Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For October 4 – 8.

Bad news, big secrets slipping out and taking a step back.

Although it looks like EJ will survive, that doesn’t mean that the panic has subsisted at Casa DiMera. Amid all the paranoia, Kate realizes that Chad could never replace Elvis in the eyes of his obsessive father. With suspicion still being directed at the wrong person, Rafe tries to a find a way to protect Will from EJ and the cops. He should probably worry about his sister too, but Sami does it for him and warns her son to steer clear of Ari and her vendetta to get to the truth.

Justin has to be the bearer of more bad news for Bo and informs him that Hope has signed the divorce papers. While Bo ponders the next step, Justin takes a step of his own. He and Adrienne decide that, even though they recently got divorced, it’s time to take another shot at their relationship. Meanwhile, Kayla doesn’t waste any time telling Bo that he should dump Carly and be with Hope, even if she is in the slammer. Her stream of advice isn’t reserved for him either. She returns to telling her daughter how to run her life and urges Steph to come clean with Nathan.

The intern is busy doing some truth telling of his own. Cornered, he is forced to tell Mel all about how Chloe cheated on Daniel. Mel melts into a rage and confronts the diva, prying the truth out of her. Chloe ends up admitting to more than just opening her legs though. She also explains how Carly helped her try to keep the lid on the whole debacle closed. Mel flips and bitch slaps her right as Dr. Dan walks in.

Now that he’s sobered up sufficiently, Brady backtracks on some of his recent merciless behavior and tries to go back to being a good guy. In a move that requires plenty of bravery, he asks Victor if he can move Nicole into Vivian’s room. While Victor chews on this unsavory idea, Vivian realizes that Brady has seduced Nicole. She plots out her next move and manages to finally track down Gus.

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  1. From Becky

    What I figured would happen..poor Daniel he needs to toughen up..they had him a tough guy but now he is being a wuss!! Tired of Chloe..when she first started the show she was smart now she is so dumb acting!!! Anyway love the show just hope they keep Brady they way he is now!!!

  2. From Debbie

    I like Carly’s new hairstyle and especially the reddish color. I thought she looked pretty yesterday in the red dress with red lipstick too. I definitely think she looks better as a redhead. As for Vivian, at least they didn’t put lipstick on her yesterday, showing that it would have faded by now after so many days in the sarcophagus.

  3. From carol a.

    thanks for the kindness Melissa. You, grandma judy, & nightmare make this site better. I’ll only write on this blog now & then, or maybe just read it. Not sure yet.
    I don’t read to much of what will happen so when I make a comment maybe it’s already been said. But I still like to make one anyway.
    That said, I haven’t read, but I wonder if bradys’s going to let viv out soon. I hope not just yet. I think they also should have more flashback of isabella. I don’t see much of that, & she was so pretty.
    I guess chloe will be found out soon. Kinda feel sorry for her. But she is being a bit strange.

  4. From latrise

    were does nate get off telling someone else is secret. but it is funny that nate is the one to spill the beans to mel. since steph has been acting like a crazy person trying to make sure that both nate and mel doesn’t find out. and the one thing that she didn’t count on was nate already knowing and telling mel. but the one thing that i have to point out, is that nate did not leave steph and run to mel when he first found out months ago, and when he confronted chole about the baby father. but i do see them breaking up, since he will feel like he can’t trust steph and steph porbably feeling the same way. which would make since why ian is over so much. he is going to be the one she jumps in bed with. but i have to say its about time they give mel and nate a story. every since the who are my parents storyline. they both seem to be just seating in the back ground. hopefully when the truth comes out chole would get with philly and mel with nate and daniel with carly since she seem to never be with bo. it’s funny how none of the partner seem to be with their partners. beside sami and rafe but do not get me started on them. i’m so over them.

  5. From cand

    Please let Mel get hers…who does she think she is? This is not the Mel we know and love. I liked her when she was normal…now she thinks she married money and wiped out her past. She should be the first to say oh you lied ? Well I’ve done that hee hee

  6. From Canadian_Gal

    Holy crap they’re moving along the story lines!!!! Yes finally someone else knows about Chloe cheating.

    Yes Bo and Hope belong together!!!

  7. From Delores

    I hope the writers, dont make sammie a whip woman. That story has gotten old. Every one tells Sammie what to do, when will Sammie get her balls back. Please writers lets move one.

  8. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    Am I reading this correctly? That Melanie flips out and smacks Chloe?! Who the heck does Mel think she is hitting a pregnant woman. Whether or not she’s upset she has NO RIGHT to lay her hands on anyone especially a pregnant woman. I mean, Melanie isn’t a goody-two-shoes either. She married Philip, but loves Nathan. Bitch please. I hope someone bitch-slaps that little whore.

  9. From barbara

    why did nate have to tel mel? i must have missed the episode that revealed that. i cannot stand steph and wish she could whine somewhere else. am beginning to dislike sami and all her amd rafes sex. please writers, get oo with the sami/ej stuff and let her pay for not telling him she was preg and keeping sydney a secret, longer than he kept the kidnap going.

  10. From cherie

    wow, how many days has viv been in that sarcophagus??? She would be mighty hungry and thirsty I would think.. not to mention having to use the bathroom…lol .but never any mention of it? That story line is just too unrealistic..I do love the fact though that Mel is finding out about Chloe/Daniel/Philllip. I too think that Bo and Hope belong together, I just wish that Hope would gain a few pounds in prison..not likely to happen though.

  11. From Paula

    #4 – Latrise: you wrote “but the one thing that i have to point out, is that nate did not leave steph and run to mel when he first found out months ago, and when he confronted chole about the baby father.”
    I think the reason he didn’t run to Mel then is because he wasn’t and still is not aware that Philip was the man Chloe slept with. I’m sure he will run to her when he finds out it was Philip.

  12. From Michelle

    I disagree with those saying Mel has no right to be upset with Chloe. For one, Dan is her father, and especially because she just found out about him she is very protective of him. Two, she has said all along something wasn’t right with Chloe and how she had been acting, she knew something was up, and she was right. And three, two wrongs don’t make a right. What I’m saying here is that just because Mel has done her share of dirty deeds doesn’t mean it makes it ok for Chloe to do what she did. And Mel HAS made a change for the better, and it happened before she married Philip. Her and Nathan did have that one kiss, but Mel was mature enough to tell Philip about it on her own. And although she may still have feelings for Nathan, she does love Philip also, and is trying very hard to make her marriage work.
    So in short, I guess what I’m saying is I like Mel and think having Maggie as her role model has made a world of difference for her.

  13. From Grandma Judy

    barbara #9, it hasn’t happened yet but I read that Nathan tells Stephanie about Chloe cheating and Melanie overhears. (Ha! What? Somebody overhearing something on Days?) Then Nathan ends up explaining it to her. Don’t know why he was telling Stephanie? But, of course, she already knows. I personally like it that Melanie is going to find out. Pregnant or not, if I had been around when my Dad was engaged and found out his fiance cheated on him, I would have slapped her, too. Big time! To me, it doesn’t matter what Melanie’s past is. Chloe cheated on her Dad and it seems natural to me that would flip Melanie out. I’m sorry Sami has to go through all these shenanigans to keep EJ from having a set back. I’m not an EJ fan and I thought his face was priceless today when Johnny spilled the beans about living with Sami and Rafe. I will be glad when Sami tells Rafe the truth about shooting EJ so Rafe can relax about Will being the shooter and not feel he has to protect him. Although the police might feel Will is a prime suspect, even though Stefano doesn’t anymore. Debbie #2, I like Carly’s new look, too.

  14. From Sharon

    Grandma Judy…agree with what you say. I do wish nathan would either have a backbone, or go away. He seems like such a wimp. And has anyone noticed that it seems like scenes between Bo and Carly has been reduced to next to nothing??? yay..finally. The Viv/Brady sarcophus (sp??) thing is sooooo old…she has to be in misery by now!

  15. From Canadian_gal

    I agree grandma Judy I would have slapped Chloe too. Today’s episode was great! Nicole finds bradys ear piece. Ej tells stephano he remembers. Thought it was weird Caroline giving Sami and rafe Chinese food!?!? A very weird advertisement I’m thinking dool is hurting!!!

  16. From patsy

    Please please get EJ and SAMI back together .Let Sami be her own fisty self and think for herself and realize that EJ is tne one she wants and fights to be with him. I love Rafe just not with Sami

  17. From Nancy

    What a refreshing program today — we didn’t have to look at Vivian lying in the “box.” Actually, as someone else said, her lipstick has faded at least, but she must be swimming in urine by now!! Sure hope that Hope and Bo can get back together. Do not let everyone lead Sami around by the nose, especially E.J. — he is so full of himself. He should be in prison for what he has done.

  18. From Katherine

    Hey, all of you, don’t forget to also keep on checking last week’s blog, a lot of people keep on blogging there for quite a few days more.
    Nathan grow up, time to grow a pair.. I know you are young, full of hormones, but there comes a time, if you are Not totally there with Stef, walk away, because even Stefanie deserves better.
    NO girl deserves to be strung along, look what it is and has done to Stefanie, and I am not sticking up for her, she is weird, but I do remember the blond/redhaired Stefanie, where is she, I liked her, she was realistic, a Race Car Driver, looking death in the eye every day she went out in that car,,, and now we have this thing called Stefano, writers – give me a break, push it, but not that much.
    One more thing, some of you have mentioned, or maybe the spoilers have, that GUS might come in to save Madam, — funny —scarophaGUS–what do you think, come on guys, it’s better than somebody sniping at you, or – loving E.J. to mucccchhhhhhhhh h
    All in good fun, for all you thinskinned lovely, wonderful people. All of you are great, I am just poking a little fun….

  19. From Katherine


  20. From Grandma Judy

    Katherine #18, if you are referring to the original Stephanie, the one, like you said, with red hair and was a race car driver. I really liked her and was so disappointed when they fired her. At least I think they fired her. She was a much better Stephanie and I think would even be better in the current storyline.

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  22. From Canadian_Gal

    lol that Red head Steph is now on “Fresh Beat Band” a kids show.

    And what happened to Stephan?

  23. From Canadian_Gal

    ok I meant Ivan. Viv’s old hunchman

  24. From Kimishell

    BO & CARLY FOREVER! They are HOT together! They respect each other, love each other, and support each other- as opposed to trying to BBQ each other!


  25. From Amina

    Carly did NOT steal Bo from Hope; Hope does NOT even deserve him.And Kayla should stop tripping!

  26. From CarboLoaded

    How about the option “I like him with Carly AND she doesn’t deserve him”? Both are true.

  27. From Katherine

    How about if Viv would get smart, dumb old biddie, don’t be feisty with Brady, pretend, she can barley talk, she is getting so weak, don’t answer him ,pretend to be out, out, whaterver, she might get his concern, because he is not a monster, but as long as she keeps fighting him, strong and nasty, she is getting nowhere with Brady. Wise up -Madam, and hopefully for you, not me, your hero the ScarophaGUS is coming for your, or not.I really like for the writers to adress, Ivan, Madam’s toyboy from before, the last we say, Ivan won the Lottery- 44 Million – and him and Madam took off (after having found out just compatibably they were in SEX) to live the life of whatever any of you want to imagine.
    I love it, no thinskinned people, we blog, take critizsm well, agree to disagree, what a wonderful this is, Thank you Louis Armstrong, baby you got it right a long time ago..

  28. From Katherine

    Of course I meant to say – \ What a wonderful world this is….\

  29. From tk8achance

    I personally don’t think that Hope and Bo belong together. She left Bo and he was devasted at a bad time in his life and she let him down badly by moving out with Sierra. Time to move on with Carly. I like them together.
    I also would prefer
    Sami with EJ than Rafe.

  30. From nita

    I hope so bad that dainel doesnt care who the baby belongs too I just want him to love chole like no other

  31. From Bridget

    #16 Patsy I agree with PLEEEASE let sami be with EJ. I don’t like sami being with Rafe there is somthing odd. If they want to keep rafe pair him off with someone else then Sami…

  32. From Katherine

    I have another question – why do the doc’s – half the time – always discuss the patient’s chart, with god knows who, like Lexi, talking to Rafe about it, if she loves her brother, be smart and use your brain, he is not your brothers friend, he wants Sami,
    So Lexi, make up your mind, and keep your stupid mouth shut.
    Rafe has No business there, official or not, stay away, and actually Sami, you hated Elvis that much, what are you doing there in the first place, you tried to kill him(as far as you are concerned) staT AWAY, take your children on a holiday, whatever you need to do, to celebrate, that you tried your best to do away with him. but don’t hang around the hospital, for what, you want him to live, ha, ha, give me a break, that’s just to funny , Stay away, period, than maybe could tolerate a bit more you coldblooded, selfcentered bitty, hussing around between man as you please, keeping them all on a string, for you,, you, and always whining, Oh I am doing it all for my kids., Everthing E.J. can now dish out to you – b…. you got coming.
    I held back for so long, but Sami, just pushes the envelope to far some time.
    As far as she is concerned – she pulled the trigger – and don’t care if someday some other arm did it, and I brought it up,
    I am talking about her mind right now, still pretending, oh I guess I am going in there,(oh, blah, blah I am such a good persone, Oh Rafe let me go, I can handle it) you twofaced biddie, you tried to kill him for God’s sake. That’s cold blooded murder the way she did it, has that sank into anybody on this blog, let’s right here now and now, not in the future, what the writers might do, to maybe possible or not clear her.Carly, why don’t you just stay away form Chloe now, you have done everthing you did, just butt out now, you are just doing to much, take a break, leave it alone, all your constant phonecalls , visits to Chloe, ba, ba, enough is enough, proof, the whole darn town will soon be talking about it, because none of you could just leave it be,,,,,,,,,

  33. From karen

    Question.. WHO changed the paternity test?????

  34. From Vivian

    I’m gonna make a prediction…the beans are going to get spilled on Chloe, Philip,etc…with a lot of name calling, yelling, etc..broken relationships…..and the baby will be Daniel’s!

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  36. From Ljouran

    I agree that the Vivian in box has ran too long, becoming ridiculous to believe. I know she’s evil but I still want her out of there. The spoiler didn’t mention how that comes about. All for Mel! Chloe is a slut for yrs. now and doesn’t deserve Daniel. I think he and Carly will eventually get together, there’s definitely a love, a bond, though he will be pissed about Carly,s lying.
    I absolutely adore this Stephanie!
    Not only is she beautiful, her acting fine also. I wish Phillip was more involved with this baby deal…he doesn’t care? Kiari>>>????????(sic) family has such pride, no?>

  37. From Ljouran

    Love reading it and also by being able to quickly add my two cents quickly and without a lot of a hassle. Thanks…will definitely be back nightly.

  38. From Katherine

    #29 Vivian, very very good point Vivian.So much for the busybody’s in Salem, talk talk, never letting things go.

  39. From maryl

    I’m beginning to think that the Sami/EJ amnesia SL will be more of a comedy than anything. Both trying to outwit one another could be comical. EJ is going to toy with her like a cat with a canary. I felt really sorry for him when Johnny told him about their new living arrangements. Wondering how Sami will cover that up. Rafe made some weird remarks today in his conversation with Dr. Dan, he once again showed that side of him that could be questionable as far as obession goes and his need for revenge. Even the Doc had a puzzling look come across his face when Rafe revealed this side of himself.

  40. From Daisy

    How did the heavy lid on the Sarco. get set into place, or is it hinged? Is there a lock on it?
    How would viv get in touch with Gus?
    I wouldn’t think Brady would put his mothers remains in with Viv.,so maybe he will have that huge box hauled off with Viv. still in it?

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  42. From 36Missy

    CarboLoaded, loved your poll option. But really any option that puts Bo with Carly is great! I just want to see their love story told.

  43. From Ky. Girl

    i agree with #16 patsy and #27 bridget, ej and sami belong together. i can’t get passed sami shooting ej and going straight to rafe’s bed (sickening) and then rafe and sami hanging around the hospital hopeing he would die. ej hasn’t done any worse than that.

  44. From Ky. Girl

    oh yes something else, i am loving the new brady, the scenes of him and vivian are priceless. don’t know when i’ve laughed so much watching days. eric martsolf’s acting is great!

  45. From Seven

    “Chloe” needs to stop holding her belly every second of every scene…yeah, we know you’re pregnant and we’re not stupid enough to fall for the “if I place my hand on my belly you’ll know how far along I am” BS.

  46. From dinky

    hmmm… Sami is more interesting with ej but enough is enough. she is with rafe now. make them a super couple and move on. Sami = Marlena, Rafe = John, and EJ = Stefano. Put someone in a dungeon and let’s get on with the storyline! thank you very much indeed! :)

  47. From Clear

    I thought Sami was boring with EJ relationship wise because it was the same old story again. I like her with Rafe much better, and cannot see any way a woman would want to go back with EJ after everything he did, and that she has done to him. I would like to see EJ attracted to a new lady. What ever happened to the character that played the gangster’s daughter that was being drugged for years that was sweet on Patch? She seemed quite taken with EJ, and he with her for a little while. It was the actress that used to be on General Hospital for a while. The writers could bring her character back, and she would fit right into the Dimera mansion with lots of baggage!.

  48. From latrise

    I agree with you. Since nate seem to be on the fence about chole. i mean in every esp. before us learning that it will be him who finally tells mel. he’s been tip toeing around the issues of why he can’t stand chole. even when dan ask him, he try his hardest not to say what was really on his mind. i mean everytime someone brings up chole, he always make a off the well comment. that if you didn’t already know chole secret. then the people would give him that strange reaction and ask him to clarify what he means. then he would talk him self in to a conor and just say that it is from when she was with lucas.

  49. From mandee

    I think it was Nathan that switched the test results and then switched them back because he felt guilty. Whoever did it is supposed to be a big shocker to Stephanie. Who else but Nathan. Don’t like Mel and Phil together. He treated like dirt for so long then all of a sudden he loves her. Would have liked the writers to not make her some dumb girl who wanted to marry a guy who didn;t always treat her right. Lovin the new Brady. HE reminds me of Victor. Hilarious!

  50. From latrise

    Oh yeah, what if the baby is daniel. i mean the writer may be trying to one up on us. and make us all think that it is phill, when it really is dan. i mena think about it, have you seen how big chole is. i mean they never said how many weeks she is or how long in between the time frame that she slept with dan and with phill. i mean steph mom have a point, that it could have just been an error, and someone corrected it. i mean steph has investigated everyone that would have a connected with this baby. and the only person left would be carly, but i truly don’t believe it her, since she’s been trying to get out who the other guy is. and i truly believe that she cares more about her relationship with mel and dan to have switch the test. since it sound like chole is going to tell mel that her mother already knew about it and help her. i don’t think that it is nate since he doesn’t care for chole and why would he go thru the trouble to change the result just to out her. but you know that would be funny if it was him. since it seem like he would never do it. i don’t know about ian he might have change it just so he could spend more time with steph, but he was with her when everything went down. so i don’t think that he was that fast or knew the outcome if he would have change the result before steph ask. he all know that mel didn’t do it. i know we have rule out the main three people ( chole, dan , and phill) i know that some don’t care. maybe a part of me doesn’t either. i’m just hoping that they give us a twist. how about this, that we find out that chole is preganant with twins and they each have a different dad. that would be some twist. something knew to thank about. a part of me truly doesn’t care, for some reason i like daniel. i don’t know why but i think it is because i’m preganant and my husband acts the same way he does and this is are second child. and i think that i would cry if the child wasn’t him. since carly already taken his chances away from experiencing fatherhood from birth with mel. but i feel that he would have been a great father to mel if he would have know about her. he probably would have adoption her, and never told her that he wasn’t her bio dad into the timing was right. that way he would have raise her and have a family with his first wife. and probably told her the truth from the begining, she may get mad at him for the affair but in time would of forgave. in then the day when mel comes to him and say she wants to meet her bio parents he could have reveal it to her that he is her father. i still think that they could have done the who is my parent storyline. just with daniel not telling carly that he have adoption their daughter. since she never told him that he have one. they could have say that he found out some how and just adopt her and never told anybody the truth other then his wife. but i know that is an old story but i think it would have play out nicely with dan telling mel that carly is her mother and that didn’t die like he told her or something like that. sorry that storyline for some reason bug me, but all i’m trying to say is i truly hope that this is dan kid, and that even if it was just an admin error. i still think that would be funny if it drives steph mad, since she spents months trying to crack the code as to who switch the result that it is making her come unclue as we been seeing, and now it like you been a mad woman over an error. and it would be funny if ian knew that it was an error and he didn’t tell her to be close to her. to me that would drive anyone up the wall.

