Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For September 6-10.

The murderous mothers of Salem.

Since he’s practically the only detective left in the town of Salem at this point, it falls to commissioner Bo to do the questioning in the Elvis shoot up. He quickly turns to some of the most obvious suspects, namely Sami and Rafe, for a little friendly interrogation. While the Salem PD is fumbling around, Stefano discovers that the gun used on his son is one from the collection that he keeps under his own roof. Meanwhile, Sami waits by EJ’s side to see if the angel of death will kick his bucket of life. She’s shocked when he ends up opening his eyes.

Her sarcophagus spending spree aside, Vivian continues to do all that she can to try and convince Philip that they are family now. But that won’t be easy since the edgy tycoon hasn’t exactly been in the mood to listen to her attempts to play mommy before. Meanwhile, Melanie is placed in an awkward position when she confronts Maggie about how she really feels about Victor and where she wants to take things with him.

When Melanie isn’t sticking her nose in Maggie’s business, she’s plotting the baby shower of the century for Chloe. Her mother decides to help her out with it, but Carly clearly has other damage control issues on her mind. Once again, she whips out her mama bear claws and growls at Vivian to stay away from the people who are dear to her heart.

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  1. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Melanie sure is Carly’s daughter – sticking her nose into everyone else’s business. I like the chemistry between Maggie and Victor, but do not believe they are suited for each other. Victor is still a crime boss and the rumors have the Dimera/Kirakis feud heating up again. Maggie maybe a Horton by marriage but she is a sweet gentle soul.

  2. From Nightmare

    I like Melanie, she’s a good little actress, I hope the writers don’t change her character..I do wish she wasn’t mixed up with the gangsters.I also hope Maggie doesn’t get involved with Victor..No good can come from it only heartache..Melanie should think twice about it before she has a baby with Philip, she will be in the same boat as Sami.

  3. From dinky

    I liked Mel when she was a little bad. Bring back a little bit of that survival instinct and wit.

  4. From MelZuniGirl

    I think Melanie is good for Phillip. But I think Phillip & Chloe’s affair will eventually come out. I’m not sure if Melanie will forgive Phillip or not. There is a possibility though. Nathan will make it difficult for Melanie because he is still in love with her. I think Nathan will figure out exactly what Stephanie did; the question is did Nathan switch the tests first and if so, what will Stephanie do when she finds out?

    I, too, like the flirting between Maggie and Victor, as long as it remains just flirting or a friendship. Can’t see Maggie tarnishing Mickey’s memory by being with someone like Victor (but then again Mickey was with Bonnie).

  5. From EJami Gone

    As a longtime EJami, I have been dis-respected enough! I have waited and waited and hoped beyond hope only to be disregarded once again. There is no longer any reason for me to watch Days. I hope the producers are confident about their decision to slap the faces or a large part of their audience.

  6. From Canadian_Gal

    I still think Philip changed the results.
    I too like Maggie and Victor flirting!

  7. From oddnana

    I fell bad for EJ is a way he is not always a bad person and he does realy love Samie.

  8. From OneDaysFan

    I can’t feel bad for EJ…probably a twist with the shooting. Knowing EJ and how he has schemed in the past, he probably shoots himself (maybe even by mistake) but finds out Sami thinks she shot him – then he will use it to his advantage to make her marry him again – against her will or keep her under his control somehow. Make it will be a stalemate sine Sami has the cd that proves EJ was behind the kidnapping. EJ & Sami are more fun as enemies.

  9. From Brenda

    I think Maggie and Victor are great together. I also think Days will miss the boat if they let Arianna go and not pair her with EJ. They are dynamite together! What chemistry!

  10. From MAB

    Maggie & Victor…I’m hoping these 2 are paired up together. I already see the goody-two-shoes are against it. Maggie is old enough & smart enough to do what she wants and who she wants to do it with. I don’t think there’s any doubt she will remain her own woman with her own values, and that will make her relationship with Victor even more interesting. They have the chemistry, and it’s more important to pair characters together that have chemistry, than the ones who don’t. Who cares if it goes against the norm. I think Maggie & Victor, like Sami & EJ, can make the storylines so much more interesting because there is so many places they can go with these characters, unlike a pair like Sami & Rafe…put them together and you’re done, nowhere else to go. I’m sure this pairing will really piss Caroline off, as we’ve already seen it has. Why should she care if Maggie & Victor are together? It’s so obvious she’s completely jealous…she can’t stand it that Victor is no longer alone pining away for her. Speaking of Caroline, I’m not too sure if I like the way they’ve changed her character as of late. She’s become kind of bossy and mean most of the time. I think it’s warranted in some situations, but why does she have to be mean to Maggie who has done nothing to her?
    Bo & Hope…get rid of Carly already Bo. What is your problem, and why does he continue to keep this woman in his house? If he kicks Carly out, I don’t think it should be because Ciara is acting out…it should be because he finally realizes how much he messed up, and how he only loves Hope and Carly was just a distraction. I think it will be a long road, but I think Bo & Hope will eventually find their way back to each other…where they belong!
    Nathan & Melanie…I’ve always liked these 2 together and hope they eventually get back together. Her relationship with Philip, IMO, is too forced. I still have a hard time with Stephanie and how she could love Philip so much one day, then the next act like Nathan is the love of her life. I think a lot of it is jealousy on her part too (must be a Brady thing). She couldn’t stand the fact that Philip & Nathan left her out in the cold while competing for Melanie. I wouldn’t mind seeing Philip & Stephanie back together, but I’ve kind of lost interest at this point.
    Dan & Chloe & Carly…really don’t care, but I’m looking forward to the baby thing coming out.
    Stefano & Kate…love them together and hope they stay that way.
    Brady & Nicole…hope they get back together…he should be in a lot more love scenes IMO…really like his character…he is my favorite next to EJ.
    Abe & Lexie…have a feeling they are having another child…glad she came to see EJ today, even though she doesn’t like what he did, at least she recognized his devastation and was there for him.
    Sami & EJ…well everyone knows how I feel about these 2…they belong together.
    Glad Ari is leaving and wish the rest of the Hernandez clan would take a hike too!

  11. From EJ fan

    look i dont know why but i love ej caractor even tho he realy bad guy you cant help but love him you see where he want to be good and loved by other so creat a family with sami i think it one bigest love story you know cant be together but cant help ruth for them becouse they like each other half sami is emotional and want to love and forgiven and ej both can be evil when they want something examply what sami did to sister for ustin and lukus ej has the same obcessive behaver for her becoues turly love her spoiled children. come on she shoot him what hypocreatical storyline isent sami change a good person what good person could to that to anther person and feel justifly i know people are gannato say look what ej did her but has equaliy the same to him comes to pain and still loves her shooting him tops it. the writer need a good love story sami could be their greatest story like sunny in general haspital and their gratest wedding story.

  12. From Kino

    No, Sami deserves better than that. I don’t want her and Elvis back together, not after what he did to her in keeping Sydney away from her. Rafe was the only man who really loved Sami and cared for her happiness. He put his on the line to make sure she and her children stayed together. Sami should move on with her life and let Elvis go to in jail.

    I think eventually Melanie will find out learn about Philip and Chloe’s affair and when she does, she’ll be heartbroken. I wonder how Daniel will feel when he discovers about their affair and that the child she’s carrying is really his son-in-law’s.

    Let Vivian do some investigation of her own and discover Kate’s secret that she kept from everyone. I want to see her learn about her enemy’s failed attempt to kill Chloe and Stefano by posioning their food. Let Vivian blackmail Kate again, this time by sending her “gifts” to her. Gifts in quotation meaning a padded envelope continung a note, a syringe and poison to the Dimera Mansion. That spice things up in Salem as Kate learns that Vivian knows her secret aside from her and Stefano.

    As for Nicole, I think Rafe is trying to protect her from Elvis because she had the evidence to prove his guilt.

  13. From lk

    ok i love sami and ej together their so good to watch it like marlana and john hope and bo it so good their like soul mate made for each their personality compliment each other both are stoborn realy trying too hard to be love becouse they feel they not wherthe off love becove of their misstake in life. i only watch the show for these two i realy want to see them together the chemistry is great between then also arianna and ej are good has friends they could even get together but i still think sami and ej are like made to be together also what up with sami shooting ej dosent make sence what he did wos bad but shooting i dont see how it could came that i dont know but i think it would be bad iff they naver get together again i love the short time they where together i couldnt stop watching the whole time becouse i realy miss the great love story days is famus for and happy to see them return to that with sami and ej finally sami and rafe are boring to watch it so dry you dant see the big romance they want us to see with them rafe is hot but i had more fun watching him and nichole together sami and him even arianna ej would be hoter then those too

  14. From maria

    hate that sami is already in bed with rafe,give her some time to adjust and grieve over ej’s depection. the writers love to draw out stories, then all at once let them end in 30 seconds.

  15. From maria

    like the chemsity between nicole and rafe. let him have to go to a safehouse and protect her. and let them fall in love

  16. From patsy

    I,m with you Maria ,Sami jumped in bed with Rafe way too soon .That just ruins Sami/Rafe love story for me . Its all about sex with them,NO Romamce there .Love Rafe ,JUST NOT WITH SAMI .EJ AND SAMI NEEDS TO BE TOGETHER.

  17. From dc

    glad to see rafe and sami back together..
    i can’t see maggie and victor together but they are really good friends..
    just wish bo and hope could get back together.. but then it would leave carly with no one unless they put her with brady or even back with daniel..
    there’s alot going on, i watch everyday to see what is next..

  18. From Clear

    Yes to Kino and dc. Safe is lookin’ good!

  19. From MsBoulder-CO

    I’m beginning to like Victor and Maggie too.I’ve stated before it would be nice to see some romance in the older characters.

    Melanie/Nathan/Phillip/Stephanie thing. Of course it will come out that Phillip and Chloe slept together and Phillip is the one who switched the test results. I don’t think Nathan is aware of the paternity test so he has no reason to switch them especially if he still wants Melanie. Right when we think Melanie and Nathan will finally get together though you know Stephanie will be pregnant for real though which will be another stopper.

    How stupid can Will be not to think Stefano didn’t know about the kidnapping. Can’t wait till that bombshell falls. I hope the writers won’t have Sami feeling sorry for shooting EJ if it turns out that she did. Then again, EJ will blackmail her once again into marrying him just like he did when Sami was getting back with Lucas.

  20. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    I wholeheartedly agree with you both Maria & Patsy. Sami just hopes from one relationship to another without even considering her children. Why can’t she be single and independent for once? Why always having to be with a guy and always having sex with them? Take care of your children! Where will she live now? Back at Marlena’s townhouse? Augh!!!!!

  21. From MsBoulder-CO

    I’m reading Kayla will come back to Salem and will find out who switched the paternity test which will be a big shocker. Could it be Victor, Vivian or even Daniel himself?

