Days Of Our Lives Video Promo: We’re Not In The Mood For Small Talk.

“You did it.”

While Nicole is bickering with Stefano and Kate, Sami is busy listening to the recording of EJ and his father.

Check out this sneak peek at Thursday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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Fun fact! Matthew Purvis wrote this story just for you on August 25th, 2010 |

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  1. From dc

    can’t wait till tomorrow’s show..
    when the tape is played and ej hears it, this is gonna be priceless, especially seeing sami’s face and the way she looks at ej..
    NO WEDDING!! yea!!!

  2. From sherri

    If EJ goes to prison, Nicole runs away, Hope stays in jail, and Maggie leaves town, who will be left in Salom. At least they will be saving money on the contracts. The writers are moving the story lines along. I am not quite sure of what comes next. Victor is going to have to pick up the pace. Wonder who else is getting the brush off???

  3. From lhsanna

    The writers are messing the show up an they should put Hope back with Bo send Carly and Vivian back to where ever they came from Make Bo wake up. Put Victor and Maggie a couple. Get a great girl for Brady and quit rewriting old ideas or get new writers/

  4. From Kino

    Aww man, I missed a lot. Damn you go Nicole, I knew Elvis and Sami won’t last long. I bet she feels like a fool now because Rafe was right all along not to trust him. Finally, the Sydnapping is over. Sami sees the light and I hope she keeps Johnny and Sydney away from Elvis forever because what he did was wrong.

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