  51. From Clear

    Ian in the mix clouds the waters a bit. It could be the other twist, and the test was done correctly, and then accidently changed to the wrong one. However, I too, hope that it is Daniel’s baby and thet when the infidelity comes out Daniel and Chloe can get past it to bring up the baby together. However, Chloe will have to get into something . Maybe the writers plan to keep the paternity a secret until the child gets a health problem that has to be dealt with in the future, and Dr. Dan has to figure it out to save the child.

  52. From MAB

    Katherine – I’m a little confused because you said you didn’t agree with me about Carly, and that Bo should kick Carly to the curb. Well, that’s what I said in my post. I think Bo should kick her to the curb – and he should have done it a long time ago. I agree Carly wasn’t the cause of their breakup, but she sure didn’t help anything either. And I understand your point about Bo & Carly needing someone at the time, but the fact remains, Bo & Hope have always declared that they are each other’s soul mates and in the soap world, Bo normally wouldn’t have never moved on with Carly with Hope still around, and in the shape she was & is in. If you recall in the past, the only reason Bo ever moved on was because he thought Hope was dead. IMO, the way the writers have handled this storyline by inserting Carly has really tainted Bo & Hope’s relationship. I don’t like it. I think it would have been ok for Bo to help her out, but it should have remained on a friendship basis.

  53. From MAB

    NEWSFLASH – on Tuesday’s episode, Sami was wearing the infamous watch she wore when she shot EJ.

  54. From MAB

    Clear – the gangster’s daughter who was sweet on Steve/Patch…she was interested in John, not EJ.

  55. From MAB

    I do think Chloe needs to be smacked, but not now that she’s pregnant. Melanie could’ve taken her down a peg w/o slapping her. I like Melanie, sometimes, and I’m glad Maggie has made her do some growing up, but she acts too high & mighty anymore. It’s like she has doctor parents, nursing job & married to a rich man. Her life is basically perfect, but she shouldn’t act like she’s better than anyone else.

    Ok, where does Rafe get off opposing the kids see they’re father? IT IS NONE OF HIS BUSINESS! He has no right, regardless of what Sami says, to have a say what goes on with Johnny & Sydney. They are EJ’s kids, not his. And telling Daniel his job is to make sure a kidnapper pays for what he did. Well, if EJ is a kidnapper, then so is Sami & Rafe. I just dislike Rafe more & more each day. There is no doubt that he wants to control Sami and her kids!

    Sami & Rafe don’t have what it takes to be a super couple. They couldn’t come close to Marlena & John, although I never considered them a super couple either. I did like them together, but the only woman for John was Isabella (IMO). I hated when she died.

    There are so many couples on all soaps who have done unspeakable things to one another and ended up together, so I don’t see a difference where Sami & EJ are concerned. Sami can have so much more interesting storylines with EJ. If they keep her relationship with Rafe the way it is now, well it’s not going anywhere and it’s already boring. I mean how many time can we see them hop in bed with one another?

  56. From Debbie

    I’ve enjoyed the acting of the actresses in the argument scenes this week between Chloe/Nicole and Kayla/Stefanie. At least the tears were real and the emotions of the characters seemed heartfelt.

    And why can’t EJ just be told that the marriage ceremony was never “officially” completed (supposedly, the kiss seals the deal)? That way, it wouldn’t be a lie and Sammi wouldn’t have to go along with the ridiculous scenario that Lexie has her doing.

  57. From Wendy

    MAB #40, I agree with you 110%! Bo and Hope ARE soul mates, and he and Carly could have just stayed good friends. Whatever possessed him to have Carly move into his and Hope’s house? I know at first it was “convenient”(because Hope had moved out) and it was for Carly’s protection, but come on! Even though he and Hope weren’t together he had to know how it would affect Hope, seeing another woman shacking up with her husband.

  58. From Katherine

    #40 MAB
    Hi, I meant that “kicking Carly to the curb” would not be right, Bo, would never do such a thing, He does respect woman. I know he has very strong feelings for Carly, always has, they were always good to each other.
    He has so much to work out about Hope, the things that went so wrong between the two of them, I thinks he really needs to have Carly/his good Friend and lover/ by his side. We all know, that sooner or later, Bo and Hope fill find each other again, but there is so much to overcome between those two.
    Carly, don’t know what will happen with her, who knows, Chloe might die in childbirth, Carly might end up raising the child (Dan’s child) with him, stranger things have happened.
    Lexie should not be involved as doctor/and sister/ to tell people(Sami) what to do. Let another doctor without family connection handle things, Lexie is playing God. But I guess that’s what makes the story and gets us all up the tree.
    In some of my last bloggings, I think I went overboard about Sami, need to control my writing, it is just a story, but admit at least some of you, don’t you ever get hot under the collar about certain characters?..
    Any way I am sorry, for getting to carried away.
    MAB – one more thing, I think Hope really, really hurt Bo, when she just took off with Ciara and the things she said to him back then, she treated him very badly.
    Carly came at a time, when Bo needed something so bad and Carly was theeeee person to do it. He trusts her and loves her.
    There is an old saying,
    Man can mess around with just about anyboyd, but they LOVE it is deeper than any woman could. Bo loved his fancyface, but boy the she wound him so very deeply, and that will not heal overnight.
    But I wish them the Best.
    At least Carly has never been sneaky and coniving like Billy used to be, I mean she went after Bo shamefully… with Hope right there.

  59. From Angie P

    I too am wondering how Viv has gone so long without a bathroom break!!! This story line is too far fetched! I definately see Nate and Mel getting together-no question. I’m wondering if Phillip and steph will get together. Maybe Daniel can get with Carley and that would free up Bo to get back with Hope!!

  60. From MAB

    Wendy – I wish Hope would get out of prison and start working on rebuilding her life. I want to see more interaction with her & Bo. I don’t care how long it takes, because this time, their separation was their fault, not a result of someone else pulling them apart (even though Carly didn’t help matters). This time will be different for them in finding their way back to one another. I hope the writers do it right!

  61. From MAB

    Katherine – I know Bo wouldn’t kick Carly to the curb while she needed his help, but does she really need his help anymore? I don’t think so. And Hope wouldn’t expect anything less of him for helping Carly…Hope even encouraged him to help Carly, but she also wanted to help and he shut her out – not the Bo I know. I don’t buy into Bo’s strong feelings for Carly. Yeah, maybe years ago when he thought Hope was dead, but that was then and this is now, and he & Hope have been apart of each other’s lives since childhood. Their connection is way stronger than feelings he might have for Carly…one of whom he only hooked up with years ago because he thought Hope was dead. Also, Bo’s relationship with Billie was much bigger than his with Carly. It lasted longer and Billie was a bigger part of his life as well – they even share their daughter Chelsea, so he should have deeper feelings for Billie than Carly. Yet Billie could never really come between him & Hope. Back to present time, Carly comes back to town and wham bam he’s acting like Carly is this great love of his life – again not the Bo I know. I do agree with you about how Hope was acting toward Bo. I think she hurt him badly too, but I just can’t see Bo moving on with Carly the way he did. If Hope is the love of his life, he wouldn’t have moved Carly in like she was a replacement of Hope. I’m not saying he wouldn’t have slept with her, but to move her in their home – once again, not the Bo I know.

  62. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    MAB, I completely agree with you about Bo and Hope. They are still my favorite couple. I agree about the statement with Billie…she was closer to Bo than Carly was – yet she was never really able to keep Bo and Hope apart. Not sure why Days is making Carly more than what she was. To me, a lot of this with Bo and Hope never got resolved when Zack died. Bo was written very poorly. The Bo we know and love would never put Chelsea above Hope. Bo, to me, never gave Hope a chance to forgive Chelsea due to his actions (covering everything up). I saw it as a betrayal of Hope and their marriage because of Billie. With all the schemes Billie and Kate pulled to try to keep Bo & Hope apart, Bo should have never sided with Billie…for any reason. With the present Carly, yes Bo and Hope were having problems, BUT Carly did NOT help matters. I believe Carly’s intentions were to get Bo back from the start. She even brough the scroll…why, would she do that? I find it funny that when she first came to Salem she was scared to death of Vivian and what Vivian would do to her and Melanie…now all of a sudden Carly is no longer scared of Vivian…why, because Bo is with her now and she doesn’t have to “pretend to need him”.

    Did anyone read the tribute to Days 45th. If not you can read it at I found it interesting that James Scott was asked if EJ would ever be good…his answer was NO. He was paired with the other villans…there are some cute quotes in the story to include one by Bryan (Lucas) about Lucas breaking the bed several times with Sami, yet Rafe has yet to do that :) I thought that was hilarious!!!!! Bryan has always had such a fun personality. Wish they would have let that come through more on Days. He is a super sweet guy in real life.

  63. From Katherine

    MAB, I am trying to say, when Carly came to town, Bo was in a bad way, he Hurt, and Carly was there. I know, Hope will always be the great love of his life, but she served him with divorce papers, made it very clear she didn’t want him.
    Man react funny, they can’t stand to be alone, Carly was good for him.
    He’ll get back with Hope, and Carly always offered to get out the picture, but Bo wouldn’t hear of it.
    Bo knows that Billie had turned into a coniver (?)
    Bo trust’s Carly, that is a big part of his feelings for her, he is
    comfortable with her
    he’ll find his way back to Hope, they are Soulmates and have children and a history. It will take a while ..
    Boy today, does Rafe want E.J. dead or not………….wow
    will he be able to handle the charade between Elvis and Sami, or what,,, or is the real Rafe starting to come out more?
    MAB, I always love your blog, and in closing, I do agree, what Bo did, moving Carly into the family home, was not the Bo we know, but then again, all the things Hope did, she was not the Hope we know.People do strange things when they get hurt.

  64. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I also loved in that article that Corday believes Doug & Julie and Bo & Hope are the 2 greatest love stories told on Days….I would add Tom and Alice!

  65. From Grandma Judy

    Clear #36 & 39, I agree with your comments. I hope Chloe’s baby turns out to really be Daniel’s and that their relationship isn’t shattered because of her infidelity. I just hope it works out so that Melanie and Nathan get together. I agree with you about EJ and Sami and think their relationship is about worn out. Too much bad stuff between them. Have Sami find happiness with Rafe and someone new for EJ, and be good if Sami and EJ could still work things out well between them about their kids. But it isn’t going to happen anytime soon, is it, with the EJ amnesia storyline. I think it’s sweet how Rafe is always looking out for Sami and trying to protect her. He seems to have a 6th sense about EJ’s deceptiveness and was right not to trust that EJ couldn’t remember. And he was right to call it all a “ridiculous cherade”, having to keep EJ calm and pretend things are not as they really are. And now it’s going to keep going for who knows how long?! To me, even if EJ wasn’t faking, it would be better to tell a patient the truth because there would be too many things that wouldn’t add up and it seems to me it would upset the patient trying to figure things out. What surprise on Nicole’s face when she heard Vivian’s voice coming out of that ear gizmo. Ever think about the stench (if this were real) that will come out of that “box” when the lid is removed and Vivian gets out??!! WHEW!! I agree with those who feel Bo and Hope are soulmates. Over the years, they have even known when one or the other was in trouble, – like esp between them. It may take a while but I think (I hope!) the writers will bring them back together again.

  66. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    LOL…Grandma Judy, you made me laugh about the stench and Vivian. Boy, I wouldn’t want to be around that box when it was opened…Yowers! I agree about Rafe, Sami, and EJ. I think Rafe is being very supportive of Sami right now. I couldn’t believe Lexie yesterday…what nerve. Telling Sami that she HAD to fake being his wife or it would be like murder. I’m not one to be told what to do, so I wouldn’t have done anything Lexie said. Why should Sami want to pretend, this story is ridiculous. Sami even told Rafe that she felt like she was betraying him when she was in the room with EJ. Rafe understood…so sweet. I think Rafe sees through all of EJ’s lies and manipulation – glad Sami’s ears and eyes are finally open. I’m still wondering how far EJ plans to take this. I know he’s not going to let Stefano go after Sami, but I know EJ has to have some revenge plan in store for Sami – not just to try to take the kids away.

  67. From Grandma Judy

    BoAndFancyFace4Ever #49, – regarding the broken beds between Lucas and Sami, – a little trivia from my personal life. One time when one of our sons and daugher-in-law were staying with us on their vacation from a different state, they broke our guest bed during the night. Our 4 bedrooms all upstairs together, and we still had a son and young grandson living with us and we were all woken up by the noise. There was no covering up how the bed broke!

  68. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    LOL…bet they were embarassed, Grandma!! I cannot even begin to imagine that at my inlaws.

  69. From Grandma Judy

    BoAndFancyFAce4Ever, I agree, not to just take the kids away. Will probably be something more.

  70. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I’m still trying to guess who runs over Ari. I don’t think it will be Sami or Rafe. I hope it is not Nicole. Could be Will or Brady, but not sure. I’ve never been a fan of the actress or character of Ari. Just didn’t seem to fit in. Kind of like Mia. I don’t think she ever really fit in either.

  71. From Grandma Judy

    The spoiler I read about Ari getting run over said that when she told EJ she would get to the bottom of who did this to him. little did she know she was signing her own death warrant. So I kind of thought from that that she is killed deliberately, and that it wouldn’t be Brady. I thought Ari got off to a slow start on the show but I have liked her more recently. Except for how she’s been pawing all over EJ in the hospital. I never thought Mia fit in. Chad looked different and better today, maybe his hair.

  72. From Grandma Judy

    It just struck me, the way that spoiler was worded, you don’t suppose EJ or Stefano has Ari killed to keep the secret that Sami’s was the shooter, so EJ can keep up his fake amnesia. Anyone think that’s possible?

  73. From MAB

    Katherine – I do get what you’re saying about Bo/Hope/Carly, but it looks like we aren’t going to agree on this topic. I don’t like Carly and wish she would have never returned to Salem. I do like that Melanie is Daniel’s daughter, and to me that is the only good thing to come out of Carly’s return.

    I know Hope served Bo with divorce papers, but even she told him later it was a mistake and she didn’t want a divorce. When he realized Hope didn’t want the divorce, he should have tried to work things out with her, and told Carly to move out (even though he should have never moved her in), but instead he let Carly remain and Hope basically went insane. Funny way to treat the love of you life IMO, but of course we wouldn’t have gotten that whole storyline otherwise. Believe me, I know how funny men react…but in real life men don’t react the same way they do on soaps, that’s why I can’t see Bo doing what he did.

    Carly has proved she is not afraid of Vivian and I don’t think she ever was. No one else has come after her for Lawrence’s death so maybe she never really needed Bo’s protection – maybe her intent all along was to go after Bo. Also, we aren’t a 100% sure if Bo can trust Carly or not. All we know is what she told Bo when she returned to Salem. Who knows if she’s been completely honest or not.

  74. From MAB

    BoAndFancyFace4Ever! – I agree it wasn’t right putting Chelsea before Hope, but at least that was a little more understandable for Bo to do…I mean Chelsea is his flesh & blood after all and children should come first, but not at the expense of all that occurred. But putting another woman before your wife, well that’s just not right, and IMO that is what Bo has done with Carly.

    Billie did come between them at times, but Bo always loved Hope either way and you could always see that even when he was being torn between Hope and Billie/Chelsea. It’s too different with Carly – Bo just doesn’t act like himself IMO. I too agree that Carly’s intention was to try to get Bo back…I guess she just didn’t realize how easy it was going to be. Oh, I’m going to read the tribute from the link you posted. I wished Days would have kept Lucas instead of bringing in Rafe – big mistake by TPTB IMO.

  75. From MAB

    I hope Chloe’s baby is Daniel’s as well, but she should suffer some repercussions for what she did. I want Melanie back with Nathan and Stephanie back with Philip as well – although the whole situation seems kind of unimportant now.

    I don’t think Rafe tries to protect Sami – he tries to control her. He continues to act so arrogant to everyone, including how he’s recently talked to Lexie and Daniel. And lastly, he needs to STOP trying to be those kids father because they have fathers.

  76. From Grandma Judy

    I don’t take it that Rafe is trying to be Sami’s kids’ father. I think he is trying to build a relationship with them because he wants a life with Sami. If he is the kids’ step-father, he is going to have to have a good rapport with them.

  77. From MAB

    I think it’s just grasping at straws that EJ would have Ari run down, and I don’t think Stefano would do it either. Every murder in Salem does not involve the DiMeras. I do think it’s going to be on purpose though. Brady wouldn’t do it on purpose…Nicole = maybe, Rafe = possible, Sami = possible, Will = possible. But who knows for sure – we’ll have to wait until it happens and depending on what they show us.

  78. From MAB

    Did everyone read my newsflash from earlier today? Sami has the same watch on she was wearing when she shot EJ. Take a good look and compare it with the shooting scene – no doubt, same watch!

  79. From MAB

    If Rafe wants to be a step-father, fine, but he wants to keep those kids from EJ and he has no right to interfere, regardless of what EJ has done. He is their father period and Rafe should mind his own business. Also, Rafe should get to know those kids better because he don’t know them at all. He hasn’t spent enough time with them because he can’t stop hopping in the sack with Sami all the time and walking around the hospital bullying everybody.

  80. From Grandma Judy

    Although Johnny knows Rafe well enough to think the sun rises and sets in him. And, remember, EJ didn’t like that when the relationship was developing. Wonder where the FBI jacket is that Rafe gave to Johnny that he didn’t even want to take off?

  81. From SerenityGuy

    I just have to say this pretend amnesia storyline is ridiculous. If they take the story so far as to have Sami move back into the mansion with EJ and play house, I am done with the show. The whole EJ/Sami storyline is so old and they keep retelling the same story in slightly different ways. Let Sami move on with Rafe and Ej

  82. From SerenityGuy

    EJ can just go off the show for all I care

  83. From MAB

    Any kid is going to think the FBI jacket is cool and maybe even Rafe’s job, but that don’t mean Rafe is that close to Johnny or even knows him for that matter. Johnny seems to think the sun rises and sets in his father EJ – just seeing Johnny with EJ yesterday proves how much he loves him and wants to be with him.

  84. From Michelle

    That scene with Caroline promoting Wanchai Ferry chinese food was so silly. It was so forced, not even subtle in the least bit. Glad those kinds of promos are few and far between, we have enough ridiculous scenes to watch as it is with DOOL.

  85. From Grandma Judy

    You know how it is with kids, MAB, they have enough love in their hearts for everyone in their lives. You’re correct about Sami’s watch. Michelle, I thought it was pretty silly, too, about the Wanchai Ferry Chinese food. They’d better stick with their TV ad with the Panda Bear. Doesn’t seem to go to well with the Brady Pub. I have felt the acting this week has been great. I think somebody else mentioned that.

  86. From Drakesgma

    I can’t believe all these post say they want EJ and Sami together.Don’t forget EJ raped Sami that is how she got pregnant the first time with the twins.I am really glad that whole mess with Cloe/Daniel/Phillip is coming out so sick of Stephanie i could puke. She use to be a nice girl.

  87. From Katherine

    I still say, that Bo this time, was hurt more deepley than he is letting on, what else would change the Bo we love and care for to behave like this. Fancy Face went over the line, yes he loves her very much, but he just couldn’t handle what she did to him. IMO, I have seen it first hand in life, a man that loves completley, to be let down by his woman (in his mind)there is no telling how long it will take to get back to trust again.
    MAB, bless you, let’s agree to disagree on that one, love all your other stuff very much.
    Bye the Sami has worn a big man’s watch as far back as can remember, it’s always been her thing.
    Of course Carly is not afraid of Vivi anymore, Bo said he would kill her, and Vic married her to keep her in line.
    Patience, Bo and Carly story will go work out, the writers just want a little spice in there, it be so boring if Bo and Hope sat a home every eve, drinking tea. Besides if divorces him, there will be another great wedding down the road, Bo and Fancy Face forever….
    As for forgivness, Hope totally forgave Chelsea, told her how much she loved her, made her totally part of the family, at least that’s what we were made to believe by the writers and the shows we watched.
    And also just because you have children together, doesn’t mean that love is forever, I know first hand, so that bond… is not working for everybody.
    I have to close with my own bed story, picture this, pull out couch, action, the front legs collapse, and you start sliding down hill to the ground…. Memories, maybe DOOL can use that some time, they seem to listen to us at times have you ever noticed that. Bye

  88. From Katherine

    When I said, Bo and Carly story will work out, I mean they will go separate ways sooner or later, but for now they are sort of together, even though I really have not seen any segments on them, sort of nothing………….

  89. From Katherine

    COME IN KAS 1008……………….

  90. From wanda

    people say ej should be in jail but sami should be there too then. she is not so pure and rafe has a dark side. i would like to see all the dirty on rafe and you know he has some so bring it out than get rid of him. sami and ej are so much alike let them be and rafe begone.

