General Hospital Spoilers For August 2-6.

Locked up again.

Franco is alive and well. He moves his mother and Aiden to Oregon before embarking on a brand new art project inspired by Port Charles. Back in town, Spinelli, Jason and Dante desperately search for clues on where the baby could be. As Spinelli finally gets a useful clue, Ronnie shows up to drag Jason back to jail. Dante steals files from the PCPD to delay Jason’s incarceration but the hitman ends up being taken back to Pentonville in the end.

Claire has evidence to put Sonny away, but offers him a way out if he’ll knock her up. He’s evasive. Johnny wants him taken down and he and Carly talk about it. She’s still feeling betrayed by both Sonny and Dante and continues to goad Brook into seducing the cop. While she’s busy stopping Spinelli from getting soft on Lulu, Sonny is busy framing Johnny for murder. By the end of the week, Johnny is arrested.

Robin opens her locker only to find pictures of her and Patrick ripped up inside. After she shows Patrick, they confront Lisa but she insists she had nothing to do with it. Meanwhile, Tracy offers Ethan a place at the Quartermaine house to recover and tries to nurse him back to health. He and Maya continue to get close.

Mac is miffed to find that Maxie is dating Matt. Lulu tries to be a good sister to Nikolas in his time of need and Steve comforts a distraught Liz. She then decides to move into Wyndemere. Helena has a hard time keeping her mouth shut about everything. Meanwhile, Lucky manages to track down Aiden.

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  1. From Kristen

    I hate sonny for doing this to Johnny but this is my all time fave soap! its` the best! I hope Brooklyn stays for good! I love her she is so Feisty! Im` a good reader to just like Maxie she already knows she is up to know good.

  2. From krystal

    I love GH! This my favorite show of all time! to bad they are bringing Brenda back. I don’t need her running around causing problems for my girl Carly. Carly has already agreed to shared Jason with same. I’m sure she won’t be doing that with Brenda at all!!! And carly has more important things to worry about… like ruining lulu’s life lol!!!!

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