Days Of Our Lives Video Promo: You Seem Like You’re Not Happy.

“Do you wanna go back to my place?”

Alone, EJ sadly looks at what’s left of the wedding that wasn’t while Sami is busy making out with Rafe at the pub.

Check out this sneak peek of Monday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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Fun fact! Matthew Purvis wrote this story just for you on August 27th, 2010 |

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  1. From Lisa

    YAY!!! Sami back with Rafe!!

  2. From Bridget

    NOOOO not RAFE

  3. From missy

    please let ej & sami, bk together he’s hurting. they are soulmates,i, know she still loves him Please ?

  4. From dc

    glad to see sami put ej in his place (and stefano too)..
    yea, for rafe and sami, glad to see those two back together again.
    from what i am reading ari is gonna get hit by a car.. is this true??
    and vivian gonna be put in the seraphacus instead of maggie, yea..

  5. From Patty

    Black day at DOOL. Let’s hope that tptb know more about putting couples together than they seem to know based on this week’s show.

    Two thumbs down. Not watching until Ejami are reunited.

  6. From Clear

    Yes, SAFE!!!! She finally picks the good guy instead of the criminal!!!!

  7. From Ranita

    I just can’t stand it. It is time for EJ and Sami to reunite, they have both hurt and done terrible things to each other. Stop the madness! Let them forgive each other finally and let their love be. EJ hurts, Sami hurts, their children hurt, all of the children.Because EJ loves Will and Allie just as much as he loves Jonny and Sydney. EJ and Sami have hurt each other for too long. They have both forgiven each other for other things, why can’t she forgive EJ now.

  8. From Annie2

    Good post #7, I totally agree with you.

  9. From justafan

    i can’t help feel bad for ej i wish sami would decide for good for rafe or ej stop going back and forth i don’t know how rafe can forgive sami for going to marry ej. i like ejami and rami. i don’t to leave the dimera castle i like them living together with stephanio i love victor too hey i like the old ones hehehe

  10. From not happy

    Okay – we all knew that EJAMI would not make it through the ceremony (much as I would love to see them finally together) – but to jump into Rafe’s arms on the same night??!! Not cool. At least wait 24 hours before making out with the next guy.

  11. From Jerry and Doris

    Now, all we need is
    Bo and Hope back together again like they should.. Thanks for Rafe and Sami back together.

  12. From Jerry and Doris

    Now all we need is Bo and Hope back together,, Yeah, for Rafe and Sami.

  13. From SoapSK

    YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAMI AND RAFE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  15. From mandy

    i agree i wish sami would make her mind up too,who she loves the most and stop going back and forth. before it is to late, before she get in troble like getting pregnatey agian by rafe, then there she be in love with Ej.and willnot known what to do.and everybody is hurting,. the kids most of all, Ej. loves the kids and sami,too. and it has been to long. they are solmate, and have history together.i wish sami to relize she loves him.and forgive him and stop this madness.hope it all works out. i am a sami and EJ. fan( EJ. for sure?)GO SAMI AND EJ.fOREVER.

  16. From mandy

    and i think sami, and EJ familys should stay out of it.i known they love her but, i think she should be matter what they hink.and his family too. like EJ. said if you love somebody,they need to be happy.and respect there choise.they make.look at all the choise she has made her family has not agree with most of them but love her anyway just like EJ. family has .so let sami and happy with there kids. and be a family.SAMI AND EJ.FOREVER?

  17. From Sandy

    Did you notice how much smaller Sami’s room in the mansion was than Nicole’s? And, what is with just after Grandma Caroline announces the kids are a sleep, with out even telling her Grandma she was leave, out the door Sami goes with Rafe to go back to his apartment so they can talk?? Talk doughtful!

  18. From Sandy

    oops…telling Grandma she was leaving

  19. From Hilda

    Damn…poor EJ. Sami needs to get her head out of the sand, forgive EJ, & be with him for good already!

  20. From zarine

    sAMI SHOULD BE SHOT…NO PUN INTENDED.If I were AS i would not be happy with the way they have portrayed her, she looks like an idiot. The dialouge with the fbi guy is immature and completely absurd. If this continues the show SHOULD be canceled…

  21. From Firtsfall

    I am so sad – Sami should have forgiven EJ, or at least said she’d work on it & stay at the mansion, instead of running to another guy. Ugh. I really would like to see EJ & Sami stay together!

  22. From bancroft

    Watching Sami and Rafe together is akin to being slowly beaten to death by someone wielding a bag of oranges. Slow-going, dull and painful.

  23. From Jane

    Sami doesn’t deserve EJ!!!

  24. From Jane

    I’ve always been an Ejami fan but right now Sami doesn’t deserve EJ!!

  25. From Rox

    Poor EJ! James Scott is just *killing* these scenes – he’d better get an Emmy next year! And ewwwwww, Sami and J Edgar Loser getting back together? Blech. He’s a controlling, judgmental jerk with a creepy obsession with your kids, Sami – run away! EJ truly loves you, not this douche. Hopefully we won’t have to endure them together for long, but I have my FF button ready!

  26. From Jennie

    Sami and EJ make the perfect couple on Days. Plenty of story lines could be written if the writers would just get smart. Rafe belongs with someone else not Sami. No chemistry. Losing viewers over this. Having Sami shoot EJ is the end of my watching. Been a fan for years and years but not anymore!

  27. From Audrey

    I think Comment #22 says it best…watching Rafe & Sami is like seeing someone beaten to death with a bag of oranges. These writers need to be on their very best if this show has any hope of staying on the air. I’ve said it once and here again…maybe letting the viewers input on the storylines–if nothing else a way to keep soaps up to date and on the air.

  28. From Clear

    I was glad to see Sami pick Rafe. I agree with the EJami’s that the EJ character has been really well played, and so well we even feel sorry for him. I was really happy he was found out though until the shooting–not what I want to see on my daytime soap at all! I did not like it, not at all!
    What’s with #14–a Spammer? Like who would even read all that or be interested in an ad put into our comments. Ad spammers take a hike, because no one’s buying!

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