  91. From Brenda

    I must be the odd ball. I would like to have seen Ari & EJ together. But if that’s now possible I’d like to see EJ and Nicole back together. They are two of a kind and she’s not good enough for Brady. The EJami story is so phony. I’m not enjoying hardly any of days right now. I am anxious to see Stephanie dropped like a hot potato and Mel and Nathan together. I also like Maggie and Victor. Who knew??? They are great. I think Sami was justified in shooting EJ. I might have done the same thing. The man is crazy!! Takes after his Dad.

  92. From maryl

    Chad is beginning to favor EJ more and more. They have him sporting a new hairdo (kinda like EJ’s before his was sheared off). Did anyone else notice or is it just me? I hate to think this, but I fear the writers may pin Ari’s death on the DiMeras. Afterall, they usually take the blame for most murders whether they did them or not! It would make the story more interesting if some mystery person in Rafe’s life did it. At least it would give Rafe a SL, instead of the same thing over and over–tracking down the DiMeras and playing Sami’s hero.

  93. From Debbie

    I don’t know if anyone else mentioned this but I forgot to say how good Nicole was when she cried over her dog at the pet cemetery. When she left Chloe after their argument saying there’s one in the world who always loved her and she left crying, I thought for sure she meant Brady but it was Pookie.

  94. From Canadian_Gal

    They showed Allie and Johnny today and Allie is a lot taller than Johnny!!! They don’t even look like sister and brother let alone twins!!

  95. From melissa

    MAB I posted some thoughts bout Bo and Hope on last weeks spoiler for you As well as a YouTube mvd called ‘Bo,Carly,Hope my bed’ it gives a good take on how Carly ended with Bo! Pls watch and tell me what you think!!!

  96. From melissa

    Katherine I do agree with you on ‘ Men can act stragely when hurt’. Julie and Maggie and even Justine told Hope this! Bo’s a man and in all my years of dealing with men they always, always find another women to sleep with to get their mind of their heartbreak!

  97. From Sharon

    someone help me with this….Allie and Johnny are the twins..EJ and Lucas the fathers? Sydney is younger, father is EJ?In all, Sami has four children? Is Allie still supposed to be with Lucas?? Still can’t believe in Salem everything must be free, cause no one apparently works. Except the doctors. And they do every kind of medicine there is!

  98. From melissa

    MAB and Katherine: Ok ladies let get to the here and now! Have you noticed that Carly shan’t things to work out for Dan and Carly BECAUSE Carly has just as much too lose? This is probaly why Carly changed the test results? Now as for Bo it’s one thing to return as a damsel in distress after Killing Lawernce! ( Bo hated him anyway) but now she has covered up, lied, and as far as we know not confided in Bo?mmmmmhh. PS NOTICE Kayla talking bad about Carly! Carly and Kayla didn’t get along the first time! (anyone remember when Bo had a virus!) and if Kayla finds out Carly changed the pertunity tests Kayla will use it against her!! ( actually I think this happened before)

  99. From Vivian

    #78 Canadian Girl: That was Johnny and Sydney, not Allie…and Sydney did look taller than Johnny. And we have watched Sydney grow and Johnny grow…so guess it is genetics. Allie is with Sammi and is at the pub. Will is wandering around town. The toxic fumes that are getting to Vivian are Vivian LOL Did read that new twins had been hired to replace Allie. I have said along that Chad looked like a miniature EJ and even posted it one time, just didn’t have a possible storyline to connect them! I think Patch and Kayla should be considered as one of DOOL major love stories. Not just Doug & Julie and Bo & Hope. Also, FYI, Salem has two drs: Lexie and Daniel…and one part-time lawyer-Justin LOL So will always have a “conflict of interest”. LOL Whatever happened to Kinsey? She was working at the pub…I miss her!

  100. From Michelle

    Pleeeease not another twins with different dad’s story with Chloe.
    Sami didn’t look like she was hating that kiss with EJ too much today. I know she says she can’t stand the charade, but we all know it’s easy to say something, but actions speak volumes. Rafe’s jealousy, insecurity, and obsessiveness are such turn-off’s. And I don’t even find him attractive to begin with, so he’s way down on my list.
    Kate looked good today in jeans, dressed down a bit but still classy.

  101. From MAB

    Grandma Judy, I’m sure Johnny likes Rafe, but EJ is his father and there is a big difference there. I think if Johnny had a choice of where HE wanted to live, it would be with EJ – he didn’t want to leave the mansion to begin with. I think it’s pathetic that Sami just up and moved in with Rafe, along with the kids. Does she not think this is confusing enough for them already? I’m sure little Johnny is asking himself…Mommy was getting ready to marry Daddy – Daddy is now in the hospital and we’ve moved in with Rafe. Sami & the kids should be staying at the pub with her family, like she told EJ. IMO, her & Rafe are only thinking about themselves.

    Katherine – yep looks like we won’t agree on this one, but love you comments either way! I do agree Bo was really hurt this time by Hope walking out on him the way she did and I do blame her for that. It just seemed like once Carly stepped in the picture, what was going on with Hope didn’t matter anymore to Bo. I just think he took things too far by moving Carly in and not try to work things out with Hope. Also, Bo didn’t need to kill Vivian & Victor didn’t need to marry her to keep her in line. They could have kept Carly safe otherwise. I think it was stupid for Bo the Commissioner of Police to go around telling anyone who would listen that he was going to kill Vivian if she messed with Carly – sounds like a bully on the playground – like I said, not the Bo I know.

    Melissa – I hope Kayla socks it to Carly. And maybe once Jennifer returns, she’ll help out too. I know Jennifer likes Carly, but I don’t think she will choose her over Hope.

    Maryl – I wonder if Chad is going to fit into the DiMera lifestyle, if Stefano ever gives him a chance that is. Also, you know they’ll try to pin Ari’s death on the DiMeras – they blame them for everything.

  102. From Grandma Judy

    MAB #101, I was just trying to say that Rafe has made progress with Sami’s kids and they like him, which really needs to be the case if Rafe has a life with Sami. Like or love? I feel as you do that, although Johnny likes Rafe, he LOVES EJ and those little ones must be very confused. Poor little Johnny was so happy his Mommy and Daddy were getting married and then suddenly, right in the middle of it, they didn’t.

    Did anyone else read on the DaysCafe Rumors Central, reported yesterday? It says “HOT! A new love interest for EJ? Stay tuned!” Oh, I hope so. That’s just what
    I’ve been wanting.

  103. From Grandma Judy

    Actually that rumor on DaysCafe Rumors Central was posted today.

  104. From Olive

    Oh Grandma Judy, please, please be right!!! If EJ’s gonna stay – put him with someone else! Anyone else! Although, the only person he really had any chemistry with was Nicole and I don’t even want to see her with him! oooo, how about Steph?? THEY deserve each other :-)

  105. From maryl

    I have reached a point where I don’t want Sami with EJ–for now. She will have to stumble through this idea of her “love” for Rafe like she did all the others who were “good guys” before she finally realizes she will always be EJ’s soulmate. She will never really change and become a “good girl.” If she does change to suit Rafe, than farewell to her character’s personality and popularity. She will be as boring as Rafe or will have to depend on EJ’s character to be her float. She’s a sinking ship without the EJ connection. I think a new romance for EJ may be just the thing for right now. He needs to secure his rights to his children and then find someone new, because you just know, eventually Sami will be burning up with jealousy.

  106. From MAB

    Grandma Judy – I do see your point, but I don’t see any progress that Rafe has made with the children. I think they like him basically because Sami likes him, at least where Johnny is concerned that is.

  107. From MAB

    Don’t want to see another love interest for EJ – EJ & Sami forever!

  108. From Katherine

    Thank you MAB, that’s what good sports are all about, and puts some life into those sometimes very boring blogs…
    Melissa, what MAB and I are talking about, Bo’s feelings, actions, behaviour is part of here and now. MAB, you like a good verbal duel, or am I wrong.???
    That’s what makes you interesting..
    Melissa – think about it – MAB and I are not getting personal, it’s about the story, and we should have the freedom to talk about it as we wish. Melissa, I always like your comments very much, so let us do about the story as we like.
    Friends, please…..
    Bo will come around, I think he is already on his way back, and him and Carly will disolve naturally, they both will find their own ways, but they will always be good friends.
    Wow, does Chad become more and more an E.J. look alike, at one time I thought he might be E.J. son, he could have had a “growing up” fling with a hooker, it happens, he sure is tall like E.J.
    He writers, what do you think, age wise it could work too.
    I agree, not another Twins, with two daddies.
    Amnesia – Elvis- and Sami – help- that is so overused, overdone, I really hope it will last only for a few days.
    Rafe will go beserk, if that story will be kept up.
    86 Drakesgma – E.J. – Sami – Rape yes, but don’t forget, Sami must have forgiven him, wiped it off the charts, when she willingly and lovingly went to bed with him and then had Sidney.
    Still say KAS 1008 -Where are you???

    MAB -agree, Johnnie loves the FBI jacket and even Rafe, but what if – if -if – Johnnie had to choose, it would be his Daddy, hands down.. period. Judy, you are right, kids love just about everybody, but the Mom and Dad are # 1…. So Rafe don’t forget that ever, the kids love their dad, I think Ally loves E.J. also, he was the one that care of her and Johnnie when Lucas was in jail for shooting E.J. in the back.
    Poor Will, Mom and Dad (or was it Will???) try to kill E.J. on his wedding day. E.J.- weddings are not good for your health.
    Wonder if the writers will ever let us know for sure, who shot E.J. the first time Lucas or Will.
    E.J. maybe you should get smart and stay away form them, if you want to stay alive, but then again no juicy story,-
    Did you see Stefano and Kate, more close interaction, I loved it when Stefano came back for more hugging and kissing, do you think the writers are listening to us.
    I am still waiting for the cozy cloth, please just once.
    Take care all of you, and keep blogging good stuff.

  109. From maryl

    MAB #107 I agree with you about EJ and Sami forever, but if we have to watch Sami and Rafe in happy lovey dovey land and in bed (ugh!), then we might as well she EJ having some fun too. Sami and Rafe will eventually crash, we all know that.

  110. From maryl

    correction–meant to say “see” EJ having fun on my post #109

  111. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I read the spoiler/rumor too this morning about possible new love interest for EJ. I also saw that Days has a casting call out for a new girl named Amber. I’d like to see EJ in love for once. I think he was in love with Nicole but then when Brady started coming around EJ got insecure and started by nasty and abusive towards Nicole. If he didn’t like the marriage, he could have just left. That’s how I look at it. I hate when kids and other things get used in a divorce.

    Personal note: My sister is going through that right now. Her husband is a prick. He had her fired from her last job (Christian School) because she paid the employees instead of paying the taxes on time. She didn’t have the money to pay both. Since she was late with the taxes, she had to pay penalty. Couldn’t believe he used that against her. He never spent time with the kids when they were married. She worked a full-time job, kept the kids before and after school, kept the house, cleaned, cooked all the meals and he just went to work. He was never around except early in the morning and late at night.

    Back to Days: I really hope Kayla lays into Carly too. Even Carly can see that Bo still loves Hope. I have to admit that Carly looks much better lately…maybe they are setting her up to be with Daniel. Chloe and Carly the other day looked like they just stepped out of a salon. I don’t know anyone that looks like that all the time :)

  112. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    In reference to Ari, I took the spoiler also to mean that Ari was run down deliberately, but I cannot think of anyone who would want that other than Sami. I just can’t see her doing that to Rafe’s sister, though. She would loose Rafe. I might see Nicole doing it, but I don’t think Nicole perceives Ari as a threat any more. EJ or Stefano might if they thought it would mess up their plans. Kate might if she thought it would come out that she told Sami. None of these are too convincing to me, though.

  113. From Katherine

    Today,I acutally found Rafe likeable, he was so differnet today, I wonder if the writers heard us, his whole acting was more alive, he had a good smile/no smirk, we’ll see.
    Boy- Elvis is sure full of rage and hate, a man feeling scorned – IHP= in his opnion = there should some good storylines coming now, should I said..
    Maryl, right what you said, I wonder how Samantha would re-act should E.J. have another love interest, she is used to having two man pining away for her, could she handle a boring life with one man only after her.?!
    Good show today, I still say the writers listen to us…

  114. From Chocolite

    I sooo agree with Michelle #12. I don’t think Mel is trying to be a good 2 shoes, and really don’t think she gives a second thought about Phil’s money. I sure hope Maggie stays around, cuz Mel’s sure gonna need her when she finds out everything. And to move on about Ejami. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but mine is I want Sammi to stay w/Rafe. First, he’s so fine, loyal, handsome, and did I say fine. And let us not forget all the awful things he has done to Sammi, all in the name of “love”. Remember when he forced her to have sex w/him just to save Lucas’ life? And when Sammi was gonna tell him about being pregnant w/Sydney, she did the honorable thing and let Nicole have him since she too was prego. I don’t blame Sammi for trying to keep Johnny away from Stefano, although I really love this guy. And not to mention the latest villainous thing EJ did regarding Sydney. And because Rafe loves Sammi unselfishly, you guys think he’s a whimp. Well, I think any woman would love to have a guy like Rafe w/her. Now about Hope and Bo, can we pleeeze start them on the road back to each other? Like someone else said, I’d love to see Carly w/Dr. Dan, Nate and Mel, and Phil and Chloe. Steph is too crazy to have anyone. OK, that’s enough for now…

  115. From MAB

    Katherine – I enjoyed the disagreement with you – it was very enlightening and refreshing to have a healthy discussion like that.

    Maryl – you’re right, if we have to put up with Sami & Rafe being together, then EJ should have someone, but I just can’t imagine him with anybody on the show now, unless they bring in someone new. And I’ll be glad when the day comes when Sami & Rafe come crashing down.

    BoAndFancyFace4Ever! – sorry about what your sister is going through.

  116. From MAB

    I thought it was SO cute when Stefano came back to Kate for the second kiss. I really love these 2 together. I just hope Stefano don’t turn on Kate when he finds out she is keeping things from him. I think it was pretty bold of him to tell her about EJ faking the amnesia. If he is willing to trust her with that, then she should come clean with him about Chad. Although, I don’t know if I’d tell him I called Sami to warn her EJ wanting to take the kids.

  117. From Kino

    I would like to see Bo and Hope together again, but it may never happen. I would like to see Stefano break her out of jail and turn her back into Gina again.

    I don’t think Stefano will trust Kate for long when he learns that she was hiding the truth about Chad being his son with Madeleine. He’d probably have her killed for keeping a secret from him.

    I knew that Chloe’s secret affair with Philip will come out soon. I wonder what he’ll have to say to Melanie when he learns that Nathan told her about his affair. She’d probably never forgive him for it. I think Carly should’ve told Melanie to begin with because she knew the truth about the affair and was only helping Chloe keep the secret because she loved Daniel.

  118. From Katherine

    Thank MAB, just be prepared, we might have another disagreement down the road, but it will always be respectfull, they way it should be.
    As far as Stefano trusting Kate with the secret, he is holding up his side to always be honest, now when he finds out that Kate has a few secrets she is keeping from him – including, a son – is he going to feel like E.J., betrayed (did you see Elvis, I felt bad, he said he did everything for Sami, was going to give her to moon and the sun, and all his love… boy is he going to be bad now, he wants revenge and hurt her back.
    So Kate watch out, a man-Stefano- is opening his heart to you and his trust, if you screw up it’s your own fault. Tell him he has another child, don’t do what Sami did.
    4-ever – sorry about your sister, I think we all have gone through heartache, man problems, etc. or will possibly in the future, Good luck, and stay strong.

  119. From MAB

    Katherine – yep we may disagree again, but we can do it with class! I know I felt so sorry for EJ. I know he’s done bad things, but I think he’s done his share of suffering. Now I know some will never think he’s suffered enough, so before anybody says anything, remember this is MY opinion.
    He was lied to by Sami, Nicole and Stefano, all of whom he put a lot of trust in. He mourned a child that wasn’t his, and then realized he was raising his child Sydney all along. Then Nicole was arrested and Sydney was turned over to Sami…then it started again. EJ heard Sami & Rafe on the pier saying they were going to keep Sydney away from him, and he vowed he wouldn’t let that happen, so he kidnapped her. BUT he realized what he was doing and how much he did love Sami and brought Sydney back to her (he had even denounced his father for Sami). So he & Sami begin to get close again and he tried everything to make her happy and make it work. He wanted to change for her and spend his life with her and the kids. Then Rafe steps in and ruins it and we’re now at present. He’s been shot in the head and nearly died, and who knows what kind of problems he could face from this. I’m afraid this time he’s not going to be even more dangerous. Sami should have known better than to do what she did, because now she has made it worse. None of this would’ve happened if she would have just told him the truth in the beginning. She better pray because it think this is going to get real ugly.

  120. From Canadian_gal

    99 Vivian
    I’m pretty sure that was Allie, Sydney doesn’t have very much hair and. Allie had long hair.

  121. From Michelle

    Saying that Sami better pray because this is gonna get ugly is an understatement! She thinks she’s seen the worse of what EJ and the DiMera’s can do already? Well, she ain’t seen nothing yet! And in my opinion, she’s got it all coming. I will be rooting for EJ every step of the way (short of physically hurting/killing someone). She said how stupid she felt when she found out about EJ being behind the Sydnapping; wait till she finds out her “hero” Rafe has his own dark secrets (as we all know is going to happen), how totally stupid will she feel then! Rafe preaches honesty so much, what a hypocrite. Sorry for the Rafe bashing, I just really can’t stand him. And you are all so right, if a new love interest is introduced for EJ, we’re going to see Sami throw some major fits! She can never be happy with one man. I would think it is going to take A LOT for a woman to grab EJ’s interest though, after having his heart broken (and almost killed) by Sami. If there really is a new love interest, it should prove for a good s/l to see what she has to offer, her history, morals (good girl or bad girl), etc… Just please, NO MORE BABIES for a long time! The only one I could see being next (pregnant) would be Mel or Steph, adding to the already convoluted situation they are all in. Though… I just had a thought. Dayscafe has a spoiler saying “Nicole knowing that Brady buried Vivian alive will be thorn in his side for a looong time… uh oh!” Maybe she’ll be next to turn up prego (miracle, of course), since Brady is now seducing her to keep his secret and wants to move her into Viv’s old room.

  122. From Grandma Judy

    BoAndFancyFace4Ever, – I am very sorry for your sister and what she’s going through. I hope her children will come through it OK. So often one or the other of the parents uses them as pawns.

    Boy, look out everyone! EJ is going to be even worse now than he was before! And Kate, when they find out you called Sami to warn her, OOPS!! I thought the scenes were so nice today between Sami, Rafe, and the kids. Will is such a cute guy and so happy his Mom and Rafe are back together again. But what an upset on the horizon when Sami tells Rafe she shot EJ. I know he will stick by her, and even leave the FBI (spoilers say), but it sure will be complicated. I read that, too, Michelle, that Nicole is going to be a thorn in Bardy’s side for a long time. Uh oh, is right! Another spoiler says he seduces her to keep her quiet.

  123. From KAS1008

    Katherine, I’m back I have just been busy with work, and lesson plans are just dragging me down.I havent been able to watch Days this week either, but I have them recorded them… But I see I’v missed some drama that involved me even though I havent been on… I’m actually glad to hear people that are causing drama will be taking off… I have already retracted what I said and said I used a “poor choice of words” and I shouldnt have judge a persons charachter but I see that they choose to not read that comment. All I said last week is that I was enjoying the peace… then bamm another attack… unfortinately I havent been able to watch since last friday so I havent got to see EJ awake and what going on but cant wait to watch it this weekend… I will be back but cant say when I gotta catch up at work sooo …ily EJ!

  124. From melissa

    Katherine I didn’t say anything about getting personal or your freedom to talk!! What are you talking about?

  125. From CAKES

    Wow… I don’t know if any of you remember what a B–ch Sami was and is? She keep EJ baby from him and lead him to believe that their baby died and how EJ cryed over that baby’s body. REMEMBER PEOPLE..I have watching this show from the first show, and what a total crap this show has become. Viv needs to DIE…come on writers you can’t find anything better to write about than putting her back into the show again and do all over again what she did to Carly. Rafe is a creep and needs to go down. Sami needs to be EJ and not Rafe. He doesn’t care about her kids…OH Sami doesn’t care about her kids…she will poor Will take the hit for her trying to kill EJ. Man of man, I just believe that this show is so low and hires such bad actors. Get rid Stephanie..what a looser. No wonder this show never wins any awards. I hope EJ puts it to Sami and gets her in the a–.

