s spoilers on 2 other websites that include one for this Fri. So I guess we’d all better tune in, or record, just in case. Sounds like it will be a good week! My husband and I will be away on vacation this Wed. thru next Mon. but we will be able to watch Days where we will be. But I also already have our DVR set to record.

  109. From Doris JJ

    Getting rid of Gaby and replacing her with someone older? Will she still be in high school? Galen Gering (Rafe) gave an interview and said it was budget cuts getting rid of Ari and Gaby and that people didn’t like Arinna so that is why she was fired. A lot of people don’t like Carly, Stephanie or Chloe either but they are still here. I like both they just gave them stupid story lines.
    How long is EJ going to let Nicole pull his chain? By this time Stefano would just put her in the dungeon.
    Dr. Dan is such an idiot! With Chloe just talking in circles and making any sense and he thinks it is his fault? Dumb s/l!
    I loved Victor’s comment to Viv that she hasn’t told the truth since Jimmy Carter was in the White House. That was funny! He does have some great one liners.
    Do you think Abe changed his suit or did he go to the ball game with it on. Maybe the mayor in Salem has to dress nice all the time.
    Kate said something about the evil men do live after them? Does that mean Chad is Tony’s or Andre’s?
    Read where DOOL’s was the lowest in ratings? Does Corday want this soap to end? He needs to get some better writers and soon.

  110. From barbara

    i am so angry that you would not publish my comments. i have not said it before, as you say. anyway one more time, get it moving and delete some of the episodes that are just plain fillers. they seem to be getting more time and it’s just too frustrating.

  111. From Canadian Gal

    Maybe if they didn’t drag the story lines sooo long they’d get more viewers.

  112. From renee

    Do you guys think that Days will be going off the air sometimes soon? I know it was mention last year on their website.

  113. From Clear

    I hope not because it’s been on so long that it’s an institution. Maybe the writers should do a new teen vampire character or something to skim off the twilighters to get the ratings up this summer.

    I hope the writers don’t make Chad Andre’s son. That would be too terrible!!!!

    They need to stop dragging the story lines out so long and though they need to keep the characters, let them have things happen and be done in their lives.

  114. From Nightmare

    Ha! Ha! Maryl you are funny..When Rafe looks at you with those dark sexy eyes mmmm there’s no mistaking their message. When EJ flutters those eyes at you… you just know their full of lies..

    #90 Catherine you can’t be serious EJ the best father…Whats he going to tell them when they ask, Dad where do you get your money from? Why do you kill people? or are they going to be coached as he was into organised crime.I’m the best father ever i’ll teach you how to kill, how to make lots of money from drugs etc.
    mmmmm sorry I can’t see that he should be allow to be a father to his kids Maryl 87#

  115. From Nightmare

    Canadian Gal #111 I agree with you I think Days would be just fine if they just didn’t drag the story lines out so much.

  116. From janiebell

    Days drag way to much. Geta great story-line, move it along quickly tie that one up, solved and rezolved, and then go on to another story-line. Don’t “drag everything to the bone yard and back”. If day’s cannot get more interesting story-lines and move them on to the finished line more, I hope they do go off the air. They have written and rewritten ever thinkable story line, so maube there is nothing left to write about.

  117. From renee

    I agree they do drag storylines on way to long. Look how long it has been with Nicole s/l. She got out of jail real quick but that is all that happen quick on that show.

  118. From Melissa

    guest Renee & lexie would be half- sisters different mothers! Renee was murdered by Andre ( his first & by mistake victim when she KNEW he wasn’t Tony) Renee was early twenties in 1983 (the year she was killed) she would probally be about 4 years older at the most than Hope about 50! Her mother Lee was a teenager when she had her! Lee would be younger than Doug ( whom she was married to & set Hope against her Father FYI) so I am curious if this is the Same Lee! You see Lee was a major player but the actress whom protraded her Brenda Benet commited suicide so they Days just had her leave town but for years she was revered to & even called on the phone ( this was in the 80′s) so I’m like mmmmmmm! Days could pull it of & it would give Stefino a S/L!!!!

