General Hospital Weekly Summary For August 23 – 27.

Self-defense and more attacks.

Dante confronted his father about Johnny’s shooting. Sonny did his best to convince him it was self-defense. But that started to change when Ronnie showed up to arrest the mobster and claimed that Johnny was unarmed. Dante bought this and Sonny was arrested. At the station, Claire explained that she had evidence the crime was premeditated and played recordings of the mob boss talking about his plan to kill Johnny and claim self-defense. Dante continued gathering evidence about the shooting, which led to him debating with his mom about whether her boyfriend is good for her or not. He had to admit that at least Johnny isn’t Sonny. The cop went to see his father and Sonny pleaded his innocence to him again. Dante finally agreed to believe in him and do what he could to help as long as he’d promise to do what he asked. Sonny agreed, then turned around and made plans to flee the country.

Dante tried to beg Lulu for her forgiveness again. Brook Lynn showed up to spoil the mood. After she made some insinuations, Lulu kicked her out and then Dante talked her around. Meanwhile, Michael put things together and realized that his mom must have bribed Brook to seduce Dante and called her out on it. Lulu walked in on Michael confronting Brook and tore into her.

In Rome, Franco’s agent tried to hire Brenda to work on his new project but she turned him down. Murphy showed up and they discussed his marriage proposal again. She wasn’t sure she could love him the way he deserved but gave in in the end.

Robin and Patrick freaked out when they discovered that Lisa had taken their daughter out for ice cream. They searched the town only to discover that they had returned home. Patrick blew up at her and then sent her away. Breaking into tears, he confessed his one night stand to his wife and she booted him out. Maxie showed up and Robin explained what happened. The blond immediately puttered over to Lucky to worry but he couldn’t do anything. At the hospital, Patrick moped and Robin showed up to threaten to kill Lisa if she came anywhere near her daughter again. Lisa turned to Lucky to file a report about the threat. At the hospital, Patrick kept begging Robin to forgive him but this only enraged her further. She went home, packed his stuff and kicked him out again. Meanwhile, when Lisa returned to work, she and Steve found her locker trashed and covered in blood. When she plodded off, she ran into Patrick, who vehemently rejected her and said she would never be with him. Walking off, she spotted Robin driving down the street and threw herself in front of her car.

Jason went to find Sam after she tipped him off that she was stuck in the Lopez’s van. They attempted to escape the rival mobsters, leaped in the van and drove away, only to be approached by a cop. He just wanted to help them with their flat tire. After the cop was gone, they blew up the van. Sam twisted her ankle as they started to run so Jason had to carry her through the woods. They found a cabin and camped out as her foot healed. As they were about to fix a jeep, the Lopez crew tracked them down. The couple took cover as the Lopez crew shot at them.

Nikolas overheard Liz telling the baby how uncomfortable she is in Wyndemere in spite of everything. To make her more comfortable, he called her sister and asked her to ask Liz over to stay with her instead.

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