Days Of Our Lives Video Promo: A Shocking Confession.

Hope comes clean.

Realizing that there’s no other way out, Hope confesses to what she’s done, but which of her personalities is confessing and what could that mean?

Check out this video preview of next week’s episodes and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Dolly

    Glad Dr. Baker has been in Salem for some time. I like him, and hope he stays around. He is a bad guy with a heart.

  2. From Lisa

    Yay!!! Its been a few months–Finally!

  3. From najean

    I love Hope and Dr.Baker’s relationship. It would be awesome to see Dr. Baker really change his life, get back into the hospital and take care of Hope even if it’s as friends. If Hope and Bo are going to get back together, it will take a lot of emotional acting on Bo’s part to be convincing.

  4. From dc

    yea, dr baker is a bad guy that can’t get his life in order. (gambling is his downfall)..
    he seems to let women control him

  5. From Clear

    I enjoyed Doc and his quips, plus like him with the evil Hope. Too bad he’s probably not a candidate for Gambler’s Anonymous! It would be hilarious to see him attending one of Maggie’s twelve step meetings with Brady and Lucas! LOL!

  6. From Kino

    Princess Gina and Dr.Baker.


    More so than that. Bo has to tell Carly she can’t stay in his house for long and needs to leave. He really needs to do extensive damage control on his own family and reflect on the mistakes he made. At the same time, Hope also needs help too because she mistrusted Bo when he predicted Ciara was going to get kidnapped. I think she only confessed in trying to kill her own husband because she was afraid of losing him to Carly and if she couldn’t keep him, then no one else will.

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