Re-branding NBC Daytime: Days Of Our Lives Will Be Cross Promoted With The Real Housewives.

NBC is about to revamp their Daytime lineup.

This fall, viewers will see Days being cross promoted with The Real Housewives franchise. The reality shows are going to be re-branded as a new kind of soap opera. Special promos will feature clips from “Housewives” and “Days” to show how similar they are.

“From a network, we see it as a benefit for us. By pairing the two, we send more of a youth audience to “Days,” and we expose an older audience to “Housewives.” There’s a lot of cross-blending potential there,” said Scot Chastain, NBC’s senior VP of affiliate marketing and development. The network will also be adding “The Nate Berkus Show” and “Access Hollywood Live” to their Daytime lineup.

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  1. From Precious

    Leave the soaps to days….”Real Housewives” is a total joke!! How can you compare the two??? Soaps have been around before TV was invented and my mother listened to them on the radio!!

  2. From justafan

    no way is the real housewife a soap i can’t stop watching days i have no desire to see the real housewifes never watch el stinko

  3. From Sandra

    Good heavens! It’s hard enough to process and deal emotionally with the soaps! I DO NOT care to watch a real life soap. Shoot, I can only handle being hung up on Days! There is no way I’m going to lay awake at night and try and figure out scenerios involving real people!! :)

  4. From Clear

    Stupid show! No Real Housewives for me. Why would I want to see what I would like to forget for entertainment purposes! Give me a break. No woman who has ever done housework or been a stay at home mom should be interested in watching someone else’s ordinary life. Give me some romance and adventure!

  5. From Ann

    No real housewives for me, they’re trashy. Days of our lives is a good show and has been for years, please don’t start messing with their story lines and downplaying them.

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