Lindsay Hartley Will Be Leaving The Cast of Days of Our Lives. (Updated)

Lindsay Hartley (Arianna Hernandez) will be leaving Salem behind.

Original article: July 21

Soap Opera Digest has reported that the soap actress will be exiting the series. The reasons for this have yet to be released, but Soap Opera Fan Blog will let you know more as information becomes available. She has already taped enough material to still be involved on-screen until sometime in the fall.

Updated: August 27

Arianna will be killed in an automobile accident as she races to tell everyone that Sami is the one who pulled the trigger on EJ.

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  1. From Precious

    WOW~Sorry to see Linsey go!! Did she leave on her own, or did they just fire her? I guess this means we’ll see Brady and Nicole getting together, ~ (PUKE)~

  2. From wildcat

    Brady and Nicole. Well… I think PUKE says it best.

    Brady and Ari. Yawn.

    Ari and EJ… yum-yum. Oh, what might have been!

  3. From K

    ‘Brady’ can take his shirt off for me any day….

  4. From Dolly

    Glad she is gone. Have never liked her after the hint that she and EJ might get together.

  5. From Clear

    I liked the first actress that played Arianna. I wish they would get her back, or someone like her that doesn’t tear up and cry at the drop of a hat! I hate the whininess and teariness we’ve had with the Arianna character since Lindsey’s had it. I don’t want Nicole to get Brady! I think Sami is stupid to stay in the Dimera mansion too!

  6. From Lisa

    To Precious–I have no idea what happen to Lindsay’s firing or not firing..she won’t leave til in the fall

    Brady and Nicole WON’T end up together coz Brady will learn the truth…

  7. From Lisa

    Also I am going to miss Lindsay Hartley in the fall but I am glad she is still on air…Galen and Eric will miss her..and Gabi too ( Gabi H. )

  8. From Leah

    I do like Nicole and Brady BUT I also have to say I like the interaction between Brady and Melanie. Maybe they should explore this as Melanie and Philip being together I would say is on the countdown. I think Brady and Melanie are rather cute together. They know each other well and like to challenge and tease each other.
    I did read somewhere that Brady starts to turn to the dark side. I wonder if the storyline will have something to do with Ari’s departure.

  9. From Clear

    I surely hope they get a new Ari and hope that they DO NOT kill her off! They killed off Maddy. I liked her! We used to be able to say, Nobody ever dies on Days–not so anymore.

  10. From Sandra

    Leah, I think the same thing about Brady and Melanie!! They have great chemistry together. Mel and Philip, I’m sorry to say has no chemistry. Now Chloe and Philip have a ton of chemistry. Brady was there for Mel when she needed him and I believe she will stick by him when he falls off the deep end here in the near future. They, I hope, will turn to each other.

  11. From CARLY

    Melanie is WAY to young for Brady..and she acts too childish. I don’t think Ari and Brady had any chemistry..and I don’t think he and Nicole have any either. Let EJ and Sami stay together..they deserve each other! Maybe Hope will run off with Doc Dick…although he is too good for her. Let Bo and Carly live in peace. Get rid of Chole..terrible actress.

  12. From kathy call

    Please days get over this thing with EJ and sami. This is getting so old and that’s why alot of people have quit watching days. You never know when to end a story !!

  13. From KH

    Love having some of my favs from Passions on Days – will be really sorry to see Lindsay go.

  14. From Casey

    I like Arianna a lot. She and Brady would be good together once he got Nicole out of his life!
    Brady could be very good for Chloe if she and Daniel don’t work out.

  15. From Nise

    I’m fine Ari is leaving since she doesn’t do much anyway but can she take Stephanie with her? She was fine when she was just young and trampy. I fast forward every time she is on now she is so icky!

  16. From Clear

    I do hope they keep the Arianna character and let her win Brady back. There are loose ends to the Rafe, Arianna, and Emily story line that have never been finished either!

  17. From Angie

    I am so sad to hear that Lindsay is leaving. :’o( I loved her on Passions with Eric & Galen, and I love her on Days. Get rid of people like Stephanie instead of her. So very sad.

  18. From bettyg

    Liked Lindsay well enough, but didn’t really see much chemistry with Brady. Maybe Brady & Stephanie???

