Days Of Our Lives Video Promo: Bo’s Bad Memory.

“Can’t think straight.”

Bo tells Carly it feels like someone is drilling through his skull so she tries to help him relax.

Check out this sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Sandy

    Why oh Why is Hope just walking in to the house without knocking? Hasn’t she learned she could run into something she doesn’t want to see?

  2. From Dolly

    Hope and BO need to get together again. Then she needs someone to stop her every time she wants to leave again.

  3. From Lissa

    I don’t know how anybody could want to be with someone who tried killing them.. whether in their right mind or not. Hope has a history of multiple personalities even if they are triggered by pills or whoever. Like bad Hope storyline as it adds suspense but it is sort of sabotaging any hopes I had for their reconciliation. Her sane self has been more annoying than her badgirl seeking revenge character. Bo is the only man on the show right now for Hope I agree, she & Justin just aren’t good together. Carly & Bo did bug me in the beginning, but with all this other stuff coming up they are growing on me as a couple.

  4. From Sandy

    For the first time I must compliment Carly. When she was helping Bo to relax he closed his eyes & she asked him to go to a peaceful place where did he go…to the Fancy Face where he and Hope started their trip around the world. Carly sucked it in and continued to try & help Bo without a lick or whimper. Contrats.

  5. From Lisa

    To me Hope is lying snake since she uses ‘Sleeping pills’ I hope to god that Bo will finally found out the truth…

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