General Hospital Spoilers For July 28 & 29.

Interruptions and delayed responses.

Dante and Jason return to town and the cop allows the hitman a night alone with Sam before his return to Pentonville. Spinelli already has a plan for how to keep the lovers together and they weigh the pros and cons of going on the run. Across town, Dante and Lulu try to work off their stress by making love until Ronnie shows up and spoils the mood. He’s miffed that Stone Cold isn’t back in the slammer already. They aren’t the only pair having their intimacy interrupted. Dante ends up walking into Brook as she is sucking face with Johnny. That’s something the mobster probably won’t want to mention to Olivia when he runs into her later. Meanwhile, Dante gets the latest on Franco and breaks the news to Jason and Sam.

Sonny and Alexis go over to the hospital to check on Kristina. She tells them all about how Michael protected her from Warren’s rampage. After seeing how strangely detached her son was following the carnage at the hospital, Carly gets more clues about Michael’s mental state. She watches him have a nightmare and figures out that he has more problems than he’s letting on and must have suffered some serious damage while he was locked up.

While Patrick is roaming around the hospital, Lisa summons him into a room where she’s waiting half-naked. She attempts to get him to play doctor with her again but he refuses to give her an examination. He does agree, however, to examine and finalize their “breakup” so they can put the affair behind them. As he sorts out his problems, Liz’s continue to get worse. She starts to have a meltdown while Lucky stumbles upon a dead body.

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