Days Of Our Lives Video Promo: Why? Why Me?

“I see you fall into the good guy category.”

A frazzled Nicole tells Daniel how lucky Chloe is to have a man like him. He tells her she should have probably thought before blackmailing a mobster.

Check out this sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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Fun fact! Matthew Purvis wrote this story just for you on August 31st, 2010 |

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  1. From Patty

    Nicole should burn in hell after all she has done.

  2. From eve

    it’s to much happening on this soap
    what’s realley going on. sammie clueless niccole got everybody fooled don’t no what the hec curly doing in the picture. you got melody playing a her dauther that don’t fit any charecter,ej and dmario are what ever his name is why!!!!!

  3. From Sandy

    Daniel …. a hero to Chloe, Carly and now Nicole. This is going to be a busy man trying to satisfy all these women. It’s interesting how the writers are crossing over into other story lines, could be a nice change to enhance the story lines. Nicole is Nicole, like Sami is Sami, love em both.

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  5. From Lissa

    I’m glad Sami found out the truth, though I don’t like where they are going with the storyline hearing Sami will shoot EJ. EJ is an abusive guy, so I would expect for him to have homicidal tendencies but not for Sami to stoop to so low. He would think it was alright to kidnap, murder in his own best interests not thinking of his family first. I don’t believe Nicole should rot in hell anymore than the rest of them. If Sami ever forgave EJ, she might as well forgive Nicole too because after everything he has done is worse than what she did.

  6. From justafan

    chloe better watch out for nicole she is going to love daniel next nicole falls in the same old traps. sami has shot before she killed someone and was on death row i can’t rememeber how she got out of it. why did the story line go that way rafe should be very upset with sami for doing it. i hope this doesn’t go on for ever.

  7. From Kino

    I say that was a bad idea to have Sami shoot Elvis. They should’ve had Rafe arrest him instead. It’ll be more interesting to see his reaction when he arives at the police station and the cops escort him to his own jail cell. I would love to see Nicole taunt Elvis when she visits him.

  8. From Dolly

    I sure do not like Sami shooting EJ. If it is a dream, and she realizes how wrong to give the kids to RAfe, well then it is ok.

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