  126. From justafan

    wow i have never seen so many post on this site. ok let’s see ej is going back to being mean if nicole and brady get back together oh puke
    nicole deserves to be alone for awhile after what she did to chloe. mel warned chloe that she would turn on her if she hurt her dad oh yes didn’t anyone hear viv say she was eating disgusting cruel through the straw?

  127. From barbara

    this whole show is getting worse and worse! if this current stuff is going on and on, i think it’ll kill what audience they have left. sorry, think there’re a few good actors, like stefano, ej, kate, and mel, but most of the rest are unbelievable at best.

  128. From Katherine

    Melissa 124, all I meant is when you said on blog #98 – ok ladies, let’s go to here and now, it was our choice if we were done yet about wheter we done or not on our little shoot out. I love that….
    Melissa, I enjoy your blogs, we agree so much, so please, I meant NO harm. I will never blog anything on this site with malice in mind, I promise, because it is not in my makeup. Hot under the collar yes, but no malice. Ok ladies.
    #195 Maryl, right on, I couldn’t written it better… go sister# 119 MAB -
    Thanks for writing \my blog for me\
    Wow you hit it….
    # 121 Michelle- wow, I totally agree…
    Why can’t we all just have more interaction, talking back and forth to each other, not just throw out a blog, bingo, done. IMO

    About Johnnie and Ally today, isn’t if funny, Johnnie is E.J.’s son but he is soooo short/compared to EJ. but short little Lucas/Sami produced such a tall little gir.
    Somehow I would have thought that they would make Johnnie more like Elvis, or make the twins at least even. Now forgive me, what if Johnnie belongs to short Lucas – and Ally belongs to E.J.
    I know – I like to ruffle feathers, but it’s all in good fun.
    Can’t wait to see the new Sidney, I still thing she belongs to Nicole, down, down, down, the road.
    The possibilities are there,,,
    KAS 1008 – welcome back, I know I don’t know who you are, but I was a little worried about you, and hoped everything was o.k.
    Come to thing, now where is Nightmare??????????????????????????
    Good Night, well not yet but I am gong to watch TV. My teenage dream Tone Curtis died, also my favorite Football player of all times – Oakland Raiders George Blanda – I had the privilegde of meeting in Madison, Wis, at a Seminar and took many pictures with him, passed, so two of my fav’s in one week, sad,…. God bless,

  129. From Katherine

    Excuse my bad spelling, I know better, just going to fast…..

  130. From wanda

    hey cakes way to go if someone could kill off RAFE let them do it like this as to inflick a lot of pain shoot him in every joint then off with his you know what as he likes to use it so much.sami needs to be by herself in jail but you know that is not going to happen as she is a brady but she needs to get a job as a lot of them do i dont see many of them working does anyone else ?

  131. From Nightmare

    #123 Kas 1008 I did read your words on how you shouldn’t have judged my character because I like things different to you and all was fine until you posted…. #172 on last weeks blogs (I too, like a few others have pointed out like how the posts this week are nice and clean and people are being polite to each other and can not help but noticing that when the people who were being rude stop posting (this week) the nastyness left with them… lets keep the peace ladies!)…. Which is a laugh when it was you that was nasty in the first place..So it guess it will be good if they do take off those who start trouble. Like I have always said I am not a Rafe or Ej lover I could care less who Sami is with..I Just don’t like the kids being involved with gangsters and would do anything to prevent that..
    So ladies please just enjoy the show,it used to be a laugh to come on here and read all the different views,its amazing how we all can see things differently.It supposed to be a fun site,lets get it back to that once again. Nomore personal picking…

  132. From Karen

    I think many miss the point about Chloee, she doesn’t even know the tests were switched so she is under the impression that the baby is Daniels. I think although she is happy about it, part of her wishes it wasn’t. She turned to someone else after Viv steered her in the wrong direction. I am not saying cheating is right, but come on don’t be a hater.
    As for Bo and Hope… they belong together, I have never been a Carly fan. Hope would never have really gone to jail, she would have been sent to a mental hospital to get the drugs out of her system and help her deal with what she did that she had no control over. The writers missed the mark on this one.

  133. From maryl

    EJ will definitely reach into his dark and dangerous side and be a force to be reckoned with. Like Doc Holliday told Wyatt Earp “it’s the reckoning” as being his reason for killing Ringo. (Ha! sorry but somehow that came to mind)! A lot of opinions were expressed about EJ becoming a wuss when he was involved with Sami, well, I think those opinions will soon change! He will take charge of his own life you can bet on it. But it won’t be nice! Go get ‘em EJ! We need you to keep us viewers from being bored to tears.

  134. From maryl

    You know a lot of opinions have been put out stating that no one in real life would want their daughter married to a gangster like EJ, which is very true, but in the same instance no one in real life would want their son married to a woman like Sami, she’s not a gangster, however, she is everything bad personified except that. Totally EJ’s equal.

  135. From melissa

    Katherine No I didn’t mean any HARM either I just said ‘the here and now’ to seque into what I “think” what may happen!! Believe me I could talk about what’s happened to Bo and Hope ALL DAY! Even back to 1983! I’m actually glad someone WANTS to talk about them and I’m always glad to read your blogs too

  136. From melissa

    katherine yeh I’m sorry bout Tony Curtis too!! They say it comes in 3′s! Did you notice Eddie fisher is one of the others? Both had equally famous daughters too!! Mmm

  137. From mayaayana

    Soooo…Bo wants to reconcile with Hope, a convicted felon who signed papers dissolving their marriage? WTH?? Not quite understanding that Storyline especially when Carly Manning is the better choice.

    Mel slaps Chloe?? Now THAT’S entertainment! *Gleefully setting DVR* :-D

  138. From Katherine

    # 132, nightmare, I am tired of you rehashing over and over, we are all done with this, it’s over, In my opinion, but if you like – it’s your choice, keep on till the cows come home…
    # 132/133 Maryl, ditto, ditto, ditto,
    #134/135 Melissa, no problem here, love your blogs, no worry, I no there is no harm or malice involved, I have figured out by now, that you are smart ladies, and love the blogging with you.
    You, Maryl, MAB etc. are good thinkers, think like I do, well we might differ a little bit now and then, that’s what makes the world go round, and I have been around half the world, love you ladies, and none of you should be concerned, I will never use malice in my blogs to anyboyd…Peace.
    Yes,Tony Curtis, Eddie Fisher, George Blanda, my familie favorite Quarter Back, I met him, he was wonderful and so funny… God bless them.
    God if any of my sons ever brought Sami Brady home, I’ll hang myself, but if my daughter brought home Elvis, I be so jealous, right, funny, i don’t think I really would want him either, be scared of the crime family connection.
    But on the soap, Sami is just a snot, and Elvis is a Roman God, Dream on Katherine, …. so what, some of you thing Rafe is your Mexican God, to each his own.

  139. From renee

    Why have they not showed Bo and Hope much this week? It has almost all been about EJ and Vivian. I hope they show different people on Friday Show. Have a good weekend.

  140. From KAS1008

    Nightmare, lets both just let it go and move on I have, and I do not wish to argue with you and I have no personal problem with you. We simply have different opinions (and that is OKAY). To set the record straight I NEVER ONCE called you a name, when you have repeatedly called me “b*tch”… as I tell my students if you have to resort to profanity then you must not have a developed enough vocabulary. I have no problem with any of the ladies on here, or any one on here for that matter (as the overly used phrase on this site we all have different opinions). You call the Dimera’s “gangsters”, and while they certainly do things outside the law, so does more than half the people in Salem (the Kirkasis, Stephanie, Hope, Sami, Rafe, Melany, Carly, Kate, and the list continues) If you want to see a real mob family, watch “The Godfather” or “Scarface” or the “Sopranos”, the Dimeras don’t qualify as a hard core mob family. My other point is that if Sami would MORE THAN WILLINGLY sleep with (knowing of the potential of conceiving a child with him) then why would she go and hide the pregnancy from him, IMO the truth is always the best way to go maybe because I’m a truthful person, but Sami has NEVER been a truthful person, I am a big Sami (Alison Sweeny) fan, she’s one of my favorite characters, but if we are point out character issues in PEOPLE ONE THE SHOW (the Dimeras) then we cannot over look dear of Ms. BRADY, she does things out of anger, and spite and then says she does it for her kids, to me that a load of horse manure and for her to do awful things like keep her children from their fathers (not just Sydney to EJ, but also Will from Lucas back a while ago) and even try to kill their fathers then say “I did it for my kids”, IMO it’s just wrong, and TOO ME there isn’t a way to justify it. Plus you said that she should get the kids away from EJ (and I know it’s just a soap) but she never watches or raises the kids anyway. Sami knew how good EJ was with Johnnie, and has stated that comment several times, and she still decided to keep her pregnancy from EJ (because she was jealous of Nicole period, Sami was even at one point going to tell EJ until she learnt of Nicole’s pregnancy and saw EJ and Nicole doing the dirty). My only statement is if EJ isn’t fit to raise his children neither is Sami, because she has done equally bad things.
    Katherine, yea I missed not getting on here for a week, but my real world come first, if I want that pay check lol. Hope you have been fine, and I am excited to catch up on Days this weekend. We do have very similar “views” or “takes” on life and I enjoy reading your comments also. Oh and I also missed reading MABS comments I like her also.
    Well take care everyone

  141. From KAS1008

    michelle 121 I love your post its soo tru, I would love to see EJ and Sami happy together but they are both too busy getting back at each other and again Sami brought this one on herself, but no of course those hard core Safe fans will persecute EJ for getting back at Sami even though she does the same to her, all I can say is at least EJ has never tried to kill Sami (because he loves her)

  142. From pam

    havent had time to read all the comments, just hope it wont be too lonbg before ej is out of bed and after sami.
    this will be an exciting love hate relationship which is the best of days.
    eventually, i hope they will connect, but in the meantime love to watch them go at one another, always ending in a romantic moment, just like after the so called rape, which is wasnt anyway, not in the real sense, and they have evenedthat score now, so awaiting further developments.
    as far al all the other characters go, for me they are just padding

  143. From maryl

    #131 Nightmare, you stated you do not like kids involved with gangsters, but how do you feel about children being involved with a parent and her lover who tried to deceive and finally murder their father???? And please do not go down that path that it was all justified. You would have a hard time convincing a jury of that!IMO You would also have a hard time convincing the children who love their father that mommy dearest did the right thing. Sami may have convinced Will that she did the right thing, but Will isn’t EJ’s son.
    If Will has any good character qualities, he didn’t learn them from Sami, Carrie and Austin should receive credit for that. Thanks to Sami, poor Will is always jerked around between Sami and her affairs.

  144. From MAB

    justafan – you said ‘Nicole should be alone for awhile because of what she did to Chloe’. I assume you’re referring to what Nicole almost, repeat almost, did by telling Chloe’s secret. Nicole is not to blame for Chloe’s problems, Chloe is. Nicole didn’t cause any harm – all she did was piss a bunch of b*tches off. Chloe did this to herself and she is the one who should be alone for awhile after Daniel finds out she cheated on him. And her secret is going to come out anyway, and it won’t be Nicole’s fault.

    KAS1008 – so agree with you about the DiMeras not being hard core mob family like The Godfather, etc. They are men in power though so why should we expect anything less from them being the way they are? They are who they are and we should accept that and stop comparing them to real life people. You can’t have a good soap w/o the good & bad, although the way Salem is, there is more bad than good, even the ones who think they’re good. I enjoy your comments too, as well as Katherine’s, Maryl’s, Michelle’s, BoandFancyFace4ever, and many others.

    Maryl – so true, Will didn’t get his goodness from Sami. Austin & Carrie basically raised him for a better part of his life so they should get the credit.

    Katherine – so agree with you about Nightmare which IMO was the only one truly being rude on here – that’s why I think the nastiness stopped because I haven’t seen any post from her as of late. I’m not trying to start anything, just making an observation.

  145. From Grandma Judy

    Nightmare, I’m glad to see your name on here again. We seem to agree on most things about the show. I do not believe you were causing trouble on this site and I hope you will stay.

    Yey,Katherine, you called Sami and SNOT! Remember when I did that? You go girl! Right on!

    Snot, brat, immature, selfish, devious, deceptive, Sami is many things, bad things, but I still don’t put her in the catagory with the DiMeras. To me the DiMeras do fit in with the Godfather/Sopranos crowd. Just the other day, Stefano was talking to Kate about how Will would have had to be “eliminated” if he was the one who shot EJ. That is their thinking so I wouldn’t want the kids raised by a family who thinks in those terms. Sami was intending to “eliminate” EJ, that’s true, but that isn’t her nature, to actually kill someone. I don’t feel her act was justified but I do think it was out of desperation after just finding out EJ was the one who kidnapped Sydney and then right on top of that the phone call from Kate warning her he was planning to run away with both kids. That’s what tipped the scales in the desperate direction for Sami. If Kate hadn’t called Sami with that warning, the shooting wouldn’t have happened so Kate is right to want to keep that bit of info from coming out. However, Kate can’t be blamed for what Sami did, either. I would have to agree with maryl that Sami can’t be given credit for Will turning out as good as he seems to have.

    I’m looking forward to what that rumor spoiler said about a new love interest for EJ. Hope it really does happen. Get the show off the Sami/EJ focus.

  146. From carol a.

    Hey nightmare. glad to see you back. Don’t worry, you were not the one causing trouble. How’s the outback. Getting ready here for the archery season tomorrow. Hope I get a nice buck. I got a good 10 pointer in 04, & a nice 8 in 05. Gotta get another one.
    I called it when I said e.j. would hold it over sami’s head, & make her his slave. I just know she’s gonna have to move into his house & do as he says or he’ll tell. She will be miserable. My husband really likes e.j. Says that sami did those things to him so now he’s bitter. He can’t blame him. I really don’t like him though. but sami sure has it coming to her.

  147. From maryl

    Grandma Judy, using Kate’s phone call as a trigger to put Sami in a murderous mode just doesn’t quite cut the desperation bit. But it does show us how Sami thinks and reacts. Kinda like EJ. Her kids were safe and away from EJ that night and she had her hero and daddy there to protect her & the kids–but once again she chose to dispense “Sami justice” in a situation that wasn’t an immediate threat. Also, when the DiMera’s talk about “eliminating” someone, they don’t usually murder them–most of the time Stefano has them sent out into the boondocks– a lot of times he even pays them off under the threat of murder if they return to cause him problems. Dungeons are another resource for him and of course he has used Dr. Rolf too. So when Stefano says “eliminate”, he doesn’t always mean to murder.

  148. From maryl

    PS, also want to add that Victor falls in the very same category, except Victor seems to favor a bullet between the eyes over exile, mind alterations, and dungeons. The difference I see between the two is that Victor doesn’t have a vendetta against the Bradys like Stefano.

  149. From maryl

    carol a. nice to get a man’s point of view on EJ. I’ve been wondering how a guy would feel about all the things EJ has had to swallow. Thanks for sharing that!

  150. From Nightmare

    I can’t beleive how stupid Sami is being, she should just get on with her life and marry Rafe while EJ is recovering in hospital. Kate should tell Sami that EJ remembers everything. I didn’t think Brady had it in him, even though she deserves what she gets ,its another thing to follow it through..It would have to be one of the worst things that anyone could do to you.I wonder how he intends to finish it..

  151. From Grandma Judy

    I just meant that Sami was in such an over-the-top state in finding out just as she was marrying EJ that he was the one who did the Sydnapping, that Kate’s phone call warning topped it all off. It could have been any other thing that put her in that murderous state of mind toward EJ, immdediately after dinding out what she did about the Sydnapping, but it happened to be Kate’s call. As I said, Kate really can’t be held responsible for what Sami did, though. But when Stefano finds out, he probably is NOT going to be happy!

    Carol a, – my husband likes Rafe but doesn’t like EJ but he doesn’t like Sami, either, and thinks she isn’t good enough for either of them. Interesting that you hunt! Bow season starts here in Michigan today and one of our sons and one of our grandsons live for bow and gun season both. Congrats on the 10 and 8 pointers you’ve gotten. My husband likes to hunt, also, but isn’t as dedicated as our son and grandson are.

  152. From Grandma Judy

    Nightmare, I read that Kate and Victor find out Vivian is in there.

  153. From Grandma Judy

    Actually, I was wrong in my comment #151. I don’t think it could have been “any other thing” that could have put Sami in a murderous state. The 2 issues she was dealing with went hand-in-hand, like nothing else would have. Having just found out EJ kidnapped Sydney, and then practically immediately finding out from Kate that he was going to “kidnap” again, both kids, was too much for her. That’s just how I feel about it.

  154. From MAB

    maryl – you’re so right – the DiMeras don’t always kill – in fact, they rarely do it. They have many definitions for ‘eliminate’. Even Stefano told Roman (many years ago) that he didn’t want to kill him, he was having too much fun playing the game.

  155. From MAB

    Days should and needs to continue to focus on Sami & EJ because they are the interesting couple, whether they are together or apart. Of course, Sami will have to endure whatever EJ dishes out and she deserves it all. I don’t care what her motivation was – to shot EJ was the stupidest thing she’s EVER done. Does she not think EJ would retaliate big time? He’s going to do whatever is necessary to keep his kids and he has every right after what Sami has done. And for her to get THAT mad over EJ kidnapping Sydney is nonsense. I’m not saying she shouldn’t be mad, but she should be glad someone had Sydney that didn’t truly harm her, like when Ciara was kidnapped.

    I guess it’s not ok to have children raised in the DiMera household, but it’s ok to have Sami & Rafe raise them? That is a joke! Those kids were all living at the mansion for quite some time and they are fine! They were being raised by their parents who loved them and no harm came to any of them.

    Although, there is no justification for what she did, Sami did not intend to eliminate EJ. She went over there to fight with him. Why else would she be running around the mansion screaming her head off? If she intended to kill him, she would have planned it out and snuck in the mansion. At the moment she shot him, it was all about revenge. It had nothing to do with desperation.

    I wouldn’t put Sami in the same category as the DiMeras either, but nearly everyone on the show has committed just as many terrible crimes as the DiMeras have. It’s not a big deal that the DiMeras are considered mob, but they do NOT compare with what the movies portray – the DiMeras are light-weights compared to the mob movies and shows.

    I don’t think Kate should continue to help Sami. Sami hates her and I doubt very seriously Sami would help out Kate (unless it had to do with Will or Allie). I think Kate should stand by Stefano.

  156. From Nightmare

    Hello Grandma Judy and carol a and thanks for your support, we all know who was causing all the trouble.
    I also think the Dimeras are up there with the Godfather/Sopranos crowd.
    Maryl you can’t really compare what Sami did to what EJ does… It was not the right thing to do but it was an act of desperation a crime of passion with Sami. EJ’s is a way of life..
    Over here we are so behind and I was watching days with my daughter and Victor was on telling Ari that she was a low life etc.. we had to laugh really, that was the kettle calling the pot black..
    I don’t like the things Victor, Philip,EJ,Stephano,Kate,Viv,Nicole do either but as we said before the show needs the evil to stop us from being bored,doesn’t mean we have to like it or those who are evil..

  157. From Grandma Judy

    While it is my opinion Sami shot EJ in desperation, what MAB said is true, that she did not go to the mansion to kill him but to fight with him over him taking the kids, as Kate told her he was going to do. But then she saw the gun, the scene showed all that flashed through her mind and then she shot.

  158. From Katherine

    145 Judy, when I mentioned that Sami was a snot, I didn’t word it right, to get across what I really meant. Remember way back you called her that, and I said, “just a snot”??!!, that woman is Leathel, she is like a snake, watch our, she can strike when cornerd, and she did, ask E.J.
    So, sorry, but I didn’t agree with you, but I enjoy your blogs, a dish isn’t good, until you have a very good blend of spices in it, and you all out there are spices in the blogs.
    Judy, you talk about the DeMeara’s eliminating people, well then Sami fits right in, she figured she had to eliminate E.J.
    Looking forward to E.J.’s revenge, in his mind, he gave his everything to Sami, turned himself inside out for her, he trusted her with his life,(living will) and now she tried to kill him when he was passed out, Hell have no fury than a man scorned…………….
    We forget that man have feelings to, they hurt just like women do, look at the woman in Salem, liers, cheaters, never truthful with their man, many times over the years I have felt bad for some of those poor suckers(man), so I am going to enjoy watching what is about to come. We all know, E.J. is not going to kill Sami…….

  159. From cliff

    Getting sick of Stephanie. She needs to stay focus on concentrate on her relationship with Nathan or she will find herself without Nathan. Vivian and EJ still have not learned their lesson so they will need to suffer more.