  19. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    Sorry to hear that Lindsay Hartley has been let go. I like her as a person & as an actor, but her role as Arianna along with Galen Gerig and Eric Marstolf(sp) was Passions all over again. I had wanted Arianna to be zesty, self-confident and nasty, but instead she turned into Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald and it was more irritating than anything.Sorry to hear that Lindsay Hartley has been let go. I like her as a person & as an actor, but her role as Arianna along with Galen Gerig and Eric Marstolf(sp) was Passions all over again. I had wanted Arianna to be zesty, self-confident and nasty, but instead she turned into Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald and it was more irritating than anything. I wish her luck in her future endeavors.

  20. From Diana P

    Oh NO! I have liked Lindsay since she joined Passions in 1999.
    I hope she will come back someday.

    Nicole is no match for Brady. It makes me sick seeing her with him.
    I am ready to head to a toliet and puke.

  21. From Tiffany B

    sooo mad that Lindsay is leaving I was such a thersa & ethan (passions!) well they fire and hire all the time she may be back and puke!! @ nicole & brady like really gag me!!

  22. From Maggiemae

    Why are you letting Linsay go. She is a good actress and I think would look get with EJ. Sorry to see her go.

  23. From Rodney B

    I am upset that Lindsey Hartley is leaving the show. I wanted her to stay on and beat the crap out of Nicole for framing her for the muggings. Nicole belongs back in jail for everything she has done. I hope the character of Arianna stays. If so then bring Felicia Terrell back or keep Lindsey.

  24. From BrittBby777

    i think that Ari & Brady are perfect together,i have been watchin them two together since Passions…I dnt like Nicole or EJ & i think they should both be killed off…

  25. From Trish

    Man…that sucks! Yeah, her & Brady were a bit on the yawing side…but her & EJ would have made for a very juicy story line!! The chemistry was certainly there….oh well, what are ya gonna do?! We tend to get used to the comings & goings as upsetting as some may be. Maybe they will bring her back in the future…who knows! =/

  26. From Sally

    Sorry to see her go. Hope her character won’t be killed off.
    Please someone help Carly with her hair and wardrobe. She looks a little better than she did when she had a she first returned to Salem but long way to go.Mostly she is a mess.

  27. From Priscilla R

    She is an excellent actress, I have followed her for 10 years,also she is an Opera singer. I am very displeased she left Days.

  28. From Sharon Day

    I am sorry to see her leave. I feel she really added something to the show and loved the chemistry she had with Ericarcely in.

  29. From Natalie

    OMG!! NOOOOO!!! Y does Ari have to leave?? Her and Brady made the perfect match!! Nicole needs to GO!!! I hate her!! And Brady needs to wash his hands of her for good and run back to Ari!! Passions all over again!! Yay!! But they REALY need to keep her,. i think they would be making a huge mistake! Get rid of her sister and Stephanie and Melanie!

  30. From gizzbat

    I really like Lindsay and was so happy to see her on the show with Eric, they are a good match. It seems that every time characters come on that we get attached too, they end up off the show for some reason. Too bad!! I wish she would stay and put a stop to Nicole!

  31. From carol

    i’m so sorry that days is letting arianna go, i like her she is a good actress and every good for brady, i wish they woulkd get nickie off instead of arianna ,

  32. From m4k2004

    You really have to be kidding me. I love Lindsey! She was great on Passions and could be great on DOOL. As much as I love Alison Sweeny, I hate to say it but if given the right material, I think Lindsey is MUCH better. Or maybe she does outshine the “biggest” star and that’s why she has to go. Either way, ridiculous….now that Sami and EJ are about to be over….put her with EJ and let’s see some fireworks….a Hernandez/Dimera baby, maybe a cat fight with Sami….loved seeing her go after Nicole, would probably be just as good with Sami. UGH DOOL, I really hate you right now…she’s my favorite on the show :(

  33. From SIssyL

    Unfortunately,Lindsay Hartley’s Character is going to be in an accident and will not make it…To bad….I think she is a fabulous actress……Bring back Lindsay as another character in the near future…..

  34. From gixer311

    I’m so glad to see her leaving the show… It’s passions all over again!!!! It’s same story w/the same lover.. the same brother… and all she ever does is CRY… THANK YOU FOR GETTING RID OF HER!

  35. From Lisa

    Uhh to Gixer311, Lindsay HASN’T cried much as she did on Passions

    I will for sure cry when Arianna killed off and it will break heart for Gabi, Rafe and of course Brady.. :’(

  36. From dc

    i read where she is gonna get hit by a car..
    is this the way she is going out??
    i figured they would decide to keep her and let her be with ej, just a thought..