  22. From Noxie

    Sami and Rafe= *queue vomitting sounds*

    Why all the EJ deserves to pay for what he did to Sami? Hello. Does Sami not deserve to pay for what she did to EJ…and Lucas….and Brandon….and Austin. Please people. I love Sami she has been my favorite character since the day she came on screen. To pair her with Rafe is a snorefest. I prefer the Sami with that little streak of evil behind the eyes. I would love to see the potential she and EJ could have together. She would bring the good out in EJ, while he would bring alittle evil out in her. What fun that would be. But for some reason the writers like to rip them apart before there is ever the chance to explore that side of the equation.

  23. From Katherine

    Good Grief, I give up, at least for today. Thank god, you guys are not judging characters and people in real lif, we all be in trouble… at little almost kill here, there, a little test swapping here, there,lying in court, turning people like Step-dad on to drugs,kidnapping your sister,drugging a guy to make him sleep with you, a little rape here and there, oh do you guys rememeber Bill Horton rapted Laura, at the time Mickey Horton’s wife, and it resulted in Mike Horton. Well Laure married Her “rapist” Bill and they went on to have our wonderfule soap heroin Jennifer. So enough about E.J. raping Sami, Dool has done the story before, and somehow it works.Give it a chance, sometimes when you think, the story is not fair at the moment, keep hope, that it will work towards a solution we like, but in the meantime we need to drag on to fill the pages, or there is no story.
    As far as all the characters go, Sami, E.J. Nicole, Brade, Melanie, they grab us, they are good actors.People that think, Maggie and Vic be good, what’s wrong with you guys, Vic in his lifetime has done more crimes/killings,/Drug, etc. and E.J. can hope to do, but you guys are going throw Lool’s sweetheart Maggie at him ,,,, but Sami the ……..?????!!!!!!is to good for E.J. There are some real warped ??spellcheck… thinking out there. I hope it’s because we are talking about a soap and Not real life, Help

  24. From Katherine

    Oh, bye the way I forget to mention Bill Horton did go to Jail for what he did, that’s where he met Doug Williams, Julie’s husband now, Hope’s father, (he married Addie Horton, Alice and Tom’s daughter) Marie, Alice and Tom’s daughter, got pregnant by Tony, had an abortion, then killed Tony, but somehow it worked out, it always does if you are a Horton or a Brady. So we have to learn to live with all the”injustices in real life” and remember it’s just a soap…. like Grandma Judy said, Samie is just a little snot…..

  25. From Katherine

    Since Bo is practically the only detective left in town (Salem) he is the commiss, so does that mean Hope was the only detective on Salem’s police force. You know guys, sometimes you are just asking to be called stupid…. this info came from spoilers, so I am talking about spoiler writers…

  26. From Leah

    Days has done alot of these storylines before. I personally think they need some new writers I mean come on…. A BIG TWIST? What EJ gets shot on his wedding day to Sami AGAIN. This is old we did this storyline a couple of years ago. All we seem to be doing is going around in circles. Can’t the writers think of anything new?
    I reckon a big twist would have been to see that sly old fox Stefano still in control, still in charge and still calling the shots. I would have loved to see that Rafe was working for the big man all along. His assignment from Stefano… to keep an eye on Sami while pregnant with his grandaughter and to keep EJ and Sami apart. NOW THAT WOULD HAVE PUT THE CAT AMONG THE PIGEONS! I mean Mr Squeaky clean a dirty cop. To be honest after all his underhanded, illegal, bullying tactics the last few months I don’t find it too hard to believe. Rafe acts all self righteous but hasn’t revealed much about himself and has shown he’ll do whatever it takes (regardless of the law) to get his way! He’s cunning and manipulative. Let’s remember Nicole called it off NOT him that night. If it meant sleeping with her to get his way Rafe would have. BUT I THINK RAFE SUMMED HIMSELF UP BEST HIMSELF when he said “Nicole you think you have problems with EJ. EJ has nothing on me, I’m gonna make your life hell.”
    Rafes not adding up… what’s that saying? Sami better the devil you know!

  27. From Olive

    It’s so good to see Rafe and Sami together – they have the best, hottest chemistry. I LOVE seeing EJ flipping out – he deserves every second of it. Oddly enough, he’s just furious that his sins are out, not that he lost Sami.

    Chloe/Daniel = boring!

    LOVE Victor/Maggie

    I don’t want Will to be so naive…he should grow up.

    And seriously, what is with Lexie? Why on earth would she comfort him?? She’s a Dimera through and through.

  28. From Katherine

    Hey #23 Leah, I think you are on the something, like your thinking…..

  29. From Grandma Judy

    Maybe after the whole Chloe/Philip issue comes out, they will be an item like they were for a while several years ago I liked them together. I agree with those who are sorry Ari is going off the show. My husband walked through the room one day when she was on screen and he’s like “whoa, who is THAT?” He really thinks she’s beautiful. I think so, too, and liked her and EJ together. Had hoped the writers would develop that. Rafe today, oh, be still my heart, – those eyes!

  30. From Olive

    Interesting Nicole’s take on EJ…she’s pretty right on – I’m sure somehow they’ll make it look like Sami shoots EJ, but she probably really doesn’t…stupid and overdone. Just let him suffer, go to prison, get beat up, maybe really turn his life around and get back together with Nicole!

  31. From Caroljean

    OMG I can’t stand Rafe. He can’t act worths a tinker’s dam and he’s the worse cop ever. He breaks the law then points to EJ for “breaking” the law. I no longer want Sami with EJ either. She’s a tramp and just isn’t good enough for EJ. Bring a really, sexy, hot, tall woman on the show for EJ and let Sami bore herself to death with Rafe. I no longer care who she’s with, I can’t stand her – she was only tolerable when she was with EJ. He made her shine. Alone she sinks.

  32. From Susan

    So disappointed in Sami and Rafe right now. The kids really needed them. Johnny was so sad at having to leave his daddy. She should have stayed with them and explained what was happening instead of leaving them with someone else while she and Rafe left to have sex. Very disappointed. I can not root for this couple. They are both very selfish. EJ and Nicole are criminals, but they showed the kids more love than Sami with Rafe.

  33. From bolr

    i just saw a video
    ej knows sami shot him
    he blackmails her into marrying him
    so she says yes
    cause if she didnt he would use that
    to keep the kids from her

  34. From Leah

    Susan your RIGHT ON! It is bad writing and bad taste to have Sami sleep with Rafe on the very night that should have been her wedding night to EJ. In fact I think its plain right disgusting! And as for Sami being mother of the year – NOT! The kids are in the usual place they are when Sami and Rafe are together…. that is, being baby sat by someone else so they can bonk. I mean lets be real…. the kids hear mummy and daddy fighting on their wedding day, mummy and daddy are upset and angry, mummy and daddy don’t get married, mummy won’t let us stay at home with daddy and takes us away while we see daddy crying. Then we are dropped off at grandmas so mummy and go off and bonk Rafe that night and all the next day. WHAT A LOAD OF TRASH! Poor example of motherhood. Poor kids…. at least when Sami is a hands on mum and takes responsiblity with EJ because she follows his lead. EJ has always been a hands on dad. As for Rafe he’s an arrogant jerk and got what he wanted Sami in his bed. For Rafe the kids come down the list as long as his needs are being met. I hope Sami shoots EJ and that when it all comes out if there is not an Ejami reunion that EJ gets full custody.
    Sami likes to cry wolf but it is her own lies, deception and manipulation that continually get her into trouble. Cry me a river Sami… I’m over your rubbish! As for the Bradys the whole family is a bunch of hypocrites. Couldn’t understand and see why EJ did what he did (payback for Sami’s lies) yet when the truth of Sami shooting EJ comes out what ducking and weaving trash will they give us. Oh poor Sami – NOT!
    I love Sami but am not blind to her faults.

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  36. From ohiogirl

    Wow! i just finished watching Days at 4:00 a.m., and am here on this site DESPERATE to know what happens to E.J….(that James Scott could sell ice to an eskimo!)
    Seemes everytime a Days star gets nominated for an Emmy, we lose them from the show. He SOOOO deserved to win it. He is hands down my all time favorite male actor on Days.(I still love Roman though!) The wedding scenes with Alison Sweeney were riveting.
    With the ‘preview’ of E.J. on the bed in the room he and Samantha were to spend their wedding night, devastated and drunk, I was afraid his role as E.J. had come to a conclusion…Truthfully, if this were a novel with an end, it would make sense, however, the more perfect end is that Samantha can’t accept that she and E.J. are soulmates, and is constantly pushing him away, afraid to admit that she is more like E.J., than her vision of being the perfect daughter that she wants to be for her beloved Dad. Rafe is who she WANTS to love…E.J. is who she knows deep down she loves and is spending her life fighting it. They say in a crowded room, two disfunctional people will find each other. Sami and EJ are the perfect ‘co-dependants’…but my guess is that these two would bring out the best in each other, story-wise !

  37. From maryl

    Since the witers can only tap into storylines that have already been done, I’m wondering if they will borrow some of John’s history and put EJ in a state of amnesia due to head trauma. Maybe EJ won’t know who he is or what he has done, kinda like John. He won’t remember being a DiMera or Stefano’s son. Wouldn’t remember his children or Sami? This would be sad for the children but should make Sami & Rafe very happy! UGH! But then, look how things turned out for Momma Marlena and John.

  38. From maryl

    PS Need to add–maybe EJ will become the new John and Chad will become the new EJ!

  39. From MAB

    Katherine made some great points about the rape incidences on Days. I’m so tired of the EJ haters continuing to play the rape card when the writers clearly allowed Sami to forgive him. I know this is just a soap and that’s why we can enjoy these crazy storylines, but it’s not at all fair that the law seems to only applies to villains such as the DiMeras, yet the law doesn’t seem to apply to the Bradys or Hortons (other than Hope).
    I’ve always been a Sami fan, even with all the things she’s done, I still route for her, but I can’t believe the writers making one the most popular Days character act this way. Plain and simple, she is NOT the real Sami when she is with Rafe. I just can’t stomach them together. It’s so obvious their relationship is forced, with the added fact of NO chemistry (he had more chemistry when he was making out with Nicole). I think the potential of Sami & EJ together would be amazing, as we’ve already seen the past few months (and I also think the same thing about Maggie & Victor). When there’s that much potential for a couple, and they have that much chemistry, well the writers are idiots if they don’t act on it. And it shouldn’t matter what family you come from on the show, if should matter what couples make for better storytelling.
    I believe the time will come for Sami & EJ and Maggie & Victor. There are things that happen on the show we don’t like or agree with, but I keep watching no matter what because I love this show and want it to stay on the air, unlike others who tune it out just because they don’t like what’s going on. Hey if I can watch and suffer thru watching the nauseating scenes of Sami & Rafe together, then no one else should have a problem.
    I think it’s only a matter of time until we find out who the real Rafe is…he is not what he seems IMO…Sami knows nothing about him, yet she trusts him completely…at least she knows EJ and know what he’s capable of…I still believe one day Sami will be running from Rafe right back to EJ.
    Caroline preached to Ari that her loyalty lies with family. Well if that’s a true statement for the Bradys & Hortons to follow, then why not the DiMeras? Why shouldn’t Lexie be there for EJ? After all he is her brother and he is in a bad place right now, regardless of what he did, and I loved that she was there for him.