  119. From maryl

    #114 Nightmare, good response!(Ha)! But please give our “bad boy” a break! He blinks his eyes a lot because James Scott needs and wears glasses in real life and I think he may have contacts which may be causing him to blink when he is revving up to show emotion. I know he usually wear glasses. He even had them on at the Emmy Awards. But oh my, HE speaks with his eyes! I saw tears when he was proposing to Sami and his chin even quivered! I’ll leave you with Rafe’s eyes to entrance you (the good guy) and I’ll stick to the fluttering eyes of the bad boy!

  120. From maryl

    #109 DorisJJ— you are saying that EJ is not doing what a DiMera, namely Stefano, would do to Nicole–throw her in a dungeon? You sound as if you are faulting EJ for not doing that. Could it then be possible that EJ is changing a little or maybe he’s not being so much a DiMera afterall? It appears that DiMera evil is relished in these storylines–and rightfully so because if not for the havoc they create, it would really be a boring show! But should EJ make a conversion down the road in his lifestyle, I believe Stefano is capable of picking up the slack!

  121. From Canadian Gal

    #105 Clear
    Nicole took back the picture of Dr.Baker. But i guess Marco could tell EJ that his name of who he is suppose to keep watch of.

  122. From Robin

    I love Sami and EJ together, the sparks are always flying with them. Rafe on the other hand is like a glass of ice water, he is just too goody goody,he makes my teeth ache.
    Hope deserves to have lost Bo to
    Carly,she wanted to punish him too much, though I’d like Carly and Daniel together

  123. From Clear

    Yeah, and it would be one loose end tied if EJ remembered Dr. Baker was there when he was mugged too! Surely, as a good hench, Marco will be on the phone to EJ and send him a picture from his phone before he does away with somebody!

    As to EJ throwing Nicole in a dungeon–can’t do that unless he gets all the copies of the tape evidence she has that he doesn’t want heard by anyone!

  124. From janiebell

    Nicole is suspose to have tapes spread all over town, of E.J. confessing to Sydnaping. So how could E.J. be sure that he had all of the tapes? No way of knowing for sure, a tape could “pop up at any time and any place.

    What would be great is if Lucas came back to town and proved all of Sami’s kids were his kids, and E.J. is not a “daddy” at all, then E.J. ends up in prison for Sydnapping someone else’s child. Lucas, Sami, and Rafe could all be friends, but Sami remarries Lucas, and this time the marrages “sticks and lasts.}”

  125. From Diane


  126. From maryl

    If it were Stefano in EJ’s shoes, he WOULD handle Nicole and her tapes quite thoroughly and quickly. Having evidence on him never means a thing. He has ways to find and destroy evidence just as he did for Kate and the Anna situation. My question is, does Stefano know that EJ is being blackmailed by Nicole? I can’t recall EJ telling him about Nicole’s latest scheme.

  127. From Melissa

    MARYL your right!!!! Stefino would get rid of her!!! Right forly so!!! Nicole is so smug!!! Why would EJ give her 5 million? I’m sure that could b transfered????

  128. From Doris JJ

    I don’t think that Nicole has more then one copy and I think Faye is the one that has it. Nicole doesn’t have a lot of people that like her besides Brady and Chloe and Brady is getting ready to dump her. She could have one hidden in her room but not sure she would take the chance that someone would find it.

    I don’t think Stefano knows about the blackmail because he would step in. I didn’t mean anything other then Stefano would not have listened to Nicole and just throw her in some room somewhere and forget about it.

    Another site said the week of August 16 someone is keeping a scandalous secret. So does that mean it is what Kate is now keeping or another secret coming out. I hope we don’t have to wait that long for the paternity results.

  129. From Vivian

    #103 Sandy and #88 Melissa: The new warden is a woman and she is engaged to the Robin Mattson character….? Are they going to try one of these storylines…the last two times they tried it, it was a disaster…Oh, well…anyone know anything different?

  130. From Melissa

    vivian I don’t remember a lesbian S/L on Days can you tell me what storyline you are talking about??????

  131. From janiebell

    If Brady is getting ready to dump Nicole, what was that, “between the sheets” scene today? Of course as in rill life, so in soaps, just cause a guy “takes a femail to bed”, means nothing, except he is just being a guy.

