Robin Mattson Joins The Cast Of Days Of Our Lives.

Robin Mattson is coming to Salem.

The veteran soap opera actress will be joining the cast of Days as Lee. Her character will be involved with Stacy Haiduk’s warden character when she arrives in October. Daytime aficionados may recognize Mattson for her roles on As The World Turns (ex-Cheri) and General Hospital (ex-Susan) among others.

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  1. From Dolly

    Want Rafe and his family gone from Salem

  2. From TJ

    She was HEATHER on GH not Susan

  3. From Lisa

    Personally there’s so much firing..

    Welcome, Robin!

    Can’t wait to see Stacey though!

  4. From Patty

    I enjoyed Robin when she was on GH so I’m looking forward to seeing what she’ll bring to Days.

    I assume she’s a short-term role.

  5. From Kristen

    I dont care about the cast changes to much I mean Gabi the new 1 is pretty but not as pretty as the Original . everyone knows original is better! Like 1st Ari should come back I might be tempted to Like her and Brady then LOL. I do love Lindsay as a Actress though its` not her its` how they make her now. I do not know what the writers are thinking make good casting changes not bad ones!

  6. From Clear

    Just be sure and keep the ones we still have! I don’t want to see any of the ones we still have go, and hope they recast Ariana’s character. I liked the actress that originally played her too.

  7. From Kirsten

    I wish old Will would come back. I also wouldn’t mind Belle and Shawn D resurfacing. I think it would reinvigorate the Phillip/Chloe storyline…..maybe MiMi could come too!

  8. From Arlene

    All 3 of them are cast in other shows. It was announced recently that Belle is going to work in an internet soap opera. MiMi and Shawn are already settled in other soaps are are doing very well, so it looks doubtful that we would get the same people that played them in the past.

  9. From CDEE

    The Belle and Shawn characters are already an item on GH hot and heavy so I don’t think they will be going back to days anytime soon.

  10. From dinky

    It would be great to bring back mimi. Especially since her and Philip had a child together.

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  12. From lisa

    Robin mattson was great on Santa barbara and General Hospital, hopefully Days wil keep her on as a regular.
    Also DOOL needs to get back to it’s core cast members and stop with all these teenagers who can’t act and have no relation to the history of the show.
    They should bring back Philece Sampler aka Renee DiMera back from the dead and Anna and Tony.

  13. From lisa

    DOOL needs new writers also. The storylines suck! Thank God for Vivian she’s the only intersting character and storyline.

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  15. From michelle

    I want Marlena and John back! Spend the money on them!

  16. From Di

    Old Shawn is on the Bold & the Beautiful.
    No gay couples!

  17. From tn days watcher for over 40+ yrs

    please get rid of all of rafe’s family, as well as rafe himself. can’t stand the actress who plays the older sister with her roving eyeballs – doesn’t she know that is a sign of blindisms? puhlease go away. and, if ms. alfonso has any more facial surgery, well, you know. she has already ruined herself, can’t even speak without clicking noises anymore. she used to be so pretty, but now, she is only a fraction of her former self.a days watcher for over 40 years in tennessee.

  18. From Jo

    Need to bring the show back to it’s original concept…that being about the Horton and Brady families primarily…this DiMeara take over of the story lines is getting pretty ridiculous….EJ is really becoming quite annoying and Stefano is more pompous then he ever was…letting the pivitol characters like John and Marlena go was a big mistake as far as I’m concerned…also do these writers not remember previous story lines??? Tony dies and now EJ is the only son that Stefano has or cares about??? What about all the sniffling about losing Tony, his son,? This has long been my favorite soap and the only one I watch but if it keeps going in this direction I’m really not sure how much longer I will watch or how long it will be before it’s dropped by the network. Seem’s all the strong women have gone bad or are now sniveling idiots. Please return this great soap to it’s former glory!!!!!!!!

  19. From ugg bailey button boots

    I enjoyed Robin when she was on GH so I’m looking forward to seeing what she’ll bring to Days.

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