  40. From OneDaysFan

    I find EJ & Sami to be a snooze fest so I FF or tune them out. Honestly, there’s not much to watch on Days right now because the storylines are the same as they were years ago…same stories just different characters. Sami belongs with Rafe right now. I think it would be more interesting to see a Rafe/Sami/Lucas triangle. EJ needs to fall in love for real with someone else. Someone he can be himself with and not have to try to control or scheme against – Sami is not that person. Their flame is out – has been for a long time.

    Days used to be so much fun to watch back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. There were so many couples to root for, but Days has gotten away from that in the past 2-3 years. So many people have turned away from Days because of it. There are no really happy couples left on Days – right now Sami is with Rafe, but how long will that last when she is found out to be the shooter? You have to have some good couples (Bo/Hope, Sami/Rafe or Sami/Lucas, Nathan/Melanie, etc) to root for. People watch TV shows for the stories and fun. When the show becomes dull and boring the show will end (just look at the primetime shows). All shows loose their luster once in awhile, but it has been YEARS since Days was at the top of its game and at the top of the ratings. New head writers need to watch past episodes (at least 10 years back) to see the history of the characters before they are allowed to write for the show.

  41. From MAB

    I once routed Sami & Lucas, but they proved time and again they could not have a healthy relationship, especially after he married Carrie and he was so cruel to Sami. I was so done with them at that point. They are better off as friends, as it proved to be a more healthy relationship for them both. I always wished Lucas could’ve had a good relationship with someone, but that never happened. They never could seem to find him a soulmate so I guess that’s why they removed his character from the show. I think him & Ari would have been a good match. If I had to choose between Lucas & Rafe, well hands down, I would choose Lucas.

  42. From carol a.

    I just watch to see what’s happening next. Don’t care who’s with who. Don’t care to get in an argument like many on here do just because someone likes a couple & some don’t. I for one don’t like Bo & Hope, Chloe & Dan,Vic & Viv. To name a few. Phil & Mel are great, Steph & Kate, & I really like Vic & Mags. But all in all, I
    don’t care who they pair up. It’s all in the writers hands anyway.
    So who cares. It’s so fun to
    watch every day to see what
    happens next. So everyone should
    just enjoy instead of being so opinionated. It’s good to have an opionion, but some of these, geez, you would thinks it’s the end of the world if they don’t like when someone else doesn’t like the same character.

  43. From MAB

    OneDaysFan…I’ve watched the show since the 70’s and I agree the show is totally different now, but then again so are the times. Yes, there were a lot of couples to route for back then, but most of them were rarely happy because there was always some kind of turmoil going on to keep couples apart, because it usually spelt doom for a happy couple and I guess it pretty much still does. I agree there needs to be couples to route for still, but for me and a lot of others, it’s not couples like Sami & Rafe, it’s couples like Sami & EJ and Maggie & Victor. And the flame between Sami & EJ is far from out…it’s just been turned down while she’s wasting time with Rafe.

  44. From Doris JJ

    I loved the outfit that Kate wore yesterday. For a change she looked good and dressed closer to her age, and it wasn’t skin tight. I also liked her standing up to Stefano. Think it is funny that he wants Will to believe he didn’t know about it and his voice is on that tape.
    Can’t imagine why Kayla will help Stephanie find out who changed the test results. How are they going to explain Steph knowing about it and the test change enough to have Kayla look into it.

  45. From Grandma Judy

    carol a. – that’s an excellent comment you posted.
    I am glad to read that today Nicole will remind EJ that originally he kicked Sydney out when he found out Nicole had faked her pregnancy. She kinda knows who he really is. Interesting she will be so impressed with Daniel when he saves her from EJ!

  46. From patsy

    Ohiogirl I agree with you 1oo%.Ijust wished the writers would agree.I know it is just a soapopera but it is suppose to be a good love story that is what soap started out to be .nOT THIS DEPRESSING STUFF THEY HAVE NOW.

  47. From wanda

    i agree with MAB and patsy noxie ik and ejami ….. i still want to know the bad stuff on rafe and you all know its there so he ant sooooo good.

  48. From Canadian_Gal

    That was pretty gruesome today!! Be forewarned tomorrow…

  49. From Katherine

    I think when we challenge each other about things – good or bad- characters are doing, we all know it’s a story – but we can’t help have our own moral judgement come out,and judge things writers make the actors do as if in almost real life. We all know Rape is wrong, killing is wrong, messing with your kids and giving them selfish parents, wrong, but without all these way out things happening on the soap, we wouldn’t watch, we wouldn’t disagree with each other. So when we all pipe off, it’s fun, we stand up in our statements for what we think is right or wrong, but of course we forget and forgive as the years go on. Nobody in real life would like to have Sami as their Daughter-in-law knowing what this girl is capable of doing, or Kate, or Stefano, or Victor, etc. but on the soap we love bad guy go good, like E.J. he has to hit buttom all the way, and then some, before he can find his way back, after all his mother Susan was o.k. maybe she’ll come back and bring out the good in him again, because we all know there some good in him, no denying that/ but all this take month and years, or the saga be over. I think all of you are great, even Grandma Judy that thinks of all the things Sami has done over the past 20 or so years, is just a snot — Grandma Judy, you’re great, love reading your comments, and of course MAB and Maryl, etc.

  50. From Jess

    i think it was carly who switched the results of the tests. we know it wasn’t stephanie and if it was phillip he would have wanted to raise his child, even at the risk of losing melanie. remember the belle/sean/phillip triangle? i think this will come out, daniel won’t forgive chloe and he’ll leave heartbroken and melanie will not forgive phillip or chloe. if days is really coming to an end, this will be his and melanie’s exit to a hospital somewhere else.

  51. From Jess

    oh, and i would like to see bo and hope get back together in the end as carly gets shipped out of town for switching the results. bo and hope is a true love story and should remain that way. sure, they had a rough spell but they can fix it. i would love to have seen sean and belle brought back by the way, fresh faces but old characters to continue the brady saga. phillip could go evil and could become the new evil family when an ailing stefano finally passes. there is a whole new generation of soap fans rising and younger faces with new story lines would be nice. just saying………

  52. From Olive

    Really Sami?!?!? Rafe saved your bacon like 5 minutes ago and you’re already lying to him! Why can’t she ever learn just one lesson?!?!?

  53. From Katherine

    I think Rafe right now is such an UNKNOWN the writers can go any direction with him, specially now that they taking away his sister, down the road, unless the writers are finding another romance for him,he’s gone, because all of us know Sami will be back with Elvis, sooner or later, that’s the way the soap turns….

  54. From Nightmare

    Yes I agree with Grandma Judy #45 Carol a. did hit the nail on the head. I myself rearly watch DOOL on the tv anymore, I like to come on site and read whats happening each day.( we are about 12mths behind here)so its good to just read ahead, my day is pretty busy so I don’t worry if I don’t see it.

  55. From Olive

    Am I REALLY supposed to feel sorry for a guy who’s face is all contorted, but can’t even eek out a tear?!?

  56. From Grandma Judy

    OMG, that little SNOT shot EJ today! Haaa!!! My snot remark about Sami did get some attention, didn’t it?! I was trying to explain the difference, as I see it, between Sami’s misdeeds and EJ’s. But there is really no one word to describe Sami. She is a snot, she’s a brat, she’s immature, coniving, manipulative, selfish, etc., etc. And she’s a liar. As Olive said, Sami lied again today, telling Rafe she was talking with her Grandma and not the truth that it was Kate and what Kate had told her. But even with all that against Sami, to me she is not deep down in the heart and gut evil. But I think EJ is. Some will ask if Sami shooting EJ wasn’t evil. No, to me it wasn’t born out of evil. It was an act of desperation and, although shooting EJ was a criminal act, Sami is not a criminal. To me, EJ is a criminal. I know some on this site agree with me and know what I’m saying. Others strongly disagree and that’s OK.
    By the way, I don’t usually watch the Jerry Lewis Telethon Labor Day weekends, but FYI to those of you who might be watching, Alison Sweeney (Sami) will be on at some point. Also, I read that there is a witness to the shooting. I’m thinking it was Arianna, since she supposedly finds out what Sami did but gets run over before she can tell. But maybe she found out some other way and there is someone else who was the witness.

  57. From Sharon

    Grandma Judy…agree totally with you! And today Dr. Dan called EJ a “mobster”….anyone else notice that?? I have not seen a live interview with J. Scott, who I believe portrays EJ, but I have read comments he has supposedly made. Can you say “big ego problem”????? sure sounds like it. There is just something creepy about him..sorry, that is how he appears to alot of us.

  58. From Katherine

    I still stand by it, Sami has done many many criminal acts and deed in her lifetime, she just always got whitewashed because the story had to on. I saw her since she started with Dool, criminal deeds no doubt about it.
    still don’t know about her son Will, was he the shoooter the first time around, and is he the shooter now. I mean he had the “Best Mother Sami” a wonderful homelife, maybe neither Sami or E.J. should raise the children, give them a chance in life….and if Sami real is the shooter, my God lucky kids, Mommie tried to kill Daddy. Sami needs to go to rehab sometime to get real help, cronic liar etc. but again … it’s a soap.. lets not be to hard on the little snot. Does anyone remember when Lucas was burned and he has in a Hospital out of State, Sami went there, sat by his bed, her face twisted in pure evil, wishes him dead, dead, it was so scary and sickening to watch that evil woman,and now she has been very good hanging on the both, E.J. and Rafe.playing them, and even in Bed with Rafe today, first thing out her mouth again, Lies, lies, so much for good honest relationships, it will never happen with Sami…

  59. From Michelle

    Todays episode, at the end, is where Sami shoots EJ, supposedly in a moment of insanity. Well, if that is the case, she sure didn’t play the part very well! She saw the gun, you could see the struggle on her face about what to do, her hesitation in actually doing it. That is NOT temporary insanity! She would have seen the gun, grabbed for it and shot without a moment’s hesitation if it was insanity!
    And going there from being in bed with Rafe after lying to him again about the phone call from Kate – come on, she was totally in her right mind!

  60. From cassie

    #58, Rafe is NOT an unknown. He has lots of fans. HE is days new golden boy. His sis is gone but he isnt going anywhere. Why would a woman want a man who lied about their child dying? A crazy woman thats who. EJAMI is OVER.

  61. From cassie

    Adding to #58. I meant to say number 51.Katherine

  62. From Michelle

    Rafe is a total unknown! What have we ever known about him, besides the fact that he’s a rogue FBI who can bend any rules/laws he wants, and was so suspect in his fiancee’s death his would be sister-in-law tried to do him in? NOTHING, that’s what! It’s obvious that the writers put him and Sami back together because there is going to be some shocking revelations coming out about his past. If he was so saintly, they wouldn’t put them together, because that would be plain boring and no good for ratings!

