Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For August 26 & 27.

Leaving the altar and leaving town.

The sentencing hearing continues and Hope takes the stand. Listening to her talk about her ordeal sends the men who love her over the top. Bo and Baker can’t handle the misery. “That’s enough! You gotta stop. She’s suffered enough!” Bo yelps. Overcome with guilt, Baker decides to take the fall and changes his plea to guilty. Bo continues to worry and takes Carly home to bed so he can crawl up in her lap and talk about his wife.

The upheaval at Casa DiMera continues to slowly but surely unfold. Elvis resorts to begging. “Don’t let him do this to us, Samanther. Don’t. Don’t let him do this to us,” he says as Rafe eventually gets around to actually playing the CD. It turns out that it is actually proof enough for Sami to call off the wedding. EJ tries to defend what he did by telling Sami that he loves her. That doesn’t help. Rafe promises Sami that he will make EJ pay for what he did to her. Stefano fumes about the mess in his mansion and lectures his son for being an idiot and then finds Nicole so he can lecture her. “Oh my God! I’m a dead woman,” she panics.

At Maggie’s, Melanie tries her hand at knitting. They discuss the big Chloe pregnancy news and Maggie is suddenly inspired by the idea that leaving this town behind could be a really good plan. “Maybe it’s time for me to leave Salem,” she muses, no doubt causing Mel to panic. Meanwhile, Daniel and Chloe share their news with Victor, although it’s doubtful whether it will be the greatest thing he’s ever heard. And Maggie probably should leave town fast if she’s going to go because Vivian continues to plot to bury her alive and the sarcophagus has already arrived in town.

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  1. From Cindy

    Hope deserves everything she gets for being such a bitch to Bo and throwing away their marriage.

  2. From Tess

    Doesn’t it just make you puke watching Saint Hope get away with attempted murder of half of the men in Salem? Hope was such a bitch and now half of the stupid men are blaming themselves. What’s wrong with the men in Salem anyways? Beau is turning into a real dork of a doormat you could just throw up. Hope is the one who left Beau and not the other way around. And now Dr. Dick is taking the fall because he has the hots for her. I mean if it wasn’t for Dick, Beau would be dead. Talk about a stupid story line this has become.

  3. From dc

    dr baker is leaving the show so it would be right for him to take the fall and then hope would be let go, probably..
    and i am so glad rafe played the tape so sami can see what a fool she has been in trusting a dimera.
    i told ya’ll some time ago that this was gonna happen. ej will never change, after all folks he is a dimera..

  4. From Olive

    All I know is that this Sydnapping reveal has to be the longest reveal in history! Are you kidding me?!? They (ejami) started saying their vows on Mon and we STILL haven’t had the biggest bomb! Love watching EJ panic though – I guess it is worth the wait!! I just hope he goes to prison! But let Hope out. She was stupid and Bo was really stupid, but c’mon – it’s Hope and Bo…they BELONG together!

  5. From Old timer

    Looking forward to the day when Hope and Bo get back together. If all the Dimera’s never go to prison then why send Hope there? Can’t wait to get Carly out of Bo’s life. Also maybe this time, Vivian will actually be buried alive! Boy wouldn’t that be nice since she seems to come to town to bury people.

  6. From Laura

    I must admit that I have always been a Sami and EJ fan. (Don’t stone me yet, please!), but I do admit that after watching the last episode, Rafe has finally gotten his “cajones” back! How he went off on EJ for touching Sami and told her he loved her right in front of EJ was totally sexy! I have almost decided to be back on the SAFE train!

  7. From Laura

    You know EJ will never see a day of prison, since Victor decided to tell Nicole that he helped Rafe get to her. She will make a deal to say she manufactured the CD in exchange for her own life. Why else would there be a glitch in the tape when he was recording Nicole’s statement. She will say that she and Rafe cooked up the whole thing to get back at Sami and EJ. That will probably get Rafe suspended from the FBI, so she will get payback for him playing her. Thanks alot, Victor!!

  8. From nita

    Sami kidnaped her sister when belle was a baby.sami and ej belong together they are both crazy,sami has been that way for years,she tricked wills dad into sleeping with her ,he thought he was sleeping with carrie.if i remember right he was i said she has been nuts for years.