  37. From joella

    I have been watching this show since I was old enough to watch it and remember. I am now 40 years old. I get so irritated watching the show everyday because one show could last for one week. uuuuurrrrrgggg get on with it!!!!

  38. From Clear

    Maybe she will rise like the Phoenix. We used to say no one dies on Days till lately. Maybe she will come back with a new face from plastic surgery. The writers could say she faked her death because she didn’t want pity and have her face reconstructed. They certainly know how to do that story line!

  39. From Lauren

    From gixer311 – I agree. All she did was cry and have that darn cow eye look when looking at Brady. Her story line was terrible. Glad to see her go, not happy about being killed off. They could just have her move away………and take Gabby with her.

  40. From lashae

    i think this really sucks why take linsay off,an keep nicole i hate nicole yall ruined the show its not going to be worth watching for real keep linsay hartley.

  41. From Amber

    The writers are idiots for letting her go. There is so many loose ends with her, like the fact that Brady and her never had a fair chance, Nicole framed her for the muggings, and EJ and her could’ve had something…dumb move! I pray she doesn’t die!

  42. From Carole

    It is ridicules that every time they get a descent actress or actor, they let them go. I sometimes think they are sabotaging their own show. Also, they are getting way too predictable. I could write better scripts!!!

  43. From Lee

    Kill off Rafe!! Loved him in Passions but wish Sami would end up with EJ. The only guy who has ever loved her for who she is!!

  44. From Casey

    So sorry Arianna is leaving, just when she and EJ were getting friendly. I like him best with Nicole but that hint of him and Ari was very intriguing!!

  45. From Arlene

    Not really sorry to see Arianna leave. She always doubted Brady’s love for her and didn’t believe him when he said he didn’t get drugged by himself, it was through Dr. Baker. Really no need for Gabi’s part on the show also, very boring character. Maybe the new Gabi will be better.

  46. From Carrie

    DAYS just lost more viewers by taking off one of the most talented actresses of daytime. Should have put EJ and Ari together. Unreal! I hope another soap picks her up soon so we can turn off NBC for good & these crazy ridiculous storylines that are drug out forever. At least Ari had a spine and zest. Bye Bye Days

  47. From Devy

    I started watching Days again When I learned that they were bringing Eric and Lindsey on the cast and they were getting to be together. They always made such a hot couple. I hate that shes leaving. She truly is amazing

  48. From Gary

    I do not want to see her go . I really like her . Then maybe brady might fall in love with dr jonas . That would make the show a lot more interesting

  49. From Cat

    WRITERS – PLEASE PLEASE LISTEN, Leave Ari (Lindsay Hartley) on Days of Our Lives and pair her with EJ. That will give her a story line with purpose. PLEASE DO SO IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT FIRE HER.

  50. From jane

    I agree with the person that said that Ari needs to get Nicole for framing her for the muggings. Nicole gets away with way too much. It doesn’t make any sense at all. She just cries and then that’s the end of it?!

    Brady needs to find out what Nicole did so that he can be done with her once and for all! He acts ike an idiot around her. Even if Ari leaves, that craziness with Brady & Nicole needs to end.

  51. From Nea

    Let me quess, since Ari will be killed while trying to tell on Sami the writers are planning to drag this tired story line out for months. If they want Rafe and Sami together let them be in the accident and end the stupid story line of these two that have no chemistry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I will take a vacation from this madness and pick it back up next year when the murder mystery will be solved!

  52. From sabinakarsan

    I am going to miss Ariana I love Nicole But I do not like the things she did to Brady I would loved to see Ariana and EJ together

  53. From jen

    I met Eric Martsolf aka \Brady Black\ yesterday @ a meet & greet. Not only is he SUPER handsome & has a GREAT body- of course I had to touch the abs we all see all the time – ummm speechless!! He is a really nice guy & funny too! He told me that there are LOTS of surprises coming up on the show- & I told him I wanted him to get back with Nicole- he didn’t say no put it that way. He also said something about someone being buried alive… Hmm. Love u Eric! U rock! JLG

  54. From Jamie Lynn

    I loved Lindsay Hartley on Passions, but her character just isnt fitting in for me on Days, I think it is a good move..and I still just dont see her with anyone except Ethan from Passions who is now Brady. I didnt care much for the current Brady actor on Days until the current storyline with Vivian and the coffin-Hes growing on me now for sure! Maybe its cause I really liked Kyle Lowder-the previus Brady actor. Good Luck Lindsay! You are a great actress!