  160. From carol a.

    Hey grandma judy.Glad to hear others are hunting too. I am 51 now & have been hunting since my 20′s. We go to texas & canada, as my hubby is a taxidermist & guide.
    I have gotten my first rio, & a bear in canada. I love to hunt. Also hunt in the rifle season too.
    Well, my hubby does like e.j. He says since he came on, he has been treated bad by everyone. I sorta disagree. He was the one doing the bad deeds first. But he is a man, so I guess he sees e.j.’s points of view differantly. He can’t stand Hope or Sami. At least we agree on that one. and he has been watching with me since the 80′s.

  161. From Day's Long Time Fan

    So ejoying Viv in the coffin with Brady talking to her. Is anyone else? Does anyone remember when she did the same to Carley. Payback time!!!!!

  162. From maryl

    #153 Grandma–It didn’t seem to me that Sami was so “shook up” and put in a murderous state after learning what EJ had done, because she was so capable of jumping in bed with Rafe and having a grand sex fest! Actually, she seemed really happy she was with Rafe and once again hardly noticed the upset her children were suffering.

  163. From MAB

    Yes we all know who is causing the trouble – the person that keeps bringing it up and won’t let it go.

  164. From MAB

    Grandma Judy – I do see your point about the shooting, but when she shot, she had that Sami look she always gets when she’s mad – pure revenge was on her face! I think is she did it out of desperation, she would have hesitated, and once she picked up the gun, she didn’t hesitate for a second.

    carol a. – your husband don’t see EJ’s point of views any differently than me and many others that are women, so it’s not just a man thing. I think it’s great that a man can watch a soap and like it just as much as women do – some men think it’s wimpy.

  165. From KAS1008

    Grandma Judy 145 and everyone else that thinks Sami committed the crime out of passion of despreation so would it have been alright for EJ to have shot Sami out of “despreation” after learning of Sami hiding her pregnancy and the baby and hearing Sami telling Rafe on the peer that she wanted to do it again (after getting Syd)? OF COURSE NOT then EJ wouldnt be considered doing it out of Despreation he would be and hard core gangster… (double standards) Sami can commit a crime and it be justified “out of despreation” but EJ can even serve custody papers with out being called a “b*stard”, could you have imagined what he would have been called if he had of pulled to trigger on ST.Sami or ST.Rafe?
    I dont get it Sami can kidnap and its totally 100% okay and justifiable but EJ just has to take everything laying down or he’s a “gangster” or “mobster” or whatever.

    Maryl I love your comment “Sami thinks and reacts. Kinda like EJ.” absolutely 100% true… and “despense Sami justice” I couldnt have stated it better lol Sami doesnt think of her consequences, she never has she just acts

    Nightmare, I dont see why you just wont “LET IT GO” the only person that is CONTINUING the trouble is YOU I admit that my initial choice of words were poor and rephrased my thought and accept the because of you were sensitive to what I had put it started and argument (most of which I didnt even participate in) I have even called a truce with you saying that I do not wish to argue with you, and I DONT (we have a difference in opinions and personalities, and THATS GREAT). I havent stooped as low as calling you names like you have, yet you say I am a trouble causer, I have admitted that becasue of sensitivity I should have reworded my initial comment, but you cannot own up to what you have done wrong, I guess it all deals with what level of maturity yor are on, and blaming all the problems on someone else. It takes two or in this case many to argue and that means theres more than one at faught. I’m willing to call it a truce and get on with the show but I have a feeling that you wont.

  166. From Grandma Judy

    carol a. – what turned my husband off from EJ, – even considering all the awful other stuff EJ had done, – can you believe what ended-up turning my husband off was when EJ threw Sydney out along with Nicole, before he knew Sydney was his. The baby had bonded with EJ and for him to throw out an innocent child was beyond my hubby. He still talks about it.

    But you have to understand that comes from a man who married me, with 3 children- twin boys age 6 and a girl age 2, – and when my ex asked him if he wanted to adopt the kids so he (my ex) could get out from under the child support, my husband jumped at the chance. And then we went on to have a bio son of our own. It was great, no visitations to work out, we all have the same last name, and I have always considered myself very very lucky! OMG, you’ve gotten a bear, too?! How impressive is that?! My husband and our boys have hunted bear but none have ever gotten one.

  167. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I think Sami did lose it when she found out that EJ was planning to take her kids again. She just found out that EJ was behind the kidnapping and then Kate warns her that EJ plans to take the kids again. I agree that Sami’s intentions were to have it out with EJ -verbally…but when she saw EJ on the bed passed out with the gun, she lost it. I think with everything going through her mind…all the lies he told, how he pretended to grieve over Sydney all the while knowing she was safe, that he was planning to take the easy way out of everything – that she just snapped. She thought that would be the best way out for her and the kids. That they would finally be safe and everything would be over. It wasn’t planned. I don’t agree with cold blooded murder, but as I have said before, as a Mom, I understand and probably would have done the same thing. The anger over someone messing with your children can be a monster to control.

    What I don’t understand is why Sami didn’t tell Lexie to back-off when she told Sami that she would have to play along with EJ and pretend to be his wife..or it would be murder. My response would have been “and? what are you going to do?, he’s not my problem anymore”. To me that part of the script was ridiculous. If he was that fragile, then he shouldn’t have any visitors period. But I know Days has to write something to keep people talking :)

    I also think Rafe is being normal in this situation. I don’t think he is trying to take the kids away from EJ…but it trying to build a life with Sami and her kids. He plans to marry her, which means he will be the step-dad to the kids. I think he just wants to support Sami by her getting sole custody. I don’t believe he plans to take the kids and run…I believe he is trying to do it legally through custody. (Which is what Sami and EJ need to do and stop all the pushing/pulling). We all realize that Sami is not the perfect mom, but I still feel she is better for the kids than EJ has been. I don’t believe Sami is using them to get Rafe or hurt EJ. She loves her kids. EJ may love them (I’m not sure about that), but he is using them to get to Sami. I don’t like that. Sami was wrong in the past when she used Will to try to get Austin…and when she lied about Lucas hitting Will. I don’t like kids used in that way. If EJ truly loved Sami, then he would try to work things out with Sami to see his kids. I can’t get past Sami only being an obsession for EJ and when things don’t go right, then he gets even.

  168. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Grandma Judy, you are truly blessed with a great man. I’ve been married 19 years to the same man and hope it lasts our lifetime. I love to hear about happy marriages!

    I don’t hunt, but my husband, daughter and I love to target shoot in our backyard. It is so much fun.

  169. From Grandma Judy

    OK, things have been going pretty well on this site the past couple of weeks or so. I think part of the problem with a site like this, or anything written for that matter, is that words in print can come off very differently than if you hear the other person speaking them. Just words can be taken more harshly than if you saw the person’s face, hand gestures, etc., or even over the phone you can hear the inflex in a person’s voice. I’m sure that nobody on this site meant any real harm or insult to anybody else.

  170. From KAS1008

    It really doesnt matter what Sami went to the house for, or what her intentions were, bottom line is that she shot EJ (an unarmed, Unconscious man)and we now know that she has what it takes to murder, and the worse part is if it was out of passion or despreation and it was a temporary moment of insanity then she would come back to her senses and own up to what she did and realize it was wrong, but she isnt!

  171. From MelZuniGirl

    Sami had no legal responsibility to EJ to tell him she was pregnant. Women do it all the time. They do not tell the father that they are carrying their child. It is not illegal…some may see it as unethical or immoral. I agree with Sami that she should have kept it quiet. My problem with Sami is she told him at all. I love Sami, but tp me it was cruel to tell him after she thought the baby died. She shouldn’t have told him, but Sami does have a conscience from time to time. I think EJ overracted when he heard Sami and Rafe talking about keeping Sydney from him. He could have fought to joint custody in court. She wasn’t going to go on the run with Sydney, she was going to marry Rafe and try to raise Sydney with him, but EJ took it upon himself to make it look like Sydney was DEAD – then cry on Sami’s shoulders. No wonder she went bananas and shot him. She had already been through Grace’s death, then thought Sydney died, then found out that EJ was still the creep everyone warned her he was. Sami’s not perfect, but she is not EJ or even close.

  172. From KAS1008

    Grandma Judy, True

  173. From Grandma Judy

    BoAndFancyFAce4Ever!, – coming up on 43 years with this “great man”! I agree Lexie was totally out of place the other day.

  174. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Agreed Grandma. It’s hard to put inflection or tone in an email or blog. Sometimes things can come off as harsh when they are meant to me. This is only a blog and people are only stating their opinions. It should be fun.

    I think if Sami was dead set on murder then she would have done things in his room to make his blood pressure spike and he would have died. Sami isn’t Hope. Hope did take responsibility for her actions, even though it was the pills and not her. Sami’s conscience will only carry her so far. I think she will admit it to Rafe and Will, but I think that is as far as she will go.

  175. From Debbie

    I do enjoy the scenes between Viv and Brady, love those one-liners he gives her! Whatever happened to Anna? Last I heard, she was unconscious. Did she ever recover? I’m also enjoying the affectionate Stefano with the playful kissing with Kate.

  176. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    “aren’t” meant to me in #173

  177. From KAS1008

    Melzungirl my point is that it was unethical for the reasons that it was done, she didnt do it to \protect\ the baby it was done out of jealously and anger, thats what makes it unethical, and how does anyone justify what Sami did (hide the baby from EJ). Maybe if some one would explain their rationale of what justifys Sami doing that, I would understand better… anyone?

  178. From KAS1008

    I like Melany she is hilarious, shes one of the few characters on the show that I enjoy watching. Her turning the tables on Victor, its too funny.

  179. From MelZuniGirl

    I see Sami keeping the baby from EJ to protect her. She was going to tell EJ until the Major was killed. EJ & Stefano were party that the killing…even though they didn’t do it themselves, it was their command. Sami went into protective custody after that. With all the Dimeras have done in the past, to include murder or attempted murder, you cannot blame Sami from keeping her children from them or even trying to eliminate EJ to protect the kids. The Dimeras, to me, have proven time and time again that they are above the law and will do whatever they want. Stefano has even taunted Roman and Bo about this in the past. I know Sami is not a saint, she is more gray, but to me it is black and white where the Dimeras are concerned. I guess I can sympathize more with Sami and understand her motivations, but I don’t see EJ’s at all. He did throw Sydney out – even Sami wouldn’t do that to a baby. She even chastised EJ for it.

    I still can’t get into Melanie, Stephanie or Nathan. Melanie’s acting is improving, but she acts likes she 12 years ago. It kinda creeps me out when she is with Phillip.

  180. From MsBoulder-CO

    It’s going to be interesting to see how Vivian gets in touch with Gus. What, does she have a phone now? Did anyone else notice in yesterday’s episode she’s holding some type of tube? Must be a water one but I’m still stumped on the bathroom issue. Then again when Carly was buried alive that was an issue too.
    Also, where’s Joey? I thought Kayla says she brought him yet we have not seen Stephanie hanging out with baby brother who she can’t wait to see.
    I’m also reading poor Ciara will be picked on. You would think this would have already started once Hope got arrested. More problems and reason why Bo and Hope will get back together. Also, Hope saves a life in prison so I’m seeing early release for her.
    I’m so sick of the DiMera’s plotting then again you gotta love it cause they get away with everything they do.

  181. From KAS1008

    I respectfully disagree with that (melzungirl) EJ had no hand in the murder on the doorsteps of the mansion that was all Stephano protecting Lexi and Theo from the govornor of the accusations of bad parenting and making fun of Theos autism. Repeatedly Sami has made the remark of how good EJ is with his children and how he may be bad but he’s a good father and he loves his kids. I completely see your rationale where you could see that Sami would want to keep the kids away from Stefano, but couldnt EJ argue that he wants to keep the kids away from Marlena (she did put Stephano in a coma where he could still hear everything, which to me is worse then the easy way out death) or even Lucas (he shot EJ and tried to kill him)… but for her to keep her kids away from EJ because of the murder, that he had no hand in and had nothing to do with him, I go back to the theory that it was jealously and resentment that lead her to do it, and if it wernt for her original acts of doing that none of the other action would have been set into motion and nothing else could have taken place (Nicole couldnt have stolen Syd, and EJ couldnt have had Sydney kidnapped and carried his whole plot of revenge aginst SamanthER) by the way the reason that he did that to Sami is because he was so upset that someone that he loved sooo much betrayed him like that. I love Samis character in the same way that I love EJ’s their both have an equilibrium of nice and evil.

  182. From maryl

    The reason EJ threw Nicole and Sydney out was because he was so distraught learning in one day that he had a daughter he did not know about (Grace) who also died. He was told that in one breath! Then he learned that Sydney wasn’t his and wasn’t even legally adopted. You could see the pain on his face when he sent her away with Nicole but he was hardening himself against loosing her. He had already had a confrontation with Chad who had indicated that he was going to get custody of Sydney. Wish EJ hadn’t been so quick to send Sydney away but I can look inside the character and see why he did what he did. It certainly wasn’t because he didn’t love her or care, he was just reacting to a lot of negative stuff that had been laid at his feet. Sure, it wasn’t the way he should have reacted, but that’s what makes this the days of our lives.

  183. From KAS1008

    Who ever it was that talked about EJ kickin Syd out when he thought she wasnt his, your right that was wrong, he shouldnt have done that, but I dont believe that that is a good example of his character, he had just been betrayed by everyone he loved (Sami, stephano,Nicole) and he was deeply hurt therefore he pushed her away he couldnt stand the fact of spending even more time with Syd and then having her ripped from his arms would be even more devestating… EJ character reacts to situations often in a defensive maner and I dont see that as him not loving Sydney, I see it as him being defensive and not allowing himself get closer to a baby he thought he couldnt keep… (If every body can make excuses for Sami’s irrational behavior, I am going to do the same for EJ)

  184. From MAB

    Sami decided not to tell EJ about the being pregnant because she was mad that she saw him & Nicole making out at the mansion. Her stumbling across the governor (not mayor) being killed had nothing to do with it – also the governor’s death was all Stefano. EJ didn’t have anything to do with that. Also, Sami has stated time after time that it wasn’t EJ she was afraid of her children being around, but Stefano. She only changed her tune when Rafe came along. The kids have lived in the mansion (Johnny especially) for quite some time and it has not tainted them one bit. Nothing ever happened to them while living at the DiMera mansion, so why is that even an issue??

  185. From Canadian_Gal

    #179 From MsBoulder-CO
    It’s gruel Brady is feeding her with.

    The new Gaby is so beautiful!! I hope she’s a good actress.
    Ej Lying in that hospital bed is more and more unbelievable. It’s getting annoying and frustrating!!

  186. From KAS1008

    WOW Maryl I promise that I didnt even read what you put befor I posted 182, I guess we see that in the SAME EXACT WAY lol how funny we. After posting my comment I went back and saw yours right above it and its like the same thing. We seem to share simular views, I think you must also enjoy KATHERINE & MAB comments?? we seem to all view the SAMI/EJ/RAFE thing simularly. I really agree on your take on that but thats MY OPINION

  187. From KAS1008

    MAB 183, you are exactly right just like I said in 180, all Sami’s anger and revengefulness that lead to the chain of events, EJ simply reacted to the cards that he had been handed (clearly two wrong dont make a right but neither does Sami’s and Nicole’s wrongs) and YESS Sami made the first wrong then Nicole, and like an explosive chemical formula(C7H5N3O6) EJ was the reactor, in this case and did what he does becomes defensive and seeks “EJ JUSTICE” which in my deffinition is very simular to “Sami justice.

  188. From melissa

    Grandma Judy, carol a,& nitemare Whats a 10 pointer? I saw in the movie ‘The Queen’ with the deer referred to a 10 pointer! And grandma Judy here in Michigan are their 10 pointers?

  189. From KAS1008

    By the way (C7H5N3O6) is the chemical compound for TNT

  190. From KAS1008

    melissa #187 10 pointer stands for the size of the rack on a deer (horns) in the south we have deers with smaller racks but up north like in Ohio and some areas the Deers are Hugh… ohh and usually the larger the rack the bigger the deer. I dont do it on a regular basis but I have hunted hog,deer, turkey, and other game animals in season, and my father and husband go to Ohio every year after thanksgiven to get a deer.

  191. From Grandma Judy

    Yes, Melissa, as KAS1008 says, the deer’s antlers are called their rack and the points are the number of, well, points that stick out from the rack. Our son has several of his deer heads mounted, the larger ones of 8 points or more. They look nice in his sportsman’s family room but I’m kind of glad my husband hasn’t done that. You said “her in Michigan” so are you a Michigander? Sure was a hot and dry summer here in southern Mich.

    Melanie was so cute today the way she handled Victor.

  192. From KAS1008

    Grandma Judy I too agree that Melany was cute in the way she handeled Victor, and how she turned the tables and he wasnt expecting it. Also it appears we share the same time zone lol, in Florida we always have hot summers but never never dry. The air always has a lot of humidity, but I love it here none the less.

  193. From melissa

    Grandma Judy Yes I am a michigander! Birmingham MI to be exact yeh it was a hot and dry summer! But it’s getting cold earlier this year so I’m hoping for a whiter winter! Did ever heir the joke how do you know your a Michigander? when you’ve had a sunburn and frostbite in the same week! LOL I have cousins upnorth and ivealways been intristed in hunting sounds like fun!!

  194. From melissa

    Grandma judy we do have deer here! Saw one crossing Woodward AVE once! Not a 10 pointer a Doe actually!

  195. From melissa

    Kas1008 Thank you for clearing that up! I just watched that movie ( and I’m a bit of a anglophile so I’ve always been interested in hunting) and I’ve always wondered what a 10 pointer is!

  196. From maryl

    I’m a Texan and we also have a lot of deer hunters in my area. It’s a big thing around here. My husband and I don’t hunt. We prefer salt water fishing in the local bays. I could do that everyday if it were possible!
    MAB-you were right on target with your posts #l55 and #163. You said exactly what I was thinking!
    KAS1008, You said it! You and I are in synch with the way we look deep down into a character’s soul not just what one sees on the surface. Even in real life, there is usually more to a person than what they reveal on the surface. With EJ you have dig real deep but he does have a heart and soft spot under all the DiMera facade.
    Have a great week-end everyone!

  197. From melissa

    maryl My sister lives in Texas and I’ll be there in November! As for the posts Everyone has a soft spot the important question is when should one be soft???

