Days Of Our Lives Video Promo: Maybe, But You Love Me Too.

“You’ve grown up.”

Sami doesn’t understand why EJ loves her when her feelings are all over the place so he tries to explain and asks her to give him a chance.

Check out this video preview of Monday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Dolly

    I know I can speak for a great number of viewers, that is what we want too. Ejami, and we want it to last.

  2. From Lisa

    EJ and Sami sucks!

    SAFE will be together!

  3. From Patty

    That was an endearing scene. These two are perfect together. I hope the PTB recognize that and put these two together already.

    With all the speculation that Days won’t last, I see this couple as the reason viewers will tune in.

  4. From Annie2

    I love EJami. I love them together. I wish the writers could see their amazing chemistry. The way he looks at her is so touching and it always has been.

  5. From Susan

    Safe is just that safe, no chemistry, no passion, no history. Ej and Sami have all of that and more. If TPTB want Rafe with Sami go ahead but at least leave the kids with EJ for a little stability in their lives instead of living with their father, not, living with their father, not.

    I prefer Sami to wise up and marry EJ and the two of them become the new younger version of Kate and Stefano.

  6. From tammy

    EJ loves Sami and he has always loved her. They have the best chemistry together…better than Bo and Hope. I wish just for once she would truly let herself LOVE him back. Wish the writers would give these two a change and hopefully they will end up like supercouple John & Marlena. Bring on EJAMI!!!!!!!!!!

  7. From tammy

    I meant give Ej and Sami a CHANCE to be together in LOVE !!!!!! Rafe is handsome and all but he really doesn’t bring it on like my man…EJ…woohoo

  8. From maryl

    EJ and Sami are terrific together! No matter how long the struggle, or how many obstacles lie before them, I know they belong together!! Who the heck is Rafe????

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