Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For September 30 & October 1.


At the hospital, Elvis tells Stefano that he is pretending to have some kind of amnesia so that Sami won’t know that he’s onto her and he can keep her where he wants her. “If Samantha thinks she can walk out of my life with my kids, she’s got another thing coming,” EJ says. His father figures out that EJ doesn’t know all that much and takes the opportunity to lead him to believe that Sami or Will put the hole in his head that forced his radical makeover. Since no other cops are available, Roman finally shows up to take EJ’s statement.

Sami continues to panic about what’s happening. “What is EJ going to say when he finds out?” she worries to Rafe. He tries to get her to tell him everything that’s happened so he can protect her. To get her mind off of worrying so much, they talk about getting married and decide to do it as soon as possible. Then, he takes her and the kids off to check out their future home.

The deal for the house falls through and Melanie and Philip don’t get the home she wanted. He doesn’t want to stick around at Maggie’s anymore, especially since he’s noticed that his father is using it as an excuse to show up and make passes at the redhead. To prevent this, he decides that he and his bride will move back into the Kiriakis compound. Things are kind of crowded there though. Viv is still in the sarcophagus begging to be saved. Nicole discovers what’s been going on, but when she goes to Brady about it, he decides to throw her off by seducing her.

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  1. From dc

    a shot to the head, like he had, has got to make him have some memory loss.. i can’t believe the writers would actually tell us he has no memory loss at all..
    i think sami should just tell him the truth about not marrying him and that she took the kids out of the mansion because he lied about the kidnapping..
    i don’t want them to drag this on.
    and let stefcano know he has another son soon..

  2. From Jolie

    OK, didn’t we all see this coming…Elvis pretending to have memory loss. Yawn. He could not possibly know who shot him according to the scene they keep showing of Samanther plugging his noggin with lead. And Stephano narrowing it down to Sami and Will…OK yes it is obvious but couldn’t he at least accept the possibility that there are several dozen who might have liked to do it? So I guess Sami and Rafe run off and get hitched very soon. Hopefull she won’t dare to have a wedding. But then it is Sami we are speaking of..go figure.

  3. From barbara

    I AM SO SICK AF SAMI AND HER whining and rafe and his slobbering over her i can hardly stand it! please writer, let’s get past this and send rafe away to do his thing with the fbi and about his sisters’ death. i hope ej comes up with a way to punish sami for all her “sins”.

  4. From Cathie

    EJ was loaded – took the gun himself – in the real world – should not remember – just saying.

  5. From rams

    How is Viv still alive in that thing???????

  6. From Dolly

    Ejami again, I am waiting, but very impatient.

  7. From justafan

    ok ej could have heard her yelling at him just before the shot. or he openned his eyes and saw will looking at him and gets the wrong idea. don’t like the story line with rafe being so cold although he is smart he alredy distrusts ej
    how is ej going to get control of sami by pretending he doesn’t know anything? don’t understand that

  8. From Ljouran

    By holding the shooting over her head, the threat of attempted murder leads to..Sammy has already been on death row…

  9. From nancy

    Come on people, I have watched Days since it started. It is a soap. I love to watch a great actor or actress and Hate the person they play. EJ and Stephano are Evil people, messing with Good people. It is like a roller coaster ride. I love the story lines and the ups and downs. This is not a movie or Cable. It’s for fun. Sami has been a terrific role to watch since she was a teen. and her character is played by a terrific actress. Keep us in suspense.

  10. From Olive

    In the “What does EJ know?” How about “WHO CARES!!” This is sooo stupid…and seriously, why is Lexie treating him?!? Seriously? This is just dumb writing and not fun to watch.

    On another fun note…when Carly was buried alive – it was horrible. Very hard to watch. However, I have to say, I’m morbidly enjoying Viv. And I really like the “new” Brady!

  11. From Jolie

    Interesting question of why is Lexie treating Elvis. Even better…why is she keeping info from not spilling the truth. I can see if it were a child wakening from a wreck having lost both parents but Elvis is a grown man. Do they actually keep info from you now in cases like this? Of course they do in Salem but I mean everywhere else. And where were Stephano’s goons that night? Did everyone have the weekend off? New Brad..I like him too. Much better than the scantimonious one. He needs to quit the drinking as he should be a bit mean and follow in Vic’s footfalls for a while. And poor Viv, we are so enjoying her pain. She is so clueless about her situation, well about how everyone felt about her. Now she thinks Vic is going to rush to her rescue. He’ll probably shove her back in that thing when someone frees her. Bet she needs to go bad!

  12. From Precious

    EJ is controlling Sami AGAIN~All of his claims “he loves her” is TOTAL BS!! Like I’ve said on many posts here: EJ IS OBSESSED WITH SAMI~different than “IN LOVE”. So now we will go through another marriage fraud, (like the blackmailed one of Kate and Stefano’s),is this the way a “man” of Dimera quality “gets” his girl?? This is so stupid!! I hate the writers of this “dribble”~ they can’t come up with something better than this?? JUST ASSININE!!

  13. From terry

    what is with u ppl wanting Sami and EJ together?!?!?! there is absolutely no love between them, now there’s nothing. personally I don’t care who Sami gets with as long as it ain’t EJ, he may not have deserved 2 get shot in the head, but he had something coming 2 him. and just like Precious said EJ wants to control Sami he said it himself.

  14. From janeycake

    What could happen: Carly and Mel end up roommates somewhere. Dan stays with Chloe no matter what. Eventually Brady tells Victor about Viv and all the documents. Nicole ends up with Phil, who comes back home as well. Bo and Hope get together. EJ and new girlfriend, Sami goes crazy jealous. Victor with Maggie, Viv really dies. Stephanie joins some foreign legion, we all hope.

  15. From dinky


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