As The World Turns Finale Videos.


Dr. Bob Hughes narrated the very last episode of As the World Turns. In the words of Matthew Purvis, “…there’s nothing I could do which would summarize what the show meant to people, or how it enriched their lives; how they felt when they glanced at the clock ticking down to when a new episode would start. I can’t even imagine the millions of memories that fans have tacked onto every detail and nuance of the show, from the stories to the clothes the characters wore to the furniture which adorned the sets. I know all of those things matter and that, though it is the plots people most often argue about, they aren’t what actually counts.” You can read more on As The World Turns Final Blog.

For those who weren’t able to watch the final episode, and have decided to post it here.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

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    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by and Lana, Stephanie Michelle. Stephanie Michelle said: RT @soapoperafan: Are you ready to watch the As The World Turns Finale again and again? #ATWT Watch on! [...]

  2. From darlene kirby

    i am saddened didn’t even know this show was ending. it took be by surprise first guiding light and no you guys you will be missed

  3. From darlene kirby

    I didn’t even know this was going to happen first guiding light and now you guys, it saddens me all the luck to all

  4. From darlene kirby

    I did’t know the show was going to end i am so sorry to see it go off the air i just wish i had known first the guiding light and now you guys i wish you all well

  5. From darlene kirby

    I didn’t even know this was going to happen i will really miss the show first guiding light and now you guys you are going to be missed

  6. From catherine Lang

    This is so sad. First Guiding Light Now As the world turns… It is not fair. This is horrible What am I going towatch now? Why these two best soaps? I started watching these with my mom when I was younger. I loved all the actors they were great iwill miss all of them.

  7. From Theresa Richardson

    I cant believe this show was cancelled I was watching this with my Mom and now I am 44 years old. I think there has been a big mistake by taking this soap off the air. I think they really need to consider . I miss the show so bad

  8. From Lyn

    I just watched the videos and cried like a baby.

    I watched this since it aired with my grammy.

    I will miss it very much. I will keep this in my Lyn Keepers and I will be able to watch it anytime I want to.

    I had taped the last show but some how lost it but this will help me.


  9. From shelia

    I dont like how you dont thank of the fans of these soaps. Mothers and daughters watch them together and bond watching them and mothers pass away and now we the daughters cant even watch the soaps and feel comfort knowing we did this with them. Loyal fans shoud get somethang more than sorry and heres a photo for you the acters in these soaps are like part of the family and you kill of our family.These soaps shoud at least be on dvd so we can buy them for our kids to pass on in their familys.

  10. From Ronda

    I like all the others have been watching since way back with my grandmother then my mother and even down to my 2 daughters we have all bonded behind ATWT and Guiding light I can not believe I did not know the show was ending it was this summer and I had not watched in so long for being busy with the kids I turned the tv on one day to watch ATWT and it was no longer there I missed it all SO SAD and I agree they should have them on dvd so we can pass on to our children & grandchildren the great quality and time you can spend as a family watching these soaps I will SADLY miss ATWT and Guiding light I so wish they would have thought of all the ladies who shared these soaps with their grandmothers mothers and daughters I was so looking foward to sharing these soaps with my first granddaughter but now its impossible SO SO SO SAD I just wanna cry its like loosing something special in ur life

  11. From Misty Hennen

    I wish they would make an update show for the Guiling Light & As The World Turns soon. I miss them both. They were such a bug part to alot of peoples lives over the years. We all loved to live through them. We could escape our own lives and pick up theirs.

  12. From dianaszurek

    I love as the world turns watched it as a child growing up with grandma ,mom and aunt so disappointed they took as the world turns off the air I,m 56 now watched it from beginning to end please put it back on the air thank you

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