  132. From Clear

    That was terrible today, and so out of place. All of a sudden Brady loves her. You would think he would be at least a little conflicted having been engaged not long ago. So, wonder if Nicole will get Prego this time? Spoilers say he finds out about the money she has, and then goes to the darkside. I hate to see him fall off the wagon!
    I surely do not want to see a gay story line. So, if that is what the writers have in mind, I’ll be watching less.

    Meanwhile, come on Rafe! Find that tape, bust EJ, and get Sami and her children out of the mansion.

    Chloe getting tests at another hospital where Dr. Dan can check on them and Melanie sees her there too? Dr. Dan surely will find out what is going on now, right?

    We should have known that Vivian would have to have someone else to go after. Now poor Maggie will get the short end of the stick. Vivian should start looking for ways to endear herself to Victor instead of killing off or making his friends and family miserable!

  133. From maryl

    Rafe seemed to be in seventh heaven today—- exuding smiles and confidence! He does love his job! He was even fairly nice to Fay! He is so satisfied & secure with himself, now that he is closing in on EJ! A great boost to his ego, for sure! I wonder if Sami and EJ’s kids will keep him as satisfied and happy as his job does????
    Wow! Marco is really hot! Why are all the bad guys so handsome? Bo needs to marry Carly and Hope needs to snag Marco–she could reform him! (Ha!) Brady gets all over Sami about EJ, yet he is perfectly willing to “love” Nicole who had stolen his sister’s child and he even aided and abetted her in the scheme. Talk about being twisted, he is one for the book!

  134. From renee

    I wonder what will happen between Bo and Hope and the knife that she has. I wonder if Dr Baker will show up this time. And it was a little strange how Brady was acting. I thought what about your ex girlfriend.

  135. From Guest

    I can’t believe fay destroyed the info Nicole gave her to keep. Now its going to take even longer for Rafe to figure out the EJ connection in the sydnapping. Enough already. Nicole needs a new love interest. I actually like Nicole’s character but I can no longer respect Brady after he jumps in the sac with Nicole so soon after being engaged to Ari.

  136. From Guest

    I can’t believe fay destroyed the info Nicole gave her to keep. Now its going to take even longer for Rafe to figure out the EJ connection in the sydnapping. Enough already. Nicole needs a new love interest. I actually like Nicole’s character but I can no longer respect Brady after he jumps in the sac with Nicole so soon after being engaged to Ari.

  137. From Day-Zee

    WHAT IS UP WITH KATE’S HAIR…blue on one side?????????

    EJ & Sami’s chemistry is indeed hot. Bo & Hope belong together. Brady is too good for Arianna and Nicole. Daniel & Chloe look hot together, even though what she did was wrong (don’t go sleeping with someone just b/c you think your mate did). Get rid of pitiful & insecure Stephanie…she doesn’t deserve Nathan; Melanie does.

  138. From victoriamona

    I do not belive Faye destoried the”package” Nicole senther, Faye is just going to allow everyone belive she destroied it untill , Nicole needs the “package”.

    Come on writters bad idea, bad writting. Brady “moved on”, way to soon. Brady must have thought, “if u can’t b with the 1 u love, then love the 1 u r with.”

  139. From Doris JJ

    I agree Brady going to bed with Nicole when just a week or so ago he told her he needed time to get over Ari. Of course in soap time it could have been a few months. I guess today or tomorrow he will find the receipt for the 5M and wants to know where it came from. Since Faye has the envelop in her locker maybe the disc is in her purse.
    I like the idea that Rafe is working and see nothing wrong with it. He might be the only person on this soap that does work. All the rest just walk around or sit around all dressed up and no place to go.

  140. From maria

    this so called romance of ej and sami is very disappointing. aleast show us some love scenes and heavy fore play before u put boring rafe and sami back together. i think stefano should kidnap ej and sami and let them be an item for awhile. let fbi boring fret about that for awhile.

  141. From Sandy

    #136 the Guest
    Your wish may be coming true, according to Days Cafe it sounds like Eric Brady (Sami’s twin brother) may be coming to Salem. Eric was Nicole’s great love at one time.

  142. From Sue

    you need more of Days and less ads

  143. From maryl

    #138 Doris JJ–I don’t think Rafe was so devoted to his job until this deal came up with EJ. When he lived with Sami, he sure spent a lot of time sitting on her couch and rolling in the sheets with her– all of this during the day time when he should have been at work?

