Staci Greason Returns To Days Of Our Lives.

The return of Isabella.

Death doesn’t always get in the way of sticking around on soaps. So it should come as no surprise that we will be seeing Isabella Isabella Toscana (Staci Greason) back in Salem again. She will be returning in purely imaginary form to try and give some guidance to a troubled Brady in his time of need.

Fans can look forward to Staci’s return when she shows up on October 19.

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  1. From gixer311

    AWESOME….. LOVE HER AS ISABELLA!!!! When she came back not to long a ago for Brady I was so excited to see her… he sweetness and love for him will be a great asset to the show… and bring John back too would ya!!!

  2. From Maria

    Sami and Ej belong together. There 2 peas in a pod, no matter how hard they try to b perfect they screw It up. Sami and Rafe are boring. Theres more spark with Ej and Sami.

  3. From Lisa

    I voted and I can’t wait to see her as Isabella!

    Did you know that today is Kyle’s birthday today ( Ex-Brady/Rick )

    She will be on in October.. :)

  4. From Lisa

    Can’t wait for Isabella to come back – was so sad what happened to her story line – real life thing, but she was an incredible person – loved her!!!

  5. From Debbie

    I barely remember her storyline from before but do remember how much I liked her. Wish they weren’t bringing her back as a ghost though. Would love to see her back with John if they brought him back too.

  6. From cathy

    i loved isabella but it wont really be anything with john black my favorite the best thing on the show ever.

  7. From CARLY

    Loved Staci as Isabella…wish she could come back for good…also wish John and Marlena would return..enough with these younger kids already…they are terrible actors…give us the tried and true…love Viv, Vic and Maggie senario..could care less about Chloe, Daniel, Mel, Steph, Nathan, Ari, Sami and EJ, and Hope…get rid of them all and start over..PLEASE!!!

  8. From Pattypat

    I know everyone thinks John and Marland were the perfect pair; hnowver for the short itme Isabella was in the story, she and John had a tender relationship. I know she died on the story, but stranger things have happened.

  9. From Lucy

    No pregnant women walks around holding her belly like Chloe does.

    Get Real!!

  10. From beth

    isabella and john would be get back together! they were the greatest love story i ever watched on the show, when she cried for days… i still remember that moment! John and Marlaina are great but he always has loved Isabella more and true.

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