Vanessa Marcil Is Coming Back To General Hospital. (Updated)

Vanessa Marcil is returning to the role of Brenda Barrett.

The excitement is already being built up around the return of the actress to her old stomping grounds on Daytime. ABC released this teaser: “Brenda Barrett’s return to Port Charles comes at a time when the three most important men in her life – Sonny, Jax and Jason – are all in crisis. Brenda’s in trouble herself – when is she not? – possessing an explosive secret. Only she doesn’t even realize it’s something devoutly to be kept secret. Brenda has no idea the havoc this little indiscretion will wreak or that she’ll send the lives of loved ones hurling into chaos.”

President of ABC Daytime, Brian Frons, further echoed the excitement around the studio about what bringing back the character may mean. “True to form, Brenda arrives in Port Charles with a secret that will impact Sonny, Jax and Jason. General Hospital has always been dedicated to the strong history of our characters. Fans and viewers alike will be thrilled with her storyline and will agree that her return was worth waiting for,” Frons stated.

Look for her to be back in town on August 11.

Updated: July 21

Updated July 20:

Head Writer Bob Guza told TV Guide Magazine that, in her time away, Brenda has become an international supermodel and is the celebrity face and goodwill ambassador of the Alliance to Save Exploited Children. Although she has a connection to Franco, her problems when she returns will have more to do with someone else in the cast. Guza said that she didn’t leave town carrying anyone’s love child – what brings her back this time is something far more explosive.

Brenda should be sticking around Port Charles for at least a year.

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    Vanessa Marcil Is Coming Back to General Hospital. |…

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  3. From tiana

    Yay, welcome back Vanessa!!!

  4. From Minerva

    I love VM! The Brenda/Sonny/Jax love triangle was the best ever (way b4 Team Edward/Jacob-like frenzy)!

    Being a fan of the show since the 80′s, I must admit that I’m also squirming about TPTB in GH Land. They ruined history by re-writing & making up sh×t, as they go to fit their whims…insulting the loyalty and intelligence of LT fans such as myself.

    I don’t want to live in the past as some newbies may say of us LTers. What I would like is just great writing & SL’s that utilize VM’s talents and honor Brenda’s (& those around her) real history. Last time, in order to uplift Carly/Sonny, they trashed Brenda/Sonny. I was livid! No wonder soaps are dying!

    Please, TPTB…do it right this time!

  5. From valerie grimes

    I LOVE HER CHARACTER, I MISS HER, AND REALLY THIS TIME, MAY SHE BE KEPT ON GENERAL HOSPITAL, she does have a profound inpact on the show. she is one of many who is a team role player between Carly and Jax and of COURSE SONNY,(JASON) LOL I AM VERY EXCITED!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WRITERS,AND NOW KILL OFF FRANCO BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. From Tracy

    I am so excited.I love the Brenda character. It will make the show great again. Yea!!!!!!!

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