  144. From maryl

    #139 maria I agree that Stefano should kidnap EJ and Sami and ship them off to Maison Blanche or one of his many secret places– away from everyone so that they could have a chance to work things out between them.

  145. From Doris JJ

    I do believe that Rafe was not on the FBI payroll at that time. He lost his job because of Sami. He tried to get on the Salem PD and they didn’t have money in the budjet to hire anyone. He got another job later working at the docks.

  146. From Dolly

    It is no fun for kids to be pased between parents. (Yeah, I was one) Sami can handle EJ, and they both do love each other. OK, let Stefano or some plane wreck, or something give them close time together. They will have a very hot, and interesting life together. 4 years of build up, lets not have it lost. Someone said, lets see some physical love between the 2 of them, very soon.

  147. From janiebell

    What happend to Brady? He acts like a different person. When Nicole first “came after Brady,” he said they would always be very good friends, but friends only, and now he has “taken her to bed twice. Today, Brady rilly “let into Nicole, hot and heavy”, then he dressed and told Nicole that was the last time they would ever be together. Brady was tired of Nicole lieing to him. Big deal! Nicole always lies and B rady should know by now that when Nicole opens her mouth more often than not, Nicole is lieing.

    When there are good, honest, and reliable people about, the writters always have to “turn them bad”. Let Brady remain one of the “good guys”, there are not enough of those now.

  148. From maryl

    #145 Doris JJ You are right. At first he was jobless but that didn’t take too long before he got back with the FBI and then he was STIll sitting around with Sami on the couch and rolling in the sheets! Remember, before Sydney’s kidnapping, he was already back with the FBI.

  149. From maryl

    #147 janiebell–Yes, that’s exactly what the writers can and will do! So sometimes it’s not so good to get too excited about a “good guy” since he can go bad with a stroke of a pen! (Ha)! Sometimes they will rewrite a “bad guy’s” character and make him really, really good! Just the opposite!

  150. From KAS1008

    Okay guys I’m like fraking out I just read on Facebook that Jame Scott’s contract with days is almost up and that they are not renewing it … I really hope that isnt true… they said that they are gonna replace him… how could you replace EJ I mean come on I can see replacing one of the weaker characters like replacing Brady or Phillip but EJ ….why would they take the EJ that everyone loves away … I wanna go cry! =( If he leaves half of Days talent leaves with him! saddd

  151. From KAS1008

    Okay guys nooooo need to worry it was an old post from APRIL 1ST (april fools day and I just now seen it and it scared me cause EJ is my favorate character/ actor and I couldnt imagine the show with out EJAMI… Hopefully theyll be a supercouple! but wow i feel like an iddiot I guess i should have checked the date

  152. From victoriamona

    James Scott gone great, and they can write off E.J.’s charactor as well, and bring back Lucas. There r 2 many Demears messing up Salem now. Get rid of E.J. for good.

  153. From maryl

    #152 victoriamona—Oh, Gee girl, you sure must be miserable to be forced to watch so much of the DiMeras! But you must admit, if it wasn’t for them, there wouldn’t be much of a storyline going on! So, I guess you will have to suffer just the way we
    EJami people will surely suffer when Rafe the Bore will try to replace EJ in Sami’s life. I’m trying to prepare for all that “Yuck” coming up!

  154. From Linda

    I have a question, has there ever been a secret that has never come out?

  155. From janiebell

    days ended rather odd yesterday, Dr.Baker, Brady&Nicole, Roman,and an offecer, all standing in the police -station, when Bo&Hope walk in. Dr. Baker says, “Hope?” and everone looks with a suprised look on their faces. Hope says right then and there, “I commeted all those muggings>” Shock and disbelife filled the station.

    Julie wanted to blame Bo for whatever happened, but Hope told Julie that she, {Hope} was the one who did something wrong; and Hope would tell Julie everything, but now now, there wasn’t time. Then Hope asked Julie to watch over Ceria ver carefully, and give her lots of kisses. I hope instead of prison, Hope gets the help dhe needs. Maybe Bo will at last, see that his place is with Hope and Ciera. I fill so sorry for Ciera; that little girl has gone through so much already, and when the news of what Hope has done leeks out, all of the other kids will tease Ciera. Maybe Theo will be a true friend, and stand by Ciera.

