Days of Our Lives Spoilers For July 29-30.

Confusion and conflict.

Vivian continues to fume about her husband making the moves on Salem’s most eligible redhead. She doesn’t pull any punches telling Victor what she thinks about his extra-marital meanderings. He could care less though and reminds her that their marriage was purely a business arrangement. This is all a big drag and drives poor Viv to drink. While getting plastered, she realizes that Carly is hiding more than she’s letting on and starts badgering the woman about it. “That’s enough! Stop it! Stop it!” Carly moans in an attempt to get her to stop.

Stefano tells his son-in-law Abe that Sami and her many spawn are now taking up all the space at Casa DiMera. At that very moment, Elvis and Samanther are discussing making their arrangement more permanent. After they agree that they shouldn’t get married, he pops the question. She doesn’t know what to say so she turns to Caroline for advice. There are no profanities large enough in the dictionary to say what Caroline would like to tell her so she stares. Sami moans about how she still loves Rafe. “Grandma, I’m confused,” she says, stating the obvious. Moments later, she bumps into Rafe.

Bo continues to remember a few things from when he was nearly toasted like a hairy smore. While Carly is busy urging Hope to talk to Beauregard and help him recover, Theo explains the situation with the wallets to Bo and he finally starts to put the pieces together. Down by the pier, Brady notices Dr. Baker and wants to pummel him. He tells Nicole about it and she starts to worry her plan is going down the pan.

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  1. From Jolie

    Don’t mean to be picky but Abe is Stephano’s son in law and not step son…I hope. Poor Sami. I’ll bet she has trouble deciding whether to wear sandals or flip flops. Oh, no, flip flop is her favorite thing. She is playing along with Elvis and still moons around after Rafe. We need a new hot young single mom to catch Rafe’s eye right about now. That should stir things up a bit. And Viv needs to get back to doing what she does best…pester Carly and make plans for her demise. So Victor is busy with Mags…that ought to give Viv some extra time and the impetus to come up with something extravagantly dangerous for Carly. I really think Carly is on her last leg with Bo. When he finds out about Hope, he is going to be guilt wracked and will run to her side. I can see the hand writing on the wall on this one. Maybe Lawrence will show up again…in human rather than ghostie form. The show has reduced Caroline to a shrew. All she does is stir clam chowder, take care of Sami’s kids, and fuss at Victor, Mags, and Sami. She deserves better. And she didn’t want Victor so while she might be bitter about it, I think she has more class than to speak of it to anyone. But all that chowder stirring would likely put a damper on your hairdo and you know how a bad hair day can cause you to spin out into a crime way…hey, maybe Caroline will have a new storyline coming up. Please, let’s find a slot for Dr Dick. I love him. Yes, he is a bit sleezy but he has a certain charm about him. If you really got him down and scrubbed him good with bleach…he might be OK for “pleasant company” as we would say in the South. I really do like the scenes between he and Hope. They had a certain chemistry. Maybe the sleeping pills will permanently alter her personality and she and Dr Dick will take up with one another. I think it would drive Bo and everyone else crazy but would be too much fun. We don’t really have any couples who are truly fun anymore on DOOL. The young ones are all too embroiled in storylines going nowhere fast…Mel, Stephany, Nathan. The next age group…yuck…who’s baby is it and who will find out that Chloe has slept with someone other than Dr Dan. Dr Dan…clueless, bless his heart. Kate and Stephano and Victor and Mags have the potential to be very much FUN but please writers, get to it.

  2. From Jolie

    Sorry that was so long. I was on a roll.

  3. From Kathy

    I am so sick of Carly and EJ, just kill them off and get it over with. Carly should be in jail for murder 1 and EJ should be in jail for everything.

  4. From Dolly

    KAthy, that is the fun with EJ, He is always doing something interesting. I just want to see how much fun EJ and Sami can get in together. Lets get that team to work.

  5. From Lisa

    To Jolie

    You’re right Lexie’s father is Stefano DiMera and she and Abe are married so Abe is the son in law of Stefano…I hope EJ and Hope and Chloe’s secret are out!!

    And Sami will be sorry if she will learn the truth….!

  6. From SL

    I think Maggie and Victor are ADORABLE

  7. From Precious

    The writers neeed to proof-read their work ~ Abe is Stefano’s SON-in-law, not his step son! Thank God most of us know this and can just let it go~~~:)

    I am soooo tired of Chloe not telling Daniel the truth. The baby is probably Daniel’s anyway, but she’s going to get caught up in a mess because too many people know what’s going on, thanks to her big mouth!! Wait until Vivian gets in her “cool-aid”, as she’s trying to still get Carly on anything she can. I hope Carly can put Vivian in her place, before Victor has her done in. Why he “puts up” with Vivian is more than I can figure out? He usually has people rubbed out for less. I think Victor and Maggie are good together also. I wish they would stop Caroline from being so jealous over Victor. She has been the strong lady for years to reduce her to this.
    Dr. Dick is suppose to be on another daytime show starting up soon, that has alot of the former actors from this show in it. I read that in the spoilers on Soap

  8. From Heather

    I am soo bored with Day’s…get rid of Chloe please???? Nothing exciting has happened since you made the BIG mistake of getting rid of all the oldies…..I’ll just watch Y&R..where its all exciting and keeps me coming back for more!

  9. From lisa

    no where in the above does the writer say stepson so no error was made in that respect i keep seeing comments inferring that they need to correct the writer about abe being son in law and not stepson and that was never stated in article i quote “Stefano tells his son-in-law Abe that ” this is from paragraph 2 so i dont get where yall are coming from ?

  10. From gaming

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