  198. From KAS1008

    I recently heard a song that reminds me of Sami and EJ relationship, and perhaps the song has stirred as much national controversies as the EJ Sami relationship has stirred on these kinds or websites, here are the lyrics (actually I edited some of the verses out to shorten it)
    Just gonna stand there
    And watch me burn
    But that’s alright
    Because I like
    The way it hurts
    Just gonna stand there
    And hear me cry
    But that’s alright
    Because I love
    The way you lie
    I love the way you lie
    I love the way you lie
    I can’t tell you what it really is
    I can only tell you what it feels like
    And right now there’s a steel knife
    In my windpipe
    I can’t breathe
    But I still fight
    While I can fight
    As long as the wrong feels right
    It’s like I’m in flight
    High of a love
    Drunk from the hate
    It’s like I’m huffing paint
    And I love it the more that I suffer
    I sufficate
    And right before im about to drown
    She resuscitates me
    She (effin) hates me
    And I love it
    Where you going
    I’m leaving you
    No you ain’t
    Come back
    We’re running right back
    Here we go again
    It’s so insane
    Cause when it’s going good
    It’s going great
    I’m Superman
    With the wind in his bag
    She’s Lois Lane
    But when it’s bad
    It’s awful
    I feel so ashamed
    I snap
    Who’s that dude
    I don’t even know his name
    I laid hands on her
    I’ll never stoop so low again
    I guess I don’t know my own strength
    Just gonna stand there
    And watch me burn
    But that’s alright
    Because I like
    The way it hurts
    Just gonna stand there
    And hear me cry
    But that’s alright
    Because I love
    The way you lie
    I love the way you lie
    I love the way you lie
    You ever love somebody so much
    You can barely breathe
    When you’re with them
    You meet
    And neither one of you
    Even know what hit ‘em
    Got that warm fuzzy feeling
    Yeah them chills
    Used to get ‘em
    Now you’re getting effin sick
    Of looking at ‘em
    You swore you’ve never hit ‘em
    Never do nothing to hurt ‘em
    Now you’re in each other’s face
    Spewing venom
    And these words
    When you spit ‘em
    It’s the rage that took over
    It controls you both
    So they say it’s best
    To go your separate ways
    Guess that they don’t know ya
    Cause today
    That was yesterday
    Yesterday is over
    It’s a different day
    Sound like broken records
    Playin’ over
    But you promised her
    Next time you’ll show restraint
    You don’t get another chance
    Life is no Nintendo game
    But you lied again
    Now you get to watch her leave
    Out the window
    Guess that’s why they call it window pane
    Just gonna stand there
    And watch me burn
    But that’s alright
    Because I like
    The way it hurts
    Just gonna stand there
    And hear me cry
    But that’s alright
    Because I love
    The way you lie
    I love the way you lie
    I love the way you lie
    Now I know we said things
    Did things
    That we didn’t mean
    And we fall back
    Into the same patterns
    Same routine
    But your temper’s just as bad
    As mine is
    You’re the same as me
    But when it comes to love
    You’re just as blinded
    Baby please come back
    It wasn’t you
    Baby it was me
    Maybe our relationship
    Isn’t as crazy as it seems
    Maybe that’s what happens
    When a tornado meets a volcano
    All I know is
    I love you too much
    To walk away though
    Come inside
    Pick up your bags off the sidewalk
    Don’t you hear sincerity
    In my voice when I talk
    Told you this is my fault
    Look me in the eyeball
    Next time I’m pissed
    I’ll aim my fist
    At the dry wall
    Next time
    There will be no next time
    I apologize
    Even though I know it’s lies
    I’m tired of the games
    I just want her back
    I know I’m a liar

    The chorus of the song “Just gonna stand there and watch you me burn … which is sung by Rihanna, reminds me of how they both do things to each other to hurt each other and yet they still cannot resist each other. Even with a literal meaning of Sami, leaving EJ in that burning building back when she was pregnant with the twins. Then the part that says “Just gonna stand there, And hear me cry, But that’s alright, Because I love, The way you lie” Reminds me literally how they hurt each other, and watch each other suffer but they cannot help but loving each other sort of a sadistic love.
    The next part of the song “I can’t tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it feels like, And right now there’s a steel knife, In my windpipe, I can’t breathe, But I still fight, While I can fight, As long as the wrong feels right, It’s like I’m in flight, High of a love, Drunk from the hate, It’s like I’m huffing paint, And I love it the more that I suffer, I suffocate, And right before im about to drown, She resuscitates me, She (effin) hates me, And I love it” This reminds me of how they go back and forth hurting one another, Loving her is hazardous for his heart and he knows it but he can’t help himself, he is torn between his heart loving her and his head that says hate her for all the things she has done. And right about the time he is going to try to move on with Nicole, and consider any hope for a relationship with Samantha dead (Sami resuscitates him with the false hope of being together (sex)) OR she tortures him with the false hope of being together, when she didn’t really have that intention at all (hence the next line “she effin hates me”, because she would toy with his emotions for her own selfish reasons). But through all that he still can’t help but love her even if it’s to his own demise.

    The next part “Wait, Where you going, I’m leaving you, No you ain’t, Come back, We’re running right back, Here we go again, It’s so insane, Cause when it’s going good, It’s going great, I’m Superman, With the wind in his bag, She’s Lois Lane, But when it’s bad, It’s awful, I feel so ashamed, I snap, Who’s that dude, I don’t even know his name, I laid hands on her, I’ll never stoop so low again, I guess I don’t know my own strength”. This part is really wild with parallelism especially with the leaving and “come back we’re running right back, here we go again” it’s much like EJAMI’s relationship they run in circles, they love each other, then one does something to hurt the other then the other does something to retaliate, then their leave each other and somehow they always find themselves in this endless circle and cannot resist one another. Again “when its going good its going great”, for the short stent when the writers allow EJAMI to be together and happy as a family everything’s great, they’re going to the beach, swimming in the pool, playing cards as a family, and happy. “But when it’s bad, It’s awful, I feel so ashamed, I snap, Who’s that dude, I don’t even know his name, I laid hands on her, I’ll never stoop so low again, I guess I don’t know my own strength”, with this line I have to note that EJ has never physically abused Sami, nor in no way do I condone domestic abuse (100% wrong) but metaphorically speaking, when things are bad EJ’s snaps “as his character has even stated it himself” and things are awful, like in the Sydnapping he admits that he snapped and he felt so ashamed, and that he didn’t even know how he could do that and couldn’t believe that he had stooped so low to hurt her, but he was hurt by what she had did and that lead him to the extreme measures that he took.
    The next part of the song goes “You ever love somebody so much, You can barely breathe, When you’re with them, You meet, And neither one of you, Even know what hit ‘em, Got that warm fuzzy feeling, Yeah them chills, Used to get ‘em, Now you’re getting effin sick, Of looking at ‘em”. As we know EJ is so deeply in love Sami he doesn’t even think rationally with her, as Stephano himself has pointed out that “she makes him crazy” He is willing to move heaven and earth for Sami but something always comes between them (Lucas and Rafe). Then the next part “you meet and neither one of you even know what hit em, got that warm fuzzy feelings, yea the chills use to get em” , the expression on Sami’s face cannot be denied the first time she saw EJ, she had that warm fuzzy feeling (laugh).

    “You swore you’ve never hit ‘em, Never do nothing to hurt ‘em, Now you’re in each other’s face, Spewing venom, And these words, When you spit ‘em”, They both have rage filled tempers and use venomous words when they are mad at each other, in order to hurt each other. Sami gets so filled with rage her face turns red and her voice weak and scratchy.
    “So they say it’s best, To go your separate ways, Guess that they don’t know ya”, Everyone tells them that their best not to be together (Stephano, All of the Bradys) but they really don’t know how they feel for each other and the connection that they share.
    “But you promised her, Next time you’ll show restraint, You don’t get another chance, Life is no Nintendo game, But you lied again, Now you get to watch her leave, Out the window, Guess that’s why they call it window pane”. Although Sami hasn’t actually left out a window again metaphorically this is analogy of how once EJ lies again he doesn’t get another chance “Life is no Nintendo game” he has to live with his consequences. Or in Sami’s case when she lies to him she doesn’t regret it, because her conscience is smaller.

    “Now I know we said things, Did things, That we didn’t mean, And we fall back, Into the same patterns, Same routine, But your temper’s just as bad, As mine is, You’re the same as me, But when it comes to love, You’re just as blinded, Baby please come back, It wasn’t you, Baby it was me, Maybe our relationship, Isn’t as crazy as it seems, Maybe that’s what happens, When a tornado meets a volcano, All I know is, I love you too much To walk away though”. They both (Sami and EJ) acknowledge to each other that they have both did/said things that they didn’t mean to hurt one another. Sami with the hiding the pregnancy, and EJ taking Sydney, and Sami with doubting EJ parenting skills, but somehow they both fall back into the same patterns and same routines of vengeance, and inevitably hurting the one they love.
    As I have already said each one of them have tempers and each is as bad as the other. And when it comes to love I think both of them have their wires crossed and are confused of the meaning because they love each other but then hurt one another.
    “Baby please come back, It wasn’t you, Baby it was me, Maybe our relationship, Isn’t as crazy as it seems, Maybe that’s what happens, When a tornado meets a volcano, All I know is, I love you too much”. This line is one that is rich in comparisons. “When a tornado meets a volcano” this is an imagery of their physical chemistry, when together they explode and are brilliant, and become better feeding off of each other. “all I know is I love you too much to walk away now”, as I have already said although Sami doesn’t want to admit it because everyone disapproves of it, she loves Sami or she wouldn’t allow herself to be pulled so easily under his spell, (Rafe of a sex toy, disposable, whereas with EJ, Sami has a deep connection and not just the children they share). As the song states it whether they want to or not they love each other too much to walk away now.
    “Come inside, Pick up your bags off the sidewalk, Don’t you hear sincerity, In my voice when I talk, Told you this is my fault,”
    “Next time, There will be no next time, I apologize, Even though I know it’s lies, I’m tired of the games, I just want her back, I know I’m a liar”
    There is just too many parallels in this song. Over all I cannot help but see how both EJ and Sami hurt each other and over and over again they go in the continuous circle of love and pain, but regardless they cannot help themselves because their love for each other in inevitable and they can’t control how their heart feels. Sometimes you want what isn’t necessarily what logically good.

    EJAMI belongs together and has the kind of explosive chemistry that a tornado meeting a volcano has, and are fated together.

  199. From KAS1008

    Maryl, I love Texas, been there twice and have some Family out there. I was just recently in Houston for a few days to visit some family, we went out there on the way to our vacation to Vegas. It was fun

  200. From melissa

    KAS1008 I actually thought that song was better suited for Bo and Hope! Since Hope did try to BURN BO ALIVE! And let’s be honest Bo and Hope have hurt each other so much! And Bo has been sooo caught up with Carly he didn’t notice what mental state Hope was in!! Exept Ciara! The only person close to Hope at that time!

  201. From patsy

    I,ll be so glad when this last EJ/SAMI storyline is over all this talk his bad ,shes bad their both bad thing is getting old .ALL I can say if it were real life is don,t judge unless you,ve walked a mile in thier shoes .THEN YOU CAN JUDGE WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT WRONGIlove both charaters and hope the writers can come up with something so they both will look good and the EJAMI FANS CAN BE HAPPY FOR ONCE.

  202. From melissa

    KAS1008 that song fits Bo and Hope through 1983 to now!! Think about it!

  203. From Debbie

    Looks like there’s another Michigander on the list besides Grandma Judy and Melissa. I’m from the southeastern part myself. Southgate, to be exact. Hey Melissa, we’re practically neighbors!

  204. From Katherine

    I am speechless for tonight, see you next week, Have a great weekend.

  205. From maryl

    melissa, let me welcome you to Texas ahead of time! You are coming at a good time of year. Our weather is usually very pleasant in the fall. However, it can change at the drop of a hat. Hope it’s real nice when you’re here and that you enjoy your visit.
    KAS1008, if you were in Houston, girl, you weren’t too far from where I live! Small world isn’t it!

  206. From maryl

    Katherine, me too! Good night!

  207. From melissa

    Maryl I’m soooo excited to go to Texas! Beaumont is will my sister lives and we are planing to go to Houston for a couple of days! I feel soooo ‘Urban Cowboy’ love too you!

  208. From melissa

    Debbie we are neighbors! What a small world!!

  209. From Katherine

    Well – I had to come out one more time tonight, I am from PA, but have lived In KY, NC,Tenn.,CA, CT, been to,to long a list for tonight, I am so tired.
    Made Sauerbraten tonight for my kids, going to take it there tomorrow, with Potatoe Dumplings, also made Tortilla Soup, not for the same day, but my son just loves it, for the next day or so, it wiill keep. Sooooo good.
    Auf Wiedersehen, since we are all becoming so sugarly lately, let’s please get some spice back in the future, please………………..

  210. From Grandma Judy

    Melissa, you’ve probably heard the other joke that you’re from Michigan if your furnace and your air conditioning run in the same day. Sure is true, both your joke and mine! WOW, so you and
    Debbie are almost neighbors. I’m a little further away from the 2 of you and live in Tecumseh. We’ve been in this house for 2 years and downsized from a larger home in Saline, where we lived for 18 years after moving back to Michigan after 6 years in RI due to a job transfer for my husband. His job took us there and his job brought us back. We were both born in MI, him in Adrian and I in Ann Arbor. GO BLUE!, if any of you are college football fans! Well, 2 of our grandsons (13 and 9) were here for dinner and until a little while ago when our son picked them up. I was tired and ready for bed until I read about all of Katherine’s delicious sounding food . Now I’m hungry!! Happy weekend to all. (Love TX, love PA!)

  211. From Holly

    Kas1008, I agree with you on the eminem song, it is ejami relationship to a T,
    I’m loving the way ej is playing the amnisa card. I wounder what his is going to do about it, when he figures out sami, shot him. I also am loving brady’s strength, a little harsh, but i prefure the bad boy he was while in privat school. I will be happy when the whole chloe baby story line is done. Break up dull melaine, put phil back with chloe and bring back the spunky stephanie, I loved the original fisty steph.
    Also I’m sure the long time viewers would notice that justines wife (forgot her name) was also used to play mimi’s mom, the crazy lady who was all about money.
    It should be interesting when the chad story finnaly comes out, I want to see how stephano deals.

  212. From Grandma Judy

    KAS1008, I love FL, too. We have relatives in the Panhandle and also in southern FL.

    Holly, I do remember the woman playing Adrienne also played Mimi’s Mom. I also remember her from years ago when she was on Guilding Light. Oh, to me Melanie isn’t dull, I really like her, but I agree about Phil and Chloe. Thought they were good when they were together before. Brady’s kind of sexy as a bad boy, but, yes, a little harsh. OK, I’m really going to bed now!!

  213. From KAS1008

    Melissa your probably right, but I wasnt watching the show then so I dont really know, I starded watching the show a few years later when I was like 6 I think… my aunt use to watch me as a kid and I enjoied the Kayla/Patch story line (when she gave birth to stephany in jail if I recall right) and then later the possessed marlena and swamp woman Hope, that is around when I started watching (I think) and a few years in between I missed because of school… but I remember in high school I use to record the show on a VCR and get home and watch it before I had to goto work… I literally grew up watching Days and I use to be a big kayla/patch fan then it was carrie/austin then shawn/belle and now I am most deffinately a Sami/EJ fan… and up until the last few years My all time favorite couple was shelle, but EJAMI took their place, mostly because I see the chemistry that they have and I guess the reason that shawn and belle may have not been as strong of a couple is because they keept on changing the actors that played the characters kristen stewart to martha madison and then Jason Cook to Brandon Beemer and everytime the writers do that it takes a little away, espically when they changed shawns right after he found out about the paternity of Clair… I mean come on we waited for like a year for that story to unravel and rooted for Shawn(Jason cook) to take his daughter and then right after he finds out about the paternity like the following episode Brandon Beemer was casted… Dont get me wrong i did like both mm and bb but I liked the originals too

  214. From KAS1008

    ohh but my aunt was just recently cleaning out her closet and she came across a DAYS OF OUR LIVES book and she gave it to me it tells the relations of all the people and about the story line of the characters from the very begining until 1995, thats when she got the book, and I have been glancing through it to see all the missed years that I didnt get to watch.

  215. From KAS1008

    Holly, I love that song and have memorized all the lyrics (I hate the domestic violence though and dont take the lyrics to heart)I have been hearing it for a while and I didnt make the connection right away but as I started paying more and more attention to the words I began to see how much it related to Sami and EJ and their sadistic relationship.

    Weird fact even though I dont generally care for rap music, since I speak really really fast and have a great memory I memorize the words to rap songs (alot of eminem) and sing along to them on my 45 min drive to work as an exercise to relax me and help me speak slower when I lecture, funny but it really works.I guess its like after exercising your kind of tierd and go slower.

  216. From melissa

    Kas1008 I didn’t relise how young you are!!! But if you remember Hope coming back in 1995 the swamp girl ( that was actually Hopes alter ego Princess Gina’s daughter) your pretty much up to speed! If I knew how to make a mvd I would make one with that song on Bo and Hope!!!!

  217. From KAS1008

    Melissa yea I guess I am relatively young on here because there are alot of fans on here that have been watching the show for many years before I was born. I have only been watching it since the mid to late 80s…

  218. From Clear

    Elvis looks like Frankenstein with all the monitors on his head and some of his grimaces make him look purely evil! The actor is doing a great job. Nevertheless, I’d like to see Sami happy with Rafe, and EJ will never leave her alone. He is already planning to do what she tried to shoot him to keep him from doing, and that is plot how to take his children away. He’s such a good guy that is planning to still kill Nicole when he gets around to it too!

  219. From melissa

    Grandma judy yes Adrianne was on Guiding light she was involved with Lujack! Yeh she did play Mimi’s mom! I forgot about that!

  220. From Nightmare

    Hi carol a I don’t live in the outback, its a suburb just out of the city..Plenty of hustle and bustle,lots of cars..Its just warming up here.. My husband works from home so we always have lunch together and days come on at that time of day here so he see’s some of it and has a chuckle at the story lines.He doesn’t like Sami either and doesn’t coment on EJ or Rafe.

  221. From Annie2

    I was a huge EJami fan, but its hard for me to get over Samantha shooting the father of her children and then jumping in bed with Rafe. E.J. is a great father to Johnny and Sydney. He is done lots of evil things, but he was trying to change for her. I hope that E.J. finds someone to love even more than Samantha.

  222. From maryl

    KAS1008 I think I have the same book about Days that your aunt gave you– The Compete Family Album of Days by Lorraine Zenka, a 30th anniversary celebration? I have referred to it many times to set myself straight on what happened in the past. Love the section that show all the weddings in Salem.
    Clear, I doubt EJ will or would actually kill Nicole–but I, myself, would sure like to wring her neck every once in while!(Ha!)

  223. From Nightmare

    Kas1008 I did want bickering to stop,and I did read that you retracted what you said and I wasn’t referring to you as the trouble maker..So all Is cool..
    We actually agree on something else too.I think Melaine is the best actress on the show,even in the beginning when she wasn’t so nice to people I really admired the actress, she could make you feel so many emotions all at once watching her.. But now she so likeable, I really enjoy watching her..

  224. From carol a.

    Hi Mab. My hubby likes e.j. somewhat. But he really thinks he’s getting the screws put to him by sami.
    Kas-glad to see you hunt too.
    Maryl- where in texas do you live. We are trying to move there someday. We hate Pa. so much. The winter is forever. I love to swim & hate to close the pool. My hubby is a guide & we lease several ranches in texas where we hunt hogs, turkey, deer, coyote, rattlers, you name it. I’m addicted.
    Hey nightmare- I’d still love to see the outback, I love animals.
    Grandma judy-Sounds like you know all about hunting.
    I hunt here in Pa.,only for deer & bear. But we guide in canada, in sudbury, so I hunt bear there. Love that. And on the ranch in texas I got a big rio, lots of hogs, & we ran over a rattler so we cut the head off & brought it home. You should see my house. We live in the woods,& my whole house has animals on every wall. squirrel, deer, Javelina, snake rugs, turkey. Most all are mine. My hubby jokes, most women come home from work to find a note saying, went hunting, be back at dark. But he says it’s him that finds the notes from me. I hunt by myself, so if I get a deer, I gut it, but then he has to drag it. I am going out tonight to hunt archery. nice talking to ya all.
    Hey Melissa- where in the south do you live. Sounds like maybe you have nice weather. Wish we did.

  225. From Katherine - PA

    Why don’t we all put our state next to name, only if you want to.
    Adrienne also played Paulina on Another World,DOOL and AW were the two soaps I watched, they followed each other, I miss AW –
    I keep hunting for E.J. but can’t seem to get him, he be a nice 6 something footer.
    I need help
    My son used to hunt and I helped once gutting a deer. No more
    My mother used to make the best venison, she would marinate in either milk or red wine, it takes the bite out. Deer roast with gravy and spaetzle, jum – well she was a trained chef in Germany, and boy could she cook and bake.
    Her Apfelstrudel to die for.
    Well Ladies, I promise next blog, back to soap blogging, however it was nice to see some of you taking a break from crazy Salem.
    It’s cold and rainy in NW PA

  226. From maryl

    carol a. I live on the Gulf Coast of Texas, about 70 miles west of Houston. We fish in Matagorda Bay, Palacios, Rock Port and Port O’Connor. So if fishing is your thing, we have some very good bays that are not too far from us.

  227. From melissa

    Carol a No I’m from Michigan! Birmingham, MI but I will be going to my nieces Barmitzvar in Texas this November!

  228. From carol a.

    I think it would be cool to be able to set a place to meet, & we could see everyone we’ve been talking to. Or at least post a pic of ourselves by our blog so we could see who we’re talking too. It would be so fun.
    Maybe instead of this being a soap site, it should be a meeting place. Nice talkin to ya all.
    guess we will be seeing Isabella soon. I’m glad. HOpe this week is really good.

  229. From Michelle

    Carol a. – I have thought of that too, some kind of DOOL fan get-together or something. We’ve all become so invested in the show and the blogs with a core group here, it would be cool to be able to all get together. I don’t know how realistic it would be, but cool nonetheless. And maybe it’d even get enough attention to get some of the actors in on it! Hey, we can dream, right?