  63. From maryl

    #55 Sharon, you obviously don’t know the British very well. They always come off as a bit arrogant mostly because they seem to have more class than most of us. James Scott does not appear to be a person who goes along with just anything. He lets people know what he thinks whether they like it or not. I think that’s being honest and not a pansy. And talk about creepy, if I woke up next to the Rafe character I’d probably scream my head off thinking there are two big black tarantulas on the pillow beside me only to realize they are his eyebrows! A golden boy– he is not! Scruffy and needing some clean up– he is!

  64. From Katherine

    to Cassie 58. The characer RAFE is to us viewers an unknown, therefore the writers can go in any direction with him, there have to be some big secrets about him, it could get very interesting…. James Scott and Allyson are great actors to bring out all these emotions in us, the writers can write all kinds of things but the actor brings life to the words and they do…..

  65. From Nightmare

    Yes Sharon #55 I did notice they called him a mobster. Thats what they are mobster, gangsters and they employ hoods to do a lot of their dirty work for them. I wouldn’t call him creepy I think he’s attractive but his EJ character makes him ugly.I guess beauty comes from within. Evil overpowers beauty. I think if he were playing the part of Brady he would be perfect and Maryl that would be one tarantulas that can put his shoes under my bed anytime..

  66. From carol a.

    I like your writings Nightmare. Always just my thoughts too.
    I believe Nicole took that long drink cuz she’s also going to E.J.’s. I think Sammi will put the gun down, & Nicole will see her leaving, think she did it after she goes upstairs & sees. But someone else was in the house & did it. But then, in the previews, I saw blood on his head, so Maybe sammi does do it. But it could be another who done it. Who had motive. Everyone.
    And why is Kate worrying so much about will finding out she may have known about the sydnapping & think she’s evil. My god, it’s already known she tried to poison Chloe. She IS evil. Will should have disowned her for that, if anything. Makes me laugh that’s all.

  67. From Grandma Judy

    So maybe Nichole is the witness I mentioned reading about, – that there is a witness to what Sami did. Or could also be Will, since he said there was something he had to do first, before talking with his Mom. Could be several people, I guess, who witnessed it. You’re right, Carol a., there was blood streaming down the side of EJ’s face after the gun Sami was holding went off so I’m thinking the spoilers are right and she does shoot him. Guess she throws the gun in the water at the pier today.

  68. From Dee

    The British have more class than we do, really? What is the meaning of being a classy person. I don’t know if James Scott is arrogant or not and IF he is, it is not a matter of being British. There are a lot of actors, athletes and so called “personalities” who are arrogant and full of themselves.

  69. From Nightmare

    Only a mother knows how far she would go to protect her children. You couldn’t really blame Sami in her frame of mind having had Kate warn her and knowing what the Dimera’s are capable of too But all the same I hope she didn’t, I hope someone else slipped in and shot him.I guess its in the hands of the writers. We need to pick their brains as to why they write what they do.

  70. From Nightmare

    Thanks carol a. I like your writings too. I’m not sure if its goodmorning or goodnight where you are but its past my bed time here. Take Care

  71. From carol a.

    Hey nightmare, how’s it going. I don’t know about the times, but when I posted this morning it says
    5:14 am, but it was really only around 8:am. Don’t know why that is. NOt sure of the time change with the U.S. & Austrailia. I’ll ask my husband, he’s good with all that. Must be hard for you to read all this stuff when you haven’t seen it yet. You’re pretty far behind. Does it spoil it for you to read what hasn’t happend yet? Happy soap watching to ya.

  72. From maryl

    #63 Nightmare–Ha! Ha! Great response! Glad we still can show that we have a sense of humor in all this “war of charged emotions”. I, therefore, will leave Rafe at your disposal to do whatever you want with him! (Ha!)

  73. From Katherine

    When Sami went held the gun, E.J. had no blood on him, the she aimed, we heard the sound of shot/with silencer, there was blood. But I didn’t see Sami’s hand/arm/body move, so I think the shot came from behind her. We know the gun came from the drawer and I read the gun came from Stefano’s collection in the house.I don’t think Sami did it, but was so disturbed or what?? that in her state she thinks she did.. I mean she stands there aiming, totally freaked out and the next thing she sees is blood. Somebody that knew where Stefano kept his gun collection had to do it. The writers are not going to make Sami the killer or almost killer – of her children. There is no witness only the real killer, I think, could be so wrong.

  74. From renee

    Where was Will at and wasn’t Sami standing on the opposite he was shot on? I can’t believe Stefano left his son at home by his self. The way he was acting and just told Kate to leave for a little bit.

  75. From sherri

    EJ is not dead. Sorry, not a good story line. Sami still loves him. Rafe is to good two shoes for her. Charactors are dropping like flies in Salem. Just think if Mel is a or nurse and Nathon can be a surgon, the people of Salem are safe. The mean nurse was right. It was only his name that allowed him to do that. Finally someone with a brain in that hospital. I guess the writers think we work in hospitals that has less than 2 people in the OR. Ok this was dumb move on the writers part. This would have been the perfect opportunity for Lexi to do something medicaol. She needs some lines.

  76. From Olive

    Grandma Judy and Sharon – right on! EJ is bone-chillingly, lack of heart and soul, evil. And evil must be destroyed! I think Sami’s act was one of total frustration and desperation. Even Nicole said she’s never be safe as long as EJ was alive…I kinda think she’ll be the witness – I loved it when she and Sami where friends. Let’s dump Chloe, who is never really anyone’s friend. Oh, and how about Dr. Dan and Nicole?!? Think about it!

  77. From Sharon

    Thanks,Olive! If Chloe and Philip are so “worried about their secret”, then why do they keep meeting, and usually the first thing they say is “…when we slept together”….I mean, get real. Shut up,and just forget about it. You almost wish Dr. Dan would find out, so it would be out in the open!! And I thought the operating room scene was laughable….so glad they are in our local hospitals!!

  78. From amanda

    if ej dies i will not watch any more.. he is the guy i would marry if he werent in the script of day time television…i hate caroline i think she is mean and nosey, i may be “stuck in the story” but ej lives(temultously with sami) raf is not necessarry, and his sister can go with him. I want marlena, john, sami, lucas, ej ect,ect stefeno and that whole saga back to incorporate the appropriate “cast” dimera, brady and kiriakis.

  79. From renee

    But if you put Nicole with Dan who could they match Caryl with. Put Rafe with Nicole and Sami will end up with Ej some how. She was stupid to go over to the house.

  80. From Linda

    Thank goodness EJ is not dead. Rafe and Sami are boring. They don’t click. There is fire between Sami & EJ. He is one good looking English HUNK.

  81. From Katherine

    I have read in Sept. a Lady prison warden will join Dool. Will it be for Hope/Sami/E.J. ???
    I think we will see a very slow process but interaction somehow will happen between Nicole and Sidney. That story is not dead. If Sami goes to jail, she might be just the one to pick Nicole to take of Sid for her. Strangers things have already happened on this soap. Since we will never get to much right or wrong on a soap, lets go for sizzle, lets be entertained. Loved the scences today on the dock, Vic, Stfano, Kate and then Maggie joining, love to see more of those two couples, getting tired of just all the young ones having love problems, intrigue, those guys could be so exciting to watch, they are all my age. Writers please show us, there is life and excitment in us “older folks” we still have blood, love and lust in us, we still have many days and Sand left in our hourglass. How about that Gram Judy, I am a proud Gram too……

  82. From Days Fan

    Ok anyone else think Rafe is annoying? Yeah he may be the good guy but a tad push. Ok Rafe we get it already! Would really like yo see EJ and Sami together again, they are great to watch. Besides Sami had no room to judge, they balance each other out. Who knows maybe they can help each other grow to be better people.

  83. From renee

    That sounds good Katerine about the couples on the pier. And Nicole does love Sidney I hope there is a story about Nicole being in her life somehow. Because she did find out the truth about EJ and she should be thankful for that.

  84. From Katherine

    Thank you Renee, all this could be such heartwarming stories, we can still have hot stuff,Crime etc. but we haven’t had good old Romance/love/interaction between old and young and not just about advice, let the old characters maybe need advice sometime, and have hot and heavy stuff going in their lives. Viva la OLDIES, BUT HOT INSIDE….Give us some more of that writers, not all of it, but come on bring us back, we are alive and well and still able to love and ….wellllll my dear only you guys know yourself…

  85. From carol a.

    HI nightmare, My hubby says it’s about 16 hours or so behind us her in the USA. Tonight is thursday, so it’s probably yesterday for you.
    I was thinking the same, maybe someone was behind Sammi & she thought her gun went off. But why would she keep it & throw it off the pier. I guess Nicole never went over there after all. Good thing. I think Viv is insane & don’t like her one bit. After all this, I hope Vic gets rid of her.

  86. From carol a.

    I’m sorry, typo. I meant to say behind us (here), not her. sorry.

  87. From Grandma Judy

    Katherine, yes!!
    Grandmas rock . . . . and Roll!!
    Love the grandkids but in our alone time, romance is the name of the game!! Would love to see some of that on screen on Days!!

  88. From Katherine

    You go Gram Judy, would’nt itfun if we coud write a section of Dool episodes, we all would rock, ha lets dream on. Well, lets just get ready and see what they are going to put us through next, we’ll watch it and then we can b… and complain, and love end enjoy every minute of it or otherwise we would have tuned out and have nothing to talk about, God bless..

  89. From Clear

    I hated to see Sami shoot EJ. Yes, he’s evil, but a most valuable villain. Couldn’t the writers come up with anything better? Now Nicole won’t have to worry about him for a while. Sami will be overwhelmed with guilt I’m sure. I’m not interested in seeing her cry and be guilt ridden again! I wanted to see her free, happy and Safe! Now, it’s another problem she’s gotten herself into again!!!

  90. From Nightmare

    Hi Laddies and thanks carol a. 16 hours behind, so right now its 5.30 pm on friday here so must be 2.30am friday morning there, mmmm so I guess your all tucked in bed asleep and I’m getting tea, amazing.It has been pouring rain all day here, so much for spring. In answer to your Question as to reading it before I see it I guess it takes away the element of surprise but I like to know whats going to happen ahead. I don’t alway get to see the show so this way I never miss out.
    I’m sorry the writers got Sami to do what so many others wanted to, not fair on the kids..
    I don’t think he will be dead and besides look what Stephano did to John…raised him from the dead twice..I alway wondered why he didn’t bring Tony back from the dead.. Have a good day Ladies

  91. From carol a.

    Wow, it’s now 9:10 am friday for me here in Pa. I guess you are ahead of us then. I’d love to visit Austrailia. Love those Koalas.
    I’m an animal lover, although I do hunt, sounds weird I know. We are in our summer here, getting close to fall, for the archery season.
    Nice talking to ya.
    I think maybe Sammi will go to jail. Or maybe just the jail scenes will be for hope. I’m confused. It could also be for E.J. too. But I guess he won’t be punished for anything. Chloe is making me so mad at how adle brained they have her being. She never used to be so stupid. And Sammi, why would she lie to Rafe again. He is sexy I know, but I can see he’s a little boring too. Get things going for him with another woman & we could see some fun sides to him. I for one like him. So glad not to see Hope for about a week. And I am so tired of 2 days of Nicole crying.
    Please bring back Lucas.

