The Young And The Restless: Ronan As Nina’s Son Poll!

How will she react?

Paul is close to finding out that Nina’s long lost son has been under their noses for weeks. However, how will Nina react to finding out that Ronan, the man who she thinks framed Chance, is her son as well?

Please take a moment to vote in our Ronan As Nina’s Son Poll today, and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

Is there another reaction you think Nina will have? Please feel free to tell Soap Opera Fan Blog about them in the comments section!

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  1. From ed hardy bikini

    I feel I should say, I really enjoy this blog. Maybe you could tell me how I can keeping up to date with it? By the way I discovered your blog through Yahoo.

  2. From amanda

    I really do not like the Ronan character and his nasty attitude. Nina will never be able to get close to him.

    I have read that his stay on the show was just temporary and he will leave in November. Good news!

    That nasty Adam, who should be in prison is bad enough to watch. We do not need another nasty, mean person to deal with.

  3. From Carolyn

    I think Ronan is going to be killed saving his brother Chance’s life. this will happen before Nina has the chance to clam him as her son. she’ll later find out he knew she was his Mother.

  4. From Glenda F. Stanley

    Oh, and by the way. I do think that they miscast Heather! She is sooooooooooo wrong for that part!

  5. From Beverly

    I like Ronan and hope they keep him as far as nasty, Nina is one nasty lady. She’s got a chip on her shoulder and why?

    I am so disappointed Chance was killed off. I was looking forward to watching a real brother relationship bloom between he and Ronan. I was hoping they set it up that he was killed, but i read in the soap opera book that chance was leaving the show. A real bummer!

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  7. From faye

    i think that during the trial of ronan being prosecuted for death and drug case they should bring chance back from protective custody and lock up owen and the rest of dirty cops and thet should try to have a family together and ronan goes back to washington

  8. From Katie

    I really like Ronana and want him to be a full time character on the show. Bring him back!!!

  9. From gee gee

    put chance back he was a great actor!!!

  10. From Nita


    You should have kept the last one!

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