Days Of Our Lives Poll: Life Inside.

Prison dreams.

Hope is in prison. She’s hardly the first Salemite to end up in there. Will she join a gang like Lucas, or have to fight for her life every day like Nicole. Although things haven’t been all that promising so far, what kind of prison story would you like to see for Hope?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the choice you would have made listed? Why not tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section below.

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  1. From SharCares

    She should let Bo try to have her put in a solitary cell for her safety, and then she should get Justin to get going on an appeal. Her doctor should have testified that the pills caused her behavior, and she had no idea what she’d done. Crazy story. Get her out of prison and back with Bo and Ciara!!

  2. From Sandy

    If she needs to be incarcerated it should be in a Mental Facility not a jail or prison. Hope has mental problems due to the stress she was under and the pills. Where is the doctor that gave Hope the pills…it seems no where. Get his butt in there to describe the affects of the pills. Hope should be in a minimum security mental facility. And get her out of that ugly orange suit, that in itself is depressing. Get her better and get her home to Ciara, Bo well that’s another question since he doesn’t seem to be willing to give up Carly.

  3. From Jolie

    I sort of wonder where this story line is going to end. Is Hope going to make friends while in the slammer and that story line will move into the outside world once she is released? Will she find out some info in there that will help her make a big comeback once out of prison? Will she become the meanest mama in Cellblock 4 and not even want to get out?? Right now, she doesn’t care so I don’t either. And Ciara is warming up to Carly which bodes ill for Hope’s re-entry into their lives. My guess, when she gets out in a week or so, Ciara will magically be a teenager like how Belle and Brady grew between scenes in the past. She’ll cause all manner of trouble for Bo and his women.

  4. From trinketz

    Remember when Abe was having trouble sleeping? his doctor gave him a sleeping pill and then told Abe Carver the side affects.. and that a woman slept walked and had a secondary life under the influnce as a hooker???? So why did Abe let her go to prission with out having this doctor testify on Hopes behalf to help her????

  5. From dc

    yea, i thought she was gonna be put in a mental hospital for her condition..

  6. From Olive

    Really Chloe, are you actually telling Nicole what a loser she is?? You are sooo pathetic!

    I’d LOVE to see Brady and Nicole back together and Chloe all alone!

  7. From nita


  8. From Sandra

    I totally agree with # 1 SharCares & # 2 Sandy.
    THE PILLS. WHAT ABOUT THE PILLS? Don’t mean to be shouting, but for cryin’ out loud, the writers may be pretending that they have forgotten about the pills, but the viewers/fans haven’t. At least give us a storyline that makes at least half good sense. What do they think we are?…..lamebrains? Sheesh.

  9. From AJ

    I would love to see Hope in a prison romance with one of the guards. Male or female, doesn’t matter she needs a new love interest.

  10. From dinky

    I know Stefano is preoccupied at the moment. But it would be reminiscent of Ole days, if, Stefano broke her out of prison and re-programmed her in his basement/ dundeon to be Gina, again. And then have her be his hitman/ pawn. Very cool, very adventuresome, and has nothing to do with a baby switch storyline which would be refreshing. something differnt!!1 yay!!!

  11. From Kino


    That would be such a cool idea. The writers need to deviate from the Elvis/Sami/Rafe storyline and do something like this again. Imagine how good the ratings would be if Stefano broke Hope out of jail and turned her back into Gina once more. Bo would certainly have to watch out.

    I really love Brady torturing Vivian like this. I would like it if he told Nicole about where Vivian is so she can torture her too.

  12. From TexasFan

    I’ve watched Days since before Hope & Bo ever met. This story line makes me so sad. Days needs the perpetual “couple” … Maggie has lost Mickey. Alice has also passed on. Marlena & John were axed. Please bring back a grouding couple in Bo & Hope.

  13. From TexasFan

    So sorry about the previous typo …. \grouding\ should have been \grounding\.

  14. From cappsaseven

    Hope should help stop a prison murder plot and get a reduced sentence because of it. Let’s face it, she isn’t going to be in there as long as her sentence that was handed down so why not make it interesting while she is in there.

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