  92. From Grandma Judy

    Sami is already on the path of ruining her relationship with Rafe. From the spoilers, I guess she does finally confess to him what she did, and then he resigns from the FBI so he can hide her secret. How nuts is that?! I don’t want Sami with EJ and would rather see her with Rafe but not sure he will be able to continue to forgive her for being her. I feel Sami shot EJ out of pure desperation and I can understand that, considering all that has happened and then for Kate to tell her EJ planned to take the kids away. But lying to Rafe AGAIN, twice now since the sydnapping truth came out, after all he has done and gone through to bring the truth to her, is a repeat of one of Sami’s worst traits. You know how there are some people in real life who just don’t seem to be able to be happy and they continue to ruin things for themselves? That’s Sami.

  93. From Doris JJ

    I was wondering the same thing about Nathan doing his first surgery and the only person with him is Melanie? I guess budget didn’t allow any extras.
    Spoilers say that Will is the one that heard Sami calling for EJ and then she ran out of the mansion with a gun. I’m hoping she didn’t pull the trigger either. Another story we will have to wait to see what happens.
    Then the car hitting Ari will be another story they drag out.
    I think that Brady and Nicole will get back together. Spoilers said both are drinking and they are the ones to save Maggie from being put int the coffin and put Viv instead. I could be wrong but since Ari is leaving, you never know.

  94. From Priscilla

    No Salem only has the Hospital, Drug Dealers and everyone else works at the Salem P.D. Must be a very boring city to live in

  95. From Katherine

    That look of pain on Stefano’s face when he found his son..Did you see, they shaved Elvis’s head for the surgery, the writers are getting real… All I could see is Sami’s right hand, making love to Rafe. Sex before and after shooting someone, right hand shoot – left hand Ring..
    His son almost dead, the first thing at the Hospital, Stefano can say, whoever did this will pay, Revenge.. that is Mob mentallity, Victor is no different. All the Salem people must also own stock on the pier, they are always there running into each other.
    I would like to see Vic, Stefano, Elvis sometimes without a suit and tie, just being comfortable at home, picture Vic and Stef in Cozy Pants.

  96. From Rick

    No wonder this soap didn’t win any emmy’s.It’s the same thing over and over.They drag everything out for months at a time.I can watch the show and tell you what will happen the next few days.I never saw where people can go to a hospital all the time and act like they do.It’s really starting to get BORING.

  97. From Becky

    It makes me sick when all you hear is Sammy saying she misses her kids but when Raf says you want to go and be with you children,she says i would rather stay here with you.Get the heck out of rafs bed and go be with your children that you miss so much.I hope she doesn’t open a day-care.Not only do they need different police,but i think they also could use some different doctors on the show.

  98. From Grandma Judy

    Vic and Stefano sitting in a recliner in their underbriefs, cocktail in hand. Shoes and socks still on! Love the visual . . . .

  99. From brismom

    SamiSamiSami…that gal sees more action than the slide at a water park. Tsk.
    And Vivian? Wouldn’t it be ironic as Hades if Carly figured out what was going on and put her in the sarcophagus meant for Maggie? A little taste of her own medicine, for once. LOL

  100. From barbara

    i just watched porn in the middle of the day! i don’t like such explicit sex anytime, but mid-day?? also, if ej dies (leaves) i will, too. it’s hard to know who shot him, but he’s the best thing they’ve got going on the show. i am sick of bo and carly and dan and chloe, rafe and vivian, too

  101. From Grandma Judy

    brismom, – the spoilers say Nicole and Brady find out and they DO put Vivian in the sarcophagus. Can’t wait!
    And I read this morning that there is a twist to the paternity test switch and neither Chloe or Phil did it. I’ve been thinking it was Phil or Carly so that leaves Carly but she may not be the “twist” they are talking about. Do you suppose the baby really is Daniel’s?!

  102. From brismom

    o.O Grandma! Your news about darling ole Viv just brightened my whole day!
    I considered Phillip, but figured Carly “doctored” the paternity test to spare her daughter’s feelings. Hmmm.

  103. From bobbie

    What I would do is have EJ come back and have a new personality can’t remember anyone, and be real sweet.
    I love EJ, if he leaves so will I.
    I also like Rafe, but I want to see EJ happy. Also, can’t stand Steph… desperate.

  104. From Day's Long Time Fan

    Viv in the coffin how wonderful!!!
    Can’t believe Sammie shot EJ and then got back in bed with Rafe!!!
    But yet that is Sammie.

  105. From barbara

    i thinnk daniel changed the results and although he acts pretty dumb must have had some suspicions about all the carly/chloe secrets. he may even be sterile and wanted to be sure chloe had “her” baby anyway.

  106. From KAS1008

    Sami=hoe bag
    Rafe=boring boring
    EJ= awesome actor

    I just got around to watching this week’s shows …. Wow I use to want Sami and EJ to work out and be together and thought that he was a little rough around the edges but they made such a wonderful couple because they had killer chemistry… but I recently lost every ounce of respect I ever had for her when she sleep with Rafe on her wedding night to EJ, what a big HOE BAG! She doesn’t deserve EJ, he is too good for her. All he has ever done is love her and try to move heaven and earth to be with her and all she has ever done is sh*t on him every time she gets the chance. ie. she sleeps with him so he won’t be with Nicole, and lose interest in her (even though she didn’t have any interest in him, just wanted to use him), and literally jumps out of bed with him to run after Lucas. ie#2. She denies EJ of his own child, but later gets mad when he does the same thing to her (hypocrite).

    Ohh and how critical can her and Rafe actually be toward EJ, they did the exact same thing to EJ just a year ago. I hate how Rafe breaks the law in more than one way to prove that EJ broke the law what a crooked cop, not to mention a hypocrite First he was just boring cop, but now he is also crooked. I thought the police force couldn’t get worse than a bunch of incompetent Brady’s, but I was wrong they now have boring, crooked Rafael Hernandez.
    Sami and Rafe rolling in the sheets equal extreme vomit fest, it’s like watching a brother and sister doing it, gross it really disgusts me, I just fast forward through those scenes.

  107. From Melissa

    I’m gonna guess that Samie during her rant going into the Dimera mansion she actually didn’t notice EJ had already been shot!! & and picked up the gun AND shot it at nothing! Than saw EJs bloody head assuming she DID it!! Which means someone else shot EJ!! THINK ABOUT IT!! So now Crazy Samie will ruin another life be it EJ or Rafe! I’m a Samie fan but like Hope I just want to kill her myself!!!!!!!!! PS notice Samie after everything she claims about EJ had NO PROBLEM busting in his house in a tyrant & telling him off! Why cuz Samie does know EJ wouldn’t hurt her!! THINK ABOUT IT?

  108. From KAS1008

    Barbara 95 you got a point, James Scott is the best thing that Days has going for them (not saying that there isnt any other good actors, just that he’s the best). And if he dies or leaves the show SO WILL I!

  109. From MAB

    I just love how some put words in others mouth just because they do not agree with their comments (and it’s only when it involves EJ). I have NEVER said soaps were unreal…all I said was I don’t think real life should be compared to a fictional TV show. And the comments about soaps being based on facts (of course this was regarding the so called rape)…well if you think soaps are based on facts, then I guess you thought the possession of Marlena was also based on fact as well?? Not me. I see at least some people see where I’m coming from, like Maryl & Leah…I loved your posts & agreed with it all! There’s no doubt the writers get most of the storylines from real life experiences, but that is not the point. No one should be comparing their real life experiences to what’s happening on Days. We have all been reminded about things that have happened to them in real life. In fact, I was dealing with my own mother’s death the same time Alice’s death was played out on Days. NO ONE was more reminded of their real life experience more than me at that point, but still, what I was viewing on Days about Alice could no way be compared what I was experiencing in real life. And IMO, that simply is the difference…there is NO comparison to the Days storylines & real life.

  110. From maryl

    Regarding the shooting, James Scott volunteered to have his hair shaved off–the writers did not call for that. J. Scott felt it would be more realistic than just bandaging half his head! This guy tries to do his best in his acting–his show of emotions whether love, anger, or sadness, he displays it so convincingly well! You can see he has an interest in making Days storylines work. He speaks up for some of the storylines they hand him too. He was supposed to get real rough with Nicole, I guess a hands on strangling scene, but he objected to it and apparently the writers for once listened. Now some of the fans who do not like EJ are starting to show dislike for James Scott, the person. Accusing him of being arrogant and having ego problems! Figure that! This is a guy who does a lot of charity work in Africa and he get involved with all sorts of charitable drives that the DAYS crew generate, so I guess I don’t see him as being such a schmuk! As a matter of fact, he is someone I wish I could meet in person so I could thank him for keeping Days from being a total boring washout! Same goes for Joseph Mascolo and John Aniston.

  111. From renee

    I wonder what happen to Will because it has not showed him after he left talking to Caroline. And they was talking about Stefano I wonder if he went back to the house and found EJ knocked out. And he was the one that shot him and Sami didn’t real do it. The love scene today was a little far I thought to me my self. Everyone have a safe and happy labor day. God bless you.

  112. From Sharon

    I have watched Days since 1971, stopping now and then, when storylines got really bad, but, some of you viewers are taking the storylines of today a little bit too much to heart. IT IS A SOAP OPERA, people!!! And if the character of EJ is your idea of a good guy, well, I guess times are a-changing!!!! If anything needs to change on Days, it def should be the writers. Very very poor writing for the past year or so.

  113. From PLUE42

    I officially boycott SAFE!

  114. From KAS1008

    I DO TOO PLUE42!

  115. From renee

    Barbara#98 What about Melanie she is Daniel’s daughter?

  116. From Leah

    I am disgusted in how the writers are writing SAFE! Yes I’m not a fan but come on ARE THEY BOTH ON HEAT? Sex, sex and more sex…. talk about blackmailing EJ then more sex, talk about the kids then more sex, sex and then Sami takes off, Sami shoots EJ then back and more sex, marriage proposal oh and guess what yep more sex! How distasteful…. this is not love, this is not romance this is just plain LUST. In Sami’s case I think it is keeping her distracted and hiding her feelings for EJ and what went down during the day, for Rafe Sami has always been his in the bed object. SAFE WHAT ABOUT THE BL**DY KIDS? You two really are pathetic! This kind of writing is desperate, shallow and nasty just like Safe. Days writers your trying too hard with Safe and if it keeps up I reckon you should be moved to another time slot!

  117. From Grandma Judy

    Renee, – I am addicted to spoilers and read that Will went to the mansion and saw Sami running around yelling for EJ and then also saw her leaving with the gun in her hand. He will end-up promising her he won’t tell what he saw. I agree the love scene today was a bit much. I didn’t have a problem with the scene itself but that Sami had just shot a man who she presumes is dead, – the man she was going to marry this same day. Only in Salem USA! Or on the Investigation Discovery channel, where they really tell some wild stories about real life murders and murderers.

