Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For August 20.

I’m Really Happy.

Nicole wakes up in her hovel and sees Rafe sitting at the table. She guesses the snugglefest is over and asks what’s up. He holds up the CD. She leaps onto him. They wrestle and she rants at him for his lies and deceptive cuddles. Rafe explains that he hunted down her mom and orders her to tell him everything she knows. She refuses. He offers to do what he can to keep her out of prison. She claims this is about more than prison. Sobbing, she relates how terrified she is of EJ and begs him for protection. EJ calls to make sure that she isn’t going off the deep end. She says she has five million and will be fine. After she hangs up, she turns to Rafe. “Let’s make a deal,” she says. He offers her immunity and then sets up his recorder so she can explain everything. She explains what led up to the recording she made and then he turns the CD on. He listens to EJ and Stefano’s conversation. It stalls half way through. Rafe fiddles around and gets it going again. He hears the whole thing and smiles. “That’s all I need,” he says. He did all of this for Sami.

At Casa DiMera, Sami stares at her dress and thinks of Nicole making out with Rafe. She tells herself that she’s doing the right thing. Will shows up and asks his mom when she was going to tell him about this. She claims there is no reason to wait… and she hasn’t told the rest of that family because she doesn’t want them talking her out of this. Sami would like him to walk her down the aisle but doubts that he’s likely to do that. She says that EJ needs her. He hopes they’ll be happy together and agrees to give her away. They hug.

Kate and Stefano are startled when they walk into their living room and find that there are a bunch of people milling around and putting out flowers. Elvis walks in and announces that it’s all for his wedding. “Is Sami pregnant again?” Kate asks. Stefano doesn’t understand the hurry. Lexi arrives and Will leads the children in. EJ is glad he’s willing to be part of this. The judge arrives and Sami comes down the stairs. Johnny moans because Syd has to stay up stares since she has the sniffles. The ceremony begins. Will walks his mom down the aisle.

At home, Mel is about to make pancakes when Philip reminds her they are supposed to be going to Chicago. She reminds him that it’s Chloe’s birthday and they are supposed to be at the party. He thinks that’s a bad idea. Mel tries to talk him around and guesses he knows what’s been bothering Chloe.

Mel runs after Steph and Nate. She stops them at the pier and begins balling about Philip being the mother of Chloe’s baby. She leaps into Nate’s arms. Steph snaps out of this nightmare and calls Ian to come over and work his computer magic. Nathan comes out of the bedroom and tells her that he doesn’t have to rush off to work. She encourages him to get an x-ray for his aching elbow and chases him to the door. Ian shows up. Before they can get started, Nate returns to get something and asks what’s going on. Ian says he’s just there for his flash drive. Nate grabs his stuff and leaves. Ian is starting to have second thoughts about committing a felony for her but she talks him around. As he hacks, Nate calls and asks if Ian is still there. She says he’s just showing her some shortcuts. She gets off the phone and Ian shows her the results. “Oh my God!” she gasps.

Chloe and Daniel roll around in bed. He promises her the best birthday she’s ever had. She remembers she’s supposed to get the lab results with Carly today. She goes pale and says she’s queasy. He offers her a cracker and says that he’ll be spending all day with her. She asks him if she can open a present now. He chuckles and goes off to get one while she searches for her phone. Later, Carly shows up, anxious to get going. Daniel catches them and asks what’s going on. He has to take a call so Chloe asks Carly to go off and get the results. As soon as she leaves, Daniel returns and hands her some jewelry, promising it will be the first of many surprises today. She tells him that she loves him with all of her heart and she just wants to be worthy of him. Mel and Philip arrive. Chloe and Philip sigh and stare anxiously. Chloe blows out her candles and then asks to open her gifts. Mel gives her some kind of shiny smock and gabs about how she wants them all to be a family. Chloe cries. Daniel looks confused. Philip’s eyebrows twist so much they almost fall off. “I’m really happy,” Chloe claims.

Next on Days Of Our Lives:

“There is no chance of anyone finding out, right?” Stefano asks EJ.