  9. From Dotty

    Oh, no, not again! Get a new writer! Years ago, Vivian buried Carly alive. Now she’s going to bury Maggie alive. Can’t you come up with anything new? This is getting sick!

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  11. From Olive

    Yeah Laura! Join the SAFE train – there’s always room for one more :-)

    And ITA NO MORE BURYING PEOPLE ALIVE!!!!! Been there, done that!

  12. From sherri

    I do not know where the writers are going with all these charactors leaving. The people who are left can not act. Salem will be a sadder place. It is a large cast and everyone is pushing for airtime, but the story lines are old and over done. The writers need to come up with something new. The burying people alive and its not his baby thing doesn’t cut it for the die hard Days fan. Who buys Mel as a nurse anyway, she had trouble passing high school. Carly had to come back there getting rid of rest of the decent charactors. I do wish Nicole and Brady would get together, something to look forward to everyday. Days please get it together before the cancellation notice comes.

  13. From sheila

    funny…i think all the people that are happy to see hope and bo split have to be relatively new to days otherwise you would think back and how theirs was the story book romance..they were the super couple they were part of the backbone of Days…and come on..really?? Having Old Viv do the “buried alive” routine again…

  14. From Robin

    Oh come on….enough already. Bo and Hope should be together; after all they are the new Tom and Alice. Put Carly with someone that doesn’t belong to someone else. Sami has loved every man in Salem; it is time to put her with one man. Put Phillip, Mel, Nathan, Stephanie, Daniel and Chloe on Melrose Place and turn them lose.

  15. From dinky

    I almost wonder if Days writer’s are doing this on purpose. the repeated storylines don’t make sense. Unless, the writer’s are on strike, on vacation, or are wanting to destroy the show. What’s up Days?! I love this show. I have been watching since 1987. You have a great fan base get it together or have you ( the writers) been instructed by someone to kill the show? Viv storyline makes no sense. you took a great character and made her useless and boring.

  16. From tina

    Nita, she tricked Austin into it but he wasn’t really the father. they revealed later that it really was Lucas.

  17. From Jolie

    I think we really should have seen the buried alive thing coming with the way the summer has gone with storylines. I hope they think enough of their fans to switch it up. What is Viv or even Victor ends up in the crypt by mistake? Mags will be out of convenient with the buryied alive story line coming…so know one will know to look for Vic. Or no one will even think to wonder about poor Viv. Poor Dr. Dick. I really liked him, with all his character flaws. He was the most interesting man in town and Salem always is in need of (yawn) interesting. I almost feel sorry for Carly now with Bo cuddling her but dreaming of his wife. Yeah, that relationship is in for a long ride. I don’t even know how to feel about Sami and EJ/Rafe. Maybe Elvis will go to prison for a week or 10 days and then what?? And where is Sami going to live with her brood of kids now? Did Absent Mom Marlena sell off the townhouse? They have no where. Well, maybe Lucas still has his large house that he bought for Chloe and will lend it to Sami since 2 of the brood are his. But I guess Wills will stay with his new best pal Stephano. I surely don’t blame him. Sami and EJ and their antics make Kate and ole Stephano look down right domesticated. So now we have only the who-is-the-babydaddy story line and the scenes shot to make it look like any of several folks with or without a stake in the outcome to have possibly messed with outcome of the paternity of Chloe’s babe in waiting. I am betting on someone absolutely out of left field like Dr Dan. But it will turn out to be a mistake and no one did it. Or that they all did it and someone didn’t get the result they wanted because someone else messed with the original. Problem with this story line…they had finally made Stephanie completely unlikeable so you don’t want golden boy Nathan to end up with her. Which is fine, make her a villian but make her aware that she is a villian. She is too wishy washy right now. I don’t think Sami has ever been wishy washy about what she is about to do to screw with the lives of others. She just did it because she wanted her own ending to things. Well, Stephanie, a stinker is a stinker. Go whole hog or stand back. Melanie was a pretty good villian so I don’t see her keeping up the sweet little girl act for long once it comes out that the baby is her husband’s and not her father’s. Uck, that sounds so degraded.

  18. From judy

    please don’t let someone get bried alive again. that is horrible and to scary to watch. if that happens i will no longer watch the show::: please just let victor and maggie get together and be good citizens of salem.

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