  118. From maryl

    I’m amused at some of the dialog between characters just lately. Especially Sami and Rafe. Its apparent the writers must read some of the blogs that us fans put out. I have noticed comments that zero in on some of the things we complain about or comment on. Example–Rafe’s comment today to Sami after she asked if he could put up with her crazy ways–”My life has been a drag lately”! The blog is full of posts stating that Rafe is boring. Sami to Rafe–”Opposites attract we can learn from one another” (went something like that). Ejami people believe that is the one reason she and Rafe won’t survive–EJ & Sami are cut from the same cloth! Rafe bringing up the white horse bit–Ejami has accused him of being obessessed with being the hero to Sami. Hero on a big white horse. There were other comments that I picked up on and I’m wondering if I’m by myself on this or if anyone else noticed this! My question is are the writer mimicking us or do they have other motives, or is it all a coincidence and I’m just not reading it right????

  119. From Darlene

    I’ve been watching DAYS since I was 11, I’m now 43! I will probably watch until they end it, even when it gets kind of silly. I am not liking Sami and Rafe, he is a total bore, I love EJ and Sami together, I have since the beginning when they first met, their chemistry can’t be beat.

  120. From Lise

    j do not know why some people like EJ and SAMI together.
    SAMI and RAFE love each other.i really hope that they get married very soon,


  121. From carol a.

    I also have noticed the comments seem to go with what some fans are saying. Like the other week when Hope was saying about blaming bo for everything, that she didn’t mean to. And so many others too. I guess the writers are reading it.
    I don’t get why it showed E.J,’s head to the right side when sammi came in, & then the previews showed the head the other way with blood on his ears, then the next day it was to the other side again with blood. Did he move around or what. I can’t wait to see what happens next, seems to be getting more exciting.

  122. From Jim

    Think Will Shot EJ. He Disappered and hadn’t seen him. That was all Dream of Sami’s that she did it. Motice in her Dream EJ’s Head was turned to the Right but other shots was turned to left.

  123. From maryl

    At this point in the storyline, I don’t want Sami back in EJ’s life, the way she is now, she belongs to Rafe. The writers have modified her for him. I just want EJ to be able to see his children and have partial custody. My heart goes out to Johnny and Sydney and even Allie because they love him as much as he loves them. Even Rafe said EJ does love his kids!

  124. From Clear

    EJ will survive, and the writers will come up with a good one for his next love interest. I think he will always be carrying a torch for her even if he knows she shot him. I didn’t like it when the love scene was superimposed with scenes of EJ bleeding–hated it! It left a bad taste in my mouth and kept me from enjoying the Safe reunion! Couldn’t the writers let Sami act sane and somewhat normal for a while! I wish we would find out someone else shot him, but the scene was pretty graphic showing Sami shooting!

    BTW, did you all notice that Pookie was mentioned as dead and buried in a pet cemetery? So how did Pookie die?

  125. From Clear

    PS Spoilers say that Sami has a decision whether or not to pull the plug on EJ? I don’t understand if it means whether to finish him off, or whether to give up on his recovery. But why would it be up to her as they weren’t married, so maybe it meant to keep him from recovering. Of course, she will not do that! I hope they don’t keep him in the coma a long time and drag that out!

  126. From Leah

    #115 Clear I agree with your comment about the Safe lovescene being interwined with EJ bleeding… the whole the is a mess and in very bad taste. I hope the writers redeem themselves somehow. I also picked read Sami is the one who has the decision to make. The doctors discuss with her the options and that she has the power to pull the plug. We are asked what will she do? I agree with you why are the doctors meeting with Sami and why does she have the power? They were supposedly not married so that would make Stefano EJs dad the closet adult relative. Stefano is the one they should be discussing these things with. What’s going on? It’s all a bit odd.

  127. From Cat

    Oh well…..I am probably alone in my thinking, however….I really feel sorry for EJ…Yes he did a horrible thing kidnapping Sydney,,,Sami also must share some of the blame for EJ seeking revenge because she hid from EJ that she was carrying his baby and didn’t tell him that “Grace” was his baby(turns out Grace wasn’t his) but she put him through horrible devastation when she told him that Grace was his after Grace died.EJ really loves Sami and his acting after she left him was awesome…..sorry about my babbling on but I AM sorry it turned out this way for EJ….

  128. From Grandma Judy

    I had to replay our DVD and figure out why EJ’s head was shown on one side in some scenes and in other scenes it was his other side. There’s a free standing mirror in front of the wall at the foot of the bed and over a bit and the camera showed us some shots as seen in the mirror. Confusing! I don’t understand, either, why the doctor’s would put EJ’s life in Sami’s hands. Unless he has it written somewhere or has talked it over with someone that in the case of him ever being incapable, she would be in charge. My husband and I are leaving soon to be away for the long holiday weekend. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Labor Day!

  129. From carol a.

    Yes, but even though the mirror was there, it showed him in the bed from a full front view. My husband said he would thrash around after being shot, & they just didn’t show that. But I was thinking too, did sami dream that. But she did act awful guilty.Yes it could have been Will. Or even maybe Caroline. Who knows.
    It bugs me that the women always wake up in full make up & their hair never messed up. And why do they run all their errands & even at home, always have dresses on, high heel, & all kinds of jewelary on, & their hair never just in a simple style. Normal people don’t look that way, but then it’s a soap so we don’t want to see that I guess. But I for one would like it for a change.

  130. From Nightmare

    mmmm maybe they transplant an old ladies brain into EJ and his whole character changes into a nice Rafe and he changes his gangster ways..That would be cool, he would have all the women jumping his bones..Well I don’t see why not if Stephano came wipe Johns whole mind and memories and put them on a disc why can’t he bring back EJ and Tony.

  131. From Janiebell

    Once again the writers made a MAGOR MASTAKE!!!!!! E.J. was propted up in bed, with a bottle, he finished drinking what was in the bottle, picled up the gun, pointed at his temple amd fired a shot. E.J. was shown with blood running down his face but most of the blood was om E.J.’S head, before Sami ever arived at the Demear mansion. Sami ran up dtairs saw E.J. and in panic, Sali grabed the gun from E.J.’S hand, another mastake, Sami took the gun and threw the gun so someone could find the gun, another mastake.

  132. From barbara

    #107 Renee: i have gotten fond of melanie. she’s at least got potential! I like her w/ young dr., but not with philip. They’ve changed philip and now he’s a wimp. the only real actor is EJ and i just hope he can keep the show going. Sami has lost her appeal to me, I like nicole and mel better. dislike steph alot, too

  133. From Katherine

    When Sami walked in, there was no blood. Think Sami didn’t do it, hope the writers have a good answer coming up, remember we all thought Marlena killed everybody..
    Stefano might find out in th Hospital – offering Blood – that E.J. is not his son, bring in Chad as replacement, perfect timing. E.J. could be John’s, Susan always wanted a baby with John. Maybe way back somebody switched something on Stefano,.
    That and maybe other things, like memory loss, could rehab Elvis to be almost a Brady, ha. That could be the reason that Sami might have to make the decision about the plug, if Stef is not the Daddy.Has there ever been a DNA Test with Mel and Dan, or just what Carly thinks…mopon

  134. From Olive

    Mmmm Jim, you may be on to something. I noticed that in one shot EJ was bleeding on the right side of his head, then it was the left – I just chalked it up to bad editing, but maybe…just maybe Sami really didn’t shoot him and Will or someone else did…she may think she did because her dream was so vivid…now THAT would be an interesting twist

  135. From Melissa

    Carol a. I assume Salam is an high-brow town!! I live in a expensive town & believe me you cannot go around town without being dressed & made-up!! I moved there & when I visit my hometown I notice people with no make-up & mens t- shirts on? ( these r the women) which I find appaling so as I do agree with the waking-up looking perfect I don’t like to see ugly people in real life there for I definitely not on my Soap!! P.S. I mean nothing personally to anyone

  136. From patsy

    If cold blooded murder and porn is what DOOL is trying to sell I don,t need to watch it anymore .It use to be a famileshow with romance ,drama and comedy.The love makeing was left up to your own imagition They have complety ruined MY favorets.(Sami, BO,Hope ,Nicole Rafe and EJ..)The EJAMI FANS ARE GETTING TIRED OF THE RUN AROUND THEY HAVE BEEN GIVEING US .

  137. From zoey

    There was a mirror they were going back and forth showing him on the bed. Sami definitely shot him, but why would they write it like that??? He is the father of her children and when he kidnapped Sydney he was devastated about what Sami did with Grace. Rafe should be paired with Nicole and EJami belong together! Bring back Sean and Belle….get rid of Stephanie….Melanie and Nathan should be together….Phillip and Chloe…..Bo and Hope….Daniel and Carly….Brady and someone new……Maggie and Vic….

  138. From renee

    Patsy#127 I agree with you on what Days is turning out to be. I don’t like my kids to watch because you never know what is going to be shown or some of the words they have been saying on the show during the day.

  139. From maryl

    #124 Katherine, I also think its very possible that EJ is NOT Stefano’s son. I posted this same thought a few weeks ago and I still think that could be the second surprise thats supposed to be revealed. I also noticed Stefano making a remark about giving all his blood to EJ if necessary. Could be a hint that Stefano’s blood will not be compatible.
    #121 Nightmare, Ha! transplanting a brain from an old lady to EJ could make him MORE dangerous! Some of us old ladies can get, as Susan, EJ’s mom would say MEAN, MEAN,MEAN! Just think, he might turn into Betty White or even worse Thelma Harper of Momma’s Family.

  140. From Katherine

    #237 Patsy, if Dool keeps going likes this, I might have to wear a raincoat and Shades to watch it.
    Yey, Maryl, what is the second big thing SteDeMeara was talking about, could be E.J. not being his… Betty White’s Brain and not Stefano’s son, that could rehab Elvis into a good guy on the show, good enough for Samie, the “goodie girl of the show” ha ha.

  141. From maryl

    How a woman could jump into bed and be capable of having sex like Sami did with Rafe after she shot the father of two of her children, is the icing on the cake for one of worst botched up storylines! I’m willing to bet that Alison Sweeny probably had a hard time doing those scenes! I guess you have to mentally separate your true feelings when you have to act out such an absurd script!

  142. From Clear

    I think the Safes and Ejamis are together thinking that this violent dastardly shooting deed done to EJ timed with the SAFE reunion is a raw deal for all loyal DOOL Soap fans! We all have a very bad taste in our mouths from the offerings of the last couple days. I don’t recall reading that anyone liked it, or maybe I missed one.
    And now we are going to get the run around about who’s the Daddy! It’s so convoluted that who can figure which man the test was negative for, and when it was switched, much less by whom. It’s so muddled that it’s confusing not entertaining in that story line. Now watch out because somehow Nicole will find even more trouble. Since they mentioned Pookie and the pet cemketery, I wonder if Nicole will visit Pookie and overhear or see something that will let her know where they, meaning Viv and her boy toy, stashed Isabella’s remains. Maybe we will hear her talk at Pookie’s gravesite and tell what happened to the little dog? Who is going to be playing Tina that fights with Hope in prison? That sounds like it will be interesting.