“If EJ or Stefano find out what I did, I’m dead,” Nicole points out to Rafe.

“So I’m asking you to please let us be happy,” Sami says to Roman.

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  12 responses so far...

  1. From Lisa

    BORING with Chloe, Steph and the frigging wedding I want the truth so Sami could go back to Rafe! Yay!!

  2. From Lee

    E.J. and Sami all the way!

  3. From MusicIsOurHigh

    Rafe is hella obnoxious. It is hard to feel for him in this situation at all. His continuous smirks are annoying as hell. Tired of recycled storylines. Actually glad to hear Arianna won’t be around for long. The Chloe babyline story is dragging. Makes Daniel seem super dumb.

  4. From dc

    rafe has always done everything for sami.. he is deeply in love with her..
    the baby thing with chloe should show daniel as the father and not philip.. although i could see daniel and chloe breaking up, philip getting with chloe, melanie divorcing philip and going back to nathan, daniel and carly getting together, and bo going back to hope.. WOW!!! alot of speculation on my part but something to think about..

  5. From sharon

    I hope E.J. gets whats coming to him. I want sami and rafe together. hope bo and hope are back together for their children..

  6. From Susan

    Rafe is the most BORING character on the show. Yeah nice guy uses Nicole to get evidence, wants to adopt another mans child, yeah nice guy NOT. NO CHEMISTRY WITH SAMI AT ALL!!!

    Hopefully James Scott will leave the show and go to the big screen where he belongs.

    Oh yeah, where is GG’s Four Adonis awards and or Emmy nomination NO WHERE!!!!!!!

  7. From Arlene

    dc, totally agree with your comments. Although, that would make it a perfect soap, and the writers most likely won’t make it the way you mentioned with the stories. I wish they did.

  8. From maryl

    Rafe will be Sami’s biggest mistake! He has no clue what makes Sami tick and all he will want to do is make sure he keeps her under his control. She will soon know that this great love she thinks she has for him was really infatuation and she allowed family and others influence her into thinking she cannot love a DiMera, but rather she must be with a safe and boring guy like Rafe. Sami will have to crawl through Rafe before she can stand on her own two feet and walk to EJ!

  9. From PFfischer

    I agree with Susan and Maryl – I think Rafe is the most boring person on the show, and has absolutely NO CHEMISTRY with Sami. Also, it seems that he is only working on the Sydnaping case. Does the FBI just work on one case at a time???
    Also, isn’t the paternity results switch just another old, tired storyline? I suppose this will drag on till next year. BORING!!!

  10. From sammikins

    I for one have loved the scenes with Sami and EJ. EJ acts just like Sami has done in the past when she did something incredibly wrong and regretted it. I kinda like to believe that EJ is truly remorseful and really does mean to try to be a better human being. I remember back when Lucas dumped Sami, EJ was one of the few who didn’t judge Sami and was on her side. I think the writers’ belittle the strong connection that Sami and EJ have for one another by having Sami jump into marriage as a way to “get over” Rafe…what’s there to get over? He’s just another Lucas…judgemental and sanctimonious.

  11. From b

    I am so over the sami show. I am so over this neverending sl. I don’t understand how a man can rape a woman and lie cheat and steal all in the name of love. And the public at large just laps it up. Cheers for him. Makes excuses for his behavior and hers as well and then bashes other characers so much. I have decided to leave the boards all of them Soapoperfan is no longer a fun site to visit. I think the site promotes the Ejami soap way too much. You all would be happy if Ejami would spin off onto its own show and just watch the two of them in bed together all day long.

  12. From BB

    I think the swich on the test was done well. Daniel was irritated and mysterious could he know? did he swich the test. Carly had her finger on the mouse and clicked did she switch? Phillip hired someone maybe to swich the test, and maybe Melanie knows something and she an Nat. chaged the test Steph didn’t do it that we know for sure. But she set herself up for blackmail in the future, Maggie could have done it – weird yes but this is passionate dool here. Maybe Sami took a moment
    from her wedding to swich the test. She is after all very good at that. It is a borning tired and done too many times sl.

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