  230. From Katherine - PA

    Brady, I know that sooner or later, you will be Isabella’s son.
    The goodness in you will win.
    You were so disturbed and angry when you found out what Viv was planning on doing with Maggie, and then of course what she did with your Mom’s remains. Lord help anybody, to deal with that,….
    I think you Brady, will deal with it and know that your Mom Isabella, not matter what Viv did, would condone what you are doing right now, but she would understand your actions and forgive you. Mom’s forgive anything, Brady, I have faith in you, once you get all this fury out of your system, you will do the right thing- somehow- writers – make it good.
    Brady (Eric) thanks for showing us just how great an actor you can be,–
    now only one more thing, Brady you need to sing sometime, (Eric) has the most wonderful voice, so please writers, the old Brady sang, let this Brady sing again, pretty please….
    Ladies, maybe we should run the world, we know how to bring Peace to the hearts and souls of people,
    God bless women, We Rock…..
    But remember, keep the blogs spicey- not to sugary, and still respectful and peaceful,
    See you in St. Lous -Blog convention.. just kiddig. Peace

  231. From Katherine - PA

    Isabella Would Not condone

  232. From Katherine - PA

    Goodness, I mean St. Louis – Convention, maybe not so funny, specially if E.J. would show up, o.k – Rafe could come too.
    Who knows – I might like him better in person than old Elvis…..

  233. From grandma to many

    with the product placement going on maybe they will have an infomercial about how well Vivian’s Depend is holding up wow I sure wouldn’t want to be in that box with Vivi it must be pretty rancid by now also Secret and Crest could be mentioned too just trying to bring a little smile to your faces don’t take life too seriously

  234. From Michelle

    229 grandma – that is too funny!

  235. From Nightmare

    MelZuniGirl #171 I agree with all you said. but I guess that would have cut the story line a lot.The more drama the better.

  236. From Nightmare

    We had day light saving start again this weekend, the days are longer now..Do you have Day light saving over there?

  237. From mary

    I bet it will be found out that Nathan is the one who changed the test results because he did not want Mel to get hurt. I still believe that he does NOT know it was Philip though. I think once he and Mel find out, the two will then get back together… Just a guess :)

  238. From carol a.

    Yes nightmare. I think ours may be Nov. 6. As they say, spring ahead, fall back. I hate the change, it’s uneccessary. I read somewhere once that they were trying to stop all that, but I guess not. But I’ll be able to hunt for an hour more daylight. But in the mornings it’s so dark longer. I guess you are having spring over there. Or am I wrong. I know we are into fall now.
    so sad. I miss swimming so much. I
    spent hours a day in the pool &
    lazing in the sun. Now it’s all gone. I wasn’t meant to be in a
    state like this. I should’ve been
    a hawaian girl.

  239. From Janiebell

    I remember for years 24 hours was 24 hours the year round. I think people got just as much done way back in those days; 9 a.m. was 9 a.m. in spring, summer, autum or winter.{I just used 9 a.m. as am example}, time was the same no matter the season, and I belive that people got just as much rest and got just as much done back in those days.

    I can understand Brady wanting to put Vivian in that box, but there r times when we simpley can not allow our emotions to over-rule our head. Brady should have turned over all the info involving Vivian amd her miss-deeds th Victor. stood back and watched Victor handle business. caus Victor knows how. Somehow, Vivian will get out of that box and around and around we go again.

    Sami should confess all to Rafe, so Rafe can protect Sami and Will.

    Bo should find his way back to making up with Hope.

  240. From Grandma Judy

    grandmatomany 229, oh, so funny! And how about women’s disposable razors? How long is the hair on Viv’s legs by now? or under her arms?

    Glad to see janiebell back. Hadn’t seen any posts from you in several days. Brady has been bad, that’s for sure, but it’s been entertaining. I read Kate and Victor discover Vivian’s in there. If not, wonder how long Brady would drag this out?

    carol a., it’s a beautiful fall here in Michigan but not looking forward to winter. So long and so many days with no sunshine. Like you, Nightmare, and janiebell, I don’t like the time changes. Ours will be coming the first weekend in Nov. My sister lives in AZ, where they don’t have it and that’s better. Wish they would do away with it everywhere.

    I think Sami confesses to Rafe either this week or next. But she is taking too long!

  241. From carol a.

    I was wrong, the daylight savings time here will be darker longer in the am. & darker earlier in the pm. So no extra time to hunt. Now I have to go out earlier than usual. I know fall is beautiful, I love the leaves, but not what follows it. We live in the mountains, our elevation is 2700 ft. We get all the bad stuff. On the fourth of july once, we had solid fog & a fire in the fire place, & in the 40′s. Like someone mentioned, we also can have the heat on one minute & the next have the fans on. Our summer is so short. Starts getting warm in May but goes down hill from there. I really don’t like it. I’m sure Michigan is beautiful this time of year. I love the colors too.
    I don’t know why they are replacing ari, I like her. I really wish they would change picture of john black. Put something on from the old days.

  242. From Soleowner

    Wow…There sure has been a LOT of typing lately..Hard to read through it all to get to the DOOL stuff. I’m still hoping someone else shot EJ who was behind Sami. I was hoping the timing was such that Sami was a bad aim and EJ actually shot himself moments before Sami got there, but Stephano said there were no powder burns on EJ’s hand. Maybe it could be Anna in “MY” twisted version of “Who Shot JR” I mean EJ

  243. From KAS1008

    Nitemare I was happy to read your comment to me and glad we can put the last few weeks behind us and I like the fact that we agree on Melany. At first I almost compared us to Chloe and Nicole, enemeys turned friends (or at least we are on better terms), but then I realized that neither one of us could possible be as dense as Chloe or as kniving as Nicole (laugh)!

    As for every one else while we are on the topic of which men in Salem our husbans like (EJ/Rafe and so on) mine isnt an EJ fan even though he agrees with me when I say EJ is one of the best actors Days has. He has never been an EJ fan (mostly because I drool like a highschool girl at the sight of EJ). My husband has always been a fan of the people in salem that have been named “trouble causers” like Sami, Hope when she was bad, Steve, kate, stephano, the kirikiasis, and all the other “Bad guys”, and of course he admits that EJ deffinately has the acting chops, so logically he should love EJ, but I think he resents the fact that I like EJ (even though he is simple a television character and we both acknowledge that fact). Its that english accent… its just irresitable….. Yummy!

  244. From donna

    Sami and Rafe don’t even compare to Marlena and John, they are in a class by themselves. They should bring back Marlena though so she can talk some sense into Sami about this so called pretend marriage to EJ.

    I wish they would put Bo and Hope back together, enough of his relationship with Carly. I never liked her when she was on before. I truly don’t like her now. She reminds me of a worm.

    It’s great that they are bringing Melissa Reeves back as Jennifer, she is an amazing actress.

  245. From CassieODimeeee


  246. From carol a.

    My husband says he likes E.J. & victor. Victor because he leaves everyone alone, but if he starts getting pushed, he will push back.
    He likes Kate, he thinks she’s the best looking one on the show,except her nostrils bother him. I liked Billie, Gretta, Colapi,Bo stephano, vic,patch,Mike,Frankie,Nick,April,
    Oh,the good old days. Now there are so few. The stories are getting really bad, so they make the actors appear that way too, but if they would just have good story lines I could like more. I really wish they would bring back mike & carrie. My fav.

  247. From carol a.

    oops, I mean Coliapi, or however you spell it.

  248. From Grandma Judy

    I have always liked Steve/Patch and rooted for him to be with Kayla. And then it was the Steve and Jack being bio brothers that got me hooked on the show in the first place. Then, you know how it is, other storylines filter in and get you hooked, too. I loved John and Isabella together and also that blonde gal he was with for a long time. I think the actress was
    Jeannie Frances or someone, then she was on General Hospital, too. I wonder where Anna is and if she will turn up eventually or be found out to be dead?

  249. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I loved Patch. I go back a long time on Days. I remember Alex, Marie, Liz, Neil, Don, Doug, Julie, Lee, Renee, Calliope, Eugene, and alot of the older ones too. There have been a lot of good couples on Days over the years. I believe Genie Francis played Diana Colville. I do remember her on Days. I loved Isabella with John. I don’t know if I would call Isabella or Marlena as John’s true love. That would be a hard one. It was fun to watch Patch find out that Jack was his brother. I miss the character of Jack. He always provided comedic relief on the show. Vivian used to when Ivan was on, but I don’t like this crazy version of Vivian. I want the smart, savy Vivian back. Loved her old antics….still wish Carly was buried! I love Kayla letting Bo have it about Carly. Kayla is right, Hope is his destiny, not Carly. Looks like Bo and Hope will be getting some face time soon, can’t wait.

    I love that Rafe is still standing by Sami. Even though he thinks that Will is the shooter, he tells Sami to keep her secret until after they are married so he cannot testify against her. I love that! He really is changing for the better for Sami. According to Ken Cordays interview, EJ will be unleashing hell on Salem in the next few weeks. I guess we’ll have to wait to see what it is. I’m not too worried, I think Kate will play a hand in helping Sami. EJ is supposed to question Kate about her loyalty to the Dimeras…betya Stefano is not going to like that.

  250. From maryl

    #245 IMO two rapist (Sami & EJ, both rapist) belong together! Birds of a feather usually fly together!

  251. From maryl

    PS Sami is no victim–ever!!

  252. From KAS1008

    Thankyou MARYL for setting Cassie straight, she’s new so clearly she hasnt been through the whole debate about rape or not (it was a deal between Sami/EJ she exchanged sex for help) and appearently doesnt remember ST Sami BRADY raping Austin … and ohhhhh “I’m so hurt because some who cant get the facts straight told me to Get a life, I think I’m going to go cry” (sarcasism)

  253. From MeZuniGirl

    Sorry, I have to disagree. Sami has been EJ’s victim since he came to Salem. He has been using and manipulating her since Day 1. Not just Sami but the Bradys in general. He even hid his true identity and motives from the start. Sami needs to stay far away from EJ. I don’t understand why Sami doesn’t tell Lexie to stuff it and let EJ “die” in the hospital. Sami should have been smart enough to know better than to fall for any more of his lies and tricks.

  254. From MeZuniGirl

    We understand Sami raped Austin..but we never wanted her with her victim. We want the same for Sami…not with Alan or EJ – both of whom raped her.

  255. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Agreed MeZ…did you change your name? Sami and EJ don’t belong together. Still want her with Lucas, but will settle for Rafe…for now. EJ is not good for Sami at all. EJ needs to move on, which it looks like Days may be doing. Hopefully it will be someone on his level that will be able to stand toe to toe with him.

  256. From MelZuniGirl

    thanks, Bo. No, just typo in my name. It’s Monday, what can I say? I don’t understand why people think we have forgotten about Sami and Austin…we haven’t. Sami and Austin were never good for each other either. As friends yet, but not as a couple. Austin belonged with Carrie. Sami was already raped by Alan; then to be raped again by EJ was just too much. Day shouldn’t have done that to Sami and I think they realized it. But the damage was done. Sami has been EJ’s victim, like I said, from day one. Why else would EJ come into Salem, pretending to be someone else and befriending Sami? It was all about manipulation and the Dimera agenda. Never about love. You don’t treat the ones you love the way EJ has treated Sami. To me, that’s like a father that rapes his daughter but tells her it’s all about love. It’s just not right and not normal. Hopefully, Days will continue to move away from Sami and EJ as a couple. If they want them to interact with each other, fine, but leave the so-called romantic stuff out.

  257. From Sharon

    #245..I agree with you, even if others don’t. And #252, if you want to be bitchy, at least spell words right….

  258. From KAS1008

    I understand that some people like Rafe standing up for Sami but Rafe willing to defend Sami and Will (knowing that one of them shot EJ is illegal and immoral) but again Rafe cant do no wrong and EJ is a dimera so inevitable he is evil… I waunder how old Johnny and Sydney are going to have to be before they are considered EVIL DIMERAS, or will the fact that they are half holy Bradys even the playing field out.
    Goodness people waunder why the Dimeras go outside the law to do things, well look at todays episode for example Roman the police comander assigned to the EJ shooting case who is suppose to be impartial to the case and who also is involed in the case (through Sami) openly admits that he wants the person that he is suppose to be helping(EJ) dead. The Bradys run the Salem police department, and the town and therefor if the Dimeras want justice they cant go to the cops for it, Salem needs a whole new police force, the Bradys are old and out of date, and are too corrupt. You have Beau who wants to get special treatment for his wife, Hope (well at least she admitted doing wrong and went to jail even thought it was the pills that made her that way), Roman who openly admits his biasis in an investigation,and Rafe the worse of all the one who is willing to break the law but wants to fry anyone else who dare breaks the law too… not to mention their incompentence to solve cases, the Salem police department is corrupt and insufficient. I love how Stephano asked Roman “who assigned you to this case, what Hope Brady isnt available?”. Stephano is a hoot and is hilarious!

  259. From MelZuniGirl

    KAS, I understand your point, but this goes back YEARS. The Dimeras have done things to the Bradys for years and have broken the law and gotten away with it. The Dimeras have never paid for their crimes, at all. The Bradys have been kidnapped, brainwashed, tortured, almost killed by the Dimeras over the years. I cannot blame the Bradys for going outside the law to try to take down the Dimeras. They have proven time and time again that they think they are above the law – even paying off judges. The Bradys aren’t saints and to me that don’t act like it. They are just trying to survive while the Dimeras just continually snubbing their noses at anyone who tries to take them down….the Bradys have been trying to do it legally for years. I guess everyone reaches their breaking point…so I can’t blame any Brady for shooting or killing a Dimera. The Dimeras should have been prosecuted and put in the electric chair years ago….but of course that would make for a boring storyline.

  260. From MelZuniGirl

    According to a James Scott interview recently, EJ will always chose his loyalty to Stefano over Sami. He stated that EJ will continue to be the villan.

    I do hate how Anna was used in this storyline. I loved her and Tony together, but Days really messed that up. Not sure the Bradys will ever accept her back into the fold.

  261. From KAS1008

    ok Sharon I mean miss walking dictionary, I’m sorry I didnt realize I was typing a business memo, I though I was relaxing on a blog site. Ohh and also I’m sorry I used words longer than two syllables long, unlike yours. You are entitled to your own opinion, I dont agree with it but I respect that now you need to respect the fact that I have mine!
    Ohh and FYI if anyone was being “b*tchy” it was your buddy from #245, saying “get a life”, I simply refuted her statement, without saying anything personal about her, So go back to what you were doing and mind your own business.

  262. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I loved Anna, too, but she started out bad. Remember when she used her own daughter to frame Roman for Stefano. Anna had been paid by Stefano to frame Roman. Roman was trying to bring down the Dimera organization. Remember all the things Peter and Kristen did as well. Anna did most of her things for money. Peter and Kristen claimed to do theirs for love. I would love to see Kristen back (and Susan). She is a very talented actress. I loved her stories, just didn’t want her to win in the end…which she didn’t, but she was fun to watch.

  263. From KAS1008

    Melzungirl I understand your point of view too and I know that it has been going on for many years now but I have certainly noticed that Stephano in his elderly years has mellowed out alot and that he hasnt been reaking havoc, and in addition the Bradys have also caused trouble and done bad things. If there wasnt “villans” then there wouldnt be a show and Sami for one was a villan for many years but now she is automatically redeemed just because she says she a different person. Stephano for the past couple years at least hasnt tourted the Bradys at all and the only thing that EJ has done to Sami is retalliate for what she has done to him, I love the characters of both Sami and EJ but in my eyes they are equally as wrong for what they have done now and in the past. But I understand where you are coming from/

  264. From Grandma Judy

    Ah, we’re back to a little spunk on this site! Well, Sharon #255 and Cassie #245, I agree with both of you about EJ and Sami not belonging together, – rape and the victim. And in my mind,it WAS a form of rape that night when EJ refused to free Lucas unless Sami let him have sex with her. However, the “bitchy” remark going on between both of you and KS1008, I’m not a part of!!

    Think the new Gaby is very pretty and looks a little older than the other one, which is, I guess, what the writers are trying to achieve. Looks like the woman who plays Adrianne keeps losing weight and she looks wonderful. Love her hair style! A little disappointed in the show today, since I thought nothing happened that couldn’t have been covered in 5 minutes. But sometimes there are those days.

  265. From Katherine - PA

    # 245 Cassie, # 255 Sharon – \Here we go again\….
    KAS, Maryl, learn – you can’t off a snake head, two will grow and again and again. I am just going to ignore it.
    #253 BoHO4EVER, I guess Lucas and Sami would be fine together, they compare notes about shooting Elvis, was it good for you Lucas, o yeh, was it good for you Sami, Oh Lucas it felt wonderful when I saw the blood. I am being very sarcastic. I knew, being sugary would not last long.

    #254 MelZun, why can’t YOU guys, whoever you are, drop that Rape bit, SAMI DID, when she went to be with Elive, and conceived Sidney, she forgave, could never ever prosecute him for that so called Rape, he paid in his own way, he has been shot twice…………….
    Today I could not stand Roman, but then again I really don’t like him tthat much, In my opinion, he is smug, arrogant, the looks and his face, Give Rafe some more lessons on smirks, when Stefano asked him if Hope was not available, I laughed so hard, so even the writers know how dumb they make Roman look, #256 KAS, I agree, Roman should never ever be on that case,(but it’s a soap). I enjoy they way they always threathen the DiMera’s but they never can pull it off to put them away. The closest was when \Doctor\ Marlena put him into a coma, compromizing her Doctor’s oath, wow – great job.
    One more thing, did you Ladies notice today, when Brade put Nicole in her undies on the bed and started kissing her, there for a minute I held my breath, thought no way, they wouldn’t and then he moved up north. In my Opinion (I am spelling it out now because don’t seem to know what IMO means) that was not called for, this is still daytime TV, let’s not push it. I am no prude, let’s not get R-rated on Daytime TV.
    One more thing # 257, I will always blame anybody for shooting anybody, Brady or DiMera, point again, can’t blame the Kiriakis’s ord DiMeras for running free, the Salem Police just have never been a match for them. So the saga of Salem continues, besides, I think – they all loves each other so deeply, just don’t know it, whe else would they keep hanging around each other, have Babies together, forgive Rapes, etc. thank you, because if they didn’t I wouldn’t have anything to watch.
    Peace, somehow I knew all the sugar would Not last.

  266. From Katherine - PA

    P.S. for Sharon, boy did I make a few spelling mistakes, typing to fast and when I read it after posting I see it. So sorry again, I’ll try to get better….
    Your blog sister Katherine

  267. From kas1008

    Ladies I’m changeing my user name to kassie (my nickname) and dropping the 1008 … its just simpler to type on my phone… u can still refer to me either way I’m just making it simpler for me to type on my phone

  268. From Evelyn

    I tell you, Vivian sure got the tables turned on her; I wonder, too, what happened to Ivan, who was Vivian’s old henchman; they were so funny; I loved how they argued; bring back the funny, Days, please! I want to see more comedy relief!

  269. From MAB

    MelZuniGirl – please don’t take this wrong, but how can you compare a father raping a daughter to what happened between EJ & Sami? That is just wrong on all levels! Even though I never saw it as rape, I think Days know they made a mistake when the wrote it, but they were different writers then and they were writing EJ as a different person then. The new writers are writing him differently now, and they had Sami & EJ rehash that whole scenario just to please the fans (IMO). They forgave each other for their past deeds and decided to move on. She willingly slept with him after that and has said many times that she loves EJ. Don’t know how things will progress going forward, but the show & the characters have moved on from what happened that night between EJ & Sami and I think it’s time we did too because NO ONE is ever going to agree on it.
    It’s a fact that EJ was willing to denounce his father for Sami. He only went back home because Stefano threaten him. But now, his father is the only one he really has to depend on, so I say go DiMeras!
    Also, you are right how the DiMeras have gotten away with a lot over the years, and I don’t mind seeing Bo or Roman go outside the law sometimes, and they have done it over the years, but at least they don’t make it a habit – like Rafe who was doing it on a daily basis. But back to the DiMeras…this show is for entertainment purposes and we can’t expect them to go to jail for everything they’ve done. There has to be good & bad on the show, or you basically don’t have a show. The DiMeras are as much a staple on the show as the Brady’s & Horton’Also, you can’t say the DiMeras have never paid for their crimes. Maybe not EJ, but Stefano has paid in the past, not a lot, but some.

    KAS1008 – loved that line from Stefano to Roman to about Hope. I love him, Victor, Vivian and their comic relief.

    Katherine – PA, I agree, they always say how family can’t be on a police case and family can’t operate on their own, but then they turn around and do it anyway. It should be one way, or the other.

  270. From kas1008

    Mab I do think ej has pAid for what he’s done he has been shot TWICE, at one point thought his bio daughter died… lied to and manipulated by the people he loved sami, stephanno,nicole,ect…) and had his feelings toyed with by the woman he loved (Sami jumping in the bed with him, to jump out the next minute to run after lucas. Clearly the nice thing for him to have done would have been to save Lucas out of kindness, indstead he offered sami a deal and she accepted… it might of not been nice of him to do but it doesn’t make him a rapist …. he didn’t drug her, he didn’t physically force her, and he didn’t threat her …. but like you said we should just drop it because we all sent ever going to agree on it.