  143. From Clear

    Reading Spoilers I saw casting comments about Jennifer Horten returning as a contract character and the part of Frankie being recast. I find that interesting since I always wanted her to be with Frankie and not Jack. So I hope we do NOT have a repeat of another old story line where the every faithful Frankie loves and loses again! If they put them together, of course they would have trials and bups in the road, but couldn’t we have happy endings for the good guys!! I was never a Jack Dev character fan, so won’t mind if he’s out of the pix.

  144. From carol a.

    Well, I’m so glad I don’t live in the town where you do. I like average people that don’t put on pretenses. It would be way to much work to be perfect all the time. But on the soap I guess it’s nice to see beautiful sometimes.
    E.J. did not have any blood on his head anywhere when sami came in. His head was tilted to the one side, & no blood. Then I guess someone shot, & then we saw blood, then his head was turned the other way & blood on that side too. So he wasn’t shot before that. I saw it clearly.

  145. From carol a.

    Also, even though people dress all up & try to look important, they are just a person too. And ugly people do exist in our world, even though people may not like to see it. Ugly people can dress up too, that doesn’t change them into becoming beautiful(inside, or out) But I do know what you mean about the awful big tee’s women wear.I can’t stand to wear them. When I’m at home( i live in the country) I sure don’t dress up, I’m too busy getting dirty & sweaty outside, but when I go out I do look really nice. But I do think it’s really weird to look like your going to a fashion event every day even at home. It’s quite rediculous to me. I went for modeling once, had to be dressed up all the time, what a drag. It’s good to be average.
    But sure, on the soaps we like to look at the nice clothes.

  146. From Janiebell

    Clothes does not make the person, the person makes the clothes. If a no good guy/or woman, is wearing a $1000,oo outfit and they are scum when they put on that $1000,00 outfit, then they are still scum wearing an outfit worth more than themselfs. If a woman/man is wearing basement bargan clothes and they are good people then that is what matters not the price of their clothes.

    What is wrong with Betty White or Thelma Harper, {mamma’s family} E.J. should wish to be half as good as either person/charactor..

    I heard E.J. stood for Elvis Junor and then on one show, long time ago, someone said that E,J. stood for Elvis JOHN. I do know that Susan was a very huge Elvis fan and at one time I think Susan was, “interested in John”.

    I donot belive that telvisions are showing days one way on one t.v. and another way on others, but E.J. was propted up in bed with blood running down his face and more blood on his head. I and my husband both saw this . Sami never should have gone to the Demears. {mastake on writers part.}Sami leaves Rafe in bed and goes to the Demear mansion, screems for E.J. as Sami runs through the rooms. E.J. is not down stairs, so Sami starts up stairs as Sami hears a gunshot. Sami rushes into where E.J. is laying with blood runing down his face with more blood on E.J.’S head. E.J. is still holding the gunin his hand. Sami takes the gun, {another mastake on the part of the writers. Sami should not have touched the gun OR ANYTHING IN THAT PLACE}. Sami should never have been in that place, but sence she was maybe just maybe Sali could have dilled 9 11. Sami took the gun and threw it away, {yet another mastake by the writers}. All totle 3 mastakes by the writers. Writers get with the program. Keep the story straight, up to date and moving right along.

  147. From Michelle

    Janiebell – there was NOT blood on EJ when Sami arrived. Maybe you and your husband both need glasses! Watch this youtube clip and you will clearly see that there was NOT.

  148. From Janiebell

    Michell, thank u so very much for doing me the honor of pointing out yet another fault of mine. Hubby and I both do wear glasses.

    Last week I said that if Sami marred E.J. she was crazy, and that Sami should not raise her children in the Demear mansion. You called me, “bitter” and said that “I was in a loveless marrage of convenience and needed therpy. ” Please tell me what is convent about being marred to a Vascular demention patient with a kidney problem,high blood pressure, and a heart condition, and I have to be there at his side, 7/24/365 He can not go anywhere or stay by himself. Please, I rilly do want you to tell me what is convenent about that. What is convenent about missing my brother’s furneral because of the before mentioned and having my sister get mad at me because I had to miss the furneral of a brother I love very deeply? How is that convenient and what about “sami should not rase her children in such a place, points to any of the things u saif about me, when u don’t even know me.Please, please with a cheery on top, please answer me. Thank you.

  149. From Katherine

    Janiebell, there was no blood on Elis John (yes) when Sami walked in and no prior gunshoot, Sami look at bloodless Elvis, gun in this hand, picture the kids drew under hand and gun, Sami pickes up gun started to aim looking straight at bloodless E.J.’s face and “fired” that’w when we heard the silencer shot. That’s how it’s on TV and on the tape you can watch over and over again.
    Now let’s have peace in the valley, it’s just a soap. Just like politics, have likes, dislikes, opinions, but don’t go personal/ Maybe with Betty White’s brain, E.J. will tell us some St. Olaf stories,

  150. From Michelle

    I’ve noticed there is more than one Michelle posting on here so I guess I will have to change to a different posting name.

  151. From carol a.

    Yes, I also have said there was no blood. I taped it & watched it several times. I don’t think sami heard a gun shot. I didn’t hear one. When she saw him lying there his head was to one side,no blood then, then she picked up the gun, pointed, it & I don’t know where she shot it. At him I guess, then the blood came, & on previews his head turned to the other side & bleeding. It’s getting so good, I can’t wait to see what happens next. I love this soap.

  152. From Pat

    Now about EJ and Samie. They are exactly alike and need to be with one another. I do not feel sorry for sami at all. Look what she did with Grace! Do not like Rafe and her together. I like Maggie and Victor. It could work out to something. And I believe Melanie and Nathan belong together. Hopefully the writers will put them together as well as EJ and Samie.

  153. From Leah

    #138 Janiebell…. after Sami’s actions last week I DON’T THINK SAMI SHOULD BE RAISING HER CHILDREN FULLSTOP. She is not acting like a mother but then again she never does when Rafes on the scene. They are always boinking and the kids are always being babysat! That’s not parenting. Safe have and always will be all about themselves. When Rafe came on the scene Sami was pregnant with none of her other kids around. Over the last few days we’ve seen Safes priorities – THEMSELVES. With Safe the kids come way down the list. I’m hoping when EJ recovers he gets custody of his two and Lucas comes back and gets custody of his two. Sami can have visiting rights…. the kids will probably see alot more of her then than they have the last few days. It’s all rather hiralious really LOL

  154. From maryl

    Leah, I agree about the kids! Sami is only capable of taking care of those kids when EJ is there to help! Safe is definitely all about themselves–kids don’t come first. They are always tucked away somewhere with someone else in charge of them. Now, fertile Sami will probably produce another child–this one being Rafe’s. It will probably be triplets (or more)–they certainly have boinked themselves enough to produce that many in just a matter of days.
    Janiebell, I love Betty White and Thelma Harper!! I was only kidding trying to make a funny. I think Elvis John DiMera would really be appealing if he woke up with some of their personality! HA!

  155. From renee

    I can’t wait to find out who really did shoot if it was not Sami. Does anybody remember Franco the other guy that got killed and Sami got blame for it? But that is all I remember about that.

  156. From cindy

    well we all know that it’s to obvious sami shooting ej so there must be more to it. don’t think the writers would tell us it’s sami if it really was. another s/l they’ll drag out…,make us think it’s sami when in reality it could be anyone. i for one, don’t think it will end up being sami. i like mel and phil together, but could also see her with nathan. i guess i just like melanie and don’t really care who she’s with. just want carly away from bo and with ANYONE but bo. still think her and dr dan make a good couple, but where does that leave chloe? back with phillip, maybe?? if the baby is his, and who knows. we probably won’t know the truth for years!!!!i liked vivian at first because she was funny and she and victor were soooo funny together, but that has worn thin and she can leave at any time. i think victor and maggie will end up together, and although it’s an odd coupling i do see potenial. hurry up and get bo and hope back, that’s all i care about right now, although i do wish they would redeem sami!!!!!

  157. From KAS1008

    I kind of agree a few of the other posters… Sami is always too busy with chasing after a man to be able to have full custody and take good care of all of her children, every time you turn around some one else is watching her kids… when she is with Rafe their always either fighting or in bed together either way they arnt tending to the kids. But when she is with EJ, they take care of the kids together… EJ is really good with not only his own kids but also Will and Ally… Rafe dosent have any connection with any of Sami’s kids and perhaps I think that it would be ackward if he tried to develpe one now after having known them for all of this time…

  158. From Janiebell

    Michelle 3140 good excuse for not defending all things said about someone you don’t even know. When caught, simpley begin a new “posting name”. I simpley wanted you to tell me what is “marrage of convent” when I must be at hubby’s side 24/7/365, even to the poient of missing my brother’s furneral, and having my sister get mad at me because I couldnot honor my brother by attending his furneral.” These r the things I wanted you to explane, never mind the things said about me personaly, but rather than explane your words and attude, u say there r more than 1 Michell posting by exact name and u must start posting by another name. That is an easy dodge and cover-up. I ment I was speaking to Michelle#140

  159. From Melissa

    carol a. I’m sure you are beautiful either way! But I don’t always post very well!! What I mean by ugly are miserable people who don’t respect themselves (not making an effort AT ALL to take care of themselves) & I’ve find this people usually rude or in sensitive to everyone espeacially to a total stanger usually a sales clerk or waitress! If you haven’t next time you go out check it out!! I think making yourself look nice is PERSEVERENCE!! Through this you feel better about yourself & others!! I think you would like were I live! Though I do feel i have to get dressed to go grocery shopping (little stepford wife-ish?LOL) EVERYONE is soooo nice & happy go lucky!!

  160. From Janiebell

    I still have “the shooting of E.J. on dvr,;I will go back and recheck, with so many saying I am wrong, I could have thought I saw something I didnot see but I will rewatch and be sure for myself. I have gotten to the point that whatever I say on this sight , I turn out to be wrong, even to having it said that ” I am in a convent marrage,” that is a funny one that still sticks in my crawl and I wish that person would be adult enough to explane but some people can not explane their selfs but I am always bitter and wrong. So I guess I can just read the post and not post myself.

  161. From Melissa

    Janiebell I agree cloths do not make a person!! I’m sure Nicole spends 1,000′s on herself and I look at her & think she’s UGLY!! Always have! Remember Bo in the 80′s he spent NO money on CLOTHES ( he does a little more now probally cuz of his Job & he can) and I ALWAYS THOUGHT BO is the MOST BEAUTIFUL THING EVER!!! Always will cuz of the man he is!! I Hope you understand what I mean!!

  162. From Katherine

    Looking at E.J. in bed, Sami standing on the left side of bed, aims, fires, blood on the left side, E.J.’s'sside right – seeing E.J. in the mirror image, blood on the rights side, E.J.s left side..
    Take a piece of paper, put on astickfigure in bed, Circle E.J. right side, put paper in front of a mirror, wound is on E.J. left side when are looking at him from your prospective.
    Janibell, nobody knows who are, what your name is, or anything about your life, let it go, ignore things like that, we got to concentrate on Salem and it’s Nuts and make sure Sami gets enough Sex.I don’t think we want to see those actors not made up at all times, they might scare us.
    Another thing, none of us get points for being right or wrong, nobody knows us, so let it rip, have your opinion we’ll correct you and then we’ll get corrected, that’s half the fun of being on this site.Good Night Janiebell, good night Pa, etc.

