Days Of Our Lives Poll: Sami’s Revenge.

Revenge, sweet and sour.

Sami’s determined to get revenge on Elvis for what he did to her with the Sydnapping, but is revenge all it’s cracked up to be? Although word is that things could turn grisly pretty fast, is this the kind of fallout that you’ve been wanting to see?

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  1. From pam

    if sami shoots ej then they are surely even on guilt.
    this will hopefully see a return, sure to be slow, but a return to this couple eventually getting together.
    hope so, because good looking and all as he is. rafe is not suited to sami, and the ej sami paring always leads to excitement.

  2. From Jolie

    Sami is all about revenge. She was mad and not so hurt by this. She wanted Rafe back and that didn’t work out, she was willing to take the consolation prize, Elvis. I think Sami and Elvis will end up together. He was right when he was ranting…he loves her and she loves him…twisted as they are. As much as she has done in the past…remember Stan character, Belle-nap, many other things she did and mostly to her family members (poor Carrie) she doesn’t deserve to be all indignant about EJ’s sins. She’ll never live with Rafe for long. So is Elvis going to be shot? Lucky for Stephano to have Chad as a spare. Will Chad step up to save EJ’s life? Will Kate give him up to Stephano? Kate has become rather fond of her Stephano and looked rather hurt over his lies lately.

  3. From Precious

    There’s enough revenge on the DiMera side of the family to last a lifetime. I wish the writers would have taken a different path with this story with Sami shooting EJ. I can’t picture her doing this again after almost going to be put to death years ago for someone else’s crime!! This is all stupid. For once I had hoped Sami would take THE HIGH ROAD and be a “lady” about things. She’s got Rafe, always had him, but couldn’t see the light. I wish she would stop acting like a blonde-haired-ditz, and be able to see reality. I DON’T believe she will end up with EJ, she’ll never be able to trust him even around her kids.

  4. From Cand

    Wow Sami is bed jumping fast these days. I love EJ no I love Rafe…wowo Does no one even think to question this?? I mean even if Rafe is horney I would have thought he might want Her to at least shower…She thinks Rafe was jumping from bed to bed…

  5. From dc

    i wish kate would hurry up and tell stefano that chad is his son. i wanna see how he is gonna react to having another son..
    yea, i think sami will take revenge and shoot ej but he won’t remember who did it, prob ably because he will be too drunk or something..
    i like rafe and sami together.
    sure hope will won’t do anything stupid, like maybe he will try and shoot ej..
    ari will find out sami shot ej but before she can tell ej she will be hit by a car and die, at least that is what i have read..

  6. From Cindy

    Kate will have to tell Stephano about Chad or they would not have had the story in the first place. He is one bitter kid, so he will make a great DiMaria – all ruthless and everything!! (They may need to recast him thou.) They will need someone to take over once Stephano kicks off. EJ doesn’t have it in him.

  7. From Olive

    Sami has always loved Rafe – it was never EJ. She was totally brainwashed (which isn’t hard in her case) by EJ and fell for all of his lies. Her shooting EJ is stupid though – over done.

    What is soo funny though is Chloe with this pregnancy. All of a sudden she’s “showing” even though the day before she was wearing very tight clothing and suddenly she’s “tired” and holding her belly and blah blah blah – boring!

  8. From Jennie

    I hate the way the story is going. Sami shooting EJ was the last straw for me. I am finished with the writers for Days. Sad, but EJ and Sami were meant for each other and surely the writers could have found great story writing for the future for these two being a super couple. Rafe and Sami do not match. I now have lost interest in the show. So have many of my friends. Sad! I have watched for years! Not worth it!

  9. From Kino

    Sami deserves revenge, but I don’t want her to shoot Elvis. I much rather see Rafe take his ass to jail and let him rot for a while. That would be better for Sami and her children.

  10. From Sophia

    Sami get revenge, EJ takes revenge, Sami, EJ, then finally some Stefano….. REVENGE will never end and get terribly boring

  11. From Paki

    Enough with Sami and her men. How many years did we have to see her fight with Lucas over custody of Will. So very boring. At least now he grew up, but now she has tons of more kids and will be fighting with EJ over custody of their kids. Boring boring and more boring. Come up with a new storyline days and give Sami a rest.

  12. From helen

    The recycling of storylines is really getting old. The writers are lazy, at best. Sami should not shoot EJ. She should be with Rafe, who has loved her and helped her all along. Ari and Brady should be together. I think the paternity results were an error and the lab tech realized it and fixed it.Viv-old SL.Hate it

  13. From pam

    i agree with jennie.
    i have watched the show for years and really believe there is a great future for sami and ej. there is a constant way for them to defend the two sides of their warring families and it would be fun to watch, making sure they are always together, despite the feuds, sami and rafe just look like a happily ever after, and that is not what days is about.
    ej sami forever is my wish.

