Days Of Our Lives To Celebrate Their Anniversary In High Definition.

November 8 will be the 45th anniversary of Days and the show will celebrate by going High-Definition (HD).

Executive in charge of production and senior VP of Corday Productions, Greg Meng, told Broadcasting Cable that even though this change will be “an expensive transition in the seven figures,” the executives felt it was a necessary step “to produce and deliver a contemporary show with the most up-to-date look.”

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  1. From Lisa

    What is that mean???

  2. From Debbie

    Who cares if it’s in high definition? What’s the point of it when it costs so much money? They fire talented and long established actors to save money then want to spend it on this? I don’t need to see the pores on their faces, I just want good storylines and dialog.

  3. From Tammy

    I totally agree Debbie. HD is really not that amazing. It may be a little crisper picture, but certainly not worth doing for the price of a seven digit figure. What a wast of money!

  4. From Susan

    7 didgits could do a lot in hiring a decent writing staff and/or bringing back Marlena and John

  5. From donna

    I agree its not right to get rid of the older people to save money then to waste it on High Definition when there isn’t that big a difference anyway. It would be nice to see some of them to return to Salem

  6. From glo926

    the show will still stink. hope in prison and she did not kill anybody. carly walking free and killed a man. Stupid show

  7. From average american

    People above me, stop your whining! NBC is doing it’s best to keep this show relevant and High Definition is becoming / already is the new standard. Even for those without HD TV’s the show will still look better. Im pleasently suprised, I honestly thought I would never see this show go HD. It’s great that NBC has confidence in this show to do all these upgrades.

  8. From brittany

    wow things looked so bleak for DOOL just a few years ago, and now things look great. if you guys had HD tv’s you would understand, it’s annoying to watch non HD shows in HD because the quality is notably low and there are annoying black bars unless you stretch the picture. more and more people are buying HD tv’s aka flat screens and more existing shows are converting to HD and more new shows are debuting in HD. like ‘average american’ said, it’s becoming the standard.

  9. From Tammy

    I have an HD TV and I do not see that much difference in non HD VS HD. I do not have any annoying black bars on my non-HD shows either.People are not whining either it just the seven digit figure to switch to HD is wasteful when better story lines can get the ratings back up. HD will not!

  10. From jeff

    I;m really psyched!!! I can’t wait to see what the Days Guru’s do with a 16:9 aspect ratio! When Sammi is confronted in conversation and pulls a 180 towards the audience will we see nuances on the corners? Will we see triple dissolves? Oh how I wish Stanley Kubrick were still breathing..

  11. From Izzy

    I’m so glad! The difference between standard def and Hi Def is stunning. If you don’t think it is, you probably aren’t watching it in Hi Def. You can have a hi def tv and not be watching hi def programming. And while i wish they would bring John and Marlena back, i really really do wish that, I’m still thrilled with the Hi Def change! Thank you Days! And also, I’m even more excited that Days has been renewed thru Sept 2013! YES!

  12. From Miranda

    I remember Days back when it was still a good show, and back before soaps were all about magic and unrealistic things. It is a pretty neat thing that they are going HD though. I work and subscribe to DISH, and I have to say that since we are the leaders in HD it is exciting that we are increasing our load. Keep eye out!

    fofor it!

  13. From Ty

    2011 and still in standard definition is pathetic. Supposed to be launched a month ago and still nothing as of the 9 December broadcast.

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