  163. From ANNAMARIE

    Love Melanie and Nathan together. Cant stand Stephanie cant wait for her to get caught. Would like to see Chloe and Phillip together. Like Bo with Carly, dont like him with Hope anymore. They played out there romance, it doesnt work anymore. Def. Victor and Maggie, and we have to find someone great for Daniel.

  164. From carol a.

    Oh, Ok I get what you mean. I know when I go to stores how rude people are too. And some don’t take pride in how they look. Not saying their vain, but at least try to look decent. Just the other day I was out just running errands, & my hubby’s friend saw me & told my hubby I looked hot. Then he told me he thought I was going on a date. I told him I guess I clean up good.LOl.
    Salem is a little town on the soaps but people are always running into each other. But in my small town, you rarely see people you know, it’s weird. But no harm, I was just commenting. Take care & have a great day.

  165. From Carolyn

    Well, I didn’t read it all, but I’ve been watching Days for about 30 years. I guess some story lines are interesting to some, but they are repeating. Not looking forward to Vivian burying “another” person alive. Blah. And, Chloe, we love your EYES, but less batting please.

  166. From carol a.

    Also, Leah, I so agree. They should all take the kids from sami.She makes me sick acting as though she’s a good mom. How is she. She’s never with them. She just goes on with her daily life & never has to take care of them. ONly in soap world I guess. But no matter, if they take them away from her, she’ll just have more.

  167. From patsy

    Allison Sweeny (sami) is M C ING on THE MDA telephon today Doing

    great job

  168. From Doris JJ

    I read on another site that before they were to marry, EJ had the power of attorney signed over to Sami. Sami didn’t know this.
    Also, it says a new person is coming to the show, Jordan and they hinted that it could actually be Abby. Are they going to make her look different so no one will recognize her?

  169. From barbara

    oh my! who’s the daddy? who’s the murderer? who’s moving over to porn network? sami disgusts me now and they couldn’t make her a more worthless mother! i have never liked rafe, stephanie or carly. i wish they could “go away”. EJ can’t hold the whole cast up, nor can stefano. writers, help!!

  170. From Melissa

    DorisJJ Days re-casted Sydney! EJ’s & samie’s daughter I don’t know if they aged her but it will be a different little girl! I have to say good I always thought Grace was cuter!

  171. From Melissa

    Carol a. It’s not about vanity usually those can be ugly to(Paris Hilton comes to mind & I’ve always thought her outfits look STUPID) & I have met not so made-up people who r very nice but it’s usually rare! Just a little socialogy project of my own! ( plus I can tell by your nice & polite demeaner you are as HOT as your husbands friend says). I don’t understand Samie!! & I try to be on her side, but what is with this I need a man thing!! Ok,ok she doesn’t have a job but she has children by multimillionaires! Lucas is one! So she shouldn’t worry about money!! WHICH should give her FREEDOM to have a purpose like spening time with her children!!! Being on a commity for charity like her mother Marlena always did(& she worked) or going back to school!! I don’t get the jumping from guy to guy!! Again this is why I like Bo and Hope’s a/l there were others but not twenty others! I can’t figure out what Samie wants!!! & if you don’t know what you want you will never get it!

  172. From Clear

    I didn’t see any blood on EJ when she went in and then it seemed as if he head was turned the other way later. I was hoping Sami did not shoot him, but thought she did. I do not like this story line at all, and wish that they had just had evidence to arrest both Nicole and EJ. That would have been interesting to me if both of them and Hope were in the slammer with them. Even more than disliking where th writers went with this story, I hate when the show is preempted!!

  173. From kristen LOMBARD

    love days of our lives. been watching since the 80′s. Jennifer and Jack were classic and love Maggie and Victor.Please don’t pull apart Sami and EJ. I used to watch SanTa Barbra With Eden and CRuise. Miss them also. I used to WATCH aNOTHER wORLD WITH aMANDA AND sAM. pLEASE DON’T ROMANCE AWAY.

  174. From kristen LOMBARD

    love days of our lives. been watching since the 80′s. Jennifer and Jack were classic and love Maggie and Victor.Please don’t pull apart Sami and EJ. I used to watch SanTa Barbra With Eden and CRuise. Miss them also. I used to WATCH aNOTHER wORLD WITH aMANDA AND sAM. pLEASE DON’T ROMANCE get AWAY.

  175. From Kathie

    I was thinking about Stephanie’s comment that Chloe is not a genius, that she can barely spell her name. Why does everyone think that Chloe is dumb? Wasn’t she valedictorian of her high school class? I think she graduated at the top of her class and Belle was second.

  176. From Grandma Judy

    I think we have to be a little careful of our “remarks” on this site. Like someone told somebody they needed to talk with Dr. Phil and also someone said someone else and their husband needed glasses – and probably were in a marriage of convenience. C’mon, we don’t know each other personally so don’t know what kind of personal problems might be in each other’s lives that could make us sensative to certain remarks.
    I join with those who have said there was no blood on EJ when Sami first entered the bedroom. At a quick glance, though, his strands of hair on his forehead could have looked like blood to some. My husband, for example, is color blind and he thought it was blood until I told him it wasn’t. As for Sami’s children, it seems to me Mary was in charge of them at the DiMera mansion, not EJ, and now Caroline has them. My sister e-mailed that she saw Alison Sweeney on the telethon and she looked stunning.

  177. From KAS1008

    Go EJAMI! Love Love Love
    James Scott!

  178. From Leah

    # 153 thanks….. Yes after Sami’s actions over the last few days NO WAY DOES SHE DESERVE HER KIDS. Say want you want Safe fans the whole thing has been pathetically written and played out! Now after a day to pounce into the pub and announce to all I’m engaged again HOW DESPICTABLE AND GROSS! Oh and Rafe’s gonna take Johnnie camping and alls going to be alright. I don’t think so…. Johnnie and Sydney are daddys kids. Always have been always will – OH UNLESS THE WRITERS PERSIST WITH THE SAFE CR*P! Then they’ll have us believe Sydney has finally bonded with Sami and nothing affects these kids. Well IF this was real life we all know that is alot of gobble. Safe suck and anyone who is standing on the sidelines cheering their behaviour I question especially when Safe are meant to represent love, truth, wholeness, good, respect and self
    righteousness. NOW THATS A JOKE… HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, ETC, ETC

  179. From maryl

    Doris JJ–Mary was in charge of the children at the DiMera mansion as it was obivously part of her job, (rich folks can afford that) but Sami and EJ interacted with the children constantly. They played games with them as a family, took them to the beach, put them to bed with storytime and encouraged their artwork, etc. The storyline indicated that they were involved with them on a regular basis. How that compares with Caroline, who runs a pub and now has to take care of active grandkids at her age, instead of a younger nanny who apparently was devoted and good with the kids, is a matter of opinion as to under whose watch were the kids better off.

  180. From maryl

    PS Need to add that EJ was very much in charge when Johnny got sick! He had a doctor come to the house right away! Also, he would deal with Johnny when he got a little too rambunctious..Do you not remember any of this Doris JJ?

  181. From Susan

    Is there a possiblility that the DNA results were changed several times and we really still have no idea who the Father is even if we think we know who the Father is who really isn’t!!!!!AH!! The problems of being a DOOL viewer!!!

  182. From maddy2010

    Bo and Hope will always find a way back to each other. Carly will end up with Daniel after he finds uot the truith about the baby.Chioe will end up with Phillip,Melanie with Nathan. I think Nicole was great with EJ, they are just alike so are Kate and stefano. Maggie and Victor would be great together ,she could keep him in line for sure. Stephanie should have no one because she is a skank. That leaves Brady and Rafe without a love interest pairing them together might be HOT.

  183. From Clear

    Brady and Rafe sounds disgusting to me, and not hot. The rest of the post sounded feasible, and maddy2010 may be right about those characters.

    Back to Sami and the blood, I’m wondering if he had already shot himself? It will be interesting to hear a forensic report if they give us one? How many entry wounds and any bullets found at the scene. Powder burns on EJ’s hands?

  184. From Clear

    PS In my area Days was preempted, and then they put on Ellen D. in that spot for some reason. Every time I see Ellen coming on I switch channels!
    We need Days to make more money, or get more advertisement, so they can make more shows ahead! I hate it when it’s preempted. Even if I don’t want to watch and go somewhere at that time on a holiday, I DVR it.

  185. From Anna

    I want Maggier & Victor to be gether also .EJ you have done it this time. I also want Sami with Rafe so Rafe do your thing find a way so they don’t think it was Sami somehow. Anna

  186. From carol a.

    Thanks Melissa. Your so kind. I’m getting a little over the hill & it’s not so fun. But I do try.
    I’d like to see your town.
    I couldn’t watch days yesterday cuz it was preempted, so I just layed out by the pool. To cold to get in though. But what a nice day. Smells like fall, back here in the woods.

  187. From Grandma Judy

    Think Days was preempted everywhere yesterday. Here they had a special on about St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. My husband and I weren’t home, anyway. We’ll be gone most of today, too, so I have our DVR set. Can’t wait to see Sami’s face when she finds out EJ is still alive!

  188. From Katherine

    Maryl, yes, after posting and submitting the blog, a message comes on the screen, saying I am posting to fast, to slow down. thought I post it here too, in case you don’t read the old one, and I just wondered if anybody had the same happen…

  189. From Doris JJ

    Melissa, I did hear where they were bringing in a replacement for Sydney and she will age just a bit. The Jordan character is someone new and they hinted it could be Abby. Since Jennifer is coming back shouldn’t she recognize her daughter? Have to wait and see what they intend to do. They are also replacing Gabby with someone older which is going to be strange since she is in high school.

    Maryl 179 – not sure why you have my name, I didn’t say anything about EJ and the kids. At least I don’t remember doing that.

  190. From patti

    A little behind watching Days..I really don’t want Lucas back. Unless he has changed his whiney personality into a new one. I do enjoy seeing Maggie bring out the softer side of Victor..and it will be great if they would become a couple. Viv is great as she is ornery and can be funny…they just need to write better for her. Bo and Hope need back together..and carly and dr. dan can be as one after the baby’s father is revealed. That leaves Melanine to go with the young doc..and possibly phillip with Stephanie (who needs better scripts) I like EJ and Sami…they are like real life people… the ones that you look at them and wonder HOW did THEY get BACK together…but it works and the chemistry is there..much more than Rafe. Brady and Nicole? or Nicole and Rafe? Actually not sure where Chloe will fit..maybe a single mother actually not sleeping around would be nice. but we are in Salem….never happen. : )

  191. From Carolyn

    So, so glad to see Brady give Vivian some of her own medicine. I have to say, it was predictable though. As soon as he started talking to Viv, I figured she’s wind up in the box.

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