  14. From CorinneBen

    I don’t get them dumbing Chloe down so much, wasn’t she like some kind of super brain in high school?? Rafe is hot, but don’t see the chemistry with him and Sami like Sami and EJ (just my opinion). Think its going to be another “who shot” EJ – either Sami, Nicole, etc… or even EJ himself. BORING!!!

  15. From Clear

    I was hoping to see Nicole and EJ in matching orange jumpsuits!

  16. From SamiandEjareLame

    Sami and EJ are lame. They will never be a super couple. It boggles my mind how some of you like them together. I guess some people love the bad boys that kill or should I say, that order people to kill.

  17. From Casey

    Sami and EJ are a terrible couple. He is perfect with Nicole. Sami has always been man-crazy and never spends time with her kids, has no education or career, a total loser!!
    It would be great to see her on her own for awhile, but Rafe is too loyal to dump her.
    Days is getting to be like re-runs with shootings, Vivian burying people alive, same old, same old.
    Where is writers imagination??

  18. From Judy

    I was really looking forward to a different outcome…what the heck is going on with the writers. They put people together and then break them up as fast as they got them together then put them in bed with someone else..there is no love or passion going on at all! The love scenes look more like porn and I have watched Days since I was a kid and have been very faithful to this show but now the show is not being faithful to me or other fans. I am really disapointed with the writers. Sami and ej have alot of chemistry and they are the only ones on the show besides bo and hope (wich they are messing that up too) that do. Sami shooting ej? she has never been a killer. I think this is a mistake.

  19. From Another EJ

    I don’t want Sami and EJ together. No one seems to remember that EJ raped Sami and that is how she got pregant with Johnnie. The writers seemed to forget that part,too. I’ve watch Days since it came on the air and lost count many years ago as to how many kids Stefano has or how many times he was dead and came back.

  20. From pam

    i have watched the show since it began, only missing a couple of years here and there.
    it took marlena and john years to get together,finally they were even though they were from very different backgrounds, and had lots of aside adventures, this is what makes days so unique, the normal and the outrageous. sami and ej should become the new marlena and john, after all marlena is sami mother and john is a dimera, so it nmakes a lot of sense to have them together.

  21. From OneDaysFan

    EJ deserves to be shot by Sami. I am hoping this will be the last of EJami. They just do not work. Very difficult to watch these two in the same room. Let Sami have some happiness for awhile with Rafe. Bring Lucas back if they want another triangle – just leave EJ out of it.

  22. From Doris JJ

    Since Sami wakes up from the dream of shooting EJ maybe that is what she did and someone else shot EJ. I know that Rafe leaves the FBI so he doesn’t have to turn her in but maybe it was someone else that did the actual shooting, maybe Will. I hope it isn’t Sami but since the writers can’t come up with new stories, they can only recycle.

  23. From Steff

    EJ and Sami are two of a kind. I would like to see them together. No one else can deal with them like they can each other. There is NO chemistry between Sami and Rafe. Just like I cannot stand that Bo/Hope are split. I have watched this show since it began and I am finding hard to stomach some of the nonsense writing lately! I hang in there because of the cast that is left that I grew up with. It is difficult when you write faves off or apart. Stop it!!! There are a lot of problems and chaos you can throw at people without splitting or ridding of them.

  24. From pam

    why do you critics always talk about the rape of sami. it was not rape in the violent sense, it was up to her, there waas a threat to harm lucas, but she still consented. ej has apologised for the threat, and she has accepted it and dearly loves johnnie, the result of it all, so stop please harping on this, there have been far worse actions portrayed on days .rafe iS A NICE guy, but the only exciting thing about his character has been the chasing of ej, thats over now, and if the writers are trying to reform sami using rafe, it will be as boring as bo and hope have been for a long time. the latest adventure of theirs was not good, but at least it put some life back into them. sami and ej are the life of days, and the sexual tension between them is the fascination for viewers

  25. From jc

    I have watched Days since the first day it started. Today is the first day I have ever turned it off. I have enough on people being put in caskets and Sam’s doing stupid things. There has to be some other way to go with a story line. Sorry but today may be it I will just watch reruns of Closer !!

  26. From Joan

    I love Sami and Rafe together. I think the shooting of EJ was really dumb, there is no reason to make him look like a oh poor EJ. Let Sami be happy for once, and move on to a new angle.