  156. From Doeji

    My preferences with couples are similar to some of you but I have always felt that Rafe and Nicole would make an interesting storyline, sort of like Rachel and Mac on Another World. I like Sami and EJ, Mel and Nathan, Chloe and Phillip, Hope and Bo, Carly and Daniel.Stephanie and Nathan always seemed like a mismatch to me. Maybe the new doctor coming will be a better match. Since Arianna is leaving maybe Brady will find someone who helps him back on the wagon.

  157. From Doeji

    One thing, I think EJ should tell Sami the truth before someone else does. Remembering all the things she has done may make her more understanding.
    Also I read that Stephanie finds out about Chloe and Phillip and goes to St. Mary’s to check ( and possibly change) the results in the computer if it turns out to be Phillip’s. Come on writers, enough of computer tampering. How many storylines are you going to use with that?

  158. From cherie

    I am not looking forward to Stephanie’s involvement with the whole baby thing…this could drag on forever, and we are still all waiting for the Ejami baby thing to end…We will be forced to endure another year of the Daniel/Chloe/Phillip thing….I sure hope not…move things along and keep Stephanie out of things as much as possible…every time she’s on, I just have to ff the whole scene…cannot take her anymore…Please don’t tell me Hope could get the death penalty for mugging people…and under duress no less!!! She had no idea what she was doing..I do not want to see Hope sitting in jail at all..Still wish they would bring Lucas back for Sami…..

  159. From janiebell

    Thank you, Cherie,I have long wanted Lucas to come back for Sami: they belong together.

    The Doctor that gave Hope the sleeping pills, should have to loose his med. licens and possibley serve time for malpractus. True Hope never had to swoller those sleepimg pills, but a person should be able to go to a Doctor, with a problem,and not have to worry about wheither or not the meds. the Doctors use being safe. One should be able to rest asured that the Doctors are going to do what is right, for the paitents. Maybe Hope can get treatment and not prison, scence what Hope did was a side effect caused by Doctor recommented meds.

  160. From daisy

    What amazes me is Melanie has hardly worked as a student nurse, no classes etc. Now she is in an accelerated status, and graduating and offered a job, without any credentials. Get real.

    Believe me…Hope won’t be charged with any thing, due to the medication causing her actions and
    will be able to continue her police career.

    I predict Hope and Bo will be reunited, with Carly s blessings.

  161. From Linda

    I never used to like Hope, she really annoyed me. I also think she is to blame for losing Bo. I mean she should think of how she would have felt if Bo had taken Ciarra and gone off somewhere without telling her where he was going and w/o any communication between her and Ciarra. She is a spoiled brat. But I think Bo and Hope belong together.

  162. From janiebell

    Bo was Hope’s first love, and belive me, nothing ever replaces that. There may be other people but there will only b one first love, even if one marrys another, there will always be a part of the person that belongs to that first love, tucked away someplace in the very cornor of the heart, and is reviled, sometimes at a very in opertune time. Yes, I hope Bo and Hope get back together, for no other woman will ever completly have Bo and no other man will ever completly have Hope. Bo and Hope belomg together.

  163. From carol a.

    We need an exciting story like on a wrecked ship on an island, like in the past with ernesto’s scheme.
    That was great. Get away from salem & have something new.
    I agree with the one post, Rafe is really hot,he should trim the brows, but still great eyes. I’d take him any day over E.J. Because of morals & the good looks. Hope is such a martyer. I don’t feel sorry for her, let Bo be with Carly. Hope made her bed to many times, let her lie in it.

  164. From janiebell

    Hey, what happened to this sight that sent everyone back to the 18th. of Aug. Some of us have EARLY MORNING DUTIES AND HAVE to grab a minute here and there and to be sent all the way back to 18th when today is 25th. sucks!!!!!!!!!

  165. From janiebell


    This sight needs to get fixed and stay fixed. Don’t you care about your jobs? The best way to keep your jobs running iS to keep your viewers happy and WE, viewres are not happy when this sight goes down.

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