Days Of Our Lives Video Promo: I Think Everybody Should Pay.

Where loyalties lie.

While EJ mopes, Caroline lectures Ari and Sami and Rafe strip down to get close.

Check out this sneak peek at Tuesday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  2. From Barbara

    I agree with Caroline. It looks like they are trying to make us hate Ari before they kill her off. I still think it’s a huge mistake that they are getting rid of Lindsay since I feel like I got screwed over again because I’m a Passions fan as well as an Ethan and Theresa fan.

    It is always good to have a shirtless Rafe and of course I’ll be mocking a certain Brit who I can’t stand at all. So I’ll at least watch for a bit longer even though I’m kind of fed up with this show especially since they aren’t killing the one I want dead. Yes I want him dead and not the Dimera kind of dead but dead as a doornail dead.

  3. From Kim

    did anyone think ari and ej would make a good couple? I cant believe they are getting rid of her.

  4. From Knat

    Rafe & Sami make me want to lose my lunch!!

  5. From adima

    So Sick of this Show!! Same crap over & over again. I will be fast forwarding thru the Safe love scene-yuk since probably by next week they’ll have Sami in bed with EJ again. She is really Skitzo! At least the writers are making her that way. New storylines please!!

  6. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I would have loved to see Ari with EJ. I never liked the actress that played Ari or the character. But it would have been nice to see EJ with someone other than Sami. Maybe he could fall in love for real for once.

  7. From Kino

    Rafe needs to take Ari outside the pub and let him tell her what really happened. He should tell her that he suspected Elvis of kidnapping Sydney by paying Anna to take help keep her away from Sami. He mentioned that his behavior gave him away from the start, but he only played dumb to throw Elvis off. Rafe went to Nicole for help because she had the evidence to prove his guilt and in exchange the FBI will protect her until court. I think Ari should’ve kept her anger towards Nicole, after all she got in between her and Brady, not Sami.

    I don’t know if I want to see Arianna with Elvis.

  8. From dc

    yea, ari and ej would make a good couple.. i could see ej using her to get back at rafe.. but don’t think it will happen..
    i just want kate to tell stefano that chad is his son.. just wonder how ej will react..
    and ej will try and shoot himself but i think sami will be the one to really pull the trigger..

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