  27. From clara

    Days has finally gone tooooo far!!!! Sami shooting EJ, Vivian burying someone else alive, again. NEW stories, NEW writers. Carley should go away. Bring back some of the origional cast and writers. At5 least they could write somewhat believable stories. I’ve watched from DAY1, but not much longer!

  28. From Mary

    Having watched this show since 1969, I feel strongly that it is time for Sami to marry Rafe, and get into a more normal relationship with ALL her children.
    Plenty of good story lines can be made from this. Please do not go through another boring separation,jail time, have Rafe doubt Sami again. Let that end.
    In today’s lousy economy,and the world in a pretty \sad\ state, we need HAPPINESS…FUN…REALITY.
    Please let this couple get married and live a normal life for a change.

  29. From kelli

    i wish they would just let sami and ej be together and be happy. he is the only one that loves her no matter what. they are my fav couple

  30. From nancy

    they both been hurting each other way too long enough already sami shooting ej is the last straw have ej live out of spite

  31. From Nancy

    Hay, enough all ready. The people who watch the show have spoken.
    Get EJ and SAMI on the same page. This Rafe does not do it for us! Sami is not natural when she is with Rafe and with EJ she lights up the screen. If you want to raise your ratings put them together.

  32. From pam

    I have waited years for Sami and EJ to be together. Sami and EJ should understand each other. There is chemistry between these two and she definitely makes EJ a better man!

  33. From Steel Magnolia

    I have been watching Days since I was a toddler with my great grand mother and then my mother, and now that they are both gone, I watch it with my sister. I love Days, it is part of my own history. But I, like many of the other viewers, am sick of the writers using the same plots over and over. Lucas shot EJ right after he married Sami. Now Sami shoots him after thier almost wedding? It’s ridiculous. I love Rafe, but Sami and EJ have a chemistry that is unmatchable on the show. they belong together. Sami loves him despite everything and he love her despite everything. They have the history, they have the passion and they are so much more interesting than Safe.

  34. From valdosta

    It’s time for the writers to put EJ and Sami back together. Let Sami chase after EJ this time. Those two have a ton of chemistry together. They are the reason I still watch the show. Rafe needs to find another gig, he’s boring, boring, boring. NO Chemistry at all bewteen him and Sami and I hate the almost porno scenes between Rafe and Sami. EJ brought sexy back when he hooked up with Sami. Bring back the romance to the show and reunite EJ and Sami.

  35. From Dolly

    I agree, time for EJ and Sami to be together. Sami has always forgiven in the past. She would have this time too. Why the shooting of EJ. How are the writers going to fix it this time.

  36. From pam

    i agree with steel magnoliasm sami and e.j. have the right chemistry, and are so alike as characters.
    days would become a boring too good to be true show, if sami and rafe end up together.
    if you want happy families ever after dont watch days, watch another show, or one for the moral lessons for kids.
    sorry days is not for grade school kids.

  37. From Brenda

    Sammi should have never shot E.J.
    Im just so dissappointed that she would stoop that low. She was just going to marry the guy, then she is afraid he will take the kids? She should know better that he wouldnt get away with it.
    I actually think she should forgive him and he should forgive her and they should get back together again.

  38. From Brenda

    I actually felt sorry for EJ, even knowing what he did to his own daughter (kidnapping, telling everyone she was dead, etc).
    I thought he was learning his lesson and fell in love with Sammi again and all was becoming good..
    No reason for Sammi to shoot him…
    Im so disapointed in this story line. It makes me want to switch the channel… :(

  39. From maryl

    Down with Safe and back with EJ and Sami–forever this time! PLEASE! WRITERS, get your imaginations working right again!

  40. From kay

    I think sami is trying to pleased her father and grandma, they fell that the brady is too good for the dimera. sami got issues and she is far from being perfect. she started all this by keeping the pregnancy from ej,otherwise nicole would have never been able to take her baby. i would like to see ej/ariaanna and rafe/nicole together and let sami go to jail like lucas,maybe she can consider her ways. she always have to have a man. it was lucas and ej/ when lucas was in jail she turn to ej and was in love with him and when lucas came back she dump ej and made him feel like a nobody and beg lucas to take her back. she was jealous of how ej was treating nicole so special.

  41. From coogar

    After Kate tells Steffano that Chad is his son he will now be the new flavor of the month to run the DiMera fortune since. Remember how many time he changed his mind with Tony runnign the DiMera fortune. Steffano thinks EJ has brain damage after having admitted that he still loves Sammi. Have EJ try to fly away with the kids, Sami chases after him, gets stuck on the plane when it takes off. I hope hey wind up on a hidden, secret island in the tropics never to be seen again for 20 years!
    Please end \never give the fans what they want\ mentality at DOOL. If you aren’t going to put those two together get rif of them!

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