  55. From Anna

    I am so glad Airiana is leaving/dieing. I think it’s supposed to happen next week or the week after. Good bye good riddance. It is so pitiful that she managed to bring the exact same weepy character over from Passions with just a different name. I could do without Rafe too. Maybe they will both get ran over that would make my month!

  56. From Pattypat

    I dont’ think the writers gave Lindsey a chance and come up with a new storyline. Days is once again making a mistake and getting rid of wrong character. Please consider letting Stephanie go, Duh!

  57. From stacey

    I love Brady and Ari…so much better than Nicole. Nicole is fun to watch, but they are not a powerhouse couple. We need a new Bo and Hope. A girl we root for, not like a crazy Sami or nutty Nikki!! BOO DOOL.

  58. From Lyn Mazzei

    I just wish that Rafe and Sami can at last be together. She needs some one in her life just like him. He is sooo handsome and she is adorable. Great couple. Keep them together forever!!!

  59. From shantaj

    I really like her, but that cry baby in her needs to go, and she needs more confidence anyway, i feel in days she already have a horrible past and that would make it easy for her to understand ej and respect what he do with his dad i think ej is a good guy and sammie dont deserve him, he wasnt good with that hayeful nichole either he should be happy with ari and get married and have kids and move on, sammies used up all those kids and so young and nichole cant have any, and is a hatefull drunk, so they would have only ended up playing each other. i think they should keep ari and do it different with the dimeras this time the men has never had a real lovelife without some type of blackmale or being seperated or heart wasnt in it. i was likeing the black widow and the phenix(kate and stepheno), until she started to act like she could bury him. but please keep ari and lets lose stephany. i like melony and phillip they get each other these lies and ugly nathan is their problem, she wont be happy with nathan hes to square, unless thats the end of the mel as we know her she already did a lotttt of changing being around maggie, seem like a good idea and bad.

  60. From Edith

    Why is Lindsay (Ari) being killed off? Usually the characters leave, but why would she be killed off??? :(

  61. From Mary

    Yah, I loved Lindsay too in that show!! they should ove fired someone else. not her she was awesome :(

  62. From Nicole

    ok, it’s hard to find good actors on Soaps. They finally found that when they casted Molly Burnett and Hartley. Now they are letting her go? Doesn’t make sense. Hartley is awesome in Days. If it’s about bringing back old actor, who cares. They are boring. What next? Are they going to fire Burnett too?

  63. From Betty

    Cool, it’s about time. Their killing her off so she can’t come back. Bye Bye : – )

  64. From shelia

    to bad i was so hoping she would end up with ej an fianlly give sami a taste,,

  65. From Marley2

    Glad Ari is gone – never liked her from Passions. Looks like a Pekingese/Basset Hound. Whoever wrote her character did her no favors. And SO SICK of Nicole!! Will she EVER get her comeuppance??OR EJ? Salem is the only place where you can get away with muggings, kidnappings and other mayhem without repercussions. Except for Hope, that is – and that wasn’t right.

  66. From SANDIE


  67. From Rosie

    What are the writers thinking? Please get rid of Sammie!!! I am so sick of her antics and lunacy! Arie and EJ would have been a perfect story line. Surely, one of the Brady’s will get what’s coming to them one of these DAYS!!! I’m ready to quit watching, there is never an ending to any of the story lines.

  68. From donnie

    IVE been watching Lindsay since day one of Passions and i was so happy to see her on days ill miss seeing her i wish the best of luck in whatever shes doing im a big fan of days

  69. From kayla

    i think it was retarted to kill her off completley i think her an brady should have got back together just like i think bo an hope should be put back together ive watched days of our lives since i was a lil girl

  70. From cg

    Guess I wont be watchin days no more now that lindsay hartley is off..def do not want to see brady and nicole together..puke is the best words to describe that…would of love for ari and ej to have something for a while…oh well

  71. From Katherine

    Never liked Ari, until to the end,the writers should have written better lines for her right from the beginning, waited till she really started to be interesting, than they kill her, makes no sense, but what can you do….

  72. From Mary

    Can’t believe they are taking Lindsay off Days. That was the only reason I have been watching the show. If you need to get rid of someone – Why not take off Stephany – she stinks. How about getting rid of her and replacing her with Lindsay. I probably will not watch it after Lindsay is gone. Sorry.

  73. From 35 year old fan

    I really think this was a good idea, especially when she decided to side with the Dimeras. Time to get rid of those type of people. Now work on getting rid of Nicole and Vivian.

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