  271. From carol a.

    Everything was going great. What’s with that bad remark. I like how you handled that mab.
    I do understand how the brady’s can not like the dimera’s I mean stephano did put marlena in a huge cage under the city. How can sami live under his roof after all that. But then, sami has done some bad things too over the years to other people. I guess everyone on the show has a bad side.
    Hope all gets cleared up soon & that no more fights start on here. It was nice for awhile.

  272. From carol a.

    Katherine, where in Pa do you live. I live in the southwestern part.

  273. From wanda

    i have been married for 40 years and my husband doesent watch soaps and i have been watching days for forever and sami has never been the good girl having said that i still beleive sami and ej are the same and belong together and the H==== with RAFE kill him off he makes me sick

  274. From Grandma Judy

    Wanda, if you are going to post on here, I think you should say how you really feel!! Haaa!!!

  275. From KAS1008

    (Laugh) Grandma Judy270 your funny and Wanda I like your thinking, I watched Gaylen Gerring a little on Passions and while he isnt bad too look at if you can brush back them bushy browls, I just dont feel that he is that convincing, he doesnt seem sincere. Also him and little miss Brady deffinately have no chemistry and nothing in common really. Shes a bad girl with an interesting life and Rafe is a goody goody with an extremly boreing existence. Safe is like putting ketchup on ceareal, they just dont go good together!

  276. From maryl

    I will never think of Sami as a victim–she reaps what she sows! She has messed up the lives of people she claims she loves over and over with her need to avenge herself and to get whatever she wants at the time. Will she be different with Rafe? Good question. IMO Only for a while, then the old Sami will be back. She has already tried to kill her children’s father, so the old Sami is emerging!
    But oh, Sami, look out because you have awakened a very dark and dangerous side of EJ! The thing is, you’re to blame for everything that has happened and will happen from the moment that you decided to once again play the game of deceit. I’m afraid your day of reckoning is coming because no one will keep a DiMera away fom his children. IMO, Sami. Personally, you’ll get no sympathy from me.
    I’m sure glad Sami is only a soap opera character, because I wouldn’t want to wish all that on a real person! (Ha)!

  277. From SheriH

    turnips ormids

  278. From SheriH

    Maryl ITA Sami has everything coming to her and more. If she did not start the original lie of hiding his daughter from him; EJ would never have done what he did. At least EJ would never try to kill her. EJ also loves his kids and does a better job of taking care of them compared to her.

  279. From Clear

    I see it now that Sami and Rafe will marry and he won’t be able to testify against his wife if she is arrested for shooting EJ. Meanwhile, I suspect that EJ may spirit off the children to a remote tropical isle when he is able to get them from Sami for a visit still under pretense that he’s infirm and amnesic. Then Sami and Rafe will be on the “Hunt for the children” and have to travel all over on quest to sleuth out their location and bring them home.

  280. From KAS1008

    Clear that does sound interesting … but much like a repeat of shawn belle phillip and claire… I hope that isnt what happens… I cant stand Rafe!

    Carol a 267 yea I know things were back to normal till someone had to go and be rude because we have a difference of opinions. I know you and I have a difference of opinions on SAMI/EJ/RAFE but I respect yours and vice versa there for we are good(because the mutural respect)…
    However some one new to the room had to go and leave me a rude comment but its really alright, I’m not going to stoop as low as to call them names (never have) because that just isnt nice, and I’m not going to go beneath myself to be on their level, by resorting to name calling its simply childish. If attacked I will however resort to harmless clever sarcasim to turn the tables on the attacker, I feel theres nothing wrong with defending yourself in a non agressive manner. Like “opps I should of used my spell checker” … or as my mom always told me “Never argue with an iddiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat the hell out of you with years of experience”. (But dont get confused, I’m not calling anyone an iddiot, its just a saying.)

  281. From KAS1008

    I dont want EJ to remain a “Villan” but I dont want him to be a whimpy good guy or sucked up into the Brady coven. I want him to be just like he was right befor he was shot, In love with Sami, well now that I’m thinking about it I would love to see Sami end up in love with EJ and pinting after him like he did for her, he deserves love back… if they dont end up together then I would like to see EJ end up getting his children since he does a better job raising them then Sami anyways. Then she can be free to go and have y entonces ella puede tener una familia con el Sr. Hernández y bebés con cejas tupidas …. sus hijos va a ser muy feo… hahaha yea..but I really perfer EJAMI

  282. From carol a.--PA.

    sorry, Kas 1008, I referred to mab about that persons bad remarks, but it was to you. read that wrong.
    I agree, I hope it stops.
    Is it you kas that does public speaking. Sounds great. what kind do you do. I could never do that. I’m sorta shy about speaking like that. I went to school once for modeling & had to do a show on a runway, & I did it, but boy was it hard.
    I really do think sami will have to move back in with e.j. Her & rafe won’t have time to get married at the lodge. OH well, at least rafe will be spared the hell from her lifes dramas.
    I hate drama because I lived it with my mother & what a horror that can be.

  283. From Cindy

    Hello I don’t post here too often, I too am from Southeast Michigan (Sterling Heights area). I want to see Dan with Carly, Melanie with Nathan, Chloe with Philip. I think that E.J. will be the one who either hires someone to kill Ari because she will over hear his plot and learn that he has been sort of faking.

  284. From maryl

    KAS1008 Ditto! Want the same things you do, but you never know what those writers and Corday will come up with! I guess we just have to hope for the best. Maybe one day they will see the potential for a great SL with EJami being together. The Safe SL is already showing us nothing new, no spark or magnetism between the couple–just boredom. The word “Safe” fits them perfectly. Good in the real world but not for a good fantasy!

  285. From Nightmare

    After reading the interview with Galen he seems to think Rafe will stand by Sami. He said its not as if Sami tried to kill an innocent person.So Rafe would understand what she did and stand by her even though hes a goody who does by the book.
    I have to admit hes really cute, I guess his wife and kids think so too.

  286. From maryl

    Nightmare–I guess if EJ shot Sami, you could say it’s not as if he shot an innocent person either?? I think Rafe will swallow anything Sami does until it begans to effect him personally and burst his bubble on who he thinks Sami really is. IMO

  287. From Grandma Judy

    After Arianna is killed off, I hope we know right away who did it and it doesn’t remain a dragged out mystery! Nightmare #280, I do hope Rafe stands by Sami. And I agree Galen is cute. In a really HOT way!!

  288. From kas1008

    Lol yea the reason rafe is going to keep sami’s secret is because he jealous of ej and wants him out of the picture… and just like you said maryl if ej had of shot sami he would have been shooting a bad person.. imo

  289. From catherine

    i believe that chloe’s soulmate has always been phillip. since highschool. it is a shame that they had to ruin her image but phloe is my couple for me and that baby is what wil bring them back together

  290. From kas1008

    Yes I agree too galen is cute in a bushy eyebrow way…(laugh)

  291. From MAB

    carol a – I don’t know what you’re talking about, but no one “handled me”. If you have something to say to me, then say it, or mind your own business.

  292. From MAB

    #267 I’d like to know who & what you’re referring to in your comments about me?

  293. From KAS1008

    hah I just thought of something… I’m sure if the writers are goning to keep Sami and Rafe together there going to have to make him interesting because as of right now he is a big ol bore fest (imo) that probably means they are probably going to write in a bad past for him… like that he actually killed his ex cold blooded, or he kidnapped kids before he met Sami thats why he helped her basically “kidnap” the baby from EJ… Something that makes him look bad… He is way too shady to still be a good guy… When EJ first came to town… the first thing I said is that he’s a bad guy, because the writers rarely bring in people outside the horton or brady bloodline that are good… apperantly the only good people in the world of Days Of Our Lives is the Horton and Bradys. When the Salem gloved person was going around causing mischeif I even called it then I figured that EJ was involved somehow, simply because he was unknown and his past was mystery. Usually people who are brought to town that are not realted to the holyer than thou Bradys/Hortons start out as bad and eventually redeem themselves…(EJ,Chelsea even though she is a Brady she wasnt raised as one therefor she wasnt any good until she started conforming to the Brady way of life and then she was accepted, Melany, patrick Lockheart,Mimi, Willow,Jack, and even Steve if my memory serves me right, and the list continues…)

  294. From carol a.--PA.

    Mab, I wasn’t saying no one handled you. I made a mistake about that one persons rude comment. I said your name but I meant Kas1008 handled it good.I like how she answered that. Once I wrote your name about how I liked how you handled that bad remark, I realized it wasn’t you but Kas. I was not being rude at all. Sorry for the mistake. I really don’t want you being mad at me, when I was really paying a complement. Just wrote the wrong name that’s all. I was trying to be friendly with all the stuff that’s been going on. But I think you took it the wrong way. I really didn’t mean any harm to any one.

  295. From KAS1008

    Mab I think Carol was complimenting you saying how she liked the way you handeled something, I was a little confused when I read it too but I dint believe it was an insult, or at least thats not how I took it. My guess is that she meant that she like how you joined my little scuffle (laugh), but I really dont know

  296. From Katherine - PA

    #280 nightmare -
    E.J. might not be totally innocent, but he was a totally defensless- out cold – person, Explain that to Johnnie and Sidney someday, even Ally. Will is to screwed up by now, still don’t know who shot E.J. at the first wedding – Lucas or Will -

    I could possible see, if Sami and E.J. had been in a very bad fight, He had the gun there, somehow Sami might have taken it and it could have gone off………………
    But that coldblooded shooting will never sit with me, cowards do that, and Susan would say to Sami, Mean, mean, mean.
    281 Maryl, you know there will be a lot of interaction between Sami and E.J. she won’t be able to stay away, and it is going to get to Rafe in a big big way.
    Can’t wait what Elvis and Stefano have in store for Sami, we might even end up feeling sorry for her. Ha, ha, but it will take a while.
    At least tell me yes or no… We all know that kids watch too, some of you did when you were young.

    Grandma Judy, I agree, let us know who ran over Ari, not a year from now, when I don’t even remember what happened in the first place.
    I would like Dan with Carly, however do any of you know, was there ever a DNA test between Dan and Melanie, or only Carly’s word.
    It could still turn out that she belongs to Lawrence, this is a soap after all, and I think Lawrence will join the show someday…. Could make a good storyline.

  297. From Katherine - PA

    MAB I agree with KAS, I think that carol meant it as a compliment, I am right Carol a.?

  298. From maryl

    Exactly Katherine! Rafe’s little bubble will burst when he sees her in action as her “real self”! That’s when his obession and jealousy of EJ is going to start surfacing. As you say, Sami will involve herself with EJ, always!
    I thought the sex scenes (not love) between Brady and Nicole were over the top too. For being a supposed good guy, Brady sure has a hard time resisting a bad girl!

  299. From carol a.--PA.

    Yes, you guys are exactly right. After I wrote it & went back to read a few over, I realized I wrote the wrong name down. When someone called kas being bi*tchy, I liked how kas responded. I accidently wrote mab’s name. Must have just read one of hers & it was on my mind. I thought when kas responded she knew I had really meant her, like so many know what people mean when they misspell words wrong. Same thing as the name. Either way, it was really a compliment. I should stay out of making compliments I guess. Just being friendly. Sorry for any misunderstandings. Glad that kas was so nice though & understood.

  300. From MAB

    carol a – if I misinterpreted what you meant in your #267 post, I apologize!

  301. From barbara

    i hope today’s show will be better and we’ll get some answers to the baby plot, ej shooting plot and mel and nathan. there’s lots going on but almost no conclusions or even strong hints to any of them. and there are are more subplots (too many imo) but everything moves way too slow!

  302. From Janiebell

    Can’t Sami see E.J. is faking, he knows E.J. and Sami never marred; Why doesn’t Sami call E.J. on his fake self? Either have E.J. shot hisself or let all the “E.J. shooting” be a night-mair of Sami’s and all is well. Wehave been draging with this shooting long enough. No one died, got permentaly enjured, or any lasting thing, so enough is enough. If this turns out to be a dream of Sami’s,Sami can wake up and all will be over.

    If anyone finds Vivian; they had best have an airrefreshener, and stand back when that lead is raised. Why would Stefano and Kate be on Victor’s properity to find Vivian? Victor’s grounds are private property, and Stefano is not Victor’s family. Sure Victor and Kate shair a son, Phillip, but that does not give Kate rights to prowel around the properities.

  303. From Katherine - PA

    Janiebell, 302 – so as long as nobody (luckily) dies, or has permanent injuries, it’s ok to shoot, so let’s just wipe it under the rug. Poor Sami, wake up, it’s just a dream you poor, poor little girl.
    We know E.J. did not shoot himself, so that is done…
    At this point when Lexie had Sami go in to E.J. she had no idea that E.J. was faking, he did have a headinjury, so anything was possible, as it turns out he is faking… but it could have been the truth…
    Of course his lordship Rafe knew before it even happened.
    I hope they bring in a real looker for E.J. with guts, someone that will give Sami a run for her money, and Sami won’t be able to stand it, E.J. – sit back, and let the games begin.
    Rafe, it will drive you nuts, but it will start showing Sami in her true colors.
    So writers, I hope you are going my way, if not, you should consider it, sounds pretty spicey to me.
    Maryl, think about it, Brady can’t resist Bad Girl Nicole,
    Bad girl Sami and Bad Boy E.J. – dynamite…..fireworks, nuclear explosion, .
    I might be wrong but I thought it will be Vic and Kate that find out about Vivi dearest.?
    I had two children, but I can not ever recall, holding my big Balloon the way Chloe holds on to that big think, it looks so fake on top of things, just plain weird.. if you put a needle in, it would blow…pop, whatever..
    If Dan has not figured out bye now, that something is up with Chloe, all the hints, the tears, Father Matt, on and on, he must be really in la, la, land or blind and deaf…
    Kayla, lay of Bo, you can’t put your feelings on somebody else, you don’t know what Bo went through and feels, nobody does, so leave him alone, he will figure things out for himself, let him deal with his feelings his way.
    Tell him what your feelings are, but DON’T TELL HIM WHAT TO DO….
    Only He knows ultimately what he needs and wants when he gets done sorting through all the happenings and feelings he has. What we want does not matter either.

  304. From Holly

    Katherine-PA, Ya the old actor who played brady sang, (opera) with chloe and they both have a good voce. But i believe he’s on the same soap as the original Bell, and married to nicole walker in real life.
    And i agree with alot of what kas 1008 says, along with gradma judy.
    I feel being a view of dool, and passions, that the hunandaze (how ever spelt) family are dragging the story down, like with passions. The writters seem lost. The should post some form of compatition out there to maybe bring in new talen.?
    Ps, from alberta canada

  305. From Kas1008

    Hey carol (laughing) when I first read your comment it sounded like it was directed toward me but I wasn’t sure so I was confused myself but thinks for the compliment. As for public speaking, my job requires quite a bit of it I stand in front of about 20 -100 college freshmen four days a week so yea it takes a little nerve, but it has also taught me to deal with the immaturity of others (laughing). (I just finished my first year). As you can probably tell I was not an English /Literature major there for when I’m not in a formal setting I am not always gramatically correct.
    But none the less I appreciate your kindness!

  306. From Kass

    anyone having a problem opening up nexts weeks spoilers or blog room ?
    Ohh and I know its kinda personal
    but I just found out I’m having a baby… how nerve wreckingly exciting its the first!

    Admin Edit- Please let us know if you have technical issues. We can be reached at contact -at- (Congratulations.)

  307. From Katherine - PA

    Yes Holly, the old Brady(Nicole’ real life husband) but the new Brady, (Eric) also has a very beautiful voice, has many albums out. Maybe they can find a reason once for him to sing, doen’t have to be with Chloe, sing for a woman or whatever.

  308. From Katherine - PA

    Forgot to say, we are on next week’s page now, so come on over Holly

  309. From Janiebell

    It was wrong of Brady to put Vivian in that box but Vivian has done so msny evil things to so many people, that it is time Vivian gets a taste of her own medican. Vivian will somehow get out of that box and all the evil will begin again,as soon as Vivian gets a scrub down then a bath, does her hair and changes clothes. she will do “the Vivian thing”,

    I did not mean in a previous post that just because no one died it was alright to shoot E.J.; I just ment that it has been way to long with this “who shot E.J.”, time to wramp up this case, If someone had gotten killed or permentaly enjured, then chances are that the case would have taken longer to solve but sence neither happened, time to solve the case. It was mever proven that E.J. didnot shoot hisself. E.J. did point the gun at his temple with his finger on the trigger but he passed out, from all the liquor E.J. was drinking, but who is to say that just before E.J. passed out, he could have pulled the trigger. None of us were there to witness what happened.

  310. From carol a.--PA.

    for some reason I can’t get to the other page. I’ll keep trying.
    Yes, I think too, that someone needs to come on to get E.J’s attention to get him off of the sami oredeal. But I thought by the way he was looking & smiling at Ari when she came into the room, that he was planning on using her, but I guess not, as she’s going to leave. she’s interested in him, I can tell. That would have been great.
    Why hasn’t viv ever payed for all her bad deeds. Burying carly alive, the melanie thing, chloe thing. Brady should’ve found out for sure what she was up to, stood by & watched her, then when she put maggie in there, have the police move in, then maybe vic would get rid of her for good.
    Just the sight of her makes me sick. She’s not commical, not whitty, she’s plain sickening.

  311. From carol a.--PA.

    Kas 1008-you must be in college. I’ve never gone myself. My neighbor just started her first year to be a teacher. She has 3 more to go.
    I know I’m laughing over the mistake too. It’s so funny how just one little word can cause so much confusion. I’ll have to get it right from now on. I sure enjoy the blog, & don’t want to fight with anyone about anything.
    I too can’t get on the next blog. But I did email & we’ll see what happens. Thought maybe it was my computer, it’s a really old pc. But it seems others are having problems too.
    Too windy here for hunting. But the weekends supposed to be nicer.

  312. From carol a.--PA.

    sorry, when I wrote you must be in college because of the speaking,I re read & it’s for your job. sounds exciting but a little nerve racking. I’m sure you get used to it after a while. I don’t know if I would. Nice talkin to ya.
    Hope we all can get on the next blog soon.
    I don’t care for adreinn’s hair cut. I like the front but the back is to weird for me. And I really hope she doesn’t lose any more weight. She is to tall to be that thin. And she is starting to look not so healthy. I worry when they do that to themselves.

  313. From Janiebell

    I thought Hope was to then and wanted her to put on weight, but for now I would be glad to see Hope out of prison and back with Bo; then Hope could gain a few pounds. Adrainne is so concerned about Stephaney but Steph talked so mean to Adrainne, all because of the concern.

  314. From Janiebell

    Oh, I guess everyone has gone on to next weeks sight; I like to wait untill Saturday to go to the next sights, that way each sight gets a full week. To each his/her own liking, or choice.

    I thought Guss would rush to set Vivian free but he just told Vivian that she got what she deserved, and he is so right.

  315. From carol a.--PA.

    I guess everyone’s at next weeks site, but I still can’t get on it. So I guess unless something gets fixed, I won’t be on it any more. Strange I can get on this weeks, but not next. Maybe it’s my computer.
    I wonder if Brady really is using nicole, or lying to get vic off his case. Mabye he’s going to blame her, & she’ll be back in prison, so he can get away with it. But why not just tell vic.

  316. From Katherine - PA

    Janiebell, I guess it’s ok and your choice to stay on this site till Saturday,
    But it’s like talking to yourself, nobody reads you, they are all on next weeks site.
    carol a. sorry you are having problems with getting on.. will be looking for you.
    I only came on, looking if somebody was still on this site, and I guess I found Janiebell, by choice, and carol a. because of computer problems.
    Janiebell, I know it’s your choice, but you are blogging to yourself, we need you on the current site, so we can read your blogs.
    Read you soon on the other site. It always starts Tuesday, as soon as they have the new up…

  317. From Katie

    Am I the only one who thinks Carly and Hope can exist on the same show? I could care less about Bo/Carly (although I did like them in the 90′s) or Bo/Hope. I wish they’d bring back Lawrence and fix that whole “went even crazier” mess.

  318. From Trisha

    Heads up SOF, the spammers are trying. LOL.

  319. From babybranning2010

    Bo belongs with Carly.. Hope had her chance and messed things up, more than once. It is time for Bo to be with some one who loves him for waht he is.. and that is Carly.

  320. From Helen

    Bo belongs with Hope. Carly had her chance to stick around and decided she loved another man more and chose to walk away from Bo. Hope has never had another man in her heart. Only Bo.

  321. From FancyFace007

    Bo and Hope belong together and it is just a matter of time before he kicks Carly to the curb. Can’t wait for Bope to go on the run together!!!

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