The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For August 23-27.

Family battles and mysterious parents.

Nick and Brooke ran into each other and caught up on their lives. He went back to the office and chatted with Aggie about their relationship. She seemed happy with the way things were going. Jackie eavesdropped on their conversation and then cornered her son to tell him he had no future with Aggie. He admitted that another marriage wasn’t in the cards for him.

Steffy settled back into the company with her new shares and seemed to make peace with her father. When most of the company ganged up to tell Ridge to give Brooke the boot, he refused, which only made things more uncomfortable and much bickering ensued. Stephanie urged Steffy to use her power wisely and then turned to her son to rag him out for always siding with his wife even when it’s bad for the company.

Bill fired Liam, his unpaid intern, for opening his mouth about the video. Liam wasn’t exactly hurt but lectured Bill about being heartless and blurted out his story about being Ridge’s son. Later, Jarrett and Bill discussed Liam’s story and Bill had to admit that he used to see the intern’s mother and could actually be his dad. He also admitted this possibility to Katie, who insisted that he get to the bottom of this fast.

Oliver and Hope got back together. Brooke had the necklace fixed for them but Hope wasn’t ready to wear it again, or forgive her mother. Hope continued getting close to Liam and offered to help him figure out who his dad could be. They went to see Bill since he’d left his mother’s picture in his office. Katie prodded Bill to say something but he wouldn’t so she suggested that he could be the young man’s father. Meanwhile, Thorne admitted to his mother that he used to date Liam’s mother and he could have knocked her up.

Brooke tried reaching out to Steffy but was swatted down and ordered out of the company. Steffy then leaped back into the battle to talk Ridge into kicking his wife out. Taylor sided with her but Thomas showed up to say it was a terrible idea. He tore Steffy up until Ridge finally made him stop. He took Brooke aside and asked her